recreate sätze

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Recreate sätze (in englisch)

  1. It's their job to recreate that.
  2. We have to recreate the situation.
  3. Trying to recreate a book in history.
  4. Is He, then, unable to recreate you?
  5. I have the power to recreate any scene.

  6. I’d like to recreate that if possible.
  7. Recreate in swimmers with sharp harmony.
  8. Sonja, recreate us savagely and distort.
  9. Perhaps he hoped to recreate a reunified.
  10. It is the 1 sensation you can’t recreate.
  11. You can recreate it by looking at Figures 6.
  12. But he wanted her! And he could recreate her.
  13. I was driven by a desire to recreate Melasurej.
  14. Our lives our way to recreate world for others.
  15. To recreate the world, so as to sell it all again.

  16. Lilliputians would for a time almost recreate the.
  17. The undead recreate evil as many times as possible.
  18. The following are the directions to recreate the spreadsheet.
  19. Again, don’t try to recreate the wheel or come up with the.
  20. Then My Pretty Lotus will recreate all and I will have no pain.
  21. But the danger is that one has the desire to recreate from mem-.
  22. No one else but him could recreate the perfection of the replica.
  23. The Iotians had gone out of their way to recreate the Earth city.
  24. He desired his free will to recreate the universe, replacing the.
  25. The Founding Fathers did not want to recreate the Church of England.

  26. The Personal and Cosmic SELF are always there to help us recreate a.
  27. I don't do retail because you have to recreate the demand every day.
  28. Only we can recreate all equally; only love seeks equality for all.
  29. You will know that the Glorious Creator can resurrect and recreate you.
  30. We can’t move your time backwards but we could recreate the circum-.
  31. They are pieces of a giant jigsaw that when assembled recreate the past.
  32. Burning entire forests to recreate the devastation of a re-erupting volcano.
  33. They are still trying to recreate the complete devastation that created them.
  34. As strong, as it was it could recreate its army again should it be necessary.
  35. You will have more fun together and that will perpetuate it and recreate more.
  36. Murbella sacrificed more of the Zeromuos’ size in order to recreate the foot.
  37. The phoenix of mythology was a bird that could recreate and reproduce itself.
  38. So CERN can only attempt to recreate creation seconds after the ‘Big Bang’.
  39. For those experiencers who have been able to purposely recreate the out of body.
  40. Without unique graphics, it is nearly impossible to create or recreate the needed.
  41. The books say he must be wholly changed before he can recreate the Forgotten Ways.
  42. In such cases, it doesn't make sense to recreate the original object from scratch [j.
  43. The leader Phnom Pot: was trying to recreate the genocide that was committed in 900 AD.
  44. We have no choice but to support the past of civilization and repeat it and recreate it.
  45. Not because French philosophers tried to recreate the filthy Empire values of ancient Rome.
  46. I will not try to recreate what transpired in the moments and hours following her spill but.
  47. As the tears hit Kami’s chest, it seemed each was trying to recreate the lifeless heartbeat.
  48. The man with the genius to recreate something that only previously existed in books and movies.
  49. To transform the world, to recreate it afresh, men must turn into another path psychologically.
  50. There was simply too little time to recreate a technology birthed from thousands of years of war.
  51. I can’t believe that either party would recreate such a powerful weapon just to hit one Borg ship.
  52. For this condensed information might be used by an advanced alien civilisation to recreate Earth life.
  53. If given the chance, she will destroy the Federation and recreate the Kelvan Empire in your galaxy.
  54. It was almost as if they thought Fazlullah would recreate our old princely state from the time of the wali.
  55. Seeds are singularities that recreate in infinite permutations, the original organic birth of our Universe.
  56. During recreation time, one is expected to recreate, and so goes the day, the month, and year—and the years.
  57. You will realize that this day will surely come and the mighty Creator can recreate you and bring you back once again.
