call sätze

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Call sätze (in englisch)

1. Is a call to war.
2. OK, call it I will.
3. You can call me TC.
4. M: I call it normal.
5. I need him to call.
6. I need to call her.
7. We can call it that.

8. This is a call for.
9. I had to call Dorian.
10. Some may call it a.
11. It was a close call.
12. We call it a Travel.
13. That was a close call.
14. We just call him KID.
15. I can call right now.
16. The call him a thief.
17. You want me to call.
18. But I call her Pippa.
19. The one you call Dog.
20. You have just to call.
21. My friends call me Jo.
22. Call the Fac in sight.
23. I will call you later.
24. Call the force as God.
25. No one would call in.
26. They will call on God.
27. Most call him Tom Tom.
28. She wanted to call Len.
29. He took the other call.
30. You can call me Mrs.
31. You call it then com-.
32. Matka is what we call.
33. It is the call to get.
34. Awful early for a call.
35. The authors call for Ms.
36. I call it warm calling.
37. They tried to call you.
38. And call me a friend,.
1. She is calling to me.
2. The Lord is calling us.
3. Calling it to heal me.
4. I call it warm calling.
5. Do you hear Me calling?
6. I was calling over to.
7. And stop calling me Mr.
8. I here my voice calling.
9. Here is my calling card.
10. Garth, by calling at Mr.
11. You were calling for me.
12. I heard Ruby calling me.
13. I heard you calling me.
14. And quit calling me that.
15. Calling Mary to him, he.
16. The office is calling me.
17. Calling us a week after.
18. I think of calling Weisel.
19. He had found his calling.
20. I will be calling on you.
21. And it was calling to him.
22. Alice would do the calling.
23. He said, ''Stop calling me.
24. The skull was calling him.
25. Calling On A Higher Power.
26. Can't be calling him that.
27. Who was she calling for?
28. My dearest is calling me.
29. Begin by calling the news.
30. She kept calling me Rudolf.
31. I could have tried calling.
32. Calling for me to save him.
33. Of waters calling unto me;.
34. They began calling it the.
35. Just stop calling him that.
36. Caroline was calling to him.
37. Missed my calling, I guess.
38. Maybe this was his calling.
39. There he is, calling to me.
40. Have your own calling cards.
1. He called out to him.
2. So it will be called.
3. The path called to him.
4. He has called us to do.
5. I called the vet again.
6. One that is called Love.
7. You called for me Mr.
8. He called on the navy.
9. But you will be called.
10. He called and I hung up.
11. Again he called for help.
12. It was he who called me.
13. We called it ―the pad.
14. I never called him back.
15. She still called for him.
16. The club is called Wags.
17. The boy was called Kirk.
18. A passer-by called it in.
19. It is called a Holy City.
20. I booked a place called.
21. Silently, I called to it.
22. We called it a hobie-cat.
23. It is called a mantinada.
24. I just called into being.
25. The drop box we called it.
26. It was called a mini nova.
27. And it will be called by.
28. Men and women called out.
29. That’s why I called you.
30. Little girl, he called me.
31. He called his lords, his.
32. A man called Kurt Sloan.
33. My brother David called me.
34. That’s why I called to.
35. He called for a fast ball.
36. And she called me 'dearest.
37. She quietly called for him.
38. Sorry, but dad called up.
39. It was the one called Grey.
40. It is time we called this.
1. Type = calls or puts.
2. No one calls and no.
3. I made a few calls.
4. A sales rep calls the.
5. I'll make a few calls.
6. He calls it a montage.
7. But Toomb calls it home.
8. The calls have 10 vega.
9. Our plan calls for the.
10. It calls on every sense.
11. He calls me a cheat—.
12. He knew calls were made.
13. My father never calls me.
14. He calls quietly to John.
15. So, she calls up heaven.
16. He calls attention to Ps.
17. We all have wake-up calls.
18. Five more calls went out.
19. He calls it his balancer.
20. I have to make the calls.
21. This is why he calls it.
22. Port calls were made to.
23. She calls when she calls.
24. L-7? a CO calls out.
25. Let me make a few calls.
26. He calls us to seek with.
27. He calls her from my phone.
28. THE SUN calls us to relax.
29. Buying Calls is for Bulls.
30. He calls himself a doctor.
31. And when she calls you in.
32. The Power of Buying Calls.
33. And calls on men to judge.
34. He calls it the Batmobile.
35. Screen phone calls at home.
36. No calls or text messages.
37. The two calls at Janet's.
38. Jesus even calls it murder.
39. It was Postman Calls again.
40. We listened to the calls.

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