anchor sätze

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Anchor sätze (in englisch)

  2. He threw out the anchor.
  3. It’s the same news anchor.
  4. We dropped anchor and waited.
  5. We hear the same news anchor.

  6. He shrugged and lifted anchor.
  7. Click on the Named Anchor object.
  8. Size is the anchor of performance.
  9. Shortly after dropping anchor, a.
  10. We hear the same News Anchor again.
  11. We weighed anchor and headed north.
  12. Name of your site (The anchor text).
  13. I do? asked Anchor with a grin.
  14. Link Anchor Text as a Relevancy Aid.
  15. There is a felucca for you at anchor.

  16. It was now a fully functional anchor.
  17. Climb the anchor, she commanded.
  18. Pull up anchor and head back upstream.
  19. He got hold of James Anchor first try.
  20. The news anchor appeared on the screen.
  21. I jerked hard on the right wall anchor.
  22. At the end of the week, Cap pulls anchor.
  23. But my Anchor holds in the turbulent sea.
  24. As soon as they dropped the anchor and.
  25. They found him clinging to their anchor.

  26. Husker Du raised anchor and sailed north.
  27. Away O soul! hoist instantly the anchor!.
  28. Anchor the free end securely on the bank.
  29. He used her face as an anchor and nodded.
  30. The Prime Minister turned to James Anchor.
  31. The ship weighed anchor and started south.
  32. First let's look at the Anchor Text column.
  33. The anchor grabbed his hair and pulled it.
  34. Mercifully, the anchor caught before that.
  35. The anchor text of the link pointing to www.
  36. This is why anchor charts are so important.
  37. I looked over the edge to check the anchor.
  38. Your Minister friend, James Anchor, rang.
  39. The anchor drifted down and Tim grabbed it.
  40. You always said your anchor wouldn’t hold.
  41. That will be a stout anchor for a long chain.
  42. First look for any link that has the anchor.
  43. Not the wind—I mean the anchor coming loose.
  44. They made perfect anchor points for the straps.
  45. It is to anchor your life and to have children.
  46. Then screw the anchor in place and holding the.
  47. This serves to anchor the date and time-cycle.
  48. The ship pulled up to a pier and dropped anchor.
  49. It is just the two of us, said the anchor.
  50. He had the backup ship’s anchor in his arms!.
  51. The anchor text used in the link linking to you.
  52. He had blow-dried hair like a news anchor on TV.
  53. But which Port would she anchor in? I askt.
  54. Tim moved his boat away and threw out an anchor.
  55. And then the news anchor answered that question.
  56. They had successfully laid the anchor and were.
  57. The anchor text used in the link linking to them.
  58. Now love of God alone is the anchor of life in me.
  59. I could not pull the cable from its anchor points.
  60. Tie that to an anchor, a heavy stone for instance.
  61. And especially us, said a solemn James Anchor.
  62. An overblown female supposed anchor, God forgive us.
  63. The anchor tenant for eighty acres of redevelopment.
  64. The anchor icon is now next to Breeding in the Wild.
  65. Remember, the more times you repeat the anchor, the.
  66. These harpoons have no anchor ropes attached to them.
  67. She grew from it, perhaps with the anchor of her son.
  68. In the harbor a number of ships were lying at anchor.
  69. Once everything was secure, Joseph raised the anchor.
  70. November, the Milo weighed anchor and went back to sea.
  71. Hold on to the anchor, she shouted down to Pussy.
  72. Anchor, I believe Miss Ashton would sleep more soundly.
  73. Pull the net along and anchor the next retaining loop.
  74. When the vessel had come to an anchor they paid five.
  75. It can be used over a spike anchor for a belaying rope.
  76. Chris would prove to be the anchor needed to steady a.
  77. Smith ran back to the cock pit and released the anchor.
  78. Aero attempts to anchor himself to the ground with his.
  79. Her mind spun, not finding anything solid for its anchor.
  80. The cameras then returned the viewers to the anchor desk.
  81. The anchor tethered to his kevlar vest rips as a result.
  82. All that will be left are the launch poles, some anchor.
  83. The anchor stepped out from it with an electric razor in.
  84. I'm dead, a victim of his attack on the Anchor Management.
  85. Bruce and Nick were off checking the tents’ anchor pegs.
  86. Anchor the parallel line to the opposite side of the trend.
  87. Still tethered to Aero, Aero’s suction-cupped anchor now.
  88. A negative anchor that triggered off anger or verbal abuse.
