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    1. govern those born of Abraham's seed or bought with Abraham's money

    2. Our view of eternity and what comes after our life actually affects and puts in motion how we will live and what will govern our lives now in the present

    3. had been elected for the 27th time to govern Buttercup, the last 25

    4. “We govern because our breeding gives us the

    5. Though some particular men may sometimes increase their expense very considerably, though their revenue does not increase at all, we maybe assured that no class or order of men ever does so; because, though the principles of common prudence do not always govern the conduct of every individual, they always influence that of the majority of every class or order

    6. who govern and the morality of the government,

    7. whole set of basic rules to govern the

    8. The seven chakras are thus considered as centers of energies which govern different bodily functions)

    9. No nation ever voluntarily gave up the dominion of any province, how troublesome soever it might be to govern it, and how small soever the revenue which it afforded might be in proportion to the expense which it occasioned

    10. The Divine setting of this planet is such that there are invisible laws which govern our daily lives

    11. The persons who now govern the resolutions of what they call their continental congress, feel in themselves at this moment a degree of importance which, perhaps, the greatest subjects in Europe scarce feel

    12. same rules that govern the existence of the universe

    13. But in the manner in which they both govern their new subjects, the natural genius of an exclusive company has shewn itself most distinctly

    14. sovereigns, their interest is exactly the same with that of the country which they govern

    15. There are rules that govern

    16. From the nature of their situation, too, the servants must be more disposed to support with rigourous severity their own interest, against that of the country which they govern, than their masters can be to support theirs

    17. or Spiritual Laws that govern how all things in the

    18. But it seems impossible, by any alterations, to render those courts, in any respect, fit to govern, or even to share in the government of a great empire; because the greater part of their members must always have too little interest in the prosperity of that empire, to give any serious attention to what may promote it

    19. Different plans have been proposed by the different parties in parliament for the better management of its affairs; and all those plans seem to agree in supposing, what was indeed always abundantly evident, that it is altogether unfit to govern its territorial possessions

    20. Every man, too, is in some measure a statesman, and can form a tolerable judgment concerning the interest of the society, and the conduct of those who govern it

    21. This view will mould and govern the way in which the world around a scientist is observed

    22. And in the same essay he informs us that the first responsibility of government is to govern the people, and the second necessity is to govern themselves, an injunction that seems to have completely escaped the notice of the current Democrat administration

    23. “You are aware of the new laws that govern those loyal to us,” Tobin said

    24. This is a highly legal activity, with an organization built to govern its functioning

    25. Gerrid could not surmise what they were currently being fed without an active AI to govern TIAR

    26. Parliaments were sovereign (above the law since they were the law) in order to govern efficiently

    27. They can plan their operations how they want! Laws on what to enforce govern the Police

    28. In other words, to govern in such a way that the terrorist will receive no further support for his cause or his cause disappears all together

    29. How effectively Republicans will govern remains to be seen, however

    30. Isn‘t it any wonder that the politics of victimization has often been the calling card of the governing rather than the ―governed‖? The more ―victims,‖ the more power invested in those who govern

    31. Any politician who is either unwilling or (unable) to govern objectively; that is to say, in accordance with the requirements of public office, should step down

    32. That many ran as Conservative Republicans on the campaign trail only to govern as Liberal Republicans or Democrats, which I suppose is one and the same, once they were elected, may partly explain the reason for the party‘s declining popularity

    33. The ineffectiveness of the ―United‖ Nations in brokering ―the peace‖ could be traced to some undefined moment in history when the United States and its European Allies—there was such a time!—abdicated their leadership positions that had become too unwieldy, or perhaps they simply grew weary or complacent or both and decided to observe geo-political events from the sidelines, passing the torch to inept, incipiently corrupt Third World nations lacking the proven capacity to govern by example

    34. Early progressives wanted to reform politics and end corruption, but they assumed such corruption came from easily manipulated poor or nonwhite people unable to govern themselves

    35. Were they to know it, they would join the ranks of the great majority of the population who, with their silence, oppose those demonstrations, reject the leadership of pacifists who sponsor peace under any pretext and at any price, and trust the good sense and judgment of governing leaders who, backed by concrete facts, row against the current, mark out urgencies dictated by reasoning and make decisions of grave consequences for the benefit and security of the people they govern

    36. In addition, in time of war, many did not believe that it is logical to elect a senator who in 1971 vilified, with unfounded allegations before Congress, the armed forces of the country he was now aspiring to govern as commander-in-chief

    37. ) He remained convinced to the end of his life that Filipinos were too inferior to govern themselves

