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    1. without blame before him in love:

    2. "Someone could do things with that android and blame it on you

    3. If anything bad happened, we'd just blame it on mermaids

    4. We tend to blame others but continue to flout these social norms ourselves

    5. The only one I can really truly blame in the end is God

    6. "I don't blame her for leaving," Elond said, "and I don't blame you for being afraid of them

    7. She should stop trying to blame Tdeshi's hormones and take control of the body Tdeshi left her

    8. Can’t blame him for giving up with me really … I’ve not been an easy client and on top of that, I was pretty foul to him the other night … damn my temper!

    9. "Don't blame the messenger

    10. I couldn't blame personal problems, I wasn't allowed to mention the recession

    11. He spent most of Nightday and all of Dawnsleep with her and doostEr couldn't blame him

    12. You do whatever you want but don't blame me when they got your heart in a box beside your kidneys

    13. She couldn't possibly, rationally blame this on him, he thought, but she was

    14. "Nathan doesn't blame you

    15. It is the voice of the devil to accuse, blame, manipulate, and slander

    16. A letter arrived at my mother’s full of blame and resignation

    17. We are what we are, and no blame was held by anyone in camp

    18. MARIA: Why do you blame her for being raped? Rape is a male problem

    19. Women shouldn't have to take the blame for men's actions

    20. Yet a woman has to take the blame for his inability to stop

    21. For good measure, while you are on the potato cure, you should drink potato water, which is one of the very best alkalizing drinks and helps the system to eliminate the impurities which are to blame for your complaint

    22. No blame was attached by anyone

    23. These times are so very difficult – people blame themselves and put up barriers

    24. either that you admit that you were solely to blame in the situation or that you are unable to

    25. "I’m really sorry things turned out this way, and I don't blame you

    26. Society still regards a man who has extra-marital affairs as a bit of a lad but the woman concerned is seen as immoral and usually to blame

    27. Don't blame yourself, Maria

    28. Father's heart was completely exhausted and no one will blame you for that

    29. “I think Kelvin’s ready to blame it on me, he didn’t say that, but he’s looking very suspicious

    30. Of course, I could blame the builder of the Navrangpura mall

    31. I needed someone to blame

    32. The realization of this finally sunk-in and he released his blame of the little seer; but he still avoided any contact with him because his presence brought back too many memories of Serena

    33. I know he’s been head hunted by a couple of firms in Bristol but refuses to move – and I don’t blame him

    34. blame all those people who told her mother she was quiet

    35. the next are partially to blame for generational abuse

    36. The current contractor tried to shovel all the blame for the extra cost onto the original firm and, although there are some grounds for that, there is also the fact that the new mob haven't been putting their back into the job, but using their work force on a very lucrative housing development instead

    37. Blame ixon and the hippies both for their lack of moderation

    38. “I can’t blame them, you do have a nice ass,” Yellelle said and caressed it

    39. She turned him down in no uncertain terms, and I don’t blame her to be honest

    40. communication should be done without judgment or blame — remember

    41. ensure that Lucy, in taking the blame upon herself, would be her

    42. should be holy and without blame before him in love…

    43. He didn’t blame her, entering the spirit world with one’s head encased in an ensorcelled helmet was too scary to contemplate and was making him cold, especially with his senses heightened by the yaag

    44. Her expression was pained and Jorma didn’t blame her, he was just as uncomfortable with this subject

    45. He could cut the phone and blame it on a loss of signal, but he doesn’t

    46. Get past his anger and blame and get the pill into him

    47. could blame her? The guy listened to her talk about herself for as long as she

    48. emissaries were to blame for this?'

    49. matter what happens, no-one will blame you

    50. Talking to other women at coffee mornings (when the kids were small – oh, those interminable coffee mornings) seemed to highlight the fact that the worst thing they could visualise was infidelity on the part of their husband and their view was always that the woman who ‘lured’ their man away was to blame

    1. People blamed it on rats or divine intervention at the time, but it was actually a bacteria carried by fleas

    2. Theo blamed himself

    3. Nobody said it, but they all blamed him for not knowing it would happen

    4. Knume was devastated by that, and blamed himself because of all the drugs he'd done in Zhlindu

    5. She blamed herself also, for the same reason, but was never able to make him listen

    6. He blamed himself and the drugs in Zhlindu

    7. She hated herself for the fact that Knume had blamed himself for the drugs he did while in Zhlindu

    8. I think that every parent believes in a reflection of themselves through their child, but this wasn't the best mirror image, although no one could be blamed directly