  89. When he found a suitable place for the ships to anchor, a.
  90. Stu would be Mr Kerry Eggleton and Spock Mr William Anchor.
  91. Pride is the anchor that keeps you in your ego cut it loose.
  92. The news anchor with an overly pinkish cast on her face was.
  93. The anchor, belayer and climber should be in a straight line.
  94. The anchor started approaching, and Neil, gathering all his.
  95. Whoever had been pulling in the anchor had fallen overboard.
  96. Tim dragged himself along the anchor line and David followed.
  97. Moments later, Elowen heard the grinding of the anchor chain.
  98. An Anchor please Tina Shifty requested from the barmaid.
  99. The power that she'd sensed, the anchor, was completely gone.
  100. Creating a product logo helps influence anchor text even more.
  1. I needed to approach anchoring more like meditation.
  2. Amplifying it and anchoring the state for further use.
  3. The coaching process during this phase will work on anchoring.
  4. A quick definition of anchoring: Refers to the application of a.
  5. The Dangler stopped the boat by anchoring his pole in the riverbed.
  6. So as a result of anchoring, the stimulus can be viewed as a trigger.
  7. A useful anchoring knot where the top end of a projection is out of reach.
  8. Our deputy editor at CNN-IBN, Sagarika Ghose, was anchoring the programme.
  9. I recounted the George Washington bridge dream with the endless anchoring.
  10. Anchoring is a term coined in the NLP world, which really just describes the.
  11. I could feel my muscles tearing apart and separating from their anchoring bones.
  12. So that’s the basics of NLP anchoring, and although there is so much more that.
  13. Another was anchoring a large, freshly cut fir in the park next to the courthouse.
  14. Nipping at his legs, they sank their teeth into his sinewy shins, anchoring him in position.
  15. Either the travelers had been mistaken or we had taken too much time sleeping and anchoring.
  16. Such an anchoring effect matters for 2-year swap spreads but has less impact on 10-year spreads.
  17. Each time he clutched at the rock, his fingers found an anchoring point and his feet didn’t slip.
  18. Bill - I have always wondered at the plethora of dystopian novels and worlds anchoring our literature.
  19. Its magic went deep into the bedrock of the land, anchoring the palace against all but a world disaster.
  20. It is recommended for temporarily anchoring lines while working—or for situations which need a quick release.
  21. Anchoring bias is the tendency to place undue weight on one particular piece of information and to ignore everything else.
  22. It lies along some fjord like bay, deeply raging into the land, with a bunch of cute fisher boats and sailing boats anchoring there.
  23. She closes her eyes, lets herself relax into his embrace, and holds on to him as if he’s the only thing anchoring her to the world.
  24. With the final hitter anchoring himself at the plate, the team looked at each other, more determined to finish the game at home with a win.
  25. Besides central bank credibility, a lucky environment has also contributed to the virtuous cycle of disinflation and expectations anchoring.
  26. Shortly after anchoring GMA live from the roof of the Information Ministry, she came to our office and spent several hours just hanging out.
  27. I had been anchoring World News on Sundays for about four years now and still loved it, but if new jobs were going to be opening up, I wanted in.
  28. The anchoring points at the base of the structure finally engaged after four minutes in the recesses of the foundations’ boxes sunk in the pit.
  29. Silas clutched Croak’s back foot in his talons, anchoring himself with his other foot around the grating, one wing hugging the railing support.
  30. They had cleaned up the cabins after anchoring in the cove the night before, but now the increasing rain required work on the windows and portholes.
  31. In the case of humans, the net is the neural structure of the brain, anchoring and projecting the mind through a cloud of electromagnetic awareness.
  32. I remembered the tenderness with which he had cradled my head, the way I had held on to him in the ambulance as if he were the only thing anchoring me.
  33. More importantly, partial exits on either the profit or loss side of the entry will have the effect of anchoring the profit and loss (P&L) to that side.
  34. The danger of anchoring war to play is that it anchors cooperative and communal imagination to the appetites and predilections of the reptilian brain.