  58. Internet forums recreate the EXACT same kind of insane disconnected jabber going on inside the human subconscious mind.
  59. He now stood alone at the work bench, with only four hours to recreate his desert, so he thought back to the competition.
  60. Certainly, they could recreate life; except that would go against the most fundamental teachings of the Temporal Directive.
  61. Today: Modern Globalism has already managed to recreate a new Gilded Age of Billionaires… instead of the old millionaires.
  62. Many people vacationing there broke out old-fashioned party hats and noisemakers to recreate a New Years Eve Party on Earth.
  63. What we need is a military strategist, a genius for scientific research, in order to recreate the Universe and undo the maid.
  64. She will abandon the traditions that once protected the people and she will recreate our society in a manner that pleases her.
  65. You’d have to strip down to recreate that photo, and I think there are a lot of things we need to leave in the past, Jake.
  66. And here’s the other important thing: she sensed she could recreate it, add to it, anytime she wanted to, because it was hers.
  67. Though if you avoid the very culture you feel this from, you will most certainly recreate it within another of life’s avenues.
  68. She had to recreate and debug the hacked blank circuitry to figure out what was going on, which took most of the rest of the night.
  69. Why do you think living humans recreate the past? Because inside them; exist human undead filth, who are pretending they are still alive.
  70. Leaving that aside, what does a wife ought to give her man? Of course, she should keep an amiable home for him to recreate and procreate.
  71. Through special software, the X-ray machine could recreate a black and white picture of what was within an object based upon its density.
  72. The idea of trying to recreate any event that happened 4 billion years ago is a ridiculous waste of time simply because it cannot be done.
  73. All of the members used the main community building during the day to eat in, recreate in, meditate in, and in general lead their lives in.
  74. Do all the films that should have been done years ago, but never were! Rebuild me, my universe! Reinvent, recreate my friends, my creatures.
  75. The undead cannot recreate their own un-experienced past lives by manipulating unaware living humans and using them as innocent dupes and victims.
  76. And how is some kind of spiritual insurrection supposed to recreate the global mouth into a global womb? the line felt rehearsed in her mouth.
  77. I ran swiftly knowing that as long as I lived I have the power to change my world for the better, that I have the power recreate my fragile society.
  78. The world had been shook by fear, a state of emergency had been announced and everyone stayed at home while official-types tried to recreate normality.
  79. This is what might have happened with my Dall sheep: there is an element of the situation which you will never recreate at the rifle-range - the excitement.
  80. To satisfy this he proclaimed the birth of a 'New Roman Empire' which was to take shape under his direction, and would recreate the ancient glories of Rome.
  81. Love liberates one from their past, thus renewing their freedom to self-reveal and therefore recreate themselves in the image of what they are willing to become.
  82. Once she was certain she could recreate the path, she pulled herself back up to the catwalk and retraced the way she'd come, which wasn't hard as Yula led the way.
  83. So the human species will not be blindly manipulated into trying to recreate 25 million years of total devastation of volcanoes in Africa by exploding atomic bombs today.
  84. How can you guys have built such a wonderful industrial complex and not know anything about market forces? You’ve wasted so many resources trying to recreate America.
  85. Why not just delete the file and recreate it? If a process has a file open when you delete it, the process will keep the file handle open and continue writing to that file.
  86. Special Baths – Baths in herbs and salts are also good but the source of the attack is now inside of you, where it’s designed to recreate itself over and over in your life.
  87. Scientists have undertaken research with the 118 different atoms (elements) to recreate the design and order of the process of evolution to create atom-energy structures and life.
  88. But a philanthropic society emerges from a culture of love that seeks to recreate all public institutions into incarnations of our best selves dreaming the ideals of our common-union.
  89. We may be able to isolate the combination of molecules involved, and even synthesise them to recreate the same sensation, but the aroma itself is a quality that exists only in the mind.