    38. Do you think rules are one of the most restrictive things about sport, particularly for people who are more used to the rules that govern sport

    39. How do you govern something like that?

    40. It is ready to rule and govern

    41. The official recognition only happens with the cadaster of the approved Project in this Portal for the application and practice of the Usuarist Principles that govern the Systemic Theory of Usuarism

    42. He never darkened a church door; he was a hard drinker and a reckless man, but as long as he sent those herring up to the manse every spring, as his father had done before him, he felt comfortably sure that his account with the Powers That Govern was squared for the year

    43. His father, a Kadohadacho named Tarxar, had taken part in the original conquest of the Khanate of the Clouds and had remained behind to help govern it

    44. which govern the world

    45. The majority that should govern in a democracy is to be rendered passive and submissive

    46. The alternative, critical theory asserts, is that will and not law should govern the acts of men and women

    47. The Czars govern with the consent of no one except the President and his immediate staff

    48. Most have been unaware of the long Civil War that finally installed such a misbegotten triumvirate to govern in Washington

    49. The legitimacy of the American Constitution is based squarely on the consent of the people whom it is to govern

    50. I mention these two cases because I read on the Internet that there are those who are of the opinion that Ismael Álvarez cannot govern under that cloud of suspicion, and that he has to resign…though they profess belief in his innocence until found guilty

    1. The second noun ‘door’ (the action receiver) is the object governed by the verb ‘opens’

    2. Both historic buildings and food can be governed by either preserve or conserve

    3. There was another faction that actually wanted to carve out a governed land with a national boundary and laws

    4. Those who governed sought to maintain a status quo

    5. Conduct towards others should always be governed by the

    6. It is necessary that we respect and be governed by divine authority

    7. seriously and prayerfully about these matters; and to determine to be governed by a "thus saith the Lord

    8. We are governed by another wisdom

    9. It is the place where we are not longer governed by the things of this world

    10. Our character and conduct need to be governed from that reality, even though we have not yet attained unto it

    11. In the disorderly state of England under the Plantagenets, who governed it from about the middle of the twelfth till towards the end of the fifteenth century, one district might be in plenty, while another, at no great distance, by having its crop destroyed, either by some accident of the seasons, or by the incursion of some neighbouring baron, might be suffering all the horrors of a famine; and yet if the lands of some hostile lord were interposed between them, the one might not be able to give the least assistance to the other

    12. Under the vigorous administration of the Tudors, who governed England during the latter part of the fifteenth, and through the whole of the sixteenth century, no baron was powerful enough to dare to disturb the public security

    13. doubtful (a state could not be governed by the

    14. was the one who governed them

    15. adopt as principle that a country could not be governed

    16. To judge whether such retaliations are likely to produce such an effect, does not, perhaps, belong so much to the science of a legislator, whose deliberations ought to be governed by general principles, which are always the same, as to the skill of that insidious and crafty animal vulgarly called a statesman or politician, whose councils are directed by the momentary fluctuations of affairs

    17. All the different civil establishments in North America, in short, exclusive of those of Maryland and North Carolina, of which no exact account has been got, did not, before the commencement of the present disturbances, cost the inhabitants about £64,700 a-year; an ever memorable example, at how small an expense three millions of people may not only be governed but well governed

    18. According to the scheme of taxing by requisition, the parliament of Great Britain would stand nearly in the same situation towards the colony assemblies, as the king of France does towards the states of those provinces which still enjoy the privilege of having states of their own, the provinces of France which are supposed to be the best governed

    19. The greater part of the citizens, or those who governed the greater part of them, fought in defence of their own importance, which, they foresaw, was to be at an end whenever the ancient government should be re-established

    20. Your existence is governed by the

    21. hormones and not my mind that governed my actions

    22. It was as if nature had become the protector of this human endeavor, now being governed by the woods and the stream, not guardians, who’d pampered its every need over the years

    23. Except the process for an individual isn’t perfect – there are feed-throughs, echoes of your memories that aren’t governed by the effects of mass

    24. Reunion Island is the seat of government of the three islands and, at the time, was governed by Governor Rondoney, who was a

    25. this position and governed this very small but widespread island group with class

    26. House Caravine governed lands in Corsair to the southwest that were mostly farms and villages though the nobles lived behind high stone walls in a fortified town known as Auglem Watch

    27. remarked that he would rather be governed by the first two thousand people listed in the Boston telephone directory than by the members of the Harvard faculty

    28. The limit of their assistance governed by a mysterious ruling council who, by all accounts, had been against any intervention whatsoever

    29. I would be the first to argue that any orderly, well governed society requires the cooperation of all its (productive) citizens and that each should properly contribute his or her own proportionate ―fair‖ share of the burden otherwise required for public services available to every citizen regardless of income

    30. A society intoxicated by the dynamics of words rather than influenced by their factual substance (and meaning) is easily governed!