  35. Arnab’s ‘nation wants to know’ rumbustious style of anchoring had won him a lot of fans; I found it, at times, disturbingly chaotic and sensationalist.
  36. It is not enough to slow money down by anchoring it socially to an enlightened buyer's ethic to refuse to purchase any foreclosed homes or to play home-flipper.
  37. The question is, what kind of English? Kaylan reminds us that multiethnic societies have historically kept their unity through a central anchoring language.
  38. He had managed to grasp hold of an anchoring rope that was attached to one of the walls and was grimly being pulled like an elastic band between the rope and Detroit.
  39. If the ice is thin enough, feed all the retaining loops into the hooked pole and lower the entire net through the first hole, anchoring the first loop with a retaining stick.
  40. Anchoring, Bear threw out three crab pots and proceeded to cast out their lines and wait for a feed of fresh fish, whiting or bream that they could cook up on the barbie later.
  41. The anchoring vines unwound like a snake as the raft continued to plunge down river and then the vines suddenly tightened, stopping the raft and spinning it around headfirst into the rushing water.
  42. He climbed onto the bed and slid on top of her, lowering his mouth over hers, slowly letting his entire weight rest on her, anchoring her, holding her, shielding her from the demons of her past and the demons soon to come.
  43. Black–Litterman optimizers enable (i) blending historical experience with anchoring priors (such as perceived market equilibrium returns) and/or with active views; (ii) inputting expected return views on particular trades (instead of on each asset separately); and (iii) incorporating a measure of uncertainty for each view.
  44. Murray and Mr Hawk hurried from the house and drove the truck and panel van up to the front door, then they took their coats off and began lugging the heavy equipment inside to a room two doors away from the kitchen, the door was locked, using his picks again it was soon open, and there in the centre of the room was the Wilson, Murray covered the barred window with the blackout curtain using a nail gun, next he poured a liberal amount of super epoxy glue over the combination dial, he then set about anchoring the box with builders acrow screws, these extended a further three metres and when braced against the walls stopped the box from moving, next he set up the extractor hood over the area he was about to cut, he then ran the exhaust pipe to the ornate fireplace, he began then to measure the end plate of the box, using a steel scribe he marked a cross, each line fifteen centimetres long, then he laid out the components to set up the thermic lance, these were two metre long steel pipes filled with carbon, attached at one end, which was threaded, by tubing to an oxygen bottle, when you heat up one end of the tube with the oxyacetylene torch you slowly open the oxygen valve on the other end and you have a lance that will melt any metal, the noise is similar to a jet engine ten mile away and the amount of smoke it gives off is similar to the steam from a steam train, needless to say you need an industrial extractor to deal with it.
