blockade sätze

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Blockade sätze (in englisch)

  1. Ben looked at the blockade.
  2. I stood before the battered blockade fence.
  3. Sammy's thought blockade, however, works very well.
  4. Even the blockade had added to Atlanta’s prestige.
  5. There was a blockade and nothing was getting past it.

  6. No blockade could bar their way, and it was pointless.
  7. This blockade has been continued for four or five years.
  8. Within a week, the cross country native blockade petered.
  9. Both this treaty and the blockade actually unfairly targeted Iran.
  10. I wish to goodness that blockade runner—what’s his name?
  11. There was a blockade of wire and wood across the road ahead of us.
  12. The guard returned the papers and waved them through the blockade.
  13. Blockade of D1 receptors in the basolateral AMY during acquisition.
  14. This blockade is a compound one, presenting three distinct characters:.
  15. The features of this blockade render it different from all other blockades.

  16. While most reservations were situated away from major routes, the blockade.
  17. Blockade of V1b receptors in the lateral septum and central nucleus of the.
  18. Iran was not weakened by a previous war and long blockade, as Iraq had been.
  19. Marco gestured at the guardhouse, and the blockade slid away of its own accord.
  20. The two men in the Ford truck were not aware of the nation-wide blockade, nor.
  21. Still, Kierd would have enough ships to effectively blockade the entire Cluster.
  22. Kruschev claimed the blockade was illegal and ordered Soviet ships to ignore it.
  23. Which means our blockade and plans to send our troops into the capitol will be.
  24. As the blockade merged the two southbound lanes of traffic into one, the Native.
  25. The Yankee blockade about the Confederate ports had tightened, and luxuries such.

  26. It is true this order of May, 1806, has scarcely a feature of a regular blockade.
  27. On 11th May, 1807, a proclamation declaring the blockade of the Dardanelles and Smyrna.
  28. Though it could be considered an act of war, Kennedy decided to blockade Cuba, but he.
  29. Conditions in Wilmington, the chief blockade port, now that Charleston’s port scandal.
  30. The blockade, notified by Great Britain in May, 1806, has never been formally withdrawn.
  31. Once she had arrived at the southernmost point, she began heading toward the blockade fleet.
  32. Such a blockade, to be effective, would however need a lot of ships, submarines and planes.
  33. Blockade of effects of smoked marijuana by the CB1-selective cannabinoid receptor antagonist.
  34. De Wit H, Wise RA (1977) Blockade of cocaine reinforcement in rats with the dopamine receptor.
  35. On 8th January, 1808, a proclamation issued declaring the blockade of Carthagena, Cadiz, and St.
  36. Laces and silks and braid and ribbons, all blockade run, all the more extra affront to the Yankees.
  37. They had made it through the blockade, and the Kierdans would have no chance of catching up to them.
  38. If they wanted their thongs, they would have to pick them up at SGP, past Packwoodś blockade there.
  39. Even Cuba, a very poor country under a blockade for over 50 years, has better healthcare than the US.
  40. On 11th May, 1807, a proclamation declaring the blockade of the coast between the Elbe, Weser, and Ems.
  41. If the force was not applied, the blockade was unlawful, from whatever cause the failure might proceed.
  42. On 16th May, 1806, a proclamation declaring the blockade of the coast from the Elbe to Brest, inclusive.
  43. The revocation of but one blockade, viz: that of May, 1806, is included in the demand of the Executive.
  44. For this part of the blockade there can be no defence which is not applicable to the Orders in Council.
  45. It is in violation of the principles laid down in all the treaties which attempted to define a blockade.
  46. With that, preparations for the blockade run began, with crews racing to get their ships stocked and ready.
  47. We bounced onto the road just behind the Escalade that had pushed through the blockade, last in line again.
  48. The Confederacy could not smuggle in slaves any more because of the Union blockade, but no doubt would have.
  49. If we could gather enough strength for a blockade every day, we could put that den of demons out of business.
  50. To give effect to the blockade of European ports, the ports and harbors of the United States have been blockaded.
  51. This blockade of May, 1806, is in violation of the principles laid down by all authors on the subject of blockade.
  52. Nevertheless, Eldnan had retired to his cabin, leaving orders to simply maintain the blockade until further notice.
  53. The Yankee gunboats had tightened the mesh at the ports and very few ships were now able to slip past the blockade.
  54. Hopefully, we can break north and sneak around the blockade without any interference while they’re still asleep.
  55. It is, in fact, from its character, more like the Order in Council, a permanent regulation in commerce, than a blockade.