    31. Human ―motives‖ are therefore held as determinant or conclusive responses to antecedent events independent of Free Will; that is to say, infer a mindset pre-conditioned by prior events governing present decisions rather than governed by independent designs capable of responding rationally to unexpected events

    32. This in addition to liberal judges who have routinely used the bench to advance their own private prejudices without the formal consent of the governed; by judicial fiat and questionable constitutional interpretations conforming to their world views

    33. If so, it is hard to say if he would have governed somewhat like Reagan, or would have returned to his earlier reform efforts

    34. That happy August, Singapore came to be governed once again by the English until the decade of the 1960’s when Singapore became a totally independent state

    35. Rome was governed by ‘bread and circuses

    36. Concerning “the natural man”, the contrast between the soul, life, and spirit is a man governed by the Holy Spirit and one in whom the Holy Spirit is absent

    37. “The speed of the ship will be governed accordingly

    38. The “Dance of Dominance” among these gods was governed mostly by the success or failure of these cities in their wars with each other

    39. 6 For in the old time also, when the proud giants perished, the hope of the world governed by your hand escaped in a weak vessel, and

    40. Rosh and Abel of Arabel governed in the Land of Sand and Stone, which is located on the connection between the Realm of the Underworld and the Realm of Water

    41. Elijah was not living in that Land anymore as he had taken residence in the castle in the Heavens and governed from there

    42. verge of destruction, with tears he angrily threatened his friends, saying, 24 you have governed badly; and have exceeded tyrants in

    43. This circumstance, then, is by no means an objection, that some who have weak reasoning, are governed by their passions: 21 Since

    44. The word “republic” is generally understood to refer at a minimum to a governmental arrangement based on law, acting as a guardian of property and personal rights, and in which the people governed have a voice

    45. They do not know that the United States of America is now governed by children—or that they are the children

    46. All things are governed by it

    47. If the world were governed by women, would there be peace? Would we be at peace if all the world were Christians? Would the world be at peace with children running things?

    48. Notice that all of the bodily functions governed by HGH are

    49. They use profanity extensively to display their desire to not be a part of a hypocritical society governed by organized crime

    50. As a result of that transfer, the United States has governed the island of Puerto Rico, and the San Juan castles, which have never completely relinquished their constant vigilant status, are today principally custodians of five centuries of an inheritance rich in history and in culture

    1. the power of God is living and active in the life of a believer, governing

    2. church and have added women to various committees governing certain aspects of the work

    3. To be able to rule and reign in humility will guarantee us a place of governing with Christ at His return

    4. I think that what we’re teaching and what we’re governing is something closer to God’s character

    5. Because of the interconnections between the Governing

    6. trapped emotion enters into the Governing Meridian,

    7. Governing Meridian with the intention of releasing

    8. magnet that can easily roll over the governing meridian,

    9. However, when he suggested that David would be an asset on the Governing body, she didn’t turn him down

    10. The intelligence governing us transmits its appreciation through feelings

    11. Let's express the rule governing the proper use of the option of suicide: It is to be used only under extremes circumstances

    12. “There’s no law governing what’s done to me? Tragus beats me daily without cause

    13. “And that anyone who tampers with or otherwise seizes information kept within said documents, including by surrepti-tious viewing, is subject to punishment by the codes governing espionage

    14. Such sacrifices, though they might frequently be agreeable to the interest, are always mortifying to the pride of every nation; and, what is perhaps of still greater consequence, they are always contrary to the private interest of the governing part of it, who would thereby be deprived of the disposal of many places of trust and profit, of many opportunities of acquiring wealth and distinction, which the possession of the most turbulent, and, to the great body of the people, the most unprofitable province, seldom fails to afford

    15. Almost every individual of the governing party in America fills, at present, in his own fancy, a station superior, not only to what he had ever filled before, but to what he had ever expected to fill; and unless some new object of ambition is presented either to him or to his leaders, if he has the ordinary spirit of a man, he will die in defence of that station

    16. However, it is prudent for us to remember that there is an intelligent design to this world of ours and there are universal laws governing the many aspects of life

    17. otherwise in countries where there is an established or governing religion

    18. The revolutions which the turbulence of the Greek clergy was continually occasioning at Constantinople, as long as the eastern empire subsisted; the convulsions which, during the course of several centuries, the turbulence of the Roman clergy was continually occasioning in every part of Europe, sufficiently demonstrate how precarious and insecure must always be the situation of the sovereign, who has no proper means of influencing the clergy of the established and governing religion of his country

