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    1. If you’re trying to lose weight, you're interested in it

    2. You can do that in five pound increments if you have a lot of weight to

    3. Of course if your nutrition is better and you’re losing weight and you start to feel healthier, that is going to have a drastic affect on your self-confidence

    4. something in the microwave and stand there waiting, find a body weight

    5. Most of these people would look and feel much better by simply walking as little as two miles a day and drinking an ounce of water for each kg of body weight on a daily basis!

    6. Many years ago when tests were run on the toxicity of DE, it was found to be beneficial to the animals fed with it as they gained weight and seemed healthier then those not fed DE

    7. To manage our weight and maintain optimum health, we have to focus on eating efficiently

    8. However, if you have an unusually large weight in insects every amount of red spiders per plants, its time to make a few changes!

    9. Liam picked up the putter, felt its weight in his hand, swung it a few times like a cricket bat

    10. "The starship that makes up two thirds of Narrulla's Tear's weight is why she's involved," he said

    11. "I don't know, I'm being paid by a lady of the Kassikan to deliver a cargo of considerable size and weight from one point to another with its security container unharmed

    12. The snow builds up, and the weight causes it to pack into the ice and push southward from the north pole and northwards from Antarctica

    13. At this time there is an increase in earthquakes and volcanoes caused by the extra weight on the continents

    14. He has gained a little weight back

    15. felt, now that she was voicing her private thoughts, as though the weight of the world

    16. That, and the much more productive Elven agriculture allowed them to over-run the Trolls by weight of numbers even before modern times began

    17. Both are sunburned and seemed to have lost weight

    18. under the weight of its own floral winding sheet, using vegetation as a shield against

    19. However, feeling the pull of a billion, billion stars, feeling the weight of mass

    20. the constriction, the weight of fear that otherwise would have crushed him

    21. He shifted his weight slightly, feeling a burr of stone

    22. ‘Could do with losing a bit of weight anyway

    23. A recommendation of this kind is worth its weight in gold

    24. With each passing day the weight of the blows always seemed a little heavier and his invective a little louder, lasting for longer

    25. His feet had been numb for hours but he suddenly knew there was not as much weight on his hips

    26. The dull weight of bodies and testosterone faded into silence as the monstrous beast moved away and down the stairs

    27. The car kicked once and lifted at the front end as the tyres fought for grip, and then, amid a sea of spray, she bit hard into the tarmac and hauled her graceful weight forward at an ever increasing rate of knots

    28. arms down with the weight of his knees

    29. By repeating his name, by bouncing the echo of his voice off the cold stone walls that surrounded him, he somehow found the strength to hold at bay the constriction, the weight of fear that otherwise would have crushed him

    30. The bone, full of air bubbles inherited from the creature’s flying ancestors to reduce weight and density, skittled across the stone floor and came to rest by MacKenzie’s bare feet

    31. the hinges of which have broken under the weight

    32. It's claws were shorter, more for bearing weight than digging, almost a hoof

    33. He put weight on the foot in trying and suffered agony in the process

    34. I hardly rcognised him - he has put on a little weight but he knew me at once and we went for a drink in the wayhouse to celebrate

    35. That seemed to carry some weight with Sam, so he gave it

    36. that he may be crazy already, turned by their weight,

    37. but the weight of flower heads upon this earth

    38. but the weight of water in my skin and the sheer,

    39. She has paid her price but once, heavy in the weight

    40. I wait for his instruction, moving my weight from one foot to the other as surreptitiously as I can

    41. I felt the weight of Papa Nero settle in his seat

    42. Anxiously, I watch him make his way along the deck towards the steps, his shoulders and head are bowed – it’s as if the weight of ages have suddenly dropped on him

    43. It is never easy to take off weight and Yoga is not a short cut by any means, but this much I promise you

    44. It was the same as the mount in an observatory, there was just a size and weight problem

    45. weight for weight, contain more protein than the best steak

    46. Just then the doors to the boardroom crashed open and the combined weight and wealth of the Cameron and Flashman-Pebble clans surged into the room, waving glasses of bubbly and cheering loudly as they celebrated the perfect society couple locked in true love’s wonderful embrace

