buckle sätze

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Buckle sätze (in englisch)

Bunty’s belt buckle on it.
Even his belt buckle melted.
Thomas felt his knees buckle.
There is an A/Q/W on his buckle.
Ashi fumbled with the belt buckle.
Buckle up and grab a bag of peanuts.
His hand went to the buckle of his belt.

His belt buckle, too, and this shoe sole.
She simply said, We need to buckle up.
Provoke him, and he will buckle to a shark.
It threatened to buckle my legs beneath me.
He fumbled with a steel buckle at his waist.
This is when our institutions start to buckle.
With this he wore knee-breeches and buckle shoes.
Emory undid his belt buckle and fashioned a lasso.
He just needed to buckle down and use what skills.
Bunty’s belt buckle was one that had to continue.
He freezes, his hands on the buckle of an arm guard.
I heard him undoing the buckle on Astra’s collar.
The buckle rammed into Louie’s left temple and ear.
Her hands were on his buckle and she removed the belt.
His legs began to buckle as he collapsed to the floor.
He could feel her struggle, but would not buckle under.
His fingers felt clumsy as he reached for the buckle on.
She adjusted her purse strap, fidgeting with the buckle.
You would be dead before you had done up the last buckle.
Alpha buckle themselves into their helicopter located on.
One day he pulled off his belt and bent the buckle upward.
Gamma hops into the cockpit and buckle themselves in with.
Good, now I am pricking myself on the tongue of my buckle.
The buckle was several inches square, made of heavy brass.
She felt hands buckle her in, and she fought against the.
His pants were ripped and he wore a big cowboy belt buckle.
Tobias undoes his belt buckle and slides it from its loops.
His boots had a buckle over the foot and at the top of the.
His belt buckle was now on a line with Joe Clarence’s eyes.
The stones under the heaving mass began to buckle and split.
Her knees began to buckle as she lunged into the passageway.
She grabbed his black, belt buckle pulling him closer to her.
I find only the frayed end of a seat belt and a broken buckle.
But his legs were buckling.
Jack’s knee, buckling it instantly.
They hang across the buckling grass.
Knees buckling, the beast froze in place.
Oh please, he groaned, buckling his belt.
Lanson’s knees were buckling with exhaustion and only.
I felt my knees buckling and grabbed hold of the counter.
In places buckling of the hull plates was plainly visible.
He nodded and finished buckling the bridle behind her head.
In one black moment he felt his legs buckling up face him.
An armada was sailing over us, canvasses buckling in the wind.
Buckling his restraints, Vogel said, We are far past balance.
Alex, he said calmly, buckling himself in and glanced at me.
There it is, he thought, trembling, legs shaking and knees buckling.
He closed his little black bag, buckling the golden clasp together.
Then she started crying, buckling under the pressure of the moment.
Heaving and buckling, to his horror, a huge cavern opened before him.
Whereas force or pressure is exerted from the top with buckling, knives.
And these solid steel bars were buckling, bending, bulging out of their sockets.
The helicopter then lifted up in a hurry as they were buckling their seat belts.
He teetered through the exercise sessions, trying to keep his legs from buckling.
Then he kissed her on the cheek, before buckling himself into the seat beside her.
My voice was choppy and my legs continued buckling for an additional minute or two.
When he reached the cabin he fumbled for the door handle but his legs were buckling.
Martínez turned, nonchalantly buckling on the white pants as the interns brushed past.
For an instant he reeled on buckling knees, and then fell in a sodden heap on the floor.
The other walls were buckling from the mines beneath them, the towers leaning drunkenly.
Not realizing what was happening, she tried to stand but her legs kept buckling beneath her.
I will tell you about it in the air, Hiss answered, buckling the seatbelt around his girth.
Adem grunted before buckling on his sword belt and fastening his bow case straps across his chest.
The buckling of the land thrust up great mountain ranges in the central part of the northern continent.
With his powerful hands he sent me buckling to the ground, while his companion did the same to Conseil.
Manda leaped down the porch steps and ran around the cabin, her legs almost buckling under her like a newborn colt.
While she was buckling hers, Rachel commented, Look! Grenades! A Marine without grenades is like a bull without balls!.
Here and there buckling towers reeled drunkenly against the morning sky, and broken pillars jutted up among the decaying walls.
Sandra was terrified, her mouth so dry that she couldn’t scream, her knees almost buckling when the cat’s eyes fixed on hers.
Some were buckling on armour as they went, often with a member of their family hurrying alongside with breast plates and other gear.
Sideways leaning, we sideways darted; every ropeyarn tingling like a wire; the two tall masts buckling like Indian canes in land tornadoes.
Tina, her face impassive, acknowledged Dana’s statement and went to sit in her command chair, buckling her harness before giving her next orders.
The 3rd attribute is staying power toughness which is the health and physical robustness to endure sustained bouts of stress and pressure without buckling.
I thought he was buckled.
His legs buckled for a moment.
Thankfully, he was buckled up.
But she buckled, and they went.
I zipped up and buckled my belt.
My knees buckled and everything.
The steel vambrace buckled loudly.
His knees buckled against his will.
Her knees almost buckled under her.
Her knees buckled and she collapsed.
One look at him and my knees buckled.
The door to the thing’s cage buckled.
One portion of the ceiling had buckled.
Sean’s knees buckled and the two men.
Nate quickly buckled up while he laughed.
The salesman’s knees buckled and he fell.
Her knees buckled and her eyes drifted shut.
Inside was chaos: overturned, buckled cash.
