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    1. “When we’re on a mission, my name is Seventy-Seven,” she replied with a mild tone of annoyance

    2. So intent did my listening become that my own breathing became shallow, became an annoyance

    3. They said their farewells, much to Jack annoyance

    4. of affliction and annoyance

    5. ’ She replied, her annoyance showing clearly

    6. and registering the usual mix of momentary confusion, annoyance,

    7. To add to the annoyance, the only means of travel were to hike, or ride on the back of a donkey

    8. Davie hears the buzzard's high pitched squeal of annoyance and imagines the bodies in the pit, in their death throes, pleading for light

    9. One in July mentions her annoyance at having to go to bed during the day as the result of a bad attack

    10. They were too far away to be much annoyance, she could hear voices from Chiggeed’s tent also

    11. vented his annoyance on Annabelle

    12. ‘Although it’s an annoyance as things currently stand, he

    13. combination of desperation and annoyance

    14. annoyance came from the frequent tolls they were forced

    15. In Liam’s case, he seemed to be enjoying my annoyance and found my icy personality to be amusing

    16. Mercer grudgingly did what he was told and re-crossed his arms in annoyance

    17. As long as attention is not focusing on some new annoyance, threat, or danger, the result should be the kind of happiness that is natural to you

    18. He had been accused of a kind of moodiness throughout his life and while she joked about it, it nonetheless was a trait that aroused genuine annoyance in her from time to time

    19. My show of annoyance was feigned though, and he was aware of it

    20. Delia was afraid her annoyance would show, but after a few moments decided it hadn’t

    21. “Whatever is the matter with it, Johnny?” she asked, annoyance creeping into her tone

    22. The doctor was standing by the shuttle, his expression was a combination of worry and annoyance

    23. as if we had been little more than an annoyance to the sea which had now lost its patience with us

    24. Annoyance turning to the inevitable stinging pain, then distracted even from that by the wonder of what was caught in the periphery of his vision

    25. Scott tried to read her expression: slight annoyance behind that smile

    26. She put on her best face of annoyance, as she swatted away his arm

    27. Victoria didn’t have to fake her annoyance this time as she backed toward the door

    28. In annoyance he pushed himself away, momentum enough to slam into the side of the recess with some pain

    29. The settlement had an outer wall of loosely stacked rocks, to help protect it from the occasional dust storms which were more of an annoyance than any real threat

    30. As Sebastian approached the SUV, Aspen got out of the car, a look of annoyance on her face

    31. Much to his parents’ annoyance he had shunned any higher academic training and thrown himself instead into the day-to-day running of the colony

    32. It was a mixture of anger and annoyance and bewilderment at his own action

    33. ' He tried not to show his annoyance

    34. There was no hint of annoyance or recrimination in her aunt's tone

    35. Jealousy! Was she jealous? No, she reasoned, it was shock and annoyance at the sudden turn of events; at the people involved

    36. But she didn't want to cause Shelagh any annoyance

    37. Adem took it as a badge of honour rather than an annoyance

    38. Part of him was struck by the incomprehensible desire to turn and hold her, but it was overridden by an annoyance that she had given him no answers, only more questions

    39. Raven felt a wave of annoyance, verging on panic, as he realised that he had not cleared up anything with her

    40. He scoffed with annoyance

    41. The punishment should fit the crime,” Raven snapped back, feeling annoyance bubbling within him

    42. Open-mouthed, wide-eyed, loving him more for his annoyance

    43. He walked to the office door, pulled it open in annoyance and waved Raven out

    44. Raven sat for a moment as the anger bubbled slowly into a residual annoyance

    45. ‘No, it really doesn't matter,’ she replied, with clearly restrained annoyance

    46. On reaching the huge rolling exit-door, her annoyance was already giving way to a renewed determination

    47. The intercom buzzed and Holland held down a button, his voice laced with annoyance

    48. annoyance in the matter to holidays, and so denounced them more

    49. Shaking himself back to reality, Skelda hissed his annoyance at the emotions the dream always aroused in him

    50. No-one could resist him and everyone wanted to rub his head much to my annoyance

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    Synonyme für "annoyance"

    annoyance annoying irritation vexation bother botheration infliction pain pain in the ass pain in the neck chafe aggravator pique displeasure exasperation ferment perturbation distress plague aggravation pest harassment