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    1. "Cheer up, Punka!" she said, ruffling his magnificent hair

    2. Heavens! I came along here to cheer you up and look where we’ve got to

    3. I appreciated his attempt to cheer me up at this hard time -but it was in vain: I was still feeling miserable, as if all the whole world were falling apart before me

    4. The whole crew could not help but cheer as the Ayatollah raised his arms

    5. As if to cheer her up, he grabbed her hand and yanked on it

    6. love, hope and cheer

    7. ‘But enough of that, Lintze, we have to find something to cheer you up

    8. Then from the playground came a cheer, loud and strong, and I guessed the game was over

    9. All of the policemen on crowd duty turned and fled the carnage, but the ordinary people in the crowd started to cheer and whoop with delight, carrying the soldier around on their shoulders and yelling and shouting that they'd never liked bankers at all

    10. It all seemed to be going too easily and although they appeared to be getting on famously, there was something in the businessman’s eyes that seemed to take all of the warmth and cheer out of the day

    11. The crowd gave a polite cheer as two chairs were hoisted onto the table and Aristethes and his son were seen to scramble up and begin to play and sing

    12. ' Her laughter was devoid of any cheer

    13. but the ordinary people in the crowd started to cheer and whoop

    14. A cheer went up and he was boosted up onto the stage with them

    15. businessman’s eyes that seemed to take all of the warmth and cheer

    16. “What does it accomplish?” 3 I searched in my heart how to cheer my flesh with wine,

    17. and let your heart cheer you in the days of your youth,

    18. “Then cheer me through the Paraclipse and do not be alarmed by anything you see

    19. The holiday cheer was squashed way before I made it to Collingston High

    20. minority opinion and gladly halted all the festive proceedings, returning the cheer

    21. mood and that it would cheer you up

    22. Besides I'm here to cheer you up

    23. The winter season drew down upon the northern hemisphere with anticipation of the thrill of holiday cheer to come

    24. ’ Everyone started to cheer

    25. Lately I haven't had a lot to cheer about

    26. escalated to an all-out cheer

    27. crafted his flawless first four innings the crowd began to cheer for what they

    28. Jacques tried to cheer him up, but the task

    29. Most did not heed the words but the sheer beauty of the sound brought a sad cheer to the heart

    30. Rather than cheer him up, Francine’s story had only made

    31. While we all sat at this work, Father tried to cheer us with a story

    32. A cheer broke out from the audience and they applauded

    33. She was always the one to cheer him up whenever he felt down

    34. unnecessary quantity of gold and silver, is as absurd as it would be to attempt to increase the good cheer of private families, by obliging them to keep an unnecessary number of kitchen utensils

    35. There was a general half-hearted cheer and then they stopped to have a snack

    36. We will then wait for orders all though things are a bit mixed up at the moment that is only to be expected, but when the time comes and we are ready we will push on and give Johnny Turk a bloody nose”, this got a half hearted cheer from the lads

    37. ” We had also been told that when the first barrage finished at 11:20am then the whole of our front line should cheer and this would draw the surviving Turkish troops out onto their fire steps just in time for the second barrage at 11:30am to slaughter them

    38. I could hear a great cheer go up from the Fusiliers trench and Elijah and Johnny patted me on the back and congratulated me I told them to wait there and I crawled over the ground between us and the dead Turkish sniper

    39. Archie read Elijah the letters from his wife and at least these seemed to cheer him up for a short while but soon he would be back to normal just lying there and saying nothing to anyone

    40. Instead we are here but the good news is that the Battalion is needed at the front right away and because of our experience at Gallipoli it has been deemed that we do not need the training and so we will move directly to the front”, at this news a cheer went up from the ranks which was soon quietened by the NCOs

    41. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world

    42. But it didn’t matter this was our leave ship and we stood against the rail and gave a cheer as it slipped its moorings and we nudged out of the harbour and out to sea heading for Blighty

    43. Everywhere we went there were other columns of soldiers marching along singing and every time we passed one of these columns we would cheer them and they us

    44. His words were greeted by a great cheer and shouts of worship for their leader; then slowly their eyes returned to the performers

    45. Boom! went a saluting gun, and away went transport after transport; the bands playing, the troops, relieved from the tedium of the wait, cheering as only such enthusiasts can cheer

    46. Cheer Brothers began to hurry and bustle and carry out the bundles as

    47. cheer was in the air, and there was no grumbling

    48. Lieutenant Wheeler, and the men could scarce forbear a cheer

    49. On the right of the line Colonel Roosevelt spurred his horse forward, and with a cheer the Rough Riders started toward Kettle Hill, an eminence to the right front

