name sätze

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Name sätze (in englisch)

  1. The use of a name.
  2. It is a code name.
  3. It is a sacred name.
  4. A name that I heard.
  5. This is how the name.

  6. Now, give me the name.
  7. I have one other name.
  8. Hello, my name is Dr.
  9. His name is Tom Tong.
  10. He did not give a name.
  11. His first name is Fred.
  12. As Jill read out name.
  13. A girl without a name.
  14. The name of the hotel.
  15. His name was John Roll.

  16. A thing without a name.
  17. That is a good name.
  18. Give me the name of one.
  19. Dare not speak its name.
  20. To call on his out name.
  21. Yes, you have a name.
  22. His name is Philo Dutur.
  23. The name of this demon.
  24. His last name was Winter.
  25. She had a name: Antiphone.

  26. My name is Hank Saunders.
  27. That was his name: Black.
  28. My name is Torbin Lyndau.
  29. Does it have a name?
  30. He clearly heard his name.
  31. His real name is Shannon.
  32. My name is Wendy the Way.
  33. He hated saying his name.
  34. I turned to the last name.
  35. Her name, Alec, is Emily.
  36. For he serves in his name.
  37. His name is Edward Aston.
  38. Their name is a rough.
  39. My name is Simon Warner.
  40. Victor - that was his name.
  41. It has only the name and.
  42. This name is the same as.
  43. That is my name, boy.
  44. But give a dog a bad name.
  45. My Mother's name was Mary.
  46. As it can name everything.
  47. I also heard the name of.
  48. His name was Ch’oe Yong.
  49. I was scared of that name.
  50. What is his or her name?
  51. The check is in your name.
  52. It was, uh, her user name.
  53. Langdon was his last name.
  54. Nobody knew her real name.
  55. His father hung the name.
  56. It is the name I gave her.
  57. Few have heard the name.
  58. His name was Michael Nulty.
  59. My son needs his name back.
  60. The virgin's name was Mary.
  61. Is her last name Ueda?
  62. My name is Adrien Rafael.
  63. I always hated that name.
  64. Her name turned out to be.
  65. I never knew her real name.
  66. It can name it as a pencil.
  67. His name was Benjamin Warne.
  68. Her name is Marshal Clay.
  69. For example, the true name.
  70. His name is Clodell, Dono-.
  71. Like his own name, Krishnan.
  72. But first he asked her name.
  73. Please name me before I die.
  74. It is hardly worth the name.
  75. This is the name of the game.
  76. My name is in the first slot.
  77. That name made her heart race.
  78. Did he mention a name?
  79. His name was Pat Blankenship.
  80. We concur in the name of love.
  81. He has withdrawn his name.
  82. I learned that its name was.
  83. A name was inscribed on the.
  84. His name was George Atzerodt.
  85. He spoke in the name of the.
  86. Smiling, he repeated his name.
  87. His name was Geraldo Reyes.
  88. He could not recall its name.
  89. National Review was its name.
  90. And this place needs a name.
  91. Isn't this name only a handle.
  92. I doubt he even knows my name.
  93. Since I knew the name of the.
  94. The students’ name is Wesam.
  95. Or more a gathered in the name.
  96. My name is Four, he says.
  97. His name was or is John Perry.
  98. In Jesus's name we pray, Amen.
  99. Anyway the name of the place.
  100. Then the name came back to him.
  1. Naming it the good life, i.
  2. Does naming a proxy mean the.
  4. I received these on my naming day.
  5. The naming struck him as odd; no doubt.
  6. Figure 14 - Naming a section's variation.
  7. Gendry died without naming his successor.
  8. Henry lying there, swearing, naming names.
  9. But the woman, naming medicines, glided on.
  10. The gift of their people, the gift of naming.
  11. You'll need to know the rules for naming them.
  12. In reality, naming animals has proven to be a.
  13. Part of that ceremony would be the naming of the.
  14. We are still left with one more naming ceremony.
  15. The next pair reverts back to more colorful naming.
  16. I thanked her for naming the child after Carlotta.
  17. He had no trouble at al in naming problem number 1.
  18. The naming of your business is more important than.
  19. Can you imagine the thinking that went into naming.
  20. Matthew gives a much clearer account of this naming.
  21. But I could see naming her after my sister Mathilde.
  22. Big Fish sculpture commemorates the naming of the City.
  23. Without naming names who has been the most difficult.
  24. Here are some companies that provide naming services:.
  25. One task of comedy is to expose lies without naming names.
  26. In the words of Goswami Tulsidas, the mere naming of God.
  27. Peik – it was only a matter of naming the hardship, and.
  28. This penitential mood kept her from naming the wedding-day.
  29. Q: But is there such a thing as perceiving without naming?
  30. Naming an evil is all that is required to rend it powerless.
  31. After my creative fling with Eli, I left the naming to others.
  32. We have naming rights but not owner­ship over our inventions.
  33. Naming Dorian, the factions of the magician changed completely.
  34. In keeping with the theme of naming versions of Windows after.
  35. I will take care of them, and I’m naming my son after you.
  36. She was even thinking of naming her horse, since it looked as.
  37. There are some rules you have to follow for naming identifiers:.
  38. The sun has yet to set my friends, come with me for the naming.
  39. But please be advised before I start naming these off, that at the.
  40. It was a sign of their innocence, naming him the way a child would.