    9. Long ago Tarak had blamed the ancient seer for Serena’s death; he had said things, accusatory and hurtful

    10. He blamed it on Alan again, she’d been staying there all week

    11. mantra that blamed Lucy for Alan’s death

    12. Stevie blamed Yorthops and I, she picketed here and at the Bigtree for weeks

    13. He’d blamed the Gypsies

    14. Roman blamed himself, of course, citing that he should have never let

    15. ’ The man seemed to expect to be blamed for

    16. Some of them even blamed the conflict between the Royal

    17. He blamed me for the fight

    18. blamed this bally thing called fate, and all adjective had been

    19. She knew she’d be blamed for killing him

    20. Nothing in her words seemed sincere to a very bitter Penelope and though she did her best to smile in polite return, she blamed Elenwen and the rest of the Thalmor for her father’s demise

    21. He blamed the weather for the dispersing effect

    22. "They blamed it on some new-fangled drug, didn't they?"

    23. He blamed the military, the terrorists, all sorts of things to the point that I didn't know if he was telling truths or he'd gone all nutty

    24. He was also a scapegoat and blamed Victor

    25. He blamed himself

    26. He was one of my best friends and to see him suffering and in this frame of mind hurt me deeply but what was worse was that I knew he blamed me

    27. I blamed myself so much for the dysfunction of others in relationships with me

    28. Alf blamed Dob for his late arrival

    29. The point of this grisly story is that Kenny could have blamed

    30. Now I really was worried, what if he had found a place to die, what if that place was in my room, and what if I would be blamed for it? I could lose my room here, and the meals, and …

    31. There is no more death penalty in South Africa, and the lack of it is blamed for the high crime rate

    32. Guess who are tasked with stopping the riots? And who are blamed for every one of the rioters shot dead, and will be now and forever in the future? It seems that we have learned nothing from history

    33. Many blamed the detectives for not moving in earlier or getting support from us etc but I wish to say they had to positively identify Van Rooyen before they could arrest him

    34. “She blamed herself

    35. How he’d felt trapped all these years, knowing that she resented him, somehow blamed him for not being there to save her mother

    36. They (correctly), forever after blamed the Army for surrendering them in such a way

    37. And who do you think would then be blamed? The Board of Directors? Yeah tell me another one mate

    38. Josie had done the exact same thing and I can’t say I blamed her at all – the last few weeks had been so exhausting

    39. ’ When Daniel cried, he blamed me for being a bad mother, when the baby got a rash, he cursed me for neglecting him

    40. I cannot tell you how many times I blamed my sons' mother only to find out later that I was not accurate

    41. They also tried to kill activists in such a way that the death would be blamed on other factions which was quite easy to do since they sometimes investigated their own murders

    42. Many believers went to Sunday sermons in church and heard the priest accuse the Jews of having murdered their messiah and blamed the Jews for all that was happening in Poland

    43. Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels and all Communist movements are often collectively blamed for the Cold War

    44. Pola cried day and night, and blamed herself for his death

    45. White supremacists and Confederate apologists have long blamed abolitionists or the United States (i

    46. Buchanan loathed Lincoln, and he blamed the Republicans for much of the crisis

    47. Many conservatives and supporters of American empire blamed Panamanian Commander Omar Torrijos for deaths in the riots because of his opposition to US control of the canal

    48. He always blamed someone else, it didn’t much matter who; for ‘ratting him off

    49. incessantly tells Margarette that she’s not the one to be blamed

    50. Amazingly, a grand jury blamed the Irish, claiming they planned to force the removal of the Bible from schools

    1. He’s terribly upset … he thinks that it is possible that Sadler tampered with Liz’s car before going into the house and blames himself for not checking the car was okay

    2. She's the one who doesn't listen, and she blames me

    3. He can live -- even though he blames himself for the death of thousands -- but, if he lost you

    4. She probably blames me that she’s sterilized

    5. Johnny blames his problems on me somewhat, but mostly on his father

    6. “Even the captain blames herself for what happened,” Imbrahim pointed out

    7. The argument of some that blames Hitler, the Nazis, Tojo, and the Japanese military for being the first guilty of carpet bombing cities ignores that fact