    50. Ere twenty of “ours” had clambered over the ridge, “Old Glory” fluttered proudly on San Juan hill, the cavalry pennants were planted on the ridges to the right, and many a stricken and dying soldier raised his bleeding body to give a cheer of exultation and defiance

    1. Causing chaos in unexpected ways was the only thing that cheered her up

    2. When the Chief came through the hatch, they all cheered her

    3. "Bon Dia!" he cheered and followed it with a few more mispronounced words

    4. Lardyme and Poopsie were with the folk they cheered the loudest

    5. Again the folk cheered and clapped

    6. impressed the folk watching and they cheered their approval

    7. The folk were excited too, as they cheered

    8. The folk cheered and clapped

    9. Everyfolk, including Joe and Fred cheered; Pottypears was

    10. Everyone cheered with relief, and the crew did their best to look modest as compliments flew between them

    11. As old Ted signed the contract for his new television programme, as the crowds cheered again and again, no one noticed the furious argument taking place between the judges

    12. Ponting was cheered by teammates as he

    13. “Well spoken Rytal,” cheered Lytru, “that is why it will clearly be you

    14. All around him members of the parliament shouted and cheered

    15. programme, as the crowds cheered again and again, no one noticed

    16. They cheered for the pinstripes

    17. This cheered Monica up, even as Suzie and Lian lobbed spit-balls at the back of her head

    18. They clapped and cheered for Heather as we walked down

    19. I cheered more than most

    20. As it arrived we cheered as if

    21. The activity and entertainments cheered them all

    22. and he was cheered by the thought that he might be

    23. The news of the dead Thalmor agents had been spreading rapidly and was cheered everywhere it went, though in some places the cheering had to be quieted more so than in others

    24. ” Some in the audience cheered and others applauded

    25. The world and its media cheered on the demise of the giant superpower, as it became incorporated into Europe and the quote, “World Community”

    26. Here one of the guinea-pigs cheered, and was immediately suppressed by the officers of the court

    27. Here the other guinea-pig cheered, and was suppressed

    28. We set off and the Sappers and Fusiliers cheered us on our way as we walked along I got my first good luck at the muleteers from the Indian Army who stood at the head of their mules leading them

    29. They all cheered and took turns enthusiastically shaking Jim’s hand

    30. This cheered us up and we were still laughing when we marched off down the quay there were few locals around here but there were certainly plenty of British and Empire soldiers around

    31. Pamela blushed as she walked the red carpet and the crowd cheered

    32. I thought hard about what we had talked about and even though I was racked with worry about Rosie I now knew that Helen would be there when I got home and this though cheered me up immensely

    33. The lads cheered and whistled as they congratulated me on deflating that pompous clown and Anne came across and sat between me and Elijah

    34. ” We all cheered Tommy and told him how glad we would be to have him back in the Battalion where he belonged

    35. Then it was time to finally go and we cheered each other until we were out of sight then we caught our tram and made our way home

    36. cheered and applauded and some even had tears in their eyes

    37. It was not just his words that had cheered her; it was her sense of his suddenly letting go of all of his pain and despair

    38. Richmond soil, he was cheered and praised by all of those whose

    39. glass of water, while the Union troops cheered

    40. The crowds cheered as the siblings smiled gratefully

    41. I cheered up quite a bit after this as I knew that if anyone could see away through this mess it would be him and no mistake

    42. In the back row, it was a girl who cheered first

    43. The crowd cheered with ecstasy and a deafening roar of applause made the arena shake

    44. He was angry at the fans who cheered from their homes, detached from the reality of the deaths

    45. His anger was exacerbated by the crowd, who cheered and clapped at the images, proud of themselves for supporting a genuine guy who did his duty for his country

    46. The crowd cheered as she was dragged behind the stage, putting up no resistance

    47. ” Cheered another of his uncles friends, who looked as if he had gone from child to old man, missing out the youth bit altogether

    48. “Is it legal?” enquired Alex not really cheered by the turn of events

    49. At that, the remaining Halflings waved their arms and cheered in almost perfect unison, “Huzzah! Huzzah for Sheriff Forgo!” and all started streaming down the trail with Minty Pinter at their lead

    50. In the pit, a dagger found a chest, and the crowd cheered

    1. by clapping and cheering

    2. the men inside were cheering and shouting,

    3. They both dismounted and stood before the cheering folk

    4. Just then the doors to the boardroom crashed open and the combined weight and wealth of the Cameron and Flashman-Pebble clans surged into the room, waving glasses of bubbly and cheering loudly as they celebrated the perfect society couple locked in true love’s wonderful embrace

    5. It wasn't long before I was joining in the applause and cheering speeches I could not understand

    6. They burst into riotous applause and cheering wildly, they carried old Ted on their shoulders all the way to a brand new Winnebago that was parked at the far end of the show ground

    7. room, waving glasses of bubbly and cheering loudly as they

    8. As they were introduced there were more or less cheering, depending on how they were received

    9. The cheering sounded a lot rowdier than it did from over there, the torches were closer, brighter, and she could feel their heat

    10. They burst into riotous applause and cheering

    11. She was living with her husband after all, and live sex on the beach was not permitted here, while it may have cheering spectators in Kassidor Yakhan

    12. The game's on the line, the crowd is cheering

    13. slowed his pace at the cheering and looked to see what the applause was for

    14. He was silent awhile after that, she could see him slowly cheering up until he was able to ask, “Papers aren't required?”