  56. The US Navy also faced the daunting task trying to blockade over 3000 miles of coast, plus seizing the Mississippi River.
  57. In the US, many called for a blockade or invasion, to punish Mexico by a mix of force and economic and diplomatic weapons.
  58. Eventually, on 12 May 1949 after eleven months of blockade, he admitted defeat and opened up the land links to West Berlin.
  59. At that time nothing was said, no demand was made, not even a proposition offered on the subject of the blockade in question.
  60. In May, 1806, the whole coast of the continent, from the Elbe to Brest, inclusive, was declared to be in a state of blockade.
  61. I have shown, from the correspondence, that the blockade of May, 1806, was the only one included in the demand of the Executive.
  62. Why should I let the from Confederate cotton which I managed to run through the blockade and sell in Liverpool at sky-high prices.
  63. She knew that his elaborate gallantries and his florid speeches were all done patriotic blockade runner simply because it amused him.
  64. The belligerent who institutes the blockade, cannot absolve itself from the obligation to apply the force, under any pretext whatever.
  65. The enemy will think they�re trying to run the blockade, and will send whatever ships they�ve been holding in reserve to stop you.
  66. It is Warded and heavily patrolled by a vigorous Sylvan naval blockade force of fearsome military capability, both physical and magical.
  67. Another extremely important point is to blockade internally as externally the illicit acts in those countries and its generative sources.
  68. Later, there was a blockade on the Noosa River to stop a new generator being transported thirty miles up the beach on an outgoing tide.
  69. And then, of course, there was the issue of those ships that had managed to break through the blockade, and were now presumably in Iathera.
  70. It is claimed that air bombardment, sea blockade, and Russian intervention would have forced Japan to capitulate, regardless of atomic bombing.
  71. With the enemy forces scattered around the blockade lines, Velios realized that this might be their one chance to deal with whoever was in charge.
  72. Obviously a blockade would have been both a more practical and a more humane choice than targeting civilians with either conventional or A-bombs.
  73. It was not avowed at the time to be even a constructive blockade, nor was the right contended for of blockading without an actual investing force.
  74. Great Britain had, by a pretended blockade, excluded us from entering the ports of Holland, France, Italy, and their West and East India colonies.
  75. Concentrate on maintaining the blockade, Eldnan replied in that infuriatingly calm voice, though it was now speckled with a touch of irritation.
  76. It is, in fact, like the Orders in Council, a permanent regulation of commerce, and has nothing of the character of a blockade, except the mere name.
  77. A number of merchant ships that had been on Mars or in orbit were able to leave before the Terrans could establish a solid blockade force around Mars.
  78. The revocation of the orders in council of January and November was not to satisfy us, but the blockade of the year preceding was to be also annulled.
  79. We are fighting the Yankees’ new rifles with Revolutionary War muskets, and soon the blockade will be too tight for even medical supplies to slip in.
  80. Sir, the earl of Shiring has sent armed men to blockade the quarry owned by Kingsbridge Priory, Gregory said as soon as Sir Wilbert looked at him.
  81. The UN and US government had before agreed to a near blockade of Iran, and the treaty traded a partial end to the blockade in exchange for inspections.
  82. Skilled men these, without whom the Confederacy would have been hard put Europeans who had run the blockade to build machines and turn out Confederate.
  83. This objection was equally against frigates; but he was perfectly willing to put it upon that ground, that Great Britain would attempt to blockade them.
  84. The second SUV jerked off to the left of the road before it hit the strip, circling around the blockade on the opposite side as the first pressed forward.
  85. If the enemy's navy was off coast then that meant our friends had at least tried to come to our aid and had broken through the blockade around their islands.
  86. The citizens of Shattered Rock had cleaned house in order to blockade the roads, creating solid walls of tables, chairs and other miscellaneous house furniture.
