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    1. Solomon Browne was despatched to save those aboard the Union Star freighter that had flooded engines and ripped its anchor chain

    2. We hear the same News Anchor again

    3. We hear the same news anchor

    4. It’s the same news anchor

    5. Cable news report: A NEWS ANCHOR sits in front of a photo of a wrecked plane with the caption: Arababian Moonshine?


    7. NEWS ANCHOR 2 (ON TV)

    8. Beyond the hedge and the ubiquitous, unforgiving, waist-high nettles, chunks of ballast gravel, sharp and stained, emited a slight haze of heat, baking the old timber sleepers laid a hundred years ago, counting off the miles between Blue Anchor and Watchett

    9. ‘Oh yes … he and his father live in a little place called Blue Anchor – pretty village near the sea

    10. the water, reel in that anchor

    11. Iain owns a little house here in Blue Anchor, on the Somerset coast, and is willing to offer it for whatever use Errd can find for it

    12. We had a house here in the town initially, but moved to Blue Anchor when James was eleven

    13. You have generously offered your property in Blue Anchor to be used by Errd and discussions on this subject will take place once you have travelled across

    14. ‘They know you’re not on your own now and the cottage at Blue Anchor is pretty easy to watch … strangers stick out around there

    15. It was very strange standing (I think) where Blue Anchor is across and seeing nothing but fields and dunes

    16. During Afternoonday and Dawnsleep they were at anchor, for here on the lower river the tide overwhelms the current and the wind

    17. The crew had weighed anchor, made the customary ritual sacrifice having prayed to the gods for help and guidance

    18. During Afternoonday of Imnotyn the wind had died down and they had to anchor by the time day shift was underway

    19. There was no chance that they could find a quiet bywater to anchor in within walking distance of the Kassikan

    20. From directly in front of her, around to the south were the towers of the waterfront, their tops only a few hundred feet below this aerie, hiding the docks but revealing all the thousands of ships at anchor just off shore

    21. At the back of the traveller’s hotel at Roundswell, across a thin strip of grass and beyond a six foot high chain link fence, beyond a car park full of new model Peugeots waiting for eager buyers, the dark hulls of low rise industrial units lie at anchor

    22. The roots held stone that had been brought in to anchor the bank

    23. But my Anchor holds in the turbulent sea

    24. Once everything was secure, Joseph raised the anchor

    25. And unlike most long-boats, this one had an anchor, so it rested easily there in the cove

    26. With his arms wrapped tight around her, he’d rolled midair, so she wouldn’t strike the anchor

    27. Thus, faith is something that needs to be called upon, to help anchor this hope that the Divine will bless and assist all its beautiful creations

    28. They row out to the middle of the lake and he drops the anchor overboard, the anchor that is nothing more than a large stone with rope tied around it, rope tied around it like ribbon tied around a Christmas present

    29. “I only wanted to know the date that’s all it wasn’t because of anything special just an anchor to normality in this hell on earth”

    30. “That’s a bloody good idea Billy Boy let’s start as we mean to go on and peg this first class recreation down with either a game of cards or Crown & Anchor and who knows we might find some alcohol somewhere even if it is rum

    31. The little time we did get off was took up with playing cards or crown & anchor or people would spend time talking together or sleeping but one of the biggest pass times was writing letters home

    32. I felt a shudder run through the ship and the sound of the anchor being pulled up and about an hour later we were sailing away from Gallipoli heading for Lemnos and our date with the hospital ship

    33. We read and smoked played cards and crown and anchor we pushed Elijah round in a wheelchair and he didn’t seem to mind this but he still didn’t talk or even seem to recognise who we were

    34. The landscape of Picardy was different from Normandy and the train slowed down to nearly a crawl so to counter the boredom we played cards and crown and anchor by candlelight when the doors were closed

    35. the ship dropped anchor at the end of its voyage in New Bedford

    36. entered and dropped anchor in the harbor

    37. whaleships that dropped anchor there, and a much-needed

    38. On April 20, the Milo arrived at the Sandwich Islands and dropped anchor in the Port of

    39. Wachusett was at anchor near his ship, but there was no British steamer in sight

    40. hard before, but now they were needed help raise the anchor, as

    41. October 26, the Milo dropped anchor in the Port of Honolulu and spent several days there on business and pleasure

    42. On this very same day on the other side of the world, the Milo weighed anchor in the Port of Honolulu for winter whaling off