    15. They sat the crown on my head as clapping and cheering came from the

    16. morning by the cheering sight of a great caravan carrying

    17. Clothier readily agreed, so Clipear and cousin Tristan were handed their putters and with the spectators clamouring and cheering, they walked to the first little carpet covered green

    18. She was still silently cheering when she heard

    19. The crowd continued cheering and applauding the greatest monarch on earth

    20. The news of the dead Thalmor agents had been spreading rapidly and was cheered everywhere it went, though in some places the cheering had to be quieted more so than in others

    21. As for the rest of the family, everyone was smiling and cheering

    22. Once all the cheering had subsided, Zarko and his entourage of guests started walking up the stairway towards the main palace entrance

    23. “The Battalion is to leave immediately for France what do you think of my news now then worth waiting for wasn’t it?” There was now sheer pandemonium and delight in our hut lads were cheering slapping each other on the back play fights had broken out and now people from other huts were packing into ours to see what was going on

    24. The news by this time had reached most of the camp and we could hear the cheering and singing coming from them as our celebration died down

    25. So most of the first leave batch had set off in good heart singing as they went and cheering us I didn’t really mind as I had received a letter from Helen saying that she was working over Christmas so she wouldn’t have been back home anyway

    26. people were out on the streets, dancing and cheering and feeling liberated and thanking God for this moment

    27. I could see that in the other German trenches men were now stood out on the parapets cheering and shouting and they had even moved their machine guns out on top of them to have abetter field of fire

    28. I looked through my sight and saw a huge fat German Officer stood next to a machine gun cheering I took careful aim and shot him through the chest and he fell back into the trench as the gunners looked round in amazement at what had just occurred

    29. They liked the moral superiority they could feel, cheering for the ‘good’ and heckling the ‘bad guy’

    30. She was relishing the thrill of the crowd cheering her on, the feeling of power as her knuckles clicked forcefully against her opponent

    31. It was broken seconds later by cheering, gasps of shock and excited chatter

    32. Within moments, the entire crowd was cheering for Raven, his name chanted in unison by the people who had gathered here to see him die

    33. Everybody’s cheering and stomping their feet

    34. The core lesson is all about getting comfortable with 'saying things' that affect how she feels about herself because that's critical for making her addicted to your presence, getting her turned on, making her feel special, cheering her up when she needs it and having an overall healthy relationship

    35. The core lesson is all about 'saying things' that affect how she feels about herself because that's critical for cheering her up, getting her turned on and having an overall healthy relationship

    36. "We needed cheering up

    37. Boom! went a saluting gun, and away went transport after transport; the bands playing, the troops, relieved from the tedium of the wait, cheering as only such enthusiasts can cheer

    38. and cry!" Somewhat fortified by this cheering resolve, Betty went to

    39. There was a lot of cheering and even dancing going on for the rest of the evening

    40. They walked about the stage showing off their outfit and hair to the whistling and cheering crowd and to the judges who were at last smiling

    41. And of the cheering thousands, the most enraptured of all was Edgar

    42. They met in hiding to print posters and leaflets, organized demonstrations and hosted revolutionary speakers at passionate street rallies, defying the police while surrounded by thousands of cheering supporters fired with the passions of the truly just

    43. At least there was some purity to communism’s promise (granted, purity that didn’t take into account the nature of the human animal), that had made an ideal world seem so possible, particularly with the streets of Managua filled with thousands upon thousands of cheering people, braving the beatings and the bullets of the corrupt system to hear him and other dreamers speak about this new world they would create

    44. The cheering of the throng that lined both sides of the route and followed after her sedan was boisterous and constant

    45. I sort of couldn’t wait to see her cheering and shouting for some kid that was breakin’ -saying stuff like, “Way to go sonny boy (or girly)!” That sort of thing really gets my rocks off to be honest with you

    46. By that point, there were about a dozen cats from our school that were hanging out with us NSR’s, mostly offering us good luck and hanging tough as if they were our cheering section and such

    47. The Hip Hop Breakers started cheering their heads off as if they had just won the super bowl when in fact they didn’t even counter Mojo’s flares

    48. The Enma flooded the dungeon, with a cacophony of cheering and rejoicing

    49. I turned to him and said, “Round one goes to the Council of Wizards!” This brought much cheering and exchanges of high fives

    50. I tried to think of a good response to that but my mind was full of six cheering voices

    1. This results in cheers from the entire wall

    2. the cheers and victorious blowing of concshells by

    3. Cheers, Meester from England

    4. A burst of cheers and laughter and wild excitement filled the room until Aristethes raised his hands for silence, 'Let us hope that something will come to us soon, in the meantime it is the festival time

    5. And the cries went up from the assembled crowd, “Hip, hip, hooray for the Amazonian Fritillary, three cheers for old Ted!”

    6. Cheers and hurrahs went up in every living room in the kingdom

    7. partners, and let's say cheers to the second bottle

    8. With that the Hall erupted in music and there were cheers

    9. hooray for the Amazonian Fritillary, three cheers for old Ted!”

    10. Cheers all round

    11. Cheers and more applause rang him into his seat

    12. There were even a few claps and cheers

    13. The chants and cheers

    14. ” The small gathering erupted in cheers, laughter and tears of joy

    15. fight had already begun, cheers roared from the stands but you could still hear the

    16. cheerleading friends in stupid little chants and cheers that ended up in laughter

    17. He twirled her a couple times more to the stage where he hoisted the large cup above his head and the crowd again shouted out cheers, indicating it was theirs

    18. sort of thing that cheers an already blighted soul

    19. As soon as the first voices of nearby soldiers formed a chorus of nagging cheers, the Praefect decided that enough was more than enough

    20. The bridge erupted into cheers and clapping

    21. Now that you push me down I shall shout me cheers for now you have lost and I have won

    22. This got more than a few cheers from the lads when the doors were opened for our obligatory fresh air break there were also a fair amount of lewd comments that I don’t think would have gone down well if the women knew what they meant

    23. cheers of golf fans exude a respect for the game

    24. and flag waving and shouts and cheers

    25. The cheers and prayers went on and on as Lincoln worked his

    26. After this he told us how proud he was to have us in his Brigade we gave him three cheers and he rode off with his entourage back to his nice comfortable HQ

    27. There were cheers and shouts, and dancing in the streets! The relief was so significant that it was difficult to control one’s emotions

    28. Great cheers began amongst the masses and from deeper in the camp that must have included servants and sei’vani

    29. The speeches were followed by more cheers and applause, more music and feasting

    30. Even among the pirates, there were cheers of “Huzzah!” in the distance

    31. The cheers were taken up on shore and echoed and re-echoed in pine forest and everglade

    32. Then three prolonged cheers of triumph ran down the lines, followed by a crashing rifle salute, mingled with a thunderous shout from the Cubans, “Viva los Americanos!”

    33. We could hear ragged cheers off in the distance from some of our mechanics and ground staff, the ones not noisily engaged in firing at the enemy

    34. Steve was participating in a belching contest and though I couldn’t hear from that distance, the applause and cheers when his turn came were indicative of his chance at winning

    35. Loud song and cheers, sounds of merrymaking and laughter could be heard at least once in every street that she passed on her way to Ves, a farmer that was her distant kin, a cousin in fact, and did not try to fool her like most others in the market did

    36. Blonde and very pretty, she knew how to dance, and was drawing more than her share of applause, cheers and whistles from those watching

    37. The cheers could be heard throughout the forest

    38. The cheers were broken by the deafening sound of horns

    39. On the outskirts of the Forest, they could hear the cheers of Human voices, celebrating their turn in good fortune

    40. The room erupted with cheers

    41. “Cheers my brother, Cheers,” Bob said as he touched my Popsicle with his Popsicle

    42. When Brock had finished his breakin’ routine, Chi Girl jumped into the cypher with flips and aerial cartwheels with some twists, turns, and other shiznit that was a combo of breakin’ and gymnastics moves in one that drew cheers from our crew members

    43. I could no longer hear the cheers of the crowd while I was spinning around no handed; time had sort of froze

    44. No one else cheers her on, but Al brings his big hands together and shouts, his eyes holding hers

    45. A few cheers bubbled up cautiously, from the kids

    46. Then perhaps a dozen banners representing various fruits of the harvest were raised to great cheers and spontaneous dancing

    47. After the ceremony, Mantis made his typical quick getaway and we all headed over to the Dragon Claw for the reception, which was a whirlwind of handshakes, pats on the back, cheers, music, and food

    48. ” This brought cheers and much joy to the men, but I could not share in it

    49. “Music always cheers people up

    50. conversation was loud with cheers and raucous laughter

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