    19. So, is the office of elder a governing position?

    20. Eldership is not an office in the sense of a governing

    21. He was concerned about governing

    22. The governing comes from the assembly as a whole

    23. disciples to themselves as at Corinth or a governing

    24. governing position in the assembly

    25. The people who possess the most extensive property in the dependant, will, in this case, generally chuse to live in the governing country

    26. clever with his arguments to the governing bodies and after

    27. He told of how his civilisation used their mastery of time travelling for the purposes of observation until the rules governing this changed

    28. Roidon suggested a connection to a remote network, one that already had a huge amount of processing power, one with a governing AI that could communicate and mediate the co-option of its own systems

    29. Canon or ―Ecclesiastical‖ Law is a body of laws derived from biblical and scriptural sources as well as the inspired writings of (private) individuals governing the (organization) of the Roman Catholic Church and its members

    30. Isn‘t it any wonder that the politics of victimization has often been the calling card of the governing rather than the ―governed‖? The more ―victims,‖ the more power invested in those who govern

    31. Legal covenants governing a civilized society, its rules of law, are based upon a system of morals and values agreed upon by the majority of its citizens seeking some level of assurance while avoiding extremes

    32. without regard to any one individual or group of individuals are not rightly considered criminal unless such actions otherwise ignore existing international covenants (established among nations during times of peace), governing acceptable rules of military

    33. Human ―motives‖ are therefore held as determinant or conclusive responses to antecedent events independent of Free Will; that is to say, infer a mindset pre-conditioned by prior events governing present decisions rather than governed by independent designs capable of responding rationally to unexpected events

    34. There is no longer any doubt in my mind that treason, as it was once (properly) understood, is on the verge of extinction; elasticized out of the American Constitution by the penumbral dynamics governing free speech in whatever form that may otherwise antagonize the well-bred standards of decency and good taste; depending, of course, on the topic and the person doing the talking!

    35. Were they to know it, they would join the ranks of the great majority of the population who, with their silence, oppose those demonstrations, reject the leadership of pacifists who sponsor peace under any pretext and at any price, and trust the good sense and judgment of governing leaders who, backed by concrete facts, row against the current, mark out urgencies dictated by reasoning and make decisions of grave consequences for the benefit and security of the people they govern

    36. No matter how much I appreciate and value that literary prize, it does not compare with the honor that it represents and the gratitude that stirs up in me the homage that Ponferrada rendered me, at the request of the governing Council of Fuentesnuevas, for naming a street after me in the neighborhood of that locality where I grew up and was reared in my youth

    37. The meeting of the Institute’s Governing Council was in full swing

    38. In light of these blessings, I’ve decided to make a few personnel changes here amongst the governing body

    39. The land is all that is under his feet -the planet- and the sky is all that is on that world, and that means the atmosphere, space, stars, the rest of the universe and other universes -if there are any-; everything, absolutely everything, including the world of ideas and the laws governing the behavior of creation, such as the laws of physics, chemistry, etc

    40. Salary payable by the governing body, no bureaucrats involved

    41. Choosing to work with the most challenging children - those apparently hopeless ones who needed to “come alive,” Maureen and Audrey had persuaded the governing body to establish this Special Unit

    42. This era of governing will fall by the side of those it attempts to control

    43. Those two, Goragos and Gorana, were governing the Land of Gold

    44. “You will be removed from the Governing Council,” Huss said

    45. “If the Governing Council ever finds out…”

    46. “fits into the governing documents of other nations

    47. That’s the Chicago way of governing

    48. He first praised Roger for introducing in his book “… a courageous president, George Bush, who, uniting his people and its social governing

    49. from reliable sources such as industry professionals, thought leaders and experts in your field, and governing bodies to keep consistent streams of information flowing in the correct channels

    50. They need to be severly reduced to, in affect, become an advisory rather than governing body with limited administrative / support staff and enforcement bodies, with the understanding that size and duties are to be reviewed ‘from time to time’ by a Convention of the States

    1. Here the noun ‘key’ governs the verb ‘opens’

    2. The more Holy Spirit governs

    3. The difference between the genius of the British constitution, which protects and governs North America, and that of the mercantile company which oppresses and domineers in

    4. to be the best, governs;

    5. Humanity is a school founded and managed by the supreme intelligence that has made and governs the whole Universe

    6. You know nothing about the situation; you don’t know the destiny that governs this person; you don’t know if she has completed her studies in this world, or the reasons or circumstances she is operating in