  1. She had been anchored in.
  2. Elowen saw an anchored ship.
  3. The sub’s anchored to it.
  4. And the mountains, He anchored.
  5. Its tail seemed to be anchored to.
  6. You’re still anchored to your own.
  7. The ship was anchored close to a beach.
  8. A chill anchored his feet to the ground.
  9. American warships are anchored offshore.
  10. It would need to be anchored for accuracy.
  11. It was anchored in those eyes, that poise.
  12. This will keep them anchored to the ground.
  13. Their ships had anchored close to the gates.
  14. Night came, and at ten o'clock they anchored.
  15. The Dangler anchored them with his fishing pole.
  16. Thus anchored, this time the animal rolled over.
  17. We anchored in quiet water, then waded into shore.
  18. Toria’s strong chin anchored her pert nose and.
  19. For a moment she was anchored to the boulder in fear.
  20. On the ship anchored closest to port, the sails had.
  21. We checked that the boat was properly anchored and be-.
  22. It greatly anchored me in my present direction in life i.
  23. Pardon my soul for being anchored this little time to both.
  24. And once you’re anchored in, you try to get your footing.
  25. Their cargo had been stacked and anchored to the planetoid.
  26. Sandwich Islands and anchored in the Port of Honolulu during.
  27. Elowen spied a few anchored trawlers and barges, the low line.
  28. As a middle linebacker, he anchored and led the defensive team.
  29. They anchored at a beach for Afternoonday, a town for Dawnsleep.
  30. Anchored to it were the mooring cables of the Hercules and the.
  31. A handful of small anchored sailing boats bobbed on the surface.
  32. But, Jesus taught that our 'immortality' is anchored in a life-.
  33. It will act as a magnet that will keep you anchored to the earth.
  34. Persevere as the trigger to say the affirmation will be anchored.
  35. And those who felt anchored by family, job, health or circumstance.
  36. Twenty-five caught hold of her right leg and anchored it to the ground.
  37. Nearby and anchored to a sturdy metal post was a large refuse container.
  38. Check with the Harbor Master and see if the Greta Jean is anchored there.
  39. And far on Kish bank the anchored lightship twinkled, winked at Mr Bloom.
  40. Ra’s sun boat had anchored the first time Carter and I had visited this.
  41. Details of shore now in sight, our ship being anchored just off the coast.
  42. The Sirens flew off the island in the direction that the ship was anchored.
  43. It anchored near the Arsenal; it was fully equipped, and repairs were begun.
  44. The shock of his lips anchored her as efficiently as gravity anchored a ship.
  45. If words had weight, a single sentence from Death would have anchored a ship.
  46. Here we anchored, and one of the merchants, who had been very friendly to me.
  47. Therefore even before the ship had anchored near the cliff to the island, the.
  48. High pressure jacketed lines should be anchored at several points to prevent.
  49. I follow the chain to where it is anchored to the floor and carefully take aim.
  50. A large, pink quilt was spread out over the grass and anchored down with stones.
  51. In a beautiful sunset they anchored for duskmeal in a wild cove far up the lake.
  52. The dock is floating and multiply anchored, rather than being mounted on piles.
  53. He waded farther and farther from shore; a small fishing boat was anchored near.
  54. For centuries, we’d anchored the trade route between Anatolia and the Aegean.
  55. They made for the Allied ships anchored in the bay to seek help none would give.
  56. There we will be able to sense what is keeping Katrin's spirit anchored to life.
  57. The boy seemed to be anchored to Theodore, like he dared not let him out of sight.
  58. The freighter looked at ease anchored alone out at sea within sight of the harbour.
  59. If someone begins speaking and they are still anchored in the first phase without.
  60. Thankfully the ship was anchored for the night so she didn't need to swim after it.
  61. The Sophia University of Rome has created three paths, each one firmly anchored in.
  62. He raised his eyes from the anchored merchant ships to the Yu-kwau docks and skyline.
  63. But, Jesus taught that our 'immortality' is anchored in a life-relationship with God.
  64. The Hinckley yawl, Swift, was anchored in front of the boathouse at WoodenBoat.
  65. They spent almost an hour together in a boat anchored a short distance from the shore.
  66. Bill held his breath as the scoutship descended rapidly on the anchored Japanese fleet.
  67. The ten ships were quickly anchored into long stakes in the banks after being tied to.
  68. We were lying anchored off the Belgian coast, shelling an inland objective with our 18-in.
  69. The knot at one end anchored the rope in the angle where the rafter met the ceiling joist.
  70. Shiva’s caravan of ships was anchored at Vaishali, a pretty city on the Ganga river and.
  71. The general anchored close in, and perceived that the viceroy of the city was on the shore.
  72. Our spies say they already have more than two hundred vessels anchored in the mouth of the.
  73. With a rope firmly anchored at the upper level, it is possible to descend the sheerest cliff.
  74. She ate only in the afternoon and evening when they anchored at one small island or another.
  75. As we approached the shore, I could see some of the large Koryo ships anchored out in the bay.
  76. Finally the ship reached the first port of call and anchored at Aranjestad, Aruba’s capital.
  77. Her gaze slid to the mandatory security camera that should have been anchored on the dashboard.
  78. When the ship is moored or anchored, the term junior officer of the day is generally used.
