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    1. warp of the fibres as though they were pores, and David shivered with delight

    2. If it was to cinder them or warp them into a bloody mush, or whatever starships did in a fit of pique, so be it

    3. "You should try plotting by burst duty cycle and warp radius," she said, moving quite close to him when she did

    4. "That's one over the warp radius or bit size if you prefer

    5. It appears that their warp coil failed and exploded

    6. The Phoenix came bursting out of warp and just as quickly slowed as it approached Aura

    7. would do to obstructively warp it meeting all ends

    8. warp to be obstructive or not

    9. The intro was a building drone in E, Klegnif knew how to warp that thru, which Desa would que with a hair-toss

    10. Secondly, the use of several very ingenious machines, which facilitate and abridge, in a still greater proportion, the winding of the worsted and woollen yarn, or the proper arrangement of the warp and woof before they are put into the loom ; an operation which, previous to the invention of those machines, must have been extremely tedious and troublesome

    1. The warped and twisting stars sped past Jordo’s canopy on either side in a way that made him think they were flying underwater

    2. My first piece of knowledge about boys and sex came when I was 18 – I was raped! Nice beginning, eh?” I guess it warped me somehow

    3. His conversation has range and depth, although the world that he inhabits has been warped out of shape, but such weird meanderings are nothing new to Helen

    4. Enjteen had warped it in his mind

    5. Going through the front door not only got me into the house, it warped me back to

    6. He was some warped distortion of a doctor holding his little medical bag, visiting

    7. “Is your sense of reality really that warped? Johnny’s the one that

    8. My imagination warped me through space and time, and suddenly I was in a

    9. warped idea about how planes should be used on the Twin Towers had seen to

    10. "It's warped your brain

    1. It warps thru at least two more dimensions and closes back on itself in layers of common time, as well as branches in time at key events in human history

    2. to rot, warps, cracks, decay, termite infestation and fading

    3. any of my time warps with him did he ever have a kind word for her

    4. Those short warps were rare

    5. figure it all out and succeed in the warps by fitting in—like being an actor and having a

    6. “Really?” I hadn’t realized, and thinking of the questions my time warps were adding

    7. The time warps had started up again immediately upon

    8. to see if there were any signs or changes in me during those warps

    9. would see a piece of furniture, a book, a utensil during my warps and then research it,

    10. really had no idea of the far-reaching effects of these time warps

    1. The air around them bent from their presence, warping with their every motion

    2. What was most interesting, the warping effect increased with every kilometre nearer the ship’s last known location

    3. Booming sounds echoed along the halls, along with the screeching of warping, twisting metal

    4. Boglehob dangled the Key above Bryony, his wheezy chuckle warping into a deep rasping laugh

    5. Warping quickly became my obsession and a game in a way

    6. I was concerned about warping and what it could mean with him

    7. “I was warping, not sleeping,” I said quietly

    8. The ghostly Entities flared brightly as they condensed their energy into a spell, warping space

    9. The ghostly Entities flared brightly as they condensed their energy into a spell, warping space

    10. I guess certain events have a way of warping the passage of time

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    pervert bias deviate swerve distort bend contort turn spring

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    warp warping buckle deflection heave distort falsify garble pervert bias deviate swerve bend contort turn spring