  87. Was this blockade such a violation of the neutral rights of the United States as to come decidedly within the act of the last session? Let us examine its features.
  88. Up to now, the High Council has refused to comment on this crisis and keeps a tight blockade by ComSec officers around the Time Patrol headquarters in New Lake City.
  89. We should keep a loose blockade around Japan and its island garrisons and concentrate in liberating ex-allied territories in Asia, while disarming and occupying Germany.
  90. If applied diligently, I believe that such a blockade would force Japan into either submission or military impotence in less than two years, probably more around a year.
  91. On 21st March, 1799, she issued a proclamation declaring the United Provinces in a state of blockade, and thereby excluding neutral commerce without any actual investment.
  92. On the contrary, by representing the blockade to be comprehended in the Orders in Council, the United States were compelled so to regard it, in their subsequent proceedings.
  93. Let’s bypass them outright and let the Japanese garrisons there wither, with us taking only the islands nearest Japan that we could use as bases to blockade and bomb Japan.
  94. Besides, the dashing blockade runners were bringing in these very things under the Yankees’ disgruntled noses, and that made the possession of them many times more thrilling.
  95. Grand Admiral Erich Raeder, head of the German navy was hopeful that the surface warships combined with the U-boats would successfully blockade and starve Britain into submission.
  96. With the blockade closing tighter and tighter, there was no way to get the South’s money crop to its market in England, no way to bring in the necessaries which cotton money had.
  97. The Admiral had spoken first to start the meeting, Captains, as you know, despite our best efforts we were unable to outrun the enemy fleet after we broke through their blockade.
  98. It was now in the hands of the tailor and Melanie was hurrying him to have it and with a dull sheen to it, undoubtedly blockade goods and undoubtedly very ready by Christmas morning.
  99. As well as the pain of losing loved ones in the fighting, civilians had to cope with ever more serious food shortages as the U boat campaign and the British blockade took their toll.
  100. I will thus counsel to the Prime Minister to launch a limited invasion of the Dutch East Indies, centered on the oil fields, while keeping the Philippines under sea and air blockade.
  1. All travellers caught between the blockading tractor-trailers were.
  2. Blockading is a business with me and I’m making money out of it.
  3. Stalin had a much nastier surprise for the East up his sleeve than blockading Berlin.
  4. Erskine the President had no knowledge of the blockading orders of May, 1806? Not so, sir.
  5. It stated that 66 percent of those polled would favor bombing and blockading North Vietnam for six months.
  6. He had sold his boats when blockading grew too hazardous, and he was now openly engaged in food speculation.
  7. I will instance that resulting from blockading squadrons, and that from repairs in colonial and foreign ports.
  8. Farragut, on his flagship USS Hartford of the Union’s West Gulf Blockading Squadron, was steaming westward along with.
  9. For eight years after Mexican independence in 1821, Spain kept trying to reconquer Mexico, blockading, bombing, or invading Mexican ports.
  10. He was so affronted at a Butler becoming a gambler that when I came home blockading out of Charleston, Mother had to lie and slip off to see me.
  11. It was not avowed at the time to be even a constructive blockade, nor was the right contended for of blockading without an actual investing force.
  12. Under the pretext of blockading the harbors of France and her allies, British squadrons have been stationed on our own coast, to watch and annoy our own trade.
  13. France also invaded in 1838-39, blockading nearly all Mexican ports and extracting a ransom over money allegedly owed to a French pastry shop owner, the Pastry War.
  14. What then would be the case? She must employ six blockading ships, supported at an enormous expense, at such a distance; and as had been fully shown by the gentleman from South Carolina, (Mr.
  15. From all reports, the heretics’ galleon strength remained fully occupied blockading Saram Bay, and no one had reported seeing a single one of their light commerce-raiders east of Whale Island in five-days.
  16. When Stalin didn’t get his way, he went so far as blockading West Berlin from the other Allies, precipitating the Berlin Airlift in 1948-49 that kept the people of West Berlin supplied, at great expense to the western Allies.
  17. I am more astonished at the proposal to discriminate, when we see that, at this moment, orders are in existence blockading countries to which your merchants have, long ago, taken out clearances, in violation of stipulations which Britain had proposed to us.