  41. Then he pinned all the blame on Kepler by naming this corrupt lot.
  42. I think the reason that I avoided naming this secret was because I.
  43. Bush’s naming of North Korea, Iraq and Iran as an axis of evil.
  44. Ailia had picked up a bad habit of naming all the animals on the farm.
  45. I described the dream exactly as it had happened, without naming names.
  46. So I wrote Blue Northern, naming it after Joey’s song, and it bombed.
  47. It was evident that Thenardier avoided naming the young girl in question.
  48. Anytime now, the kid will be having its naming ceremony, she added.
  49. Nick described two native boys who worked for Jaro, without naming them.
  50. Well, let’s see… Rich Trader said as he started naming them off.
  51. Naming other gods for the first time here in the Geeta, he has emphatic-.
  52. Hey, interrupted Azura, I saw it first, so I’m naming this one.
  53. Also the naming ceremony was a powerful magic, something Simon had never done.
  54. They have to follow the coding standards and naming conventions when they code.
  55. By the time we got to Frunzenskaya he was naming names and proffering punishment.
  56. I can’t see naming the child after my mother, she was such an unhappy person.
  57. If there's no real benefit, we can skip it and use naming and typing conventions.
  58. Naming was of little importance and would probably do them little justice as well.
  59. How about over at Clayton? she suggested, naming the Student Center building.
  60. Ray went on, We know the FBI has a mole in NAMA, but they aren’t naming names.
  61. Go on, my dear Fanny, and without fear; there can be no difficulties worth naming.
  62. The acting moderator read a notarized statement from the Chairman naming William A.
  63. Lafit realized that his method of naming the animal was not like his peoples’ own.
  64. The other Tempests forced me to go because my name came up on that storm naming list.
  65. This would involve not just naming the danger but understanding who has the power to.
  66. Our discussion included the basics styles and naming conventions for Ant build files.
  67. Jay gladly picks up his cue and starts naming off the dishes that I didn’t recognize.
  68. She was very good at naming the animals and had some knowledge of the plants and trees.
  69. Shortly after the surrender, Ferrante rewarded Gonzalo by naming him viceroy of Calabria.
  70. God can create a horse, but is incapable of naming the horse, creating a story about it.
  71. After naming at least five other airlines, she eventually located the one labeled United.
  72. A quick note on naming conventions: As you see from the first line of code in Listing 20.
  73. And my name, Liberty, I think dad was thinking that he was naming another one of his boats.
  74. That tropical storm naming list isn’t just to keep track of hurricanes, like people think.
  75. It was plain that this ‘well?’ referred to much that they both understood without naming.
  76. It was plain that this well? referred to much that they both understood without naming.
  77. Within the church’s treatment of prophecy the speculative, and often ridiculous, naming of.
  78. The diagonal spread is one of those option naming stories that originated on the trading floor.
  79. I think the reason that I avoided naming this secret was because I dislike the word 'discipline.
  80. We ended up naming her Christine, after the evil car in the Stephen King movie of the same name.
  81. Thankfully, your name was still added to the naming list for this year, as an 'honorary' thing.
  82. A large crowd of people gathered to participate in the act inaugurating the naming of the street.
  83. She had insisted on naming the child after her husband whether it were a girl or boy, so: Jameson.
  84. The naming of the cycle is based on which month occurs first in the year for the respective cycle.
  85. His estate later donated larger sums, of such scale as to have justified naming the school after him.
  86. I was flattered, but reminded her of Grandfather’s warning about naming any child in our family Karl.
  87. But disappointment set in when he realized ISS SIFPBLA didn't really fit the Empire's naming conventions.
  88. The stranger now belonged to the very waste-heaps he had tirelessly worked on naming and making signs for.
  89. Windows Internet Naming Service (WINS) is another service that supports the use of TCP/IP on a Windows network.
  90. It’s hard not to put your own stamp on something you’re naming, whether we’re talking about kids or cats.
  91. This naming convention becomes essential once we begin dealing with the five other build files in this project.
  92. I started naming names, top speed, doors popped all around the house, and while they was popping, he popped out.
  93. When Gautam protested and demanded to know who had spread that canard, Vivek suffered no qualms in naming Manian.
  94. He was considering naming the horse after his uncle Wayne, but then he had arrived where the others had gathered.
  95. Just as they were naming their poisons who should come in but Higgins! Of course he had to join in with the others.
  96. We had to admit that we had never been to a naming day function before and it must be said it was very interesting.
  97. Yarin told a very short version of Luray's tale, not naming names, but Desa recounted how she'd heard the long version.
  98. The bastard slimed his way out of it by naming me as the supplier! Then he reckoned he felt guilty and rang to warn me.
  99. But, given her rustic appearance and salty language, it was difficult to imagine her parents officially naming her Lady.