  79. Since the late 1990s, long-run inflation expectations have been remarkably well anchored near 2.
  80. I checked every on sailing and anchored shikara boats for long hours, loitering at the Dal Lake.
  81. His mind anchored in the caste system where he was near the top and I a few ranks over the bottom.
  82. The outlets of the pipes just happened to be where the ships anchored, when they queued at the port.
  83. The Shenandoah was anchored in eighteen fathoms as the Laurel came to and was lashed alongside of her.
  84. Lightships sailed, floated and were anchored in dangerous places where lighthouses could not be built.
  85. These principles were the boulders on which the roots of the finest and strongest trees were anchored.
  86. Anchored in place, their mast lights guided vessels into shallow waters, channels, rivers and harbors.
  87. They anchored the end of their rope by tying it to one of the bars left, and dropped it down the shaft.
  88. He turned and pointed to a large pirate ship with three tall masts, anchored about a half mile off shore.
  89. A ship has put in and anchored at the beach not far away—probably the ship whose sail we saw yesterday.
  90. It is because I have confidence in the effect of anchored torpedoes, that I am for recommitting the bill.
  91. Cables and connections covered the wall, all attached to a sheet of plywood anchored securely to the studs.
  92. He looked out at the anchored ships for several more seconds, then sighed and turned away from the windows.
  93. It is one thing to have an intense vision while you are still anchored to the reality of the physical world.
  94. The beast thing sprang upon her and anchored both of her sword arms to the ground with its robotic forearms.
  95. You can make it from inlaid rocks (keeping the surface smooth), clothing securely anchored, or panel markers.
  96. Far from the well guarded ghats of the palace, where the King’s boats had been anchored, was a concealed drain.
  97. And this would be the float that, under normal circumstances, is securely anchored off the far shore of the lake.
  98. It was going to take a pen of unusual size anchored firmly to the ground if he was to have any chance at success.
  99. The yacht was anchored about a mile from shore—her graceful outlines clearly defined against the ocean’s blue.
  100. She had the dancer’s trick, too, of seeming to float above her anchored feet, like a butterfly with folded wings.
  1. The anchors had no effect.
  2. Given below are ten anchors.
  3. The deep buried anchors of pain.
  4. We made anchors in the earth: mountains.
  5. Four anchors were attached to the truncated bow.
  6. He threw out the anchors and we skidded to a halt.
  7. To escape utterly from others' anchors and holds!.
  8. Anchors are being formed all the time in your brain.
  9. Early the next morning, Waddell ordered the anchors.
  10. I heard the seagull cries of a few female news anchors.
  11. Sometimes we have anchors that are so strong that they.
  12. Buoys are secured in place by concrete anchors and chains.
  13. Lots of the bureau chiefs and television anchors were going.
  14. She doesn’t need to touch him, but his presence anchors her.
  15. Faced with the famous anchors from the other networks, Walter.
  16. The anchors stood in the center of the stage, looking young and.
  17. The two anchors left the stage, and Pilate did as he was told, lie.
  18. Anchors are powerful and can totally remove logic from the entire.
  19. So our captain isn't going to drop his anchors, put his engines on.
  20. Anchors were weighed and a harbor pilot came on board early in the.
  21. Two days later, the Virgin Queen anchors in the Moroccan harbor.
  22. Anchors are not always formed for good or bad, positive or negative reasons.
  23. How he anchors his ideas, unable to disguise his want, unable and unwilling.
  24. The great thing about anchors is that they can also create some very powerful.
  25. How about we package all of what we’ve learned so far about anchors into one.
  26. Tying these two anchors here, Flask, seems like tying a man's hands behind him.
  27. Amy was in charge of recruiting and managing all the anchors and correspondents.
  28. Within the hour, new anchors began the journalistic jig so familiar to Americans.
  29. They’re at the northern tip of our gulf, while Smyrna anchors the southern end.
  30. Personal Training clients on developing positive anchors during their sessions with me.
  31. Its anchors splashed into the sea and went tugging down with the hawser flying behind them.
  32. When you have finished the positive anchors and Empowering Questions, drop down and describe.
  34. Seems to me we are lashing down these anchors now as if they were never going to be used again.
  35. The simplest and more popular approaches involve relating current market prices to some value anchors.
  36. The anchors were weighed, the sails unfurled, and the wind blew and drove the ship, and on they sailed.
  37. The fog was thick and visibility was poor, but all sails were set by early morning and anchors weighed.
  38. He was kneeling at the dock's first boat, wrapping a yachts thick rope around two metal anchors on the wood.
  39. He’d hoped he’d be able to claw his way clear with the kedge anchors, and for a while, it had seemed he might.
  40. For example, a lack of clear fair value anchors may have allowed energy prices to trend strongly in the past decade.
  41. The helicopter belonging to The Organization rocked slightly and strained against the ropes holding it to the anchors.
  42. The presumption is that market prices will gradually revert toward fair values that are proxied by such value anchors.