    43. November, the Milo weighed anchor and went back to sea

    44. equator and the day that the Milo weighed anchor in the Port of Honolulu, General Sherman began his march to the sea from

    45. An overblown female supposed anchor, God forgive us

    46. dropped anchor near the small town of Williamstown, about two

    47. vessel arrived at anchor near Williamstown, there began a steady stream of boats, yachts, and sightseers steaming or sailing close by to have a good look at the visitor

    48. With this information, Harrocke, the pilot, was instructed to anchor the Shenandoah inside a long reef, which extends almost across the entrance to the harbor, rendering the

    49. On April 17, the Milo was prepared to weigh anchor and depart Honolulu to head for the Bering Sea

    50. Chapman lifted anchor and slowly sailed away from the wharf, while under the watchful eye

    1. In a beautiful sunset they anchored for duskmeal in a wild cove far up the lake

    2. There were lines of ships and rafts anchored off every lock entry, ropes being paddled in and out, barges being drawn both ways in a complex ballet who's rhythm wasn't obvious at first

    3. There were a few homes visible beyond the marshes along this shore, none out here on the overgrown sandbar where they anchored

    4. Bitten, anchored by the sound of him,

    5. There was enough growth in it all now to keep it anchored, but not enough to make more than a gentle net of thin ribbonleaves stretched from crack to crack

    6. They anchored at a beach for Afternoonday, a town for Dawnsleep

    7. She ate only in the afternoon and evening when they anchored at one small island or another

    8. anchored by chains over the tables had been pulled close to the ceiling so no one

    9. The legs underneath let you fold the legs anchored underneath with a little round thing a round metal thing on the back of the table

    10. You have to understand that the difference is that my soul was anchored in yours and I was just the current homemaker to you

    11. anchored at the same cove where we landed

    12. For centuries, we’d anchored the trade route between Anatolia and the Aegean

    13. Father said he recognized the place from boyhood, when his own father anchored in its leeward harbor during a fierce storm

    14. We anchored in quiet water, then waded into shore

    15. It was anchored in those eyes, that poise

    16. Their blades stayed fixed in their hands and their feet remained planted on the earth, anchored and restricted as though shackled by invisible irons

    17. It greatly anchored me in my present direction in life i

    18. And this would be the float that, under normal circumstances, is securely anchored off the far shore of the lake

    19. D: -- All of the information contained in the book is ordered in such a way that the text ends up demonstrating amazing numerical, structural and chronological features when analysed - the design structure demonstrating that every letter’s placement was carefully planned, positioned and anchored

    20. Sandwich Islands and anchored in the Port of Honolulu during

    21. majestic British man-of-war, and anchored when the city was in

    22. just seaweed anchored to the dark rocks which limply responded

    23. The Shenandoah was anchored in eighteen fathoms as the Laurel came to and was lashed alongside of her

    24. many whaling vessels anchored there

    25. She had been anchored in

    26. death, and were in chains on an ironclad ship anchored on the

    27. ship, Shenandoah, steamed up the Mercy River in a thick fog with the Confederate flag at her peak and was anchored close to

    28. As a middle linebacker, he anchored and led the defensive team

    29. Check with the Harbor Master and see if the Greta Jean is anchored there

    30. ” There was a risk even when anchored right away from the deadly coast, and another tribute must go forth to the noble Red Cross sisters

    31. Port-au-Prince is going up in smoke while American Naval vessels are anchored in territorial waters waiting for order to be restored

    32. The sub’s anchored to it

    33. At Trafalgar, Nelson split the enemy line with similar effect, using broadsides against ships anchored in a long line-up

    34. The First Sergeant walked in the center of the road to where the two sergeants pointed, and found the severed wire, each of its halves still attached to the two trees to which it had been anchored

    35. For a moment she was anchored to the boulder in fear

    36. In her eyes was a blue fire and her stare was anchored at the back of her head, firing forwards and daring you to move

    37. The stillest and clearest moonlit night imaginable captured small anchored fishing boats bobbing in the shimmering sea below us

    38. I was about to go on to my final example anchored in the New Testament, when something in my review of the chapter, I Samuel, drew my attention to young David and his exploits

