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    1. Holding its leash was

    2. She was so caught up in her thoughts that she didn’t notice that Xerxes had gotten loose of his leash

    3. And then, the minute he was back on his leash, he pushed over a garbage can all over her skirt

    4. Put a leash on your imagination and think about what makes you happy instead of fat

    5. I had spent my childhood being led on a leash through each trial

    6. Somebody may be keeping a short leash on you, where you are lacking the freedom to act independently

    7. on a short leash - with limited powers

    8. He had a police dog on a leash

    9. Rick removed the leash and the big dog came close to the startled schoolteacher and sniffed at her cunt

    10. Think I mightn’t have noticed the leash because it’s extended long?’

    1. The dog handlers had their respective fighters leashed now

    2. Turning from the putative commander, Samson ambled to his truck, leashed JY and walked to the front of the main entrance near the spot where the ―spy‖ entered the cornfield

    3. ’ The leopard was leashed to his

    4. Runs Like Cheetah leashed the two cheetahs, I picked up a wildly grinning Ghost Hunter, gestured to Baby Man and Bright Hands to join us, and we all hopped off the raft and followed the green-eyed leader into her village

    5. ” Miney leashed DoGuru the hound with a psychIT trick she learned in week two from Pandoradox

    6. directed himself at Ralf, whose stare was leashed to Nuluv

    7. or excited by the leashed power suggested in his smal est

    8. “I was never leashed in the first place

    9. The world leaders that destroyed millions before me also were never leashed

    10. Hitler was never leashed in any real sense

    1. Chain leashes and collars secured the necks of the slaves, who trundled forward with slumped shoulders and downcast eyes

    2. It was always a sight to see when a young female constable walked around with ten Alsatian puppies on leashes in a shopping mall

    3. The machine seemed to be encountering some difficulty, bobbing up and down erratically, frantically rotating and skewing its body as if it was trying to free itself of invisible leashes, it’s voice crackling with a slow and heavy stutter as if it had been somehow damaged:

    4. leashes, some resorting to kicking the less tame of the canines in

    5. With a curse at the growing task, she moved into the stables drawing her dagger as she began to work her way behind the unsettled animal’s cutting all the leashes that she could find

    6. I put their food, the leashes and a large pair of pruning

    7. secured the leashes one by one

    8. ” He gives a tug at the leashes and turns toward his wing of the house

    9. Dozens of young heads snapped at once towards him, with a fair number of children then running to him, eyeing the puppy and the dogs held on leashes by Lynn and Régis

    10. The two dogs were still held on leashes, attempting to pull away

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    collar leash lead tether 3 deuce-ace iii tercet ternary ternion terzetto three threesome tierce trey triad trine trinity trio triplet troika rope check bridle control curb governor halter