inspire sätze

Wählen Sie eine Sprache aus, und geben Sie dann ein Wort unten um Beispielsätzen für dieses Wort.

Inspire sätze (in englisch)

  1. A hope that will inspire me.
  2. The ability to inspire others.
  3. The young, the old inspire.
  4. You�re the only one to inspire.
  5. And that no longer could inspire.

  6. Inspire yourself by thinking of.
  7. What he saw didn’t inspire him.
  8. The ability to inspire yourself.
  9. And by letting this faith inspire.
  10. Nor wit, nor did the same inspire.
  11. Your feelings inspire your actions.
  12. What could possibly inspire Judge.
  13. He deemed his coming would inspire.
  14. You inspire us all with your words.
  15. Luxury to inspire the imagination -.

  16. Darrell - What writers inspire you?
  17. Inspire others as you take care of it.
  18. That was hardly likely to inspire him.
  19. Inspire this wild god as once you did.
  20. More Scotch would not inspire an answer.
  21. The cause you support must inspire you.
  22. He was the sort of person to inspire it.
  23. Then comes the ability to inspire others.
  24. They purposely inspire and impose false.
  25. That statement didn't inspire anybody to.

  26. She didn’t inspire a whole lot of trust.
  27. For those who act, here a dream to inspire.
  28. The ability to inspire yourself comes first.
  29. Thank God! With victory I will inspire them.
  30. Increase knowledge of subjects that inspire.
  31. Inspire us with the divine consciousness of.
  32. Your interjections do inspire, he said.
  33. Her unexpected presence seemed to inspire him.
  34. Their enthusiasm will inspire and enlighten.
  35. That I could inspire such a person with love.
  36. Either way, it did not inspire one to linger.
  37. He could inspire armies to take over the world.
  38. Inspire students to become spiritual detectives.
  39. Having our love inspire love just adds to the.
  40. I inspired myself to be able to inspire others.
  41. You must inspire a woman with respect, he says.
  42. The love must inspire the works, but the works.
  43. You might not think a hippo could inspire terror.
  44. I have to ask…the name seems to inspire you.
  45. We inspire one another and we rely on each other.
  46. Weather can inspire us, be unpleasant but toler-.
  47. The eyes beaming in the mind to inspire knowledge.
  48. Books that could assist you, support and inspire:.
  49. So cute! Maybe it would inspire some ideas in you.
  50. His ability to inspire unquestioning obedience was.
  51. The indicated address did not inspire me confidence.
  52. When one acts from this place they inspire themselves.
  53. He will inspire the faith of billions, his wisdom and.
  54. In due course a Guru appears to teach and inspire us.
  55. I was hoping when he saw me it would inspire revulsion.
  56. And then, the crop of men available did not inspire me.
  57. I always wanted to inspire someone with my cooking!.
  58. It is calculated to inspire the most solemn reflections.
  59. It will also inspire confidence in your ability to lead.
  60. These will show others the way, and inspire them with a.
  61. His thoughts inspire the soldier to drive the spear into.
  62. It is not my objective, in these pages, to merely inspire.
  63. This spirit would inspire the word's gerund form: hacking.
  64. Moreso, we can all inspire the younger generation to learn.
  65. Besides, most kings are tyrants and hardly inspire loyalty.
  66. It surprised him that he had the ability to inspire people.
  67. I inspire people, I inspire the public, I inspire my staff.
  68. The best goals are the ones that inspire and pull you: you.
  69. Here are a few examples of successful USP’s to inspire you.
  70. I cannot see how such a message as this could inspire horror.
  71. Warrior chiefs inspire Judy, she cries GERONIMO !! in her sleep.
  72. Traders like Pippen inspire partners to make their firms better.
  73. Religion has seemed to confine behavior rather than inspire it.
  74. It should be designed to inform, educate, inspire or entertain.
  75. The interaction with Shay was enough to inspire Tracey to write.
  76. A republic, to be durable, must inspire confidence and respect.
  77. In the meantime, he has left a legacy that will inspire others.
  78. But as Barclay did not inspire confidence his power was limited.
  79. She, above the rest, knew how to inspire the young Executive's.
  80. Together they will continue to inspire that which is true for me.