    39. She had a scratching pole for them that was anchored into a sturdy, elevated platform and placed on the living room floor

    40. As we approached the shore, I could see some of the large Koryo ships anchored out in the bay

    41. I briefly wondered what it was like to live on a planet, being stuck anchored to a star with scenery that never changes

    42. The boy seemed to be anchored to Theodore, like he dared not let him out of sight

    43. I could also see that there was a harbor in the town and about a dozen ships were anchored offshore in the small bay

    44. A twenty-foot, white, turreted wall separated the corner houses from the interior houses and anchored the wrought iron gate

    45. As we pushed off from the shore and into the current, the river was full of small fishing boats anchored just out of the current along the banks of the river

    46. He counted eight of them, anchored in wait, ready to navigate and depart, that Saturday afternoon, for their various cruising tours

    47. Finally the ship reached the first port of call and anchored at Aranjestad, Aruba’s capital

    48. Next day, they were transported by bus to the port of Miami where the liner, which was to take them to navigate eastern Caribbean waters was anchored

    49. When they anchored next day at Port Lyttleton, port of entry to Christchurch, he was ready to continue his excursions

    50. So, Roger and Lucille went by themselves to a ship anchored in the port of Cebu to experience a “Brazilian Fantasy”

    1. objective by anchoring one end of the rope to the stolen

    2. Nipping at his legs, they sank their teeth into his sinewy shins, anchoring him in position

    3. Anchoring, Bear threw out three crab pots and proceeded to cast out their lines and wait for a feed of fresh fish, whiting or bream that they could cook up on the barbie later

    4. A quick definition of anchoring: Refers to the application of a

    5. So as a result of anchoring, the stimulus can be viewed as a trigger

    6. The question is, what kind of English? Kaylan reminds us that multiethnic societies have historically kept their unity through a “central anchoring language

    7. Each time he clutched at the rock, his fingers found an anchoring point and his feet didn’t slip

    8. Bill - I have always wondered at the plethora of dystopian novels and worlds anchoring our literature

    9. The Dangler stopped the boat by anchoring his pole in the riverbed

    10. Its magic went deep into the bedrock of the land, anchoring the palace against all but a world disaster

    11. They had cleaned up the cabins after anchoring in the cove the night before, but now the increasing rain required work on the windows and portholes

    12. Amplifying it and anchoring the state for further use

    13. The coaching process during this phase will work on anchoring

    14. It lies along some fjord like bay, deeply raging into the land, with a bunch of cute fisher boats and sailing boats anchoring there

    15. anchoring and then filling the fissures and then repairing

    16. With the final hitter anchoring himself at the plate, the team looked at each other, more determined to finish the game at home with a win

    17. Murray and Mr Hawk hurried from the house and drove the truck and panel van up to the front door, then they took their coats off and began lugging the heavy equipment inside to a room two doors away from the kitchen, the door was locked, using his picks again it was soon open, and there in the centre of the room was the Wilson, Murray covered the barred window with the blackout curtain using a nail gun, next he poured a liberal amount of super epoxy glue over the combination dial, he then set about anchoring the box with builders acrow screws, these extended a further three metres and when braced against the walls stopped the box from moving, next he set up the extractor hood over the area he was about to cut, he then ran the exhaust pipe to the ornate fireplace, he began then to measure the end plate of the box, using a steel scribe he marked a cross, each line fifteen centimetres long, then he laid out the components to set up the thermic lance, these were two metre long steel pipes filled with carbon, attached at one end, which was threaded, by tubing to an oxygen bottle, when you heat up one end of the tube with the oxyacetylene torch you slowly open the oxygen valve on the other end and you have a lance that will melt any metal, the noise is similar to a jet engine ten mile away and the amount of smoke it gives off is similar to the steam from a steam train, needless to say you need an industrial extractor to deal with it

    18. The anchoring points at the base of the structure finally engaged after four minutes in the recesses of the foundations’ boxes sunk in the pit

    19. Our deputy editor at CNN-IBN, Sagarika Ghose, was anchoring the programme

    20. Arnab’s ‘nation wants to know’ rumbustious style of anchoring had won him a lot of fans; I found it, at times, disturbingly chaotic and sensationalist