    47. feel its weight against the floor

    48. My weight was coming back to normal, the meds slowing down my manic metabolism

    49. The bird is heavy; it settles on my left arm, its claws gripping firmly onto my shirt as I stagger under its weight, the points touching my skin through the fabric

    50. Once outside on the grass I let the door go, surprised to find its own weight and gravity clanged it firmly shut again

    1. weighted for worth, wintered,

    2. weighted with heavy stones, and tied with long ropes to tree-stumps

    3. weighted net impedes its wings, and the ropes tied to the trees prevent

    4. dragon was on the ground, they employed weighted ropes and nets to

    5. He has balanced both sides of the equation, and the result is, like statistics, weighted in favour of the statistician

    6. My eyes felt weighted, while my body was magnetized

    7. tired, weighted down, and overwhelmed

    8. “It’s not your leg,” he answered in a voice weighted with regret

    9. The edges of the circular fabric were firmly weighted down with rocks and the centre was raised with the pipes making effective supports

    10. Fletcher turned on the heater as soon as the sides were weighted down with stones

    11. Dismissing us the Captain went off to report on the machine guns and we were left to stagger to our own trench weighted down with fatigue

    12. with weighted workouts, but it does increase strength

    13. your weighted workout, and that leads to increased size

    14. He wore a somber scowl and swelled his chest holding his arms ape-like at his sides, but laughter burst through when he began to stride across the office in a Jesus persona by lifting his feet as though they were weighted with lead

    15. the temptation never well weighted

    16. “Stage two of training is weighted more heavily than stage one, because it is more closely tied to overcoming cowardice,” he says

    17. measured and weighted to compute a total score, typically on an Excel

    18. This would give her a total weighted score for each solution

    19. She had decided at the start of the process not to include cost as one of the weighted

    20. with weighted scoring and hands-on evaluation of the software, it was finally time to

    21. Without thinking, he grabbed the weighted barrel next to him,

    22. Weighted with knowledge of what might be to come

    23. With all that had happened in such a short span of time her body felt weighted down

    24. The sudden feel of a weighted object on his leg had him reaching into his pants pocket he lifted out the item within it

    25. That event featured the otter-like contestants leaping from the dock wearing a weighted pack, swimming an underwater obstacle course, attaching their pack securely to an anchored wooden plank with adhesives, and swimming back through the obstacle course to the dock, where their elapsed time was recorded

    26. Beloved brother in spirit, renowned across all of Christendom for the abundance of your spiritual graces, to you alone have I desired to impart -- and God is our only witness -- by this tear-stained letter, under what a load of misery and what a crushing burden of worldly distractions we are weighted down

    27. Line- throwing (Lyle) gun: a small caliber gun that throws a line weighted at one end a long distance; used in lifesaving, or throwing a lifeline to a vessel

    28. This is a weighted measure of the “importance” of your Web site

    29. truth was, she was weighted down and tormented by the prospect of

    30. As an organized unit the Dagonites pulled the ends of their weighted net together, catching a large portion of yellow-tail

    31. weighted futures prices of 21 commodities

    32. The linearly weighted moving average (LMA)

    33. They weighted so much that every time they came closer, the ground would seem to sink in

    34. ‗There‘s no obvious security at the gate, but after the first bend there‘s a weighted barrier padlocked in place that Sebastian agrees is always there when he goes for a check-up

    35. a large strainer or colander and put a weighted bowl on top to help press out any

    36. Despite the entire world-order being weighted in favour of heterosexual marriage, in some ways it’s as hard for hets to stay together as for us

    37. cart that weighted hundred pounds like it was an empty bag

    38. Weight training is primarily an isotonic form of exercise, as the force produced by the muscle to push or pull weighted objects should not change (though in practice the force produced does decrease as muscles fatigue)

    39. The resistance involved is often a weighted object such as a medicine ball, but can also be the body itself as in jumping exercises

    40. In her chamber whose ceiling was a lapis lazuli dome, whose marble floor was littered with rare furs, and whose walls were lavish with golden friezework, ten girls, daughters of nobles, their slender limbs weighted with gem-crusted armlets and anklets, slumbered on velvet couches about the royal bed with its golden dais and silken canopy