  18. This right of blockading by proclamation is not a right growing out of a state of war; it is no belligerent right; it is a pretension, as applicable to a state of peace as to a state of war, and if we submit to it in a state of war, we must submit to it in a state of peace.
  19. I pray you, sir, to bear in mind, that since the formation of this Government, and under every Administration, the right of blockading, by an actual present and efficient force, ports and places not fortified; the right of search, and the principle, that enemy property is not protected by the character of the vessel, has been recognized or conceded.
  20. These two items of expenditure, blockading squadrons, and repairs in distant countries, (to neither of which an American Navy would be liable,) will be acknowledged, I think, to justify the conclusion, that the contingent expenses of the English Navy must be as great in proportion to its force as ours would be in war—and therefore that the rule employed in the calculations of my colleague was correct.
  21. Will gentlemen seriously contend that there would be any thing "abject or disgraceful," if the people of New York should submit to carry on their trade through the Sound? Would the remedy for this interference with our rights be abandoning the ocean altogether? Again: suppose, that instead of both nations blockading the same point, each should station its force at a different one—France at the mouth of the Sound, Britain at the Narrows.
  22. But on the 2d of July, after the arrival of the John Adams, which brought the correspondence between our Ministers at Paris and London, and the Agents of the British and French Governments, on the subject of the repeal of their several orders and decrees; and when it was known that the British Government would not abandon her system of blockade and adopt the principles contended for by France—in this letter, I say, is contained not only a demand of the repeal of the Orders in Council, but also of the blockading order of May, 1806.
  23. It seems scarcely necessary to observe, that the presence of a competent force is essential to constitute a blockade; and although it is usual for the belligerent to give notice to neutral nations when he institutes a blockade, it is not customary to give any notice of its discontinuance; and that consequently the presence of the blockading force is the natural criterion by which the neutral is enabled to ascertain the existence of the blockade, in like manner as the actual investment of a besieged place is the only evidence by which we decide whether the siege is continued or raised.
  24. He denounces the Emperor for the Rambouillet decree, issued the twenty-third of March, eighteen hundred and ten; which subjected the ships of America to condemnation entering the ports of France, which the Emperor declares was an act of retaliation; because Congress had by their act of March, eighteen hundred and nine, subjected the vessels of France to condemnation entering the ports of the United States, yet that gentleman, when speaking of the British blockading order of eighteen hundred and six, issued without even a pretext, which by proclamation without investment subjected our ships to condemnation entering the ports of France, says, with respect to their Orders in Council I have nothing to say as to their justice or their policy.
  1. Spanish warships from time to time blockaded a.
  2. Seeing that he was blockaded, with repairs delayed and with the.
  3. The Cardassian ships that have remained in this system have blockaded.
  4. In 1776, the British navy blockaded Martinique’s harbors and stopped export of.
  5. To give effect to the blockade of European ports, the ports and harbors of the United States have been blockaded.
  6. The right to confiscate vessels bound to a blockaded port, has been unreasonably extended to cases not coming within the rule, as heretofore adopted.
  7. They felt that she would eventually sue for peace when she realised the hopelessness of her position; especially when she was blockaded by air and sea.
  8. Although blockaded by snow at Hamadan I was able to visit the ancient Ecbatana and there acquired a small collection of Greek jewels and Chaldean cylinders.
  9. Neutral nations have a right to trade to every port of either belligerents, which is not legally blockaded, and in all articles which are not contraband of war.
  10. That arrangement was made without requiring a repeal of the blockade—now nothing can be done without a repeal, and thus we are to be blockaded both at home and abroad.
  11. When the British missiles struck Japan in June of 1944, over four years ago, Japan had already lost the war and was facing slow starvation while our fleet blockaded your home islands.
  12. They merchants and speculators from all over the South who assembled to buy blockaded landed their cargoes at Wilmington or Charleston, where they were met by swarms of goods at auction.
  13. So as soon as Thirsk is strong enough to operate freely in the western Gulf again, they’ll almost certainly pull their troops off of Shyan rather than leave them there to be blockaded into surrender.
  14. Misha wiped his glasses, returned them onto his nose and continued: Leningrad was blockaded by the Germans from 1941-1943 and one million Leningraders starved to death out of a pre-war population of 2.