    21. monstrous anchoring blocks, the towers, and the cables holding up the roadways

    22. out onto the fifty or so anchoring points on the steel semi-circle

    23. over to where the frame of the giant lyre was attached to the anchoring block and pointed to a small tunnel that had been bored into the block

    24. anchoring lyres within the endless rooms

    25. I recounted the George Washington bridge dream with the endless anchoring

    26. rooms and lyres and her leading me though the small hole in the anchoring room

    27. The anchoring vines unwound like a snake as the raft continued to plunge down river and then the vines suddenly tightened, stopping the raft and spinning it around headfirst into the rushing water

    28. Either the travelers had been mistaken or we had taken too much time sleeping and anchoring

    29. “The danger of anchoring war to play is that it anchors cooperative and communal imagination to the appetites and predilections of the reptilian brain

    30. It is not enough to slow money down by anchoring it socially to an enlightened buyer's ethic to refuse to purchase any foreclosed homes or to play home-flipper

    31. Silas clutched Croak’s back foot in his talons, anchoring himself with his other foot around the grating, one wing hugging the railing support

    32. Anchoring is a term coined in the NLP world, which really just describes the

    33. So that’s the basics of NLP anchoring, and although there is so much more that

    34. He had managed to grasp hold of an anchoring rope that was attached to one of the walls and was grimly being pulled like an elastic band between the rope and Detroit

    35. find that second point, imagine anchoring a

    36. In the case of humans, the net is the neural structure of the brain, anchoring and projecting the mind through a cloud of electromagnetic awareness

    37. He climbed onto the bed and slid on top of her, lowering his mouth over hers, slowly letting his entire weight rest on her, anchoring her, holding her, shielding her from the demons of her past and the demons soon to come

    38. Another was anchoring a large, freshly cut fir in the park next to the courthouse

    39. I remembered the tenderness with which he had cradled my head, the way I had held on to him in the ambulance as if he were the only thing anchoring me

    40. I had been anchoring World News on Sundays for about four years now and still loved it, but if new jobs were going to be opening up, I wanted in

    41. Shortly after anchoring GMA live from the roof of the Information Ministry, she came to our office and spent several hours just hanging out

    42. I needed to approach anchoring more like meditation

    43. More importantly, partial exits on either the profit or loss side of the entry will have the effect of anchoring the profit and loss (P&L) to that side

    44. Anchoring bias is the tendency to place undue weight on one particular piece of information and to ignore everything else

    45. She closes her eyes, lets herself relax into his embrace, and holds on to him as if he’s the only thing anchoring her to the world

    46. Such an anchoring effect matters for 2-year swap spreads but has less impact on 10-year spreads

    47. Besides central bank credibility, a lucky environment has also contributed to the virtuous cycle of disinflation and expectations anchoring

    48. Black–Litterman optimizers enable (i) blending historical experience with anchoring priors (such as perceived market equilibrium returns) and/or with active views; (ii) inputting expected return views on particular trades (instead of on each asset separately); and (iii) incorporating a measure of uncertainty for each view

    49. abandoned the gold standard in 1933 I average this time series estimate with zero (thereby anchoring the inflation forecast), based on the idea that during the gold standard inflations and deflations were equally likely to occur and not likely to become sustained

    50. If the ice is thin enough, feed all the retaining loops into the hooked pole and lower the entire net through the first hole, anchoring the first loop with a retaining stick

    1. people’s hearts so that they could be anchors for this

    2. are open will be the anchors for that divine energy that

    3. They’re at the northern tip of our gulf, while Smyrna anchors the southern end

    4. Therefore it is imperative that we guard our inner thoughts and ensure that it anchors onto higher levels of positive thoughts instead of lower frequencies of negativity

    5. The four girls in the water then return the float to its original mooring, drop both anchors overboard, wash off any tell-tail signs that a car has been there, and swim to shore

    6. The deep buried anchors of pain

    7. Early the next morning, Waddell ordered the anchors

    8. The fog was thick and visibility was poor, but all sails were set by early morning and anchors weighed

    9. Anchors were weighed and a harbor pilot came on board early in the

    10. anchors and getting the ship ready for catching whales as soon as the opportunity presented itself

