bridle sätze

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Bridle sätze (in englisch)

Cass, the bridle? he asked.
Hey, Cass, pass that bridle here.
He handed me a saddle and bridle and.
Solomon, shaking his bridle, moved onward.
I stared at the bridle and reins in my hand.
But one of them seized my horse’s bridle.
He was chewing on the leather straps of his bridle.

Matt stood and held the bridle, stroking Bess’ nose.
Emily put a bridle on Patra and led her out into the.
I winked at the lad, he tugged at the bridle, and crack.
He went outside, found the horse and led it by the bridle.
He nodded and finished buckling the bridle behind her head.
Then he saw Nelson's hand on his bridle, slowing him down.
He stepped in, and sliced the hideous bridle from her face.
Emily slipped a bridle on Patra and let her out of the stall.
Yes sir, but you’ll have to set the bridle in her mouth.
Curious, I look more closely at the bridle … or whatever it is.
Emily chose a quiet thoroughbred mare and slipped a bridle on her.
Bridle: A muzzle to rule and direct, used in the mouth of an animal.
Emily could hear him greeting the heku, and she grabbed a bridle and.
She grabbed a bridle and the cattle prod, and slipped the bridle onto.
William pulled on the bridle of the horse and rubbed the horse’s neck.
His high cap saved his life; still, he staggered, and let go the bridle.
The walkway was descending now to where it intersects with a bridle path.
Hubert seized the bridle of the nearest horse, bringing the animals to.
She smiled and kissed Patra on the nose, and then slipped a bridle on her.
As soon as she jerked his bridle, the horse reared back again and kicked.
His mother was still in the yard, grasping the bridle of William's horse.
With a sudden swift movement the man’s hand was on the horse’s bridle.
Crixa, the The center of Efrafa, at the crossing point of two bridle paths.
She took the sides of his bridle and pulled him hard to face her, What.
Leave him in the saddle and bridle tonight, Sam, she said, and took.
Emily threw a bridle on Patra, and then stepped on a bale of hay to slide.
On this stallion, he places a bridle of wild bells, and reins made of fire.
Death and destruction increase before him, with which he shall bridle many.
Attached to the collar was a leather strap fashioned like a horse's bridle.
Petya held his horse by the bridle, impatiently awaiting the order to mount.
He took the chestnut’s bridle and began to lead it towards the huge gates.
You will then throw the bridle on your horse's neck without any fear of his.
Joe pretended to have found something wrong with the bridle of the off horse.
Suellen, bridling, always asked news of Mr.
How come he can swear and I can’t? protested Crow, bridling at the injustice of it all.
Bridling one riding animal was much like another, yet like my own, these creatures did not care for my scent and reacted much the same as Diomed had.
I also thought again about her standing up to that bloke and bridling like a ginger tom cat and the punch she had gave him no wonder Mr Tillman always did as she told him.
For one who has been trained in its deepest mysteries, such as myself, handling its power is possible, though one must always take care as it is like bridling a wild beast.
She was obliged to walk carefully, for she had on high-heeled shoes, and, as Laurie told Jo afterward, it was a comical sight to see her mince along in her gay suit, with Polly sidling and bridling just behind her, imitating her as well as he could, and occasionally stopping to laugh or exclaim, Ain't we fine? Get along, you fright! Hold your tongue! Kiss me, dear! Ha!.
He was bridled.
I have them bridled.
On the back of a bridled beast.
What’s wrong with my body? bridled the wizard.
There is nothing wrong with her arse! Halfshaft bridled.
A page waited at the gate with two horses saddled and bridled.
The three heku walked out with their horses bridled and brushed.
The chestnut steed was already saddled and bridled, Ceri mounted in one.
A fully fledged theatrical adventure of domains well bridled secrets, for the.
It occurred to me that up until this moment I’d only ever experienced the bridled kind.
When he stepped out into the sunlight, Thunder was waiting by the stable, saddled and bridled.
Their horses, bridled and with high saddles, stood near them and there too the dogs were lying.
It loomed over the field, a swath across the sky that all but spoke aloud the dread it bridled.
Then there is the rooster that represents pride, and pride can be bridled but it cannot be tamed.
Horses, still bridled and saddled, ran neighing about the court, Conan's black stallion among them.
A stick was thrust between her jaws and she was fastened with a leash, as if bridled, her legs were bound together, and Daniel rolled her over once or twice from side to side.
I used my glamour on the creatures in the barn so that not one made a sound as I saddled, bridled a pair, mounted and rode out onto the road that went up over the hill through the woods towards home.
And Molly was laughing because Rogers and Maggot O'Reilly were mimicking a cock as we passed a farmhouse and Marcus Tertius Moses, the tea merchant, drove past us in a gig with his daughter, Dancer Moses was her name, and the poodle in her lap bridled up and you asked me if I ever heard or read or knew or came across.
As soon as this occurred to him he ran with all speed to Rocinante who was grazing at large, and taking the bridle and the buckler from the saddle-bow, he had him bridled in an instant, and calling to Sancho for his sword he mounted Rocinante, braced his buckler on his arm, and in a loud voice exclaimed to those who stood by, "Now, noble company, ye shall see how important it is that there should be knights in the world professing the of knight-errantry; now, I say, ye shall see, by the deliverance of that worthy lady who is borne captive there, whether knights-errant deserve to be held in estimation," and so saying he brought his legs to bear on Rocinante--for he had no spurs--and at a full canter (for in all this veracious history we never read of Rocinante fairly galloping) set off to encounter the penitents, though the curate, the canon, and the barber ran to prevent him.