  100. Naming them civilizations without God, my grandfather wrote a page of indictments against the occupying countries.
  1. I know a cat named.
  2. It was named after the.
  3. The other was named Bo.
  4. He was named James III.
  5. But He also named 328.
  6. I have been named Silver.
  7. We had a cat named Mr.
  8. The man named John Smith.
  9. Yes, a man named Scott.
  10. He had named his kitten.
  11. He named it the Cape of.
  12. Root named Friday, and Mr.
  13. It is already named when.
  14. We had a horse named Bella.
  15. The name that can be named.
  16. The boy named Donald agreed.
  17. The driver, who was named.
  18. The Club was named Fantasy.
  19. The canal was named for Mr.
  20. He named his brother first.
  21. Of a movie named the life!.
  22. This silmet is named Ketra.
  23. He’d named his ship Polly.
  24. He had named the chickens?
  25. This time, I named him Deng.
  26. It is named Site navigation.
  27. They have named the closest.
  28. She has a friend named Louise.
  29. A named tuple can be used [j.
  30. The town was named Greentown.
  31. The camera was named for her.
  32. He named one of his Ashrams.
  33. There was a man named Bernard.
  34. Wonder why they named it that.
  35. It was named something that.
  36. It was a guy named Bassam Imam.
  37. He named 50 of them correctly.
  38. It was named ‘Why I Will’.
  39. They sent a man named Hackett.
  40. It was a company named Itam.
  41. I have an older sister named.
  42. I had a bulldog named Chunker.
  43. Park Hall, were named for him.
  44. I had this boss named Sidney.
  45. She even named the chimpanzees.
  46. One of your partners, named Mr.
  47. He found and named them for me.
  48. They haven’t even named them.
  49. The boat is named SWIFT, sir.
  50. Thankfully, they were all named.
  51. And he is aptly named too!.
  52. I don't want a baby named Holly.
  53. They were named Lmore and Nuran.
  54. There was an old man named Zune.
  55. And the pony she named Wildfire.
  56. I am the person who named Peter.
  57. A chisel was named as the tool.
  58. It’s named the Chequy Water.
  59. We named him that to give him a.
  60. This angel was so named because.
  61. This file should be named sltsm10.
  62. I named him Urgallon on the spot.
  63. At first with a human named Laus.
  64. He named a person called Lazarus.
  65. It is named the ‘STAR CHILD’.
  66. He was so named for his ability.
  67. Now has a foot rest named after it.
  68. There’s a character named Amy.
  69. The story was about a girl named.
  70. Bell (1927) a teenage girl named.
  71. This is what has been named atm-.
  72. But the Egyptians named them well.
  73. He has a friend there named Ollie.
  74. The Morgenthau Plan, named after.
  75. I was there when she was named.
  76. I met a fiery woman named Lorraine.
  77. I’ve even named a son after him.
  78. He named trees, animals and birds.
  79. He was a little girl named Rachel.
  80. Click on the Named Anchor object.
  81. This son was named Ibrahim on the.
  82. She was black, we named her Jessie.
  83. Today the Medical center is named.
  84. He named every horse he ever owned.
  85. Now I repeat, my father is named M.
  86. The captain was a man named Ames.
  87. This monument was named The Mount.
  88. Now I work with a man named Keever.
  89. Yes, he was named a partner at SMB.
  90. By lock that is named consciousness.
  91. She was a Kadohadacho named Bedoka.
  92. But why? I whom the wind had named.
  93. They named the replicant woman Eve.
  94. In fact, this ship is named for you.
  95. I have named this The Cactus.
  96. She used to know a man named Gunnar.
  97. One of my students, named Ada, was.