    41. Gold anklets clashed as she moved, jeweled bracelets weighted her bare arms

    42. They weighted his limbs with an iron chain;

    43. cannot stir her feathers, weighted with metal

    44. He preferred to imagine that the guilty crewmember was simply being confined to quarters, or being held in the brig for a while, and not weighted down with a length of anchor chain on the sea floor

    45. The word "home" is a weighted term in the Stallman lexicon

    46. # Weight ticket: The ticket you get when the van is weighted at the weight station after your items are loaded

    47. weighted towards your favor of

    48. Then he uses the explosive wrappers again over innocuous weighted boxes and takes them to his normal bomb shipping department

    49. benefit by income and longevity to be able to receive it (weighted both ways)

    50. but they were weighted down at the ankles

    1. If we analysed the charts of the Priestly class (and by this we include priests, ministers, rabbis, imams, monks and swamis) I would wager that we would see a disproportionate weighting in the sign of Sagittarius and/or power in the 9th house

    2. In the iShares Semiconductor Index (IGW), for example, the biggest holding is Texas Instruments, which only has an approximate 8% weighting in that ETF

    3. The one with the most weighting is the Yahoo directory but it is expensive at $300per year

    4. Now weighting by the size of the benefit we can

    5. weighting down the box with a piece of petrified driftwood that

    6. will be multiplied by the sample standard deviation (with N - 1 weighting) and not the

    7. You hear a rumor that Google is weighting the HTML LAYER tag very

    8. Especially on the question of weighting

    9. “These orders,” it was Rainbow Waters’ turn to tap the sheets of paper under the paperweight, “are obviously weighting our left wing to advance beyond Lake City while effectively holding our ground—at best—with our right

    10. Plus we just used moving averages of daily put/call closes rather than properly weighting the total put and total call volume

    11. They replicate as closely as possible the investment weighting and returns of the benchmark index they are designed to track

    12. This is why I get so fired up when I see traders trading without understanding the concept of weighting that I am about to run through

    13. For example, if a natural disaster affected the production of a particular commodity during one year, the five-year average would reflect that change but still maintain a heavy weighting on that commodity because that event was an aberration

    14. The weighting of the DBLCI is done at the end of the year, and it seeks to reflect global production values

    15. Buying crashes should be limited to companies with material businesses, or at least that should be a big weighting

    16. Each option has its own weighting with respect to the price movement of the underlying

    17. This weighting is expressed by the number of equivalent underlying (futures), or the amount an option moves for a minimum price fluctuation of the underlying

    18. Making it a weighted average gives greater weight to more recent price movements, and making it an exponential weighting adds greater sophistication

    19. The disadvantages of ignorance, of human greed, of mob psychology, of trading costs, of weighting of the dice by insiders and manipulators,2 will in the aggregate far overbalance the purely theoretical superiority of speculation in that it offers profit possibilities in return for the assumption of risk

    20. For example, if fund manager A can only have 2 percent maximum position sizes in his fund, and he buys 2 percent of stock XYZ which then doubles, becoming more like 4 percent of the portfolio, he may have to cut that position back to 2 percent if it becomes too heavy of a weighting in his portfolio

    21. The weighting is such that one cog here turns by … ’ He picked it up and swung it experimentally by the chain, ‘yes, turns by one tooth with every step you take

    22. The disadvantage of the stereotyped format, of course, is that following a form frequently results in inadequate descriptions of reality and inadequate weighting of what is important

    23. However, the nearly 40 percent weighting in the United States and another 13 percent in Japan make the ETF very one-sided

    24. I focus on Kazakhstan because it has the largest weighting in the region and is an interesting play on energy

    25. Even Lebanon, which carries the lowest weighting in the region, comprises 2

    26. Anytime an index with over 20 components has a 40 percent weighting in one, it is a cause for concern and brings into question the diversity of the index

    27. The country with the number one weighting is Chile (26 percent), followed by Poland (22 percent), Egypt (15 percent), and Columbia (9 percent)