The bridles went back on.
Ok, put the bridles on and bring them out here.
Woodruff secured a length of rope through the bridles and.
There was a healthy stock of saddles, bridles and riding.
Alex handed me the two bridles, while he carried the saddles.
Martha and Mabel started to remove the bridles from Rod and Alfie.
At full speed, with bridles loose, swords in their teeth pistols.
She gathered up seven bridles and passed them out, showing each heku.
Soldiers held their horses’ bridles so that the three could dismount.
The bridles are the tools used by your leaders to control and direct the.
Alex disappeared for a few minutes, returning with the saddles and bridles.
Army of the Horsemen, Horse Bridles, Seven Spirits of Evil, Golden Altar, It was Commanded.
Red Horse, Money, Mystery Babylon, Bow, Rainbow, Cloud, Horse Bridles, Sit, Above, Ark of her.
In front of one house stood three saddled horses; some boys were holding them by their bridles.
Rodolphe, a cigar between his lips, was mending with his penknife one of the two broken bridles.
The room was a tight space, and he shared it with various saddles, pieces of harness, and bridles.
Bridles control horses and denote what the riders (leadership) use to drive and direct (sit upon) the.
When presently he heard the clink of steel and the jingle of bridles in the outer darkness, he smiled grimly.
We tied the leather to the ponies’ backs, slipped on the bridles, and led them outside into cold gusts of wind.
And the winepress was trodden without the Great City, and blood came out of the winepress, even unto the horse bridles.
The horses, with their riders mounting without saddles or even bridles, adopted a smooth trot to avoid accidental dismounts.
Giving the bridles of his oxen to his son Charles, Humbert jumped out of his chariot and walked quickly to the two children.
Their sabers catching in the bridles and their spurs jingling, the hussars hastily dismounted, not knowing what they were to do.
Dragging their horses by their bridles, the five Carolingian men walked down the access ramp and joined up with Raymond and Ann.
Heathcliff held both bridles as they rode on, and they set their faces from the village, and went as fast as the rough roads would let them.
Rod and Alfie were tethered, but Doris had at least insisted that their bridles were removed so they could feed on grass (if the mood took them).
Bridles control horses and denote what the riders (leadership) use to drive and direct (sit upon) the actions ( feet) of these horses, by turning their heads and mouths.
When he got back on his feet, he saw that young Ujiro had taken the bridles of the mules from the wounded priest, letting the young woman free to care for the foreigner.
She bridles a little, fixes her back hair so that her breasts will lift with her raised arms, passes the time of day and indicates great things, great times, great jokes.
Leaving the bridles of his oxen in the hands of Charles, his seventeen year-old son, Humbert jumped down from his chariot and walked quickly to the lead chariot of the Jews.
If all the people in the world were taken to Jerusalem and their blood pressed out, it is doubtful there would be enough blood to make a 400 miles lake of blood up to the bridles of horses.
Régis, pushed by the three other merchants from Marseille travelling with him, finally managed to tie his oxen to his chariot, then climbed on the driver’s bench, the bridles in his hands.
I followed Alex back into the stable and through another door, this time into the sort of room I had imagined: filled with saddles of various sizes, bridles of varying design, reins, brushes and leads.
Out of the three men in the group of travelers, two were obviously dead, pierced by numerous arrows, while the third one was wounded and sat against a large tree while holding on to the bridles of the mules.
But for the latter inconvenience, the carriage probably would not have stopped; carriages were often known to drive on, and leave their wounded behind, and why not? But the frightened valet had got down in a hurry, and there were twenty hands at the horses' bridles.
It is difficult to know what is symbolized in Revelation 16 and 19, but not at all difficult to know Premillennialists books of fiction that has a literal physical battle where Christians kill the wicked, and it is a battle where "blood will stand to the horses bridles for a distance of 200 miles northward and southward of Jerusalem" has completely missed it.
Sancho at last fell asleep at the foot of a cork tree, while Don Quixote dozed at that of a sturdy oak; but a short time only had elapsed when a noise he heard behind him awoke him, and rising up startled, he listened and looked in the direction the noise came from, and perceived two men on horseback, one of whom, letting himself drop from the saddle, said to the other, Dismount, my friend, and take the bridles off the horses, for, so far as I can see, this place will furnish grass for them, and the solitude and silence my love-sick thoughts need of.
At last he decided upon revealing all to Camilla, and, as there was no want of opportunity for doing so, he found her alone the same day; but she, as soon as she had the chance of speaking to him, said, Lothario my friend, I must tell thee I have a sorrow in my heart which fills it so that it seems ready to burst; and it will be a wonder if it does not; for the audacity of Leonela has now reached such a pitch that every night she conceals a gallant of hers in this house and remains with him till morning, at the expense of my reputation; inasmuch as it is open to anyone to question it who may see him quitting my house at such unseasonable hours; but what distresses me is that I cannot punish or chide her, for her privity to our intrigue bridles my mouth and keeps me silent about hers, while I am dreading that some catastrophe will come of it.
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