  15. Fowler being a persevering man, as a good seaman should be, blockaded the house, and having met you succeeded by certain arguments, metallic or otherwise, in convincing you that your interests were the same as his.
  16. I ask you, sir, where is the strength of which these nations formerly boasted? All are inoperative, and dread the gigantic power of the British navy—they are in part sick in dry docks, or are blockaded in their ports.
  17. Seven or eight of our vessels, laden with valuable cargoes, have been lately captured, and are still detained for adjudication; these vessels were met in their voyages to and from the Dutch ports, declared to be blockaded.
  18. It is, that ports, not effectually blockaded by a force capable of completely investing them, have yet been declared in a state of blockade, and vessels attempting to enter therein have been seized, and, on that account, confiscated.
  19. My object has been to prove that, in this situation of the investing fleet, there can be no effective blockade, which, in my opinion, cannot be said to exist without a competent force, stationed and present at or near the entrance of the blockaded port.
  20. To prohibit the sale of our produce, consisting of innocent articles, in any port of a belligerent, not blockaded; to consider every belligerent as one, and subject neutrals to the same restraints with all as if there was but one, were bold encroachments.
  21. There were parties and balls and bazaars gray and gold braid and the brides in blockade-run finery, aisles of crossed swords, every week and war weddings without number, with the grooms on furlough in bright toasts drunk in blockaded champagne and tearful farewells.
  22. At the onset of the war, he had emerged from obscurity with enough money to buy a small swift boat and now, when blockaded goods realized two thousand per cent slid out of Charleston and Wilmington on dark nights, bearing cotton for Nassau, on each cargo, he owned four boats.
  23. In the official note from Count Champagny to General Armstrong, of the 22d of August, 1809, we have this declaration: A place is not truly blockaded until it is invested by land and by sea; it is blockaded to prevent it from receiving the succors which might retard its surrender.
  24. When Herist the merchant made an ally of Herist the commander and blockaded the harbor against competing ships, levied a tax on the goods from his own vessels for the maintenance of the bloated military, and fed most of these goods to his soldiers, I contemplated writing the letter.
  25. If we examine the reasoning on which it is founded, the right to intercept and confiscate supplies, designed for a blockaded town, it will be difficult to resist the conviction that its extension to towns, invested by sea only, is an unjustifiable encroachment on the right of neutrals.
  26. That de-facto continued hostility from the South had forced the Northern Alliance into placing strict limitations on commerce and people traffic from Africa and South Asia, while the Spacers League had effectively blockaded any spaceships from landing or taking off from those two regions.
  27. It Nassau which he assured her he had purchased especially for her and blockaded in at was almost impossible to obtain these small luxuries now—ladies were wearing hand- whittled wooden hairpins and covering acorns with cloth for buttons—and Pitty lacked the moral stamina to refuse them.
  28. Suppose this expectation disappointed—suppose the harbor of New York blockaded by two seventy-fours? The commerce of that city, which exists only by commerce, destroyed? The protection of the General Government claimed? Your whole navy could not drive these English seventy-fours from their station.
  29. When our ports are blockaded, and all the world is against us, so that, if the embargo was raised, we could go nowhere with perfect freedom, can gentlemen say that the embargo has ruined our commerce? Is it not these acts which have shut us out from a market? The gentleman says we may trade to England.
  30. The consequence would be, that your most expensive ships must either combat under very unpromising circumstances, or they would be blockaded in your harbors, and then be worse than useless; they must be kept at a heavy expense, and their crews would deprive other ships of the men necessary for their equipment.
  31. Why did he do this? It’s obvious! After Germany being attacked and snubbed and treated like a nigger nation for 30 years by the entire world, after being robbed and cheated and blockaded and starved and intimidated… Germans developed the attitude of them against the whole world because the entire world was their enemy.
  32. It would be recollected, however, that they had seen in the papers that France either had blockaded or did contemplate the blockade of all the ports not embraced in the British orders; and they had seen in the papers a paragraph intimating that a project existed to close the northern ports against all vessels but those of France.