    7. But for a few exceptions, and with the intention of making it look simple, we could say that a body of entities under a unified direction governs us human beings

    8. our cause, he has a ‘dark lord’ who governs

    9. ‖ It provides the framework that governs our motives, informs our decisions and provides legitimacy to our beliefs

    10. Poor Lena really didn’t want this photo in the book, but “Art Governs All” (that’s a saying, right?)

    11. That government is best that governs least

    12. This seems to be the opposite of the entropy that governs all inorganic organization where concentrations of energy move toward an even distribution, whereas life seems to be a collector of energy, depositing and holding it within the various organic structures that make up the many forms of life

    13. ” But considering the massive interconnectedness that has already been discovered and theorized that governs our many splendored neural facets, I don’t see much improvement without some kind of volume increase

    14. The search for a different interpretation, or understanding of an alternate acceptable behavior pattern that will overcome their reservations, can take many forms but inevitably meets with opposition from those whose authority governs and preserves the traditional dogma, or understanding

    15. 3 But your providence, O Father, governs it, for you have made a way in the sea, and a safe path in the waves;

    16. 3 Who governs the world with the palm of his hand, and all things obey his will, for he is the King of all, by his power dividing holy

    17. thanks greatly to the Most High because of his wonders which he did in time; 58 And because he governs the same, and such things

    18. There is separate inspection meeting conducted, and the defects are discussed and moderator governs the meeting, a recorder records it

    19. growth; it also governs other bodily functions such as your

    20. Notwithstanding the fact that he learned a great deal in the trip and that he had a great time as well, China is not a country that Roger desires to visit again, not even his favorite city, Wuxi, while the present regime governs the country

    21. 57 Then went I out into the field giving praise and thanks greatly to the most High because of his wonders which he did in time; 58 And because he governs the same and such things as fall in their seasons and there I sat three days

    22. And the great and glorious angel Michael is he who has authority over this people and governs them; for this is he who gave them the law into the hearts of believers: he accordingly superintends them to whom he gave it to see if they have kept the same

    23. He reasoned that the logic that governs pure thought is the “dialectical method,” which involves the notion that progress is the result of the “conflict of opposites

    24. law is the one that governs how we can learn to create truth and beauty where

    25. “That government is the best which governs the least

    26. "And I have come to recruit you as well! You must come with me, Marsellus! It is only a matter of time before Laurencia governs all of Morovia

    27. This fast-acting centre governs

    28. When we speak of God, we refer to a nameless entity that governs

    29. Not a star, but a collection of conscious, for it is the thought that governs creation, a greater intelligence

    30. A similar event in modern times such as the high lords in England signing the Magna Carta (which still governs England and its

    31. uncertainly principle governs the universe with such a firm hand

    32. My Belief incorporates the views of all major religions on earth and believes that the supreme energy or point of origin is an intellectual being that governs the world with a sense of karma

    33. the entity called God which governs the earth by a principle of karma

    34. that governs the lives of beasts, that of basic biological motivation

    35. It governs us in all

    36. It is high time that the Party governs for the good of the people and not through the terror spread by its secret police

    37. He directly and actively governs His people

    38. While her destiny of a violent death could have led her into nurturing the Frankenstein Monster of a Saint Bhindranwale to politically browbeat the Akalis, proves the karma siddhaanta - governs destiny the actions of man, her insistence to retain her Sikh bodyguards in the aftermath of the ‘Operation Blue Star’, to set an example of a secular conviction and the personal courage, would prove the Western philosophy true that – man’s destiny is but his nature

    39. as the idol of the new age but in the Himalayas he governs

    40. The law of nature that governs relations among animals pulls together

    41. God governs choices under free-will

    42. that governs all from within

    43. For Corporatenism, the desire for profit perpetually governs energy investment, production and consumption

    44. Brute democracies do not necessarily seek the collective's good, nor even the majority's, but the controlling class's interest: that attractor which governs their acquisition and utilization of the power to rule

    45. It governs with the agreement of everyone

    46. What is the name of the set of rules that govern us in the many games we participate in by choice, necessity or inescapability? At every level of collectivity, whenever there is a we, if that we is playing a game, then there is either a set of rules or a ruler(s) that governs how the game is played according both to its design and intention

    47. The role of a state that governs in the interest of the people provides liberty as protector from hindrances and access to enablement

    48. The intention governs the attention

    49. Remember that the law of growth necessarily governs every manifestation in the objective, so that a denial of unsatisfactory conditions will not bring about instant change

    50. The Law of Sevens governs the days of the week, the phases of the moon, the harmonies of sound, light, heat, electricity, magnetism, atomic structure

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