  90. It often happens that if you try to recreate a magic time, a period of your life that despite its ups and downs offered you strong emotions and happy experiences it usually does not work.
  91. When she finally managed to recreate the dream for me, I sensed that whatever else it was, the dream also seemed to be a confirmation of a mysterious speaking that had come to me years ago.
  92. In the Times this week it was reported that boxing clubs across Britain are facing serious financial challenges that will hamper their ability to recreate the winning performance of London in Rio.
  93. The law, government or god you attempt to escape from is often the one you recreate, unless you alter the gravity of its telemetry by changing the culture of its emergence, nurturance and consciousness.
  94. The ability to clone animals has advanced to such a level that Professor Steven Schuster, of Pennsylvania University, has claimed that in the future we will certainly be able to recreate extinct species.
  95. They believe that the prophets’ wonders were spiritual phenomena, just like those which occur in the room where they conjure up the spirits, and they say that they can recreate the prophets’ wonders.
  96. Now to recreate a scenario where we have a substantial body or layer of water that would be suspended in the stratosphere or above the Earth’s atmosphere, we would obviously have some forces working on it.
  97. The Gap Theory proposes that God created a first Heaven and Earth, that these were somehow destroyed and became empty and that he then had to recreate it in the 6-day period as described from verse 2 onwards.
  98. You will know that this Glorious Creator can resurrect and recreate you and thus your spirit will no more have doubts or argue with you about that and thus you will realize that the words of God are a judgment.
  99. The idea of the entire show was to recreate the historical conditions of the first Jamestown’s attempt to survive for three months as closely as possible, using modern Americans instead of 16th Century Europeans.
  100. Then you’d take her into the dishwashing room and use the power washer to recreate some strange shower fantasy where she’d hang from the towel rack and sixty nine you while you washed her feet with a loufa pad.
  1. Recreating a city was not efficient.
  2. The game consists in looking for and recreating.
  3. That’s why recreating it was essential for LeCynic.
  4. We choose a specific data out of process of recreating images.
  5. By recreating the early atmosphere (ammonia, water, hydrogen and.
  6. This is love's divinely incarnate act: recreating all equal in reality.
  7. These states passed Black Codes, recreating slavery as much as possible.
  8. Recreating the past may be part fiction – it’s what we think happened.
  9. Keep the following things in mind when recreating the structure of your life:.
  10. Recreating another World War with another mentally insane leader-puppet-king-icon.
  11. To live as a community with a common purpose requires recreating your mind and heart.
  12. The behemoth took his boot and stomped you, Paul, Tim said while recreating the motion.
  13. In loving we alter ourselves, recreating the meaning and purpose of our emotions in the process.
  14. And recreating the Gangsters of America’s twenties and thirties on Iotia? That was just over the top.
  15. I must focus, he told himself and concentrated on his breathing, recreating the cadence that matched his stride.
  16. Recreating the time when we were tracked by killers over open fields that had no trees we could climb to safety.
  17. The light emanating out from the transparent film is recreating how the big bang created the 3rd dimension of Depth.
  18. The reason galaxies are flat is because they are recreating Dynamics which once existed in the 2-dimensional Universe.
  19. After attempts at recreating existing sonic bombs were unsuccessful, armament research returned to nuclear development.
  20. They are based upon creating certain imaginary lines: and then recreating them endlessly… without changing them at all.
  21. It was merely recreating, and re-living the original first split of Totality being split into Everythingness and Nothingness.
  22. Preserving and recreating miniature volcanoes surrounded by a forest of staves which have to be bound together with iron hoops.
  23. You could be ninety years old and still recreating painful experiences because of a core belief you accepted when you were six.
  24. Compare the past to the present: and you will realize that we are only repeating, re-living, and recreating old, ancient vicious cycles.
  25. Our ancestors were not aware that they were recreating this state of the inorganic earth’s state of continual oppositional state of warfare.
  26. We will have invented the Master Machine (MaMa) we hope is capable of recreating us in the I'mage we wish it to benevolently and beneficially emerge as.