The young travelers sat down and buckled up.
Ash barely caught her when she buckled over.
I jumped into the copilot seat and buckled up.
The ice screamed and buckled under my weight.
He buckled as if stabbed, hands to his belly.
He buckled over with his hands on his knees.
They buckled themselves into their spiderwebs.
Chevalier buckled her into the seat, He left.
He buckled one ankle strap as she did the other.
The entire bottom of the fuselage has buckled.
With a rending shudder the portal buckled inward.
He turned to face her and she buckled the straps.
The gates were buckled and the door was in pieces.
I buckled to my paddle and they laid to their oars.
Jeff settled into his aisle seat and buckled the.
Each stair creaked and buckled, aged with neglect.
This time, as she pulled, the edges buckled outward.
In his drugged condition his legs buckled under him.
A short while later, Martha buckled up, shifted the.
You look fine to me, he said as they buckled up.
He got the boy buckled in and slid into his own seat.
Afterwards, he got knock-kneed then his knees buckled.
The buckles grip at any size.
Yes, bruises where the buckles are.
We'd have to do something about buckles.
The SUV buckles them in, rolls the windows.
The straps and buckles jangled in their newness.
Now she too buckles on the hookboots and turns a graceful.
My hands fumbled as I tried to do up Astra’s saddle buckles.
THAT WAS … Vince turns on the car as Emerson buckles up.
But my wife wants a gold chain, and I want a pair of silver buckles.
Del placed the restraints around Patrick’s wrists and pulled the buckles.
There’s a strongman smashing eggs with a heavy hammer that buckles up his legs.
My pantyhose were gone, but I was still wearing my black pumps with the gold buckles.
The priest nodded and turned on the heels of his square-toed shoes with bigsteel buckles.
There were high-heeled boots with tremendous golden buckles that jingled like wind-chimes.
I forgot to tell you that the profit was greater still on the buckles without tongues than on all the rest.
She grabs your hair, a sharp knee into your chest buckles you with half of her weight coming down on top of you.
Barry Sutton and Saipele Manaea had earlier worn themselves out swashing their buckles, then done some shooting.
Maroon and yellow, streaked much like the surrounding foliage, no fancy buckles, and gold braid or stylized animals.
Buckles are made with a violet glass which is stuck fast, by means of this wax, to a little framework of black iron.
Shooting tequila? Polishing belt buckles? An angry lynch mob? Cowboys brawling in the streets? Screw Dallas, honey.
A moment later she heard a crashing sound, which sounded like metallic objects such as snaps and buckles hitting the rocks.
He cinched the buckles on Ser Glendon’s ill-fitting armor, fastened his helm to his gorget, helped him mount, and handed him his shield.
Curious fish will attack a shiny object drawn through the water: try coins, buttons, pieces of tin can, buckles — anything that glitters.
They had chosen a suit of deep violet color with a golden vest, white silk hose and high-heeled black leather dress shoes with diamonds on the buckles.
You must also bring all the items you were issued at bootcamp and we suggest these additional uniform items; extra work uniforms, belt & buckles, and boots.
There was a big-name coffee shop sandwiched between a store selling leather belts with silver buckles, and a store selling china plates with fancy patterns.
Clothing may catch fire as well as patient having electrical burns, which will be more severe where watches, jewellery, buckles or other metal objects are worn.
They waited a long time, but there was only the shake of their horses' nervous skin like black velvet tambourines jingling the silver stirrup buckles, softly, softly.
The flash of the four silver buckles on the outside of Jagger’s black left boot were the last things that Rappone saw before his miserable existence was snuffed out.
Albert was impatient to see how he looked in his new dress—a jacket and breeches of blue velvet, silk stockings with clocks, shoes with buckles, and a silk waistcoat.
The sides were all tooled leather over cedar panels and two sewn down wide black leather straps which encircled the trunk and secured it when closed with brass buckles.
The children saw for the first time that he wore long black trousers—soaking wet and clinging wetly to his legs—tucked into high leather boots with rusted silver buckles.
He is paying farmers near Cancale to butcher lambs and rabbits; Claude buckles the meat into his wife’s matching vinyl suitcases and carries them himself by train to Paris.
The robots began disconnecting themselves from their frames, from the buckles and wires that kept them in them, and lining up at the side of the one that had become their leader.
Charlie grabbed his backpack, checked that all the buckles where secure, and swung it over his shoulder, picked up his toolbox and was ready to spring into action as soon as he could.
During the bustle Jo had scarcely spoken but flown about, looking pale and wild, with her things half off, her dress torn, and her hands cut and bruised by ice and rails and refractory buckles.
He was looking up so intently, so still, and he saw her kick the ball and perhaps he could see the bright steel buckles of her shoes if she swung them like that thoughtfully with the toes down.
When will people realize that all corporations are as corrupt as legally and as illegally as possible… as long as the consumer buckles under? Huge scandals of corporate corruption hit the press.
The buckles, however, were to be all their own, and no other human creature was to have any share of them; whereas, in the more ancient method of expense, they must have shared with at least 1000 people.
The Revealing appeared above Dren’s head six meters on a side, and showed a tired-looking human with black hair, slumped on a stone bench and holding a mug of water, the buckles of his battle-gear loosened for comfort.

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