  33. Monroe, on the 16th of May, 1806; after the preamble this note states that the King, taking into consideration the new and extraordinary means resorted to by the enemy for the purpose of distressing the commerce of his subjects, has thought fit to direct that necessary measures should be taken for the blockade of the coast, rivers, and ports, from the river Elbe to the port of Brest, both inclusive; and the said coast, rivers, and ports, are, and must be considered, as blockaded.
  34. By this order all France and her allies, and every other country at war with Great Britain, or with which she was not at war, from which the British flag was excluded, and all the colonies of her enemies, were subject to the same restrictions as if they were actually blockaded in the most strict and rigorous manner; and all trade in articles, the produce and manufacture of the said countries and colonies, and the vessels engaged in it, were subjected to capture and condemnation as lawful prize.
  35. In his letter of the 17th of May, to the Secretary of State, speaking of the order, he says, the note is couched in terms of restraint, and professes to extend the blockade further than it has heretofore done, nevertheless it takes it from many ports already blockaded, indeed all east of Ostend and west of the Seine, except in articles contraband of war and enemy's property, which are seizable without blockade; and in like form of exception, considering every enemy as one power, it admits the trade of neutrals within the same limits to be free, in the productions of enemy's colonies, in every but the direct route between the colony and parent country.
  36. In the Revolutionary war how did England stand—how her islands? For several years she was at war with America, with Holland, with Spain, with France, whose fleets in the East and West Indies were often equal, sometimes superior to her own, and an armed neutrality in the North—during this period a French fleet blockaded the Chesapeake, and aided the capture of Cornwallis, and threatened the British islands—but how was this conflict with the world sustained? Were the islands starved during these years? did they fall? No, sir; the British nation braved the storm, and was only conquered by her sons—America was victorious and independent; but Europe retired discomfited.
  1. Romney spoke of bombing Iran and blockades.
  2. Blockades to the outer path are the multitude of physical objects.
  3. There are blockades, but they are hopeless against the swarm of onlookers.
  4. The features of this blockade render it different from all other blockades.
  5. Are these the blockades which are intended? Let the Emperor and King answer for himself.
  6. But, sir—how was I supposed to know about those automatic security blockades? I said.
  7. But, sir, I wish to call your particular attention to the other branch of the condition, that relating to blockades.
  8. The gentleman says, the President has not only required of Great Britain to withdraw her orders, but her blockades also.
  9. Flesh’ailer emptied all the oil they could spare over the various blockades of timber and joined his friends by the dockside.
  10. It does not, like ordinary blockades, attempt a complete prohibition to all trade with those ports, but only to the particular objects and specified cases which I have mentioned.
  11. Under the modification of the original orders of November, 1807, into the orders of April, 1809, there is, indeed, scarcely a nominal distinction between the orders and the blockades.
  12. Calhoun observed, that he could offer nothing more acceptable, he presumed, to the House, than a promise not to discuss the Orders in Council, French decrees, blockades, or embargoes.
  13. The gentleman tells you, that we have demanded of Great Britain not a withdrawal of the Orders in Council only, as contemplated by the law of last session, but of her novel blockades.
  14. Pinkney of the twenty-second, the Secretary commences, as he says, with much surprise, that Great Britain had not revoked her blockades, and that she had not sent a man of rank to replace Mr.
  15. Because you ignored my order and continued to pursue the enemy ship at close range, the transponder inside your Interceptor disabled the tunnel’s safety blockades to allow it safe passage.
  16. We have been so long in the practice, and justly in the practice, of complaining of paper blockades, that at the first blush we are induced to believe the condition relates to them, and to them alone.
  17. What were the objects of the war? To establish our neutral rights, to exempt our seamen from imprisonment, the repeal of the Orders in Council, and of the blockades, and the security of the American flag.
  18. But attempt to prove to the same gentlemen, that the practical operation of British blockades and Orders in Council, is not such as to require war, you will then hear, that it is necessary to fight about the principle.
  19. Eppes) has said this order of blockade has not a single feature of a regular blockade; in this, the gentleman is tolerably correct, and when he denounces, what in the fashionable cant of the day are called paper blockades, I join most heartily in the execration.
  20. With respect to blockades, of a subsequent date or not, against France, you will press the reasonableness of leaving them, together with future blockades not warranted by public law, to be proceeded against by the United States in the manner they may choose to adopt.