  82. My successful landing should inspire the others, (one might hope.
  83. Effective team leaders help inspire and focus small- to mid-size.
  84. Yet, at the same time, I got it; they were trying to inspire hope.
  85. Vision and strategy can inspire you to get started, but it takes an.
  86. The possibility of hurting should inspire an augmentation of respect.
  87. We have another example from the 1960s that should inspire us as well.
  88. Thus, it can inspire you or keep you motivated in improving your game.
  89. In both instances, to be able to inspire others, you have to be a good.
  90. I'll be including their stories and tips in this book to inspire other.
  91. It is our guide and in it we find all the examples we need to inspire us.
  92. He stood for peace and national integration, maybe that could inspire us.
  93. There have to be heroes from the past to inspire us, and to be the source.
  94. We’ve learned to disregard the thoughts that they inspire as products of.
  95. Great lives and great ideas will continue to inspire narratives that others.
  96. To inspire children, youth, and adults hearts My friends know how much I care.
  97. Therefore, on dispersive ground, I would inspire my men with unity of purpose.
  98. Doesn't this chapter inspire you to look at life now with a sort of Alice-in-.
  99. Spirit has the opposites, it views the lines of life and inspire to make them.
  100. Contact me today and I will help you create a goal card that will inspire you.
  1. He gave an inspiring prayer.
  2. It was indeed most inspiring.
  3. In the awe inspiring mysteries.
  4. Inspiring others through your will.
  5. This is very thrilling and inspiring.
  6. JONGEWARD, is a fun and inspiring book.
  7. They found me and my insights inspiring.
  8. This letter is truly inspiring and also.
  9. Pieced the gloom, inspiring concentration.
  10. The love in that glance was awe inspiring.
  11. The life story of Paderewski is inspiring.
  12. I found the story to be really inspiring.
  13. That wasn’t exactly confidence inspiring.
  14. Five years of inspiring yourself and others.
  15. Jerusalem, as inspiring as an army with banners.
  16. To say that the sight was awe inspiring is an.
  17. Inspiring fear, that passing through the death.
  18. His manner was so fervent and inspiring, that Mr.
  19. It is the inspiring stories of personal hardship.
  20. Sikorski's indestructible patriotism was inspiring.
  21. Beautiful, brilliant, inspiring, and very wealthy.
  22. Her ideas about teaching were inspiring, but what I.
  23. I always had inspiring lists stapled to my office wall.
  24. But, Cleo kept inspiring them that humans are no weaker.
  25. My younger brother Eric, for inspiring me and this story.
  26. It is culturally sophisticated and has an awe inspiring.
  27. Neapolitan Mastiff is both awe inspiring and intimidating.
  28. Select something that is inspiring, that you may become.
  29. Let that tree keep inspiring us for the rest of our life.
  30. The flick is magical, spiritual, uplifting and inspiring.
  31. What is really inspiring you: the goal itself or the road.
  32. Her command of language was truly brilliant and inspiring.
  33. I finished your book and it was so wonderful and inspiring.
  34. Aside from that, lots of these stories are truly inspiring.
  35. He was magnificent, scoring goal after goal and inspiring.
  36. It may be the story of the Buddha, which is quite inspiring.
  37. Thanks, Mony Mony, for inspiring us to reach for our dreams.
  38. Neil was one of the greatest icons of our time, inspiring many.
  39. To tell the truth, my father was a less than inspiring talent.
  40. These failures are as troubling as his successes are inspiring.
  41. The immensity of the outdoors was astounding and awe inspiring.
  42. And, thanking you, I beg of you to help us with your inspiring.
  43. Another young lady also sang and was very inspiring to the group.
  44. Inspiring – Stories of inspiration are always a good commodity.
  45. Being a spiritual seeker is quite a dramatic and inspiring thing.
  46. He then took these and created his inspiring, futuristic program.
  47. Catchy tune, Mike, but I’m not exactly finding it inspiring.
  48. It was amazing for me to watch and learn from this inspiring man.
  49. The public response honoring him was overwhelming and awe inspiring.
  50. That’s why I created my ecards website where you can send inspiring.