    28. His goal is to have a portfolio of stocks that is roughly equal in weighting

    29. Suppose as a result of weighting the coin, the probability of getting a head is now p, where 0 ≤ p ≤ 1, and the complementary probability of getting a tail (or not getting a head) is 1 − p, because p + (1 − p) = 1

    30. In such cases, techniques available in more advanced textbooks provide for weighting the observations when estimating model coefficients so that the least variable observations receive the highest weight

    31. In the latter case, the single implied volatility is usually the result of weighting the individual implied volatilities by some criteria, such as volume of options traded or open interest, or, as is most common, by assigning the greatest weight to the at-the-money options

    32. Garman and Klass propose a precise formula for weighting the estimates, but a practical solution might be to simply weight the estimates equally

    33. If α is the weighting assigned to each return r, then the estimated variance (the square of the standard deviation) σ2 over the next period of time is given by

    34. and that the more recent the return, the greater is the weighting

    35. Now Stock B, the stock with the greatest capitalization, has the greatest index weighting

    36. In a price-weighted index, stocks with the highest price have the greatest index weighting

    37. In a capitalization-weighted index, stocks with the greatest capitalization (stocks with a large number of outstanding shares) have the greatest weighting

    38. To ensure that all stocks again have an equal weighting, the index is now rebalanced

    39. a/A is the percent change in the stock price, while A/I is the stock’s weighting in the index

    40. The percent change in the index must therefore be equal to the percent change in the stock multiplied by the stock’s weighting in the index

    41. The weighting of Stock A (before its one-point rise) was 53

    42. The weighting of Stock A (before its one-point rise) was 11

    43. If the weighting of the stock in the index is 2

    44. Because the weighting of each stock in a price-weighted index is proportional to its price, we can replicate a price-weighted index by purchasing an equal number of shares of each component stock

    45. The same, however, is not true for the capitalization-weighted index, where the weighting of each stock is proportional to its total capitalization

    46. 1 A less common variation on an equal-weighted index involves weighting the stocks geometrically rather than arithmetically

    47. The closer the exercise price is to the index price, the greater is the weighting:

    48. The closer to 30, the greater the weighting

    49. The greater the distance between exercise prices, the greater is the weighting in the index for a specific option

    50. Consequently, two strips of options that bracket 30 days are required to calculate the VIX, with appropriate weighting of each strip to yield a 30-day implied volatility

    1. In Practice: adjust the weights by amplifying what is

    2. “The cells themselves,” she stammered, “there were still the same kind and number, shonggot just erases the connection weights

    3. You see once when he was compelled to survey across a lake for the feasibility of a bridge or something or other some engineer had dreamt up, he filled these bladders with air, tied them to ropes with weights dangling from them and had me place them at intervals along the water to assist him in his solving distances or such

    4. After much muffled shouting from atop the parapet, the beam settled in a slightly bent position then the weights continued on once more

    5. a quantity of provisions of equal value would have been distributed among a still greater number of people, who would have bought them in pennyworths and pound weights, and not have lost or thrown away a single ounce of them

    6. Next I stepped onto the large cast iron scales to be weighed which the nurse did by adding iron weights a few lbs and ounces at a time until the balancing arm reached the required place and then she read off my weight she wrote this down in my notes as well

    7. This means that those heavier weights are going to be easier and that you’re actually going to be able to lift heavier than you were previously

    8. Strength is improved when you move back to the heavier weights, very often heavier than you were lifting before the high-frequency phase

    9. We also added weights to our magazines so they would drop out quicker, and we really practised reloading until we were very smooth

    10. Beloved, bring your hearts forward! Open up the gates! And see if that, which I have poured out, doesn’t rush in and overflow your houses, with you not having room enough to receive it! Cast off these bags of deceitful weights! And come and fly with Me, under the freedom of My healing wings, says The Lord

    11. The weights seemed to be helping, but he would have to be careful

    12. Her arms and legs felt like there were weights on them

    13. She tried to run, but her legs were unresponsive lead weights, and her feet tangled in cargo netting

    14. As much as he looked, Hilderich indeed could not discern any sort of controls, levers, ropes, weights, or wheels; nothing a gate could be associated with in his experience