  21. The solution of the serious socioeconomic problems must be systemic so that the human society can really be organized and to integrate its agents in a wide global network, without frontiers and without the blockades of the limitation of the use of the money in any region of the planet.
  22. I will forbear, sir, at this time from commenting on the habitual impressment of American citizens, by Great Britain; the illegal condemnation of American vessels under what they call the rule of 1756; the spurious blockades of British commanders, and the consequent spoliations on our commerce.
  23. The Emperor offers to give up his Berlin and Milan decrees, if the British will renounce their new system of blockade; and in these very decrees he explains what he means by this new system; that, besides paper blockades, it is the attempt to blockade the mouths of rivers and harbors, and ports not fortified.
  24. In the few remarks I shall submit to you, sir, and to the House, it is not my intention to go into the consideration of all the original avowed causes of the war; but to confine myself to the new aspect of affairs, presented to us since the declaration of war by the removal of the Orders in Council and blockades.
  25. Under pretended blockades, without the presence of an adequate force, and sometimes without the practicability of applying one, our commerce has been plundered in every sea; the great staples of our country have been cut off from their legitimate markets; and a destructive blow aimed at our agricultural and maritime interests.
  26. In the letter from Secretary Smith to General Armstrong, of the 5th of July, 1810, the latter is authorized, if it should be found necessary, to let it be understood that a repeal of the illegal blockades of a date prior to the Berlin decree, namely, that of May, 1806, will be included in the condition required of Great Britain.
  27. One of those illegitimate blockades, bearing date in May, 1806, having been expressly avowed to be still unrescinded, and to be, in effect, comprehended in the Orders in Council, was too distinctly brought within the purview of the act of Congress not to be comprehended in the explanation of the requisites to a compliance with it.
  28. One of these illegitimate blockades, bearing date in May, 1806, having been expressly avowed to be still unrescinded, and to be, in effect, comprehended in the Orders in Council, was too distinctly brought within the purview of the act of Congress, not to be comprehended in the explanation of the requisites to a compliance with it.
  29. And to render the outrage the more signal, those mock blockades have been reiterated and enforced in the face of official communications from the British Government, declaring, as the true definition of a legal blockade, the particular ports must be actually invested, and previous warning given to vessels bound to them, not to enter.
  30. Pinkney to Lord Wellesley, dated December 10th, in which the former labors to prove, that Cadore's note to Armstrong is an absolute repeal of the French decrees, without any conditions precedent, and that therefore the British Government ought to be satisfied of its validity, and take immediate measures for revoking their orders and blockades, agreeably to their promise.
  31. Chairman? The right of not being vexed or endangered by paper blockades? Yes, sir, and more; the right of not being interrupted in a commercial intercourse with cities situated on rivers, as Antwerp for instance; or to carry on a free trade with all the continental ports and harbors not fortified, although the whole British navy may be cruising at the mouth of the river, or in sight of the port.
  32. Erskine, and also the only thing contemplated when the law of May last was passed, as also the only ground taken by himself only one month before, (having, it is presumed, heard from France in the interval,) he condescends to tell the General, that if France should demand it, he might give her to understand that it was the President's intention to renew the non-intercourse against England, if she did not also rescind her blockades.
  33. Smith tells General Armstrong, (to use his own words,) If there be sincerity in the language held at different times by the French Government, and especially in the late overture to proceed to amicable and just arrangements in the case of our refusal to submit to the British Orders in Council, (not blockades,) no pretext can be found for longer declining to put an end to the decrees of which the United States have so justly complained.
  34. She was reminded, without effect, that her own prior blockades, unsupported by an adequate naval force actually applied and continued, were a bar to this plea: that executed edicts against millions of our property could not be retaliation on edicts confessedly impossible to be executed: that retaliation, to be just, should fall on the party setting the guilty example, not on an innocent party, which was not even chargeable with an acquiescence in it.
  35. That mere cruising blockades, and every other blockade not supported by an actual investing force, is unwarranted by the laws of nations, is my clear conviction; it is the result of examination and reflection on the subject; but unfounded in public law as is the doctrine set up by Great Britain, its abandonment or modification can only be expected from treaty, and not by an isolated declaration at the threshold, under the threat of a specific alternative.