  43. He called the Blasphemy Law a ‘black law’, a phrase which was repeated by some of our TV anchors to stir things up.
  44. The cameras were now focused on the three anchors at the desk, John Roddenburg, Mary Ann Sinclair, and Geraldo Vasquez.
  45. I’m talking here specifically about athletes, entertainers, news anchors and CEOs and they will have to pay more taxes.
  46. She’d have to initiate forward primary propulsion, which meant disengaging the mooring anchors that held the city in place.
  47. There is a difference between standing rock still and being a mesh unmoored without the anchors of screens nor filter-tethered.
  48. A panic stricken U turn caused an oncoming car to throw out all the anchors and skid wildly before righting itself and driving on.
  49. It is up to you whether you allow these anchors to compact and bring with them a unique truth, a belief that they are true or not.
  50. We got word of two other departures: John Stossel, the co-anchor of 20/20, and Martin Bashir, one of the three anchors of Nightline.
  51. That night we moored our canoes with heavy stones for anchors in the center of the stream, and made every preparation for a possible attack.
  52. In the absence of good forward-looking anchors, the expected return may even become negative, due to overvaluation and overcrowded positions.
  53. But those societies are now surrounded by a generation which has lifted the anchors of its theology, and has drifted or sailed into other waters.
  54. Rising above their basic instincts and ‘physical’ anchors, through the exercise and execution of their invisible, but real, spiritual powers.
  55. In the absence of better value anchors, investors may use average real market price over the past few years to capture any mean reversion tendency.
  56. Every dealt experience loses all the restraints and anchors connected with it, and then it becomes part of your experience in your spiritual evolution.
  57. The danger of anchoring war to play is that it anchors cooperative and communal imagination to the appetites and predilections of the reptilian brain.
  58. Those are closing at the same pace our ship is, so they should reach hailing distance about a minute after ours reaches the boundary and sets their anchors.
  59. Many fixed income arbitrage strategies employed in hedge funds and bank proprietary trading desks are based on mean-reverting spreads or related value anchors.
  60. Kay already had locations in malls, but that position could deteriorate, particularly with mall anchors dropping like flies with department store bankruptcies.
  61. Anchors are everywhere in our reality, and once we are aware of this fact, we can begin to take action and build the responses we want, rather than the ones we.
  62. And she had always been adrift, he now saw, refusing to have anything to do with the innumerable anchors offered her, including--and with what entreaties!--his own.
  63. There were two iron anchors about eight feet long in the stern and floating anchors that could be deployed from the sides of the ship to lessen turbulence in rough seas.
  64. Therefore it is imperative that we guard our inner thoughts and ensure that it anchors onto higher levels of positive thoughts instead of lower frequencies of negativity.
  65. Thunderer’s boats had laid out four anchors from her own capstans, and three of his other galleons had laid out kedges of their own and passed towing hawsers to the ironclad.
  66. The four girls in the water then return the float to its original mooring, drop both anchors overboard, wash off any tell-tail signs that a car has been there, and swim to shore.
  67. The producers of weekend GMA had decided to wire up a rental car with cameras, pack the anchors inside, punch in some GPS coordinates, and call it America’s Cheapest Road Trip.
  68. At this location, in three or four fathoms of water between the Paeu and Vana reefs, there lay some anchors, cannons, and ingots of iron and lead, all caked with limestone concretions.
  69. When it plied more heavily traveled seas, we often saw wrecked hulls rotting in midwater, and farther down, cannons, shells, anchors, chains, and a thousand other iron objects rusting.
  70. The Osalk-Sherkal was virtually useless when it came to moving the quantities of timber, artillery, anchors, masts, and all the other paraphernalia which went into building ships of war.
  71. The drilling platform is elevated and sits atop a floating structure that’s semi-submerged in the water (hence the name) and secured by large anchors that can weigh up to 10 tons each.
  72. I find such anchors hugely valuable because many macro-finance models or purely empirical models produce clearly unrealistic estimates of the market’s interest rate expectations and required BRPs.
  73. I asked her to reflect, Who am I? Why am I here? And where am I going? This is a time for reflection, for meditation, for a meeting of spiritual and temporal anchors that she may be holding on.
  74. If current market prices are low compared with such anchors (which can be as simple as historical average price, yield or spread, or something more complex), expected returns are deemed to be above average.
