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    1. The citizens of Shattered Rock had cleaned house in order to blockade the roads, creating solid walls of tables, chairs and other miscellaneous house furniture

    2. blockade and into the Confederacy

    3. demonstrated that the blockade was not effective and could be

    4. provide effective blockade coverage of the southern coast, not to mention intercepting Confederate ships on the high seas

    5. Most of the wealthier class left Santiago before the blockade, especially the families of the Spanish merchants, and the officers' wives stayed in the city; but there were Spanish and Cuban ladies in silks and satins abjectly starving in Caney

    6. Through the blockade, and during the weary negotiations for peace, when anarchy reigned in Cuba, the residue of the reconcentrados and hundreds of the lower classes in the cities succumbed to privation

    7. Obviously a blockade would have been both a more practical and a more humane choice than targeting civilians with either conventional or A-bombs

    8. Use blockade instead

    9. Socialist Salvador Allende was legally elected in 1970, and Nixon immediately conspired with the CIA and phone company AT&T to overthrow him with a blockade, strikes, paid agitators, until finally a military coup brought him down

    10. The blockade was lifted

    1. Seeing that he was blockaded, with repairs delayed and with the

    2. Spanish warships from time to time blockaded a

    3. Misha wiped his glasses, returned them onto his nose and continued: “Leningrad was blockaded by the Germans from 1941-1943 and one million Leningraders starved to death out of a pre-war population of 2

    4. When the British missiles struck Japan in June of 1944, over four years ago, Japan had already lost the war and was facing slow starvation while our fleet blockaded your home islands

    5. They felt that she would eventually sue for peace when she realised the hopelessness of her position; especially when she was blockaded by air and sea

    6. That de-facto continued hostility from the South had forced the Northern Alliance into placing strict limitations on commerce and people traffic from Africa and South Asia, while the Spacers League had effectively blockaded any spaceships from landing or taking off from those two regions

    7. The Cardassian ships that have remained in this system have blockaded

    8. When Herist the merchant made an ally of Herist the commander and blockaded the harbor against competing ships, levied a tax on the goods from his own vessels for the maintenance of the bloated military, and fed most of these goods to his soldiers, I contemplated writing the letter

    9. In 1776, the British navy blockaded Martinique’s harbors and stopped export of

    10. Why did he do this? It’s obvious! After Germany being attacked and snubbed and treated like a nigger nation for 30 years by the entire world, after being robbed and cheated and blockaded and starved and intimidated… Germans developed the attitude of them against the whole world because the entire world was their enemy

    1. Flesh’ailer emptied all the oil they could spare over the various blockades of timber and joined his friends by the dockside

    2. Romney spoke of bombing Iran and blockades

    3. The solution of the serious socioeconomic problems must be systemic so that the human society can really be organized and to integrate its agents in a wide global network, without frontiers and without the blockades of the limitation of the use of the money in any region of the planet

    4. devastation and destruction and brutal blockades to terrify and

    5. Blockades to the outer path are the multitude of physical objects

    6. There are blockades, but they are hopeless against the swarm of onlookers

    7. “Because you ignored my order and continued to pursue the enemy ship at close range, the transponder inside your Interceptor disabled the tunnel’s safety blockades to allow it safe passage

    8. “But, sir—how was I supposed to know about those automatic security blockades?” I said

    9. I will forbear, sir, at this time from commenting on the habitual impressment of American citizens, by Great Britain; the illegal condemnation of American vessels under what they call the rule of 1756; the spurious blockades of British commanders, and the consequent spoliations on our commerce

    10. If this were not her object, why such a continued system of illegitimate blockades? Why so many vexatious restrictions upon neutral trade, tending to destroy competition on our part in the continental markets? I might trace the scheme a little further back, and ask, whence the outrages? the orders of June and November, 1793, which produced Jay's treaty? A treaty which I am sorry to say, did not guarantee to us mutual and reciprocal rights, and which was no sooner ratified than violated by British perfidy

    1. ‘They tried blockading the wharf and the roads, but

    2. Farragut, on his flagship USS Hartford of the Union’s West Gulf Blockading Squadron, was steaming westward along with

    3. For eight years after Mexican independence in 1821, Spain kept trying to reconquer Mexico, blockading, bombing, or invading Mexican ports

    4. France also invaded in 1838-39, blockading nearly all Mexican ports and extracting a ransom over money allegedly owed to a French pastry shop owner, the Pastry War

    5. When Stalin didn’t get his way, he went so far as blockading West Berlin from the other Allies, precipitating the Berlin Airlift in 1948-49 that kept the people of West Berlin supplied, at great expense to the western Allies

    6. All travellers caught between the blockading tractor-trailers were

    7. and the blockading of the international bridge by the Mohawks was an act of terrorism, but

    8. seized by Native"s blockading the highway

    9. It stated that 66 percent of those polled would favor bombing and blockading North Vietnam for six months

    10. From all reports, the heretics’ galleon strength remained fully occupied blockading Saram Bay, and no one had reported seeing a single one of their light commerce-raiders east of Whale Island in five-days

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    Synonyms for "blockade"

    blockade encirclement seal off block off bar barricade block block up stop embarrass hinder obstruct stymie stymy siege encircle confine isolate barrier

    "blockade" definitions

    a war measure that isolates some area of importance to the enemy

    prevents access or progress

    hinder or prevent the progress or accomplishment of

    render unsuitable for passage

    obstruct access to

    impose a blockade on