    15. ‘Here’s a running machine, and here’s a rowing machine; and over here are weights, a sparing ring, punch bag, and a cupboard full of training clothes and boxing equipment

    16. Heck, if you put weights on the legs of a racehorse, would you say racehorses can’t run? I want to write about the greatness of our country, the things that Mr

    17. in the lips of the king; his mouth does not transgress in judgment; The correct weight and balance are of the Lord; all the weights of

    18. “I had been working out at home with light weights on and off for about 4 years, and I was not getting the results I wanted

    19. of traffic cones and temporary plastic weights

    20. He was at peace in this place, his disconnection from the weights of the world that still lay heavy in his heart

    21. The table with weights for all five types of functionalities is available (pre-defined)

    22. 8 And I wrote the resting places of the winds and observed and saw how their key-holders bear weighing-scales and measures; first, they put them in one weighing-scale, then in the other the weights and let them out according to measure cunningly over the whole Earth, lest by heavy breathing they make the Earth to rock

    23. 13 You shall not have in your bag divers weights, a great and a small

    24. 8 And I wrote the resting places of the winds and observed and saw how their key-holders bear weighing-scales and measures; first they put them in one weighing-scale then in the other the weights and let them out according to measure cunningly over the whole Earth lest by heavy breathing they make the Earth to rock

    25. Try to be sure you have the reference with certainty, that your awareness of our weights, shapes, and volumes is exact, and that you have the strength for the act, before you commit yourself to the casting of the spell

    26. You will need very great strength of character to complete this task, but you will have the terrific feeling that huge weights are dropping from your shoulders every time you unmask one

    27. When lifting weights, try slowing down the speed at which you lower the weight

    28. The six-year old boy strains to lift the weights attached to a rope strung around his nape

    29. About a dozen men aged from 18 to 40 went for a jog through the trees to the stream, dipped in the freezing water, raced back, lifted a few weights, then held boxing matches

    30. After traipsing the hot, scented alleys, wandering around the old fort and cemetery, watching eagles in the surrounding hills, we sweated in Turkish baths and exercised in a cellar gymnasium with other scantily clad young men lifting weights, wrestling and drinking sweet mint tea

    31. The weights of 80 Coast Guard members are laid out in this table:

    32. Finishing a lift, he lowered the weights and offered a firm, sweaty hand

    33. A couple of blonds, one slim, sharp and self confident, the other had obviously been lifting weights, probably to compensate for his shortness

    34. The weights used for the calculation of the index for some of the most important groups

    35. The weights attached for the calculation of the index to the most important groups are: housing—38 percent; food—19 percent;

    36. red-faced, to lift a bar with huge weights on each end

    37. that the patient should avoid certain sports and activities that put a lot of stress on the back, such as lifting heavy weights, gymnastics, football, and some gardening activities

    38. ‘I help out in the gym so I can use the weights room

    39. And that was where he stood, hanging in the balance, afraid to tip the weights, because there was no way

    40. Note the similarity of this formula to that given earlier for relative density, except that masses is substituted for weights

    41. The specific combinations of reps, sets, exercises and weight depends upon the aims of the individual performing the exercise; sets with fewer reps can be performed with heavier weights, but have a reduced impact on endurance

    42. Different types of weights will give different types of resistance, and often the same absolute weight can have different relative weights depending on the type of equipment used

    43. Any object can be used for weight training, but dumbbells, barbells and other specialized equipment are normally used because they can be adjusted to specific weights and are easily gripped

    44. Breathing: Breath out as you lower the weights down to the floor and breath back in as you move back to the starting position

    45. Now with PowerBlock Dumbbells, I can recommend a piece of fitness equipment that provides: Effective Workouts – Dumbbells are the Best in Training Expandable weights – They Grow as my clients Grow

    46. When Tony picks up his gym weights, he may not be aware, yet his muscles are naturally resisting

    47. Beginners should start with least resistance, working their way up to heavier weights in time

    48. Muscle pain is a normal result of weightlifting; the absence of contraction signifies no resistance, which necessitates heavier weights

    49. The thing with exercising without weights is that you need to subject your body to more resistance

    50. To maximize the benefits, you have to ante up the intensity, sets and repetitions as compensation for the absence of weights

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