  36. If this were not her object, why such a continued system of illegitimate blockades? Why so many vexatious restrictions upon neutral trade, tending to destroy competition on our part in the continental markets? I might trace the scheme a little further back, and ask, whence the outrages? the orders of June and November, 1793, which produced Jay's treaty? A treaty which I am sorry to say, did not guarantee to us mutual and reciprocal rights, and which was no sooner ratified than violated by British perfidy.
  37. For instance, at one time England must repeal her Orders in Council to entitle her to the benefit of the law; at another, viz: after hearing from France, the condition must include a repeal of the blockades also, and on the part of France, she must rescind her decrees and restore the property, then a promise is to be accepted as it respects the property, and, to top the climax, the proclamation issues on the presumption of an agreement having taken place, on the part of France, that the property shall be restored.
  38. These terms required that the Orders in Council should be repealed as they affected the United States, without a revival of blockades violating acknowledged rules; and that there should be an immediate discharge of American seamen from British ships, and a stop to impressment from American ships, with an understanding that an exclusion of the seamen of each nation from the ships of the other should be stipulated; and that the armistice should be improved into a definitive and comprehensive adjustment of depending controversies.
  39. But again: will, I had like to have said, the servile manner, in which a rescinding the blockade is coupled as a condition with the withdrawing the Orders in Council, escape notice? Immediately on instructing General Armstrong to state to the French Government that a repeal of the blockade of eighteen hundred and six would be insisted on, the Secretary adds: "You will press the reasonableness of permitting the United States to proceed in such way as they may think proper, in relation to any subsequent blockades, or any other blockades not against France," which to me reads in this way, i.
  40. If it should be necessary for you to meet the question, whether the non-intercourse will be renewed against Great Britain, in case she should not comprehend, in the repeal of her edicts, her blockades which are not consistent with the law of nations, you may, should it be found necessary, let it be understood, that a repeal of the illegal blockades of a date prior to the Berlin decree, namely, that of May, 1806, will be included in the condition required of Great Britain; that particular blockade having been avowed to be comprehended in, and, of course, identified with the Orders in Council.
  41. This pledge, although it does not necessarily import, does not exclude, the intention of relinquishing, along with the Orders in Council, the practice of those novel blockades, which have a like effect of interrupting our neutral commerce: and this further justice to the United States is the rather to be looked for, inasmuch as the blockades in question, being not more contrary to the established law of nations than inconsistent with the rules of blockade formerly recognized by Great Britain herself, could have no alleged basis other than the plea of retaliation, alleged as the basis of the Orders in Council.
  42. It is not my intention at this time, to enter into a discussion on the subject of blockades, nor am I to be understood as giving countenance to the system of paper blockades, whether that system proceeds from or is attempted to be enforced by England or by France; but, sir, I have gone into this examination to show that the President has acted differently under two laws which ought to have the same practical construction, because the terms used in them were alike; that under the law of May, 1810, he added a condition to a settlement with Great Britain, which he did not require under the law of March, 1809; and why this difference?
  43. I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your note of the fifteenth ultimo, wherein you request to be informed whether any, and if any, what blockades of France, instituted by Great Britain during the present war, before the first day of January, 1807, are understood by his Majesty's government to be in force? I have now the honor to acquaint you, that the coast, rivers, and ports, from the river Elbe to Brest, both inclusive, were notified to be under the restrictions of blockade, with certain modifications, on the 16th of May, 1806; and that these restrictions were afterwards comprehended in the Order of Council of the 7th of January, 1807, which order is still in force.
  44. And if we have been silent under the former, and have apparently acquiesced in it, what shall we, what can we, say, in case the latter event should take place? But, sir, the apologists of France tell us that His Majesty, the Emperor, has pledged his royal word that the decrees shall cease to operate as it respects us; and that, though he has thought proper to postpone the measure from the first of November to the second of February, he has only done so in order to ascertain whether we mean to go on to fulfil our engagements with good faith; that he is only holding our property seized since the first of November as security for our performance; and that, when he finds we are determined to resist the illegal orders and blockades of Great Britain, he will give up the property of our citizens.

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