    8. If there is the slightest indication he blames us, we will slip quietly out and return home,” I said

    9. “He blames you for his mother’s exile

    10. “My cousin, the current Khan of Anahuac blames me for his mother’s death

    11. Only a victim who blames everything and everyone else for all his failures sees no options

    12. The Occidental Times, for instance, mentions something about a "massive fire and a tragic accident", yet blames the Copts for "failing to abide by the State's town-planning rules and regulations"

    13. harassment and abuse – he blames the RCMP for ruining his life and tearing his

    14. blames the game for “stealing” his property

    15. Does not accept blame themselves, but blames others, even for acts they obviously committed

    16. She blames Jack

    17. She blames her father

    18. She blames Uncle Ted

    19. She blames God

    20. Tula blames you for all these calamities and do not cease to repeat it to any place she goes and to those who want to hear her


    22. Low Self-esteem: If your friend’s partner constantly puts them down and blames them for the abuse, it can be easy for your friend to believe those statements and think that the abuse is their fault

    23. The friend who witnessed the abuse against Anna’s kitten blames herself for not contacting the authorities

    24. He and his brother survived only because they were in Londal at the time, and I’ve no doubt that he blames himself

    25. In the film “1492: Conquest of Paradise” by Ridley Scott, Christopher Columbus, old and defeated, encounters the Treasurer of Spain which blames him for being a dreamer, an idealist

    26. In the film “Batman Begins”, in a scene where Bruce Wayne encounters Rachel (his friend from childhood) who blames him for not having changed, for being the same, dedicated to fun and with no wish to work (obviously she does not know that he in fact is Batman), Bruce replies: “Hey, Rachel, this is not me”, and then Rachel answers: “The things you do matter, Bruce, not the things you say”

    27. Although she feels alternately angry and depressed, she blames no one but herself for this situation

    28. Stallman blames the injury on a tendon in his left

    29. “He blames the duty laid upon him for his mother's death

    30. “But what if she blames me for causing her to be ban and want to come after me?!”

    31. "He says he's been setup and he blames you, his privacy consultant, for the whole thing

    32. Notice she blames God for the situation? Please go into my maid, or have sexual relations with my maid; perhaps I'll obtain children by her

    33. · Victim thinking = the person refuses to take personal responsibility for their life and blames others for what is happening in their world

    34. Notice she blames God for the situation? Please go into my maid or have sexual relations with my maid; perhaps I'll obtain children by her

    35. The people blames God for the existing misery but the plan was voted by demons

    36. blames the brain, not what’s done,

    37. He still blames me for Myfanwy’s loss

    38. “he blames himself for seeing qualities in her that were not there

    39. “She blames me for bringing attention to you

    40. Homer gives us a clear example of one of Ulysses’ existential lies when he recounts how Ulysses, after returning to Aeolus after his companions open the bag of winds, blames first a sleepiness that came suddenly over him, then blames his mad companions and finally bad luck, but he never blames himself (v

    41. 'He blames himself for not marrying Alice

    42. " He blames the CIA for their involvement in the coup

    43. said, he ultimately blames the U

    44. "Not physically, but the poor child blames herself for the accident

    45. He then blames his luck when he does not secure the things he weakly

    46. blames that on hunting is either misinformed or malicious

    47. “Now Ambrosius blames me,” Arthur went on, “said I should have been here to protect her, and I’ve thought about it, long and hard

    48. But he blames you still for the death of your mother, the dark force that killed her

    49. He blames everybody else for it

    50. He blames society for it

    1. He hoped they'd stopped blaming him once they saw her up and around, but the Chief had been in Ibora’s medical bay since coming aboard and the Doc wouldn’t let anyone in there to see her

    2. Today they both felt guilty for blaming it on Alan's religion

    3. “Stop blaming yourself for that, we all know any spark could have set it off and no one considers your hack the real cause of this war

    4. this trapped emotion blaming?” and then perform a

    5. “Still blaming yourself for their deaths?” Johnson said with a smile that hid

    6. ‘No, because as I said, the bomb was undetectable, don’t keep blaming yourself; blame the agents for putting the bomb there in the first place, also the agents could have transferred themselves off the planet, but they wanted to die for the cause