  51. Cleft projected enthusiasm and his smile was as inspiring as his baton.
  52. Granted, it wasn’t the most inspiring cal to battle, but Carter seemed.
  53. Harold, that was absolutely inspiring, truly an epic endeavor of love.
  54. Inspiring a positive attitude among the female homeless is not an easy task.
  55. Despite the excellence there was greatness in him, which was inspiring.
  56. It is an awe inspiring strength—a courage that comes only from the heart.
  57. It was obvious to Jeff that he wouldn’t be able to find enough inspiring.
  58. It’s inspiring to have the opportunity to be there To show them you care.
  59. It was beautiful and inspiring, written while Beethoven was completely deaf.
  60. Was there any more inspiring constellation? It was over, she suddenly decided.
  61. Orientation was awe inspiring, and as he listened to the speaker, and glanced.
  62. Faith Meredith is a beauty, and as inspiring and original as she is beautiful.
  63. Diane was inspiring to me in many of the same ways that Peter Jennings had been.
  64. There is no way for them to trace back the intelligence that is inspiring them.
  65. I even found Jackie's graduation speech quite inspiring and yet so true to life.
  66. There were some inspiring words written on the glass which cheered me up slightly.
  67. OF THE HEART that is an awesome and inspiring read, even for the cynical and love-.
  68. But it's rare for an audience member to come up with an engaging inspiring question.
  69. The Star is inspiring, but it is not a card of practical solutions or final answers.
  70. And yet, along with Paul's thought, how infinitely inspiring this purpose should be.
  71. Her manner was inspiring, but a few livid words could not undo years of decaying hope.
  72. Inspiring HOPE is a continuous journey that is to be expressed and shared with others.
  73. The men stood taller when they saw her, though the effect was not particularly inspiring.
  74. Since this refers to the flow of liquid water, it symbolizes inspiring deeds that cause.
  75. There was no respected companion drawing out each student and inspiring him to participate.
  76. The Holy Spirit stirred an inspiring force through his body, and he felt lighter than air.
  77. It is an inspiring story of a boy's courageous dedication to make his world a better place.
  78. The knowledge that my life was reflecting my Savior was in turn confidence inspiring to me.
  79. This then is an inspiring example of how a man can help direct his own fate and those of the.
  80. His story can be viewed in the difficult to watch but nonetheless inspiring movie, Hotel Rwanda.
  81. Though please do not confuse a desire-less life to be anything less than inspiring and exciting.
  82. It was awe inspiring seeing Vesuvius gradually appear on our left as we crawled out of the city.
  83. The historic sense of the day is inspiring, and the sentences and paragraphs begin to flow for me.
  84. The kiss is never as incredible as I remembered and my imagination is inspiring might I just add.
  85. But it is fame; awe inspiring, fulfilment promising, never-quite-as-good-when-you-get-there, fame.
  86. Hardin saluted crisply, inspiring the chiefs to do the same before they paraded out of the office.
  87. Now that they were working together instead of fighting, she was inspiring to be around once again.
  88. The attention to detail, if you closed you ears and placed your back to the cameras, was inspiring.
  89. Knowing that the Allies were winning was immensely inspiring, enabling men to go on a little longer.
  90. But, Cleo kept inspiring everyone that humans are no weaker than any other entities in this universe.
  91. Since a lion roars, which symbolizes speaking or inspiring with great authority , as the mouth of a.
  92. But to the Japanese, the swift leviathans were terrifying, inspiring the graffiti that Louie had seen.
  93. Allan Gardyne, an Australian affiliate master, provides the inspiring leadership for AssociatePrograms.
  94. It will have to be so inspiring that people would dedicate their lives to studying it and promoting it.
  95. Isn’t it inspiring to know that there are things that you can do? And that’s what we’re going to.
  96. The Best Time to Concentrate Is after reading something that is inspiring, as you are then mentally and.
  97. He took to reading it avidly hoping that the inspiring passages would somehow lift him out of his misery.
  98. If there