  98. This son is named Andrea Cavalcanti.
  99. There was an old woman named Denise.
  100. She had named the company after Bill.
  1. They had no last names.
  2. Many of the names and.
  3. The names of most key.
  4. It was a list of names.
  5. The names of the city.
  6. The names that are not.
  7. The name above all names.
  8. You have your names now.
  9. In names of the cities K.
  10. Our names start with a T.
  11. I know the names are.
  12. God answers to all names.
  13. All others had Greek names.
  14. Hearing the names of the.
  15. Some had called her names.
  16. She has many names also.
  17. Names of only 20% of the.
  18. Now men cursed their names.
  19. The names differ, but not.
  20. The man gave names to all.
  21. They bear only first names.
  22. Their names are in Italics.
  23. Common names you may have.
  24. No names appeared, in fact.
  25. I learned their names later.
  26. The names of those men also.
  27. Katie choked out their names.
  28. Your names are on the doors.
  29. What nice names you have.
  30. John, covered with names of.
  31. No names had been mentioned.
  32. Can I have the names?
  33. I said the names from memory.
  34. Namibia has had many names.
  35. He peered at the store names.
  36. For all names and all forms.
  37. Well, I have lots of names.
  38. As they drew names out of a.
  39. Terrill,' she read the names.
  40. I have a bad time with names.
  41. One by one names were called.
  42. Stone "Names of God" Page 20.
  43. Or the so-called eternal names.
  44. But most of these names come.
  45. You don't know the last names.
  46. He went over the names slowly.
  47. And names were writ across it.
  48. What are you names again?
  49. Dominating yes! Only in names.
  50. List of the holy names of the.
  51. Can I have their names?
  52. It is better no names be used.
  53. There were no names mentioned.
  54. But then, maybe the names are.
  55. Names and locations of gates:.
  56. He lived up to his names his.
  57. These were the names that he.
  58. Once, you whimpered our names.
  59. The names don’t ring a bell.
  60. But first tell me your names.
  61. I can’t remember their names.
  62. Has a hundred names and a lot.
  63. And what are your names?
  64. To the painted composers names.
  65. When all names and forms have.
  66. Their names are Zorn and Brale.
  67. I recited the names, one by one.
  68. And the names he loved to hear.
  69. Their names are Gog and Magog.
  70. The list stopped at five names.
  71. I didn't learn all their names.
  73. In the names of the Four Fires.
  74. The names here are Babylonian.
  75. Make a study of names and faces.
  76. Not their real names, obviously.
  77. No names have been released yet.
  78. Several names went through his.
  79. They should have different names.
  80. One of the names catches his eye.
  81. In later times, the names were.
  82. This will be names as Breadcrumb.
  83. Do those names ring a bell?
  84. I can look for names and numbers.
  85. Their names were simple and plain.
  86. She learned the names of all the.
  87. I have many names, she said.
  88. They both scanned the file names.
  89. Their names are not in the book.
  90. Caught when the names meet a face.
  91. Jamison and Ned were their names.
  92. You find the names and addresses.
  93. His are the Most Beautiful Names.
  94. Names state who we are, it's our.
  95. The names of your parents, please.
  96. Lydia studied the file names again.
  97. Ryebaum knew he was bad with names.
  98. Other names for the left channel.
  99. Names of industry thought leaders.
  100. Their names are Oomi and Mathilde.

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