    7. A great famine swept over Aeresan (and the entire continent), but the Tryl family kept control by blaming the Prophets for their problems

    8. ” I didn’t know what to say to this and a black depression settled on me as I realised that Elijah was blaming me for his condition

    9. “Do you seriously think this is my fault you old bloody quack I have had a belly full of people shirking and blaming other people

    10. ” I knew then that I was in big trouble Helen must have been livid to use my first name but then I thought what the hell why is she blaming me it just wasn’t fair

    11. Blaming the Prince of Fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their choice

    12. When Janetta twisted the alarm clock round from Jimmy's grasp her own internal alarm was set off: resulted in the inevitable frenzy of panic, blaming him for letting her sleep through to this late

    13. "You must stop blaming yourself," she said in a gentle voice

    14. After all, it shouldn’t be so very difficult to grab a load of cocaine from a log barge, but every time he mentioned it, she’d switch right back to blaming him for setting the two broads free

    15. Also, Wallace himself later admitted his errors in his book Where I Was Wrong, blaming it on lack of information

    16. Become aware that you’re blaming others: the

    17. I also believe it is more important to think and pray about the possibility of renewal than to be obsessed with blaming and finger pointing

    18. Beware, however, not to make the make the mistake of blaming the food

    19. Evan Boyd is blaming the Lew Baxters for stealing potatoes out of his field last fall

    20. "Well, they say--now, mind, I'm only telling you what people say--so there's no use in your blaming me for it--that Carl and a lot of other boys were fishing eels over the bridge one evening last week

    21. Why don't we get angry with ourselves for hurting ourselves, rather than blaming others?

    22. Rather than blaming and criticizing, which only add to the misery; where possible, we respond with compassion and help those suffering, so that ultimately all will benefit

    23. ” All along, Sierra had been blaming Angie for sending her those angry threats, but here they were, facing the real culprit

    24. She was quietly blaming herself for all of Derek’s new found sexual habits

    25. Once we have begun the correct procedure with a goal in mind, we can start "walking the walk" and quit making excuses and blaming others

    26. To stop blaming others for our problems, and to face our fear

    27. It is always blaming us for all society's ills, for we are an easy and obvious scapegoat

    28. They could start blaming us for pestilence, war or any natural disaster as soon as they know we are real

    29. In blaming the

    30. In blaming the leadership, Lewis said, "A culture was created by several

    31. still carries with her a news clipping containing the earlier blaming,

    32. As these numbers indicate, Democrats blaming Republicans

    33. Later, I learned that they gave three different statements, each one blaming me more and more over the next six months

    34. I will go to my grave blaming myself, to some degree, for having moved to Florida while he was incarcerated, but I fully intended to, and was willing and capable of, returning to CT and living with him until I was satisfied he was not a danger to himself and others

    35. Just as we have rich liberals today who capitalize on human misery by bread and circuses and by blaming the rich, so their prototype existed 2000 years ago:

    36. blaming her if she did the things I did when I was eight years old

    37. I should have told her to destroy it,” she said, blaming herself

    38. They were blaming God for the hurricane

    39. She complained again of depression and suicidal impulses she found hard to resist, blaming them on the influence of dark spirits

    40. He hung there for a long time trying to regain his senses, Blaming himself for not warning his comrades earlier about the possible danger of the banks of lasers

    41. blaming everything on her sister, even when she was blatantly at fault

    42. She was not happy at all, and spit and beat on her bat, blaming it for not catching up to the vessel

    43. “That’s like blaming the river when it’s the rain that sinks your boat,” said Ceder

    44. Blaming your actions for their abusive or unhealthy behavior

    45. Every religion seems to be indirectly blaming adherents of other religions

    46. Nah, blaming the enemies of the Church of the Hanging Christ will do

    47. blaming Him for what happened to her family

    48. Apparently he thought he had done enough work by then and should only be experiencing holograms of the second-half variety, so he began blaming his

    49. To her mind, except for that last question, which was leading toward blaming the victim and causing her mother embarrassment, the interview had gone well, and both the press and the television stations were presenting appropriate excerpts

    50. Instead I decided to let go of all my judgments and stop blaming Betty, recognising instead she was simply reading a movie script my ‗Infinite I‘ had written for me

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