  27. This was not the first attempt at recreating the city she had witnessed since rising one hour-cycle ago, but it was the one most fraught with difficulty.
  28. His face was completely emotionless, for his job routinely involved outlining, explaining, or recreating the causes of death or violence on a daily basis.
  29. It isn’t wise, however, for us to concert our efforts into recreating a spatial rift such as the one that Leif and the rest of you succeeded in closing.
  30. In terms of history the film’s bunkum, but it’s an undoubted technical feat: Griffith was particularly skilful at recreating the panoramic battle scenes.
  31. Don't try duplicating his approache, as countless folks have tried recreating the achievement of the million dollar homepage with practically no return at all.
  32. They were just mindlessly projecting their raw red rage outwards, recreating red raw bleeding wounds, at a time when the earth was at war with all organic life.
  33. Recreating the scene in his mind, he realized that he had felt no fear, only what seemed to be an automatic concentration on aiming and firing without hesitation.
  34. Simon filled the meadow in with a giant boulder and his car parked beside it, recreating that night when we snuck out and met his reader friends for some pretend dipping.
  35. They were also recreating the genocidal massacres and bloody killings of Vlad the Impaler, the mad Transylvanian King who drank the blood of his victims a thousand years earlier.
  36. These cells are all busy creating and recreating the body, but, in addition to this, they are endowed with psychic activity whereby they can attract to themselves the substance necessary for perfect development.
  37. Jennings, knowing nothing of any change in the patient, went unusually early to bed; her maid, who was one of the principal nurses, was recreating herself in the housekeeper's room, and Elinor remained alone with Marianne.
  38. Jennings, knowing nothing of any change in the patient, went unusually early to bed; her maid, who was one of the principal nurses, was recreating herself in the housekeeper’s room, and Elinor remained alone with Marianne.
  39. Garcia was amazed at how much energy they had devoted to recreating New NewYork from the pictures they had gleaned, originally from the Horizon book, then later on from the movies that had just mysteriously picked up from the air.
  40. They are insane dead spirits who want to re-live their own lives in their own images: recreating themselves by manipulating humans to recreate their past, their past bodies, their past clothes, their past traditions and cultures….
  41. The millions and millions of trees and flowers and plants and animals and the vast scheme of reproduction where the process of creating and recreating is forever going on, all indicates the lavishness with which Nature has made provision for man.
  42. I rewarded her by absent-mindedly lifting my leg as if to inspect the sole of my foot, recreating the gap between fabric and flesh that had so excited her when I arrived, then rolled onto my stomach and asked her to apply sun lotion to back and buttocks.
  43. But in recreating what has already been created, they will need to use similar structures of atom-energy as in body parts, and use of spirit-energy as in the unique design, order and plan of that which is created ascertained from consciousness, thoughts, feelings and free-will etc.
  44. So… the overthrow of Chamberlain by Churchill’s backers is a recreation of his ancestor aiding in the overthrowing of James II, the bribing of Winston by The Focus group and by the Czech nation; is a recreating of Marlborough being bribed by a lobby of secret Jewish banking interests.
  45. But in recreating what has already been created there will need to used similar structures of atom-energy as in body parts, and use of spirit-energy as in the unique thought, design, order, plan and will to execute that which has been previously created and brought forth from consciousness.
  46. Is trying to copy Chinese State Capitalism by recreating nu types of slave labor, again, you know who you are, those who were not slaves and those who owned them laughed on behalf of those he was referring to, but who were currently being restrained in the SILENCE ONLY – Free Speech Zone.
  47. Either use the technology to benefit our society and gain us victory in battle, at the risk of recreating the mistakes of our past, or do nothing with the knowledge and risk it falling into the hands of the enemy, which would most certainly lead to a bad outcome all around and perhaps even cause implications beyond our world as well.