  75. Every night on television screens across the country, you have a live courtroom drama with news anchors sometimes playing judge, jury and prosecutor, and ‘guilty till proven innocent’ being the presiding mantra.
  76. Cruz and Del Rio listened to the TV anchors reporting the local news, and then there was the sound of a door buzzer, a door opening, the man’s voice, sounding hollow because he was behind a wall, probably in the foyer.
  77. The media were convinced, the presses rolled, the TV anchors rose up in indignation, the birds were sanctified, and the anti-DDT onslaught swept all before it until the political pressure became too great to be resisted.
  78. The breeze, which had seemed weak inland, was very powerful here, and came in gusts; the bridge swayed to and fro, and the waves, beating noisily against the beams, and tearing at the cables and anchors, flooded the planks.
  79. Jeeter thought that he must be imagining the scene; he couldn’t believe that the Seer appeared calm and composed--- personally, he would have been halfway home if his legs hadn’t turned to water above lead anchors for feet.
  80. Where unrecorded names and navies rust, and untold hopes and anchors rot; where in her murderous hold this frigate earth is ballasted with bones of millions of the drowned; there, in that awful water-land, there was thy most familiar home.
  81. With a frigate's anchors for my bridle-bitts and fasces of harpoons for spurs, would I could mount that whale and leap the topmost skies, to see whether the fabled heavens with all their countless tents really lie encamped beyond my mortal sight!.
  82. With the exception of her false keel having been torn off, the ship had suffered little injury; but she had beat over a reef, and was riding by her anchors, surrounded by rocks, some of them as high out of water as her lower-yards, and close to her.
  83. When you do find people with whom you share deep integrity and trust, they become colleagues worth keeping in one’s life—friends toward whom one will gravitate throughout life as anchors of trust in a world where finding trust and integrity can be a challenge.
  84. All possible gradations, as he adds, may likewise be found between the pedicellariae of the star-fishes and the hooks of the Ophiurians, another group of the Echinodermata; and again between the pedicellariae of sea-urchins and the anchors of the Holothuriae, also belonging to the same great class.
  85. There Dillon collected many relics of the shipwreck: iron utensils, anchors, eyelets from pulleys, swivel guns, an eighteen–pound shell, the remains of some astronomical instruments, a piece of sternrail, and a bronze bell bearing the inscription "Made by Bazin," the foundry mark at Brest Arsenal around 1785.
  86. The radiance of the splintered sky, a fractured vase tearing cellophane canopies, littering the blue with a fluorescent presence so pervasive that we forget the blue is never there; it is not lit up; there is no veil illumined; it is the light that creates the sky – the passage at a speed ridiculous that anchors color to the heavens.
  87. Nonetheless, I would sometimes find myself outside of my professional comfort zone: playing judge in a live weigh-in contest to determine which Chihuahua was the world’s smallest, competing in a gingerbread house–making contest with my fellow anchors, and—the coup de grace—dancing on live television with a box on my head, dressed up like the Shuffle Bot from the hip-hop band LMFAO.
  88. It matters not what stranded ships repairing in dry docks I lost myself among, what old hulls of ships in course of being knocked to pieces, what ooze and slime and other dregs of tide, what yards of ship-builders and ship-breakers, what rusty anchors blindly biting into the ground, though for years off duty, what mountainous country of accumulated casks and timber, how many ropewalks that were not the Old Green Copper.
  89. New Zealand Tom and Don Miguel, after at various times creating great havoc among the boats of different vessels, were finally gone in quest of, systematically hunted out, chased and killed by valiant whaling captains, who heaved up their anchors with that express object as much in view, as in setting out through the Narragansett Woods, Captain Butler of old had it in his mind to capture that notorious murderous savage Annawon, the headmost warrior of the Indian King Philip.
  90. Instead of the unthrifty, unruly, nondescript crowd the boilers require, a crowd of men IN the ship but not OF her, we shall have comparatively small crews of disciplined, intelligent workers, able to steer the ship, handle anchors, man boats, and at the same time competent to take their place at a bench as fitters and repairers; the resourceful and skilled seamen--mechanics of the future, the legitimate successors of these seamen--sailors of the past, who had their own kind of skill, hardihood, and tradition, and whose last days it has been my lot to share.

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