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    1. without blame before him in love:

    2. without blame before him in love:

    3. "Someone could do things with that android and blame it on you

    4. If anything bad happened, we'd just blame it on mermaids

    5. We tend to blame others but continue to flout these social norms ourselves

    6. The only one I can really truly blame in the end is God

    7. "I don't blame her for leaving," Elond said, "and I don't blame you for being afraid of them

    8. She should stop trying to blame Tdeshi's hormones and take control of the body Tdeshi left her

    9. Can’t blame him for giving up with me really … I’ve not been an easy client and on top of that, I was pretty foul to him the other night … damn my temper!

    10. "Don't blame the messenger

    1. People blamed it on rats or divine intervention at the time, but it was actually a bacteria carried by fleas

    2. Theo blamed himself

    3. Nobody said it, but they all blamed him for not knowing it would happen

    4. Knume was devastated by that, and blamed himself because of all the drugs he'd done in Zhlindu

    5. She blamed herself also, for the same reason, but was never able to make him listen

    6. He blamed himself and the drugs in Zhlindu

    7. She hated herself for the fact that Knume had blamed himself for the drugs he did while in Zhlindu

    8. I think that every parent believes in a reflection of themselves through their child, but this wasn't the best mirror image, although no one could be blamed directly

    9. Long ago Tarak had blamed the ancient seer for Serena’s death; he had said things, accusatory and hurtful

    10. He blamed it on Alan again, she’d been staying there all week

    1. He’s terribly upset … he thinks that it is possible that Sadler tampered with Liz’s car before going into the house and blames himself for not checking the car was okay

    2. She's the one who doesn't listen, and she blames me

    3. He can live -- even though he blames himself for the death of thousands -- but, if he lost you

    4. She probably blames me that she’s sterilized

    5. Johnny blames his problems on me somewhat, but mostly on his father

    6. “Even the captain blames herself for what happened,” Imbrahim pointed out

    7. The argument of some that blames Hitler, the Nazis, Tojo, and the Japanese military for being the first guilty of carpet bombing cities ignores that fact

    8. If there is the slightest indication he blames us, we will slip quietly out and return home,” I said

    9. “He blames you for his mother’s exile

    10. “My cousin, the current Khan of Anahuac blames me for his mother’s death

    1. He hoped they'd stopped blaming him once they saw her up and around, but the Chief had been in Ibora’s medical bay since coming aboard and the Doc wouldn’t let anyone in there to see her

    2. Today they both felt guilty for blaming it on Alan's religion

    3. “Stop blaming yourself for that, we all know any spark could have set it off and no one considers your hack the real cause of this war

    4. this trapped emotion blaming?” and then perform a

    5. “Still blaming yourself for their deaths?” Johnson said with a smile that hid

    6. ‘No, because as I said, the bomb was undetectable, don’t keep blaming yourself; blame the agents for putting the bomb there in the first place, also the agents could have transferred themselves off the planet, but they wanted to die for the cause

    7. A great famine swept over Aeresan (and the entire continent), but the Tryl family kept control by blaming the Prophets for their problems

    8. ” I didn’t know what to say to this and a black depression settled on me as I realised that Elijah was blaming me for his condition

    9. “Do you seriously think this is my fault you old bloody quack I have had a belly full of people shirking and blaming other people

    10. ” I knew then that I was in big trouble Helen must have been livid to use my first name but then I thought what the hell why is she blaming me it just wasn’t fair

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    blame in English

    culpability liability guilt misdeed responsibility shortcoming accountability burden condemnation censure reproach denunciation criticism opprobrium reproof reprehension charge accuse rebuke condemn fault indict ascribe impute credit

    Sinónimos para "blame"

    blame rap incrimination inculpation charge fault find fault pick blamed blasted blessed damn damned darned deuced goddam goddamn goddamned infernal culpability liability guilt misdeed responsibility shortcoming accountability burden condemnation censure reproach denunciation criticism opprobrium reproof reprehension accuse rebuke condemn indict ascribe impute credit