    11. at the entrance, decorated with fish-nets, anchors and several

    12. Every dealt experience loses all the restraints and anchors connected with it, and then it becomes part of your experience in your spiritual evolution

    13. Four anchors were attached to the truncated bow

    14. is a ritual that anchors us to our sense of who we are and how we want

    15. There were two iron anchors about eight feet long in the stern and floating anchors that could be deployed from the sides of the ship to lessen turbulence in rough seas

    16. The media were convinced, the presses rolled, the TV anchors rose up in indignation, the birds were sanctified, and the anti-DDT onslaught swept all before it until the political pressure became too great to be resisted

    17. Those are closing at the same pace our ship is, so they should reach hailing distance about a minute after ours reaches the boundary and sets their anchors

    18. Buoys are secured in place by concrete anchors and chains

    19. He threw out the anchors and we skidded to a halt

    20. A panic stricken U turn caused an oncoming car to throw out all the anchors and skid wildly before righting itself and driving on

    21. The anchors had no effect

    22. I’m talking here specifically about athletes, entertainers, news anchors and CEOs and they will have to pay more taxes

    23. He was kneeling at the dock's first boat, wrapping a yachts thick rope around two metal anchors on the wood

    24. The helicopter belonging to The Organization rocked slightly and strained against the ropes holding it to the anchors

    25. he answered as he pressed a button and held the small instrument, nearly concealed completely in his hand, next to his ear so that he resembled a broadcaster reporting live in the field struggling to hear a question from the anchors in the studio through his earpiece

    26. the two often weigh like anchors around the neck of society struggling to stay afloat in troubling economic or political times

    27. seen to be full of items of use to the Fleet, rows of anchors, capstans, enormous piles of anchor

    28. solid anchors in snow and ice to protect themselves during these movements if roped

    29. extended so fast that it now anchors the eagle mecha to

    30. Faced with the famous anchors from the other networks, Walter

    31. The cameras were now focused on the three anchors at the desk, John Roddenburg, Mary Ann Sinclair, and Geraldo Vasquez

    32. Every night on television screens across the country, you have a live courtroom drama with news anchors sometimes playing judge, jury and prosecutor, and ‘guilty till proven innocent’ being the presiding mantra

    33. The radiance of the splintered sky, a fractured vase tearing cellophane canopies, littering the blue with a fluorescent presence so pervasive that we forget the blue is never there; it is not lit up; there is no veil illumined; it is the light that creates the sky – the passage at a speed ridiculous that anchors color to the heavens

    34. I asked her to reflect, “Who am I? Why am I here? And where am I going?” This is a time for reflection, for meditation, for a meeting of spiritual and temporal anchors that she may be holding on

    35. horizon and rainbow's end anchors the arc of the

    36. There is a difference between standing rock still and being a mesh unmoored without the anchors of screens nor filter-tethered

    37. “The danger of anchoring war to play is that it anchors cooperative and communal imagination to the appetites and predilections of the reptilian brain

    38. "We made anchors in the earth”: mountains

    39. Jeeter thought that he must be imagining the scene; he couldn’t believe that the Seer appeared calm and composed--- personally, he would have been halfway home if his legs hadn’t turned to water above lead anchors for feet

    40. Two days later, the “Virgin Queen” anchors in the Moroccan harbor

    41. Given below are ten anchors

    42. When you have finished the positive anchors and Empowering Questions, drop down and describe

    43. And she had always been adrift, he now saw, refusing to have anything to do with the innumerable anchors offered her, including--and with what entreaties!--his own

    44. • Create hypertext links to jump to the anchors

    45. Within the hour, new anchors began the journalistic jig so familiar to Americans

    46. Anchors are everywhere in our reality, and once we are aware of this fact, we can begin to take action and build the responses we want, rather than the ones we

    47. Sometimes we have anchors that are so strong that they

    48. Anchors are powerful and can totally remove logic from the entire

    49. The great thing about anchors is that they can also create some very powerful

    50. repeatedly, the old disempowering anchors will dissolve and be replaced by the

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    anchor ground tackle backbone keystone linchpin lynchpin mainstay anchorman anchorperson cast anchor drop anchor ground base support hold weight stay foundation weight for mooring a ship mooring grapnel cramp grappling iron secure with an anchor moor tie up berth fix firmly tie down secure lash affix fasten attach