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    1. Vera keeps wiping the same ten inches of the bar, not budging an inch otherwise

    2. “They run that bar

    3. He does a lot of odd jobs around the bar but he mostly just hangs around here to drink

    4. She turns to Theo, who’s pouring a drink behind the bar

    5. “Christ! One this close to the bar?”

    6. Vera’s wind chime voice slurs from the bar doorway

    7. Do you associate with the local bar? How about associating with the gym instead

    8. “What is that? A fish?” She sat next to Kevin at the bar, almost a head taller than him, sipping the froth off a White Russian

    9. She sits almost a head taller than me, sipping froth off a White Russian and staring at the back of the bar, as if the —Jager— on the shelf had insulted her mother

    10. A church? A bar? None of the obvious places for seeking

    1. · Have grab bars put in next to your toilet and in the tub or shower

    2. There are bars on the windows and the same genre of drab reproductions in gilded frames that we saw in John’s room adorns the walls

    3. baleful yellow eyes of a thousand feline predators all lined up just beyond the bars,

    4. the bars of their cages and mice running in all directions amid vine leaves

    5. way through streets full of bars and girls Stu hoped that his chosen destination might

    6. quiet and, frankly, pretty boring, providing a thin string of tavernas and bars set back

    7. The floor was a slope of benches and tables with bars like the one she was seated at on each of a dozen levels

    8. from the lights and the chirpy clatter of bars and restaurants

    9. he waited for grains of shadow to float between the bars of a small arrow-slit

    10. He just smiled at us, a sly and crafty smile, the grin of the clinically insane behind rusty Bedlam bars, except that in this case the lunatic carried the keys to the cell upon his belt

    1. The ‘twins’ barred the way to the chamber

    2. They continued on along the walkway until they came to a tall iron gate, (with several locks), that barred the walkway

    3. They couldn’t reach the stairs as long as this Scather barred the way; and Rayne’s fears for Duncan were growing with each passing minute

    4. Dane Tevid was not as gracious as he barred the ruffians’ way

    5. She pauses, considering, but the way back to official silence is already barred

    6. My suggestion is get a cat if it happens again, but believe me the sight of that poor spectre after Fliss appeared on the scene with barred teeth and a terrible growling hissing noise made me think you've have seen the last of that particular program

    7. Because of him the demons were barred from the Great Tree

    8. When he got there two of the soldiers barred his way

    9. him, and he was barred from attending Mass

    10. His power – the power of the Maker – was barred from the Sanctuary

    1. barring holidays, sickness and those barren plateaus

    2. The warriors inside the house were fighting a very large Scather barring the way

    3. So, it will grant you some of your wishes while barring others

    4. That is, of course, barring water serving as a firewall

    5. The primary problem with socialist ideas being promulgated in economics classes is, of course that, barring intervention from those who have studied and absorbed the ideas of the classical economists or, a bit later, the Chicago School of Economics under Milton Friedman, such a slant tends to get handed down from generation to generation

    6. In some states laws were passed barring teaching or even speaking German

    7. Laws barring interracial marriage and racist immigration quotas were overturned

    8. The UN succeeded in barring nuclear weapons from Antarctica, the ocean beds, and in space

    9. Caroline’s first official act as general manager was a gratifying one: barring the insolent prostitute, Herminia, Mike’s Chiquita

    10. only stop, barring a payment problem, that Frankie would go

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    saloon lounge public house pub tavern road house rod shaft standard pole stick traverse boom ingot court band ribbon stripe bank reef ridge shallow shoal barrier check barricade blockade deterrent fence hindrance block hinder impede stop prohibit restrain outlaw exile shut out boycott forbid close

    Synonyme für "bar"

    bar prevention barroom ginmill saloon taproom browning automatic rifle cake streak stripe measure legal community legal profession debar exclude barricade block block off block up blockade stop banish relegate lounge public house pub tavern road house rod shaft standard pole stick traverse boom ingot court band ribbon bank reef ridge shallow shoal barrier check deterrent fence hindrance hinder impede prohibit restrain outlaw exile shut out boycott forbid close