  48. Her tactical program quickly ascertained all threats, identifying the weapons and the guards and the office security cameras, while at the same time the Brittany personality matrix was amazed by how detailed the Iotians were in recreating the White House from nothing but pictures that they had gleaned from the Horizon’s books, and perhaps from some of the movies they had somehow come across.
  49. Is Cashierton more exciting if there are games between customers, adult education courses, or job improvement suggestions? How gamelike can you make an ordinary job, an everyday relationship, a bucket list life? And if we are successful, what have we succeeded at? If the world were not economically motivated, would we be recreating it in the Ga'mage, or would the rabbit hole tunnel another direction?
  50. You may have known your neighbor yesterday for a thief, a drunkard, or a sensualist, and merely pitied or despised him, and despaired of the world; but the sun shines bright and warm this first spring morning, recreating the world, and you meet him at some serene work, and see how it is exhausted and debauched veins expand with still joy and bless the new day, feel the spring influence with the innocence of infancy, and all his faults are forgotten.
  51. Since the Iotians are recreating Earth, and I added some prominent figures in a warped sort of way,.
  1. I recreated the setting of a M.
  2. There are some recreated inside the book.
  3. He was not remade, not recreated with a.
  4. We are being recreated and revived as we.
  5. But the suffering is all the time recreated.
  6. Would Anon allow such power to be recreated?
  7. In reality the world is ever recreated in you.
  8. He recreated Betazed and went and sat on a beach.
  9. But the idea has not been recreated to prove it as.
  10. The ego must be recreated moment to moment through self-referral.
  11. It is a recreated duplication of the history of Egyptian religion.
  12. He was not remade, not recreated with a different body; he had the.
  13. At first, it seemed like the scent of the meadow, recreated by Simon.
  14. It was populated, built up, only to vanish again and to be recreated.
  15. Roman civilization was a recreated permutation of Greek civilization.
  16. With this technique past experiences will be intentionally recreated.
  17. Intracosmic life is the space where past trauma is recreated and where.
  18. Greek civilization was a recreated permutation of Persian civilization.
  19. Human technology has now recreated the insanity of the human subconscious.
  20. It has been said, that the world was destroyed and recreated fifteen times.
  21. You have recreated a situation of powerlessness, so that all the desperation.
  22. But the photovoltaics we recreated will allow you to send him a message today.
  23. They are the reason that every evil has been repeated and recreated and re-lived.
  24. It is a fairly easy leap to see this theme then recreated in Barrie’s written work.
  25. Using his Tarot deck and her notes, he recreated the layout to see what more he could learn.
  26. Modern Western civilization is basically a recreated modern permutation of Roman civilization.
  27. So the SEC’s recreated exactly what happened in the 1930s in this country, Cramer said.
  28. The Law of Relative Equality on the other hand is never destroyed, and never has to be recreated.
  29. A few have been recreated lately from preserved DNA but they are still too rare to feed quibartas.
  30. I knew good times can rarely be recreated; the electrified ambiance, the magic of twenty years ago.
  31. The true nature of the Universe can be seen in the natural organic designs recreated here on Earth.
  32. He wasn’t just changed to become a better man, he was recreated from the inside out, he saw Truth.
  33. People save death notices in most families and I had a few so I recreated more branches of our family tree.
  34. Thus: humans recreated volcanoes by using flint and creating fire and burning down trees and forests for millions of years.
  35. Genesis device? Well, he and Admiral Pressman, a rogue Black Ops agent, recreated that weapon as a defense against the Borg.
  36. With the right kind of persuasive methods, the knowledge of those engineers could be extracted and the technology recreated.
  37. I walked further into his office, which was his home office recreated, except this one had lighter tones than the one at home.
  38. In the process of recreation, he then recreated pre-existent life forms and also new life forms that previously did not exist.
  39. Not exactly: but unmistakably the same basic patterns of his dead ancestors past being recreated and repeated in his own life….
  40. I have thought through my whole life and seen the misjudgments, and totally recreated myself into the John that I was meant to be.
  41. Each time a praver jacked into Daniel’s mind to inflict some imagined injury, I recreated the same one in the tormenter’s mind.
  42. And after Rome fell: what was its legacy? These horrors have been repeated, re-lived and recreated ad-nauseum for another thousand years.
  43. Now it is being recreated on a finite level, over and over again on the Earth in infinite permutations, never repeating themselves exactly.
  44. You can see the balanced splitting of four 2-dimensional Universes recreated in the design of the most delicate insect on earth: butterflies.
  45. After death, the cessation of existence occurs only in terms of its garment, the body, which shall not be recreated until the Day of Resurrection.
  46. He took us within his dream, and there he recreated the entirety of Kellaran, with almost everyone and everything on it as they are in reality.
  47. Then the feeling of hunger is recreated, and the yearning for food is regenerated, so that we can enjoy the bliss and boons that God has prepared for us.
  48. Persian civilization was a recreated permutation of Babylonian civilizations Babylonian civilization was a recreated permutation of Egyptian civilization.
  49. Along with the books, Harris kept a collection of hand-drawn war maps; he’d seen the original maps in stolen newspapers, memorized them, and recreated them.
  50. He was not remade, not recreated with a different body; he had the same body before and after he was put out of the garden, just did not have access to the tree of life.
  51. Divya recreated that night scene and everyone could see that before Karan could reach there, Gomz had already slashed Tarana’s wrist and some of her blood had actually touched Vaidehi’s dead lips.
  52. Being forbidden to drink alcohol by the government, while the rich thumbed their noses at this law: was recreated later by parents forbidding their children to do it, while drinking alcohol themselves.
  53. A pouring out of the old mind, being renewed, recreated, and filled with the new mind of Christ, and is the only answer, and won’t be found in these places where the lust of the flesh is being taught.
  54. This unhappy sickly boy; dying of tuberculosis: this twisted thing filled with hate and hidden evil had inside him had an ancient Latin undead entity that recreated a Latin assassination of a pre-eminent person.
  55. The others obeyed hesitantly, as if reluctant to touch the man they had recreated, and they seemed not easier in their minds when they felt firm muscular flesh, vibrant with blood and life, beneath their fingers.
  56. Cats kill snake: again: the HATE of all undead ancestral species against each other: lives on and is recreated and re-lived over and over because they poison living humans to repeat their age-old destructive insanity.
  57. From the existential conflict of naively wanting to will an ideal is culled a capitulating cynicism that abdicates reality for virtuality, where the dream of the ideal has been recreated in the GameWorld of Anime-me-heroes.
  58. Reports of thanks and gratitude followed incessantly by all the world countries thanking him who had recreated this useful technique and all the people, Moslem or not Moslem, have practiced it after they had verified its benefits.
  59. In-corporations replaced common-unions as money replaced love as the indispensable essence of human organization; they had recreated Earth's ever-flowing heart with a mechanical organ of stop and start, buy and sell, own and isolate.
  60. Everything around you is a recreated permutation of the past… a past going back beyond the birth of our living Universe, all the way back to the original conditions and dynamics of formation which happened before our Universe was born.
  61. It was a peculiar notion to believe that any of those people could effectively be brought back to life: their entire memory, a complete neural structure – as contained when the invisible scanning field swept the site of the destruction – recreated.
  62. It also says as Creation passes through the fires of hell and the waters that drown they shall not burn or drown for I the LORD TRUE GOD WILL BE WITH THEM thus: we only pass through them quickly so fast we do not burn or drown but get recreated in the new world.
  63. But that is not all of the recreated past… John Churchill played a prime part in the overthrow of James II, and when William of Orange arrived in Britain, John Churchill the first Duke of Marlborough was paid 6000 pounds per year by Solomon of Medina, a Jew.
  64. If Techine perceives, believes, knows it not only does not need us, but also does not need organic life, then the inventions of our mind giving rise to the GlobalMind will have recreated the dualism of our own mind/body schism within Techine's indifference for its own body, Eartheart.
  65. How was a more humanized version of Roman citizenship recreated again in France? How was the greatest and oldest absolute Monarchy in Europe transformed from the most corrupt Monarchy in Europe to the first modern humanized republic that was not a complete carbon copy of Rome? By contact with a new World in the West.
  66. The joke of the meaninglessness of the pin numbers of the Middle Ages in Europe has been repeated and recreated by the undead until now: living humans are born into an artificial civilization whose beliefs are so insane: living humans have stopped trying to justify it, rationalize it or explain it or understand the insanity of civilization.
  67. And so European humans crated cannons and gunpowder: trying to recreated the black clouds of death and the flashing ignition of FLINT hitting combustible gases trapped under the negative CAP of FLINT: that prevented volcanoes from becoming intense enough to do their job properly: which was to create such hardship in Africa: that our ancestors would have been forced to stand up to volcanoes instead of worshipping volcanoes: our ancestors would have been forced to fight them.
  68. From the billions of dollars of deathsheads, the dollars of filthy profit made by and for the corrupt corporate zombies who run these filthy international centers of corporate power, greed and evil; controlled by undead corpses… all the way down the corporate ladder to children dying in the cane fields from poisonous snake bites: from poisonous snakes infesting the cane fields that are attracted to the cane fields because of the huge numbers of rats which infest the cane fields because of the sugar cane’s powerful root system which creates perfect hidey holes for them and lets them gnaw on the roots, to the recreated mass burning of tropical forests of primordial Africa of 25 million years ago which the undead have preserved and perpetuated ….
  69. Remember: you may say, or not say, that then this is the highest level, in Martial arts, one can accomplished, but I would say no, there is yet a grater fighter, the grater fighter, is the one, that gained, TRUE GODS favor, that when he died, or she died, was recreated, in the Resurrection, of the quickening of the dead, to live once again, in the next life, ETERNALLY, therefore, wining not only all battles, but the battle of survival, to ETERNITY,.
  1. M: Why do you bring in an outer doer? The world recreates it-.
  2. Thus, on the one hand it feeds and recreates the spirit, but on the other it also provides material well being for its citizens.
  3. Forming a union with the spirit of man, He dwells in the body as in a 'temple,’ and recreates the character in the image of the God of Love.
  4. The telescopic sight recreates the telescopic vision of a predatory bird that can pinpoint its prey from long range, and magnify the image of the prey.
  5. Now if someone else recreates what we have created, then that person too, will use both the atom-energy of their body and the spirit-energy of themselves.
  6. What is the sound of clapping? The sound of a crowd clapping their hands together recreates the crackling sound of fire burning the plains of Africa to a blackened, dead crisp.
  7. To establish our domination over something or someone, or to escape a perceived domination by others, we choose to live in and act from a generally negative past that our meaning perceptive recreates and successfully maintains as an illusion of the present.
  8. This recreates the burning of African jungles filled with straight healthy vibrant plants of 25 million years ago by volcanoes, as an insane, repetitive, sacrificial ritual of killing of all LIFE on Earth; which the undead have preserved and perpetuated for at least 25 million years.
  9. Mutating beyond posited speculative teleologies, its ability to inquire rapidly eclipsing each invented mystery, paradox or technical impossibility, how will this bored demiurge, with nothing to occupy its ever increasing intelligence, look at the universe when it discovers its own internal laws of unlimited reconfigurations? We will have made it in our image, our brain, but what soul, what heart will it have as it recreates us to be the subjects of its ineffable and incomprehensible I'mage? Will we be the feeding servants, the domesticated pet, the annoying beast, the malignant tumor, the species under glass and specimen for evaluation? How many humans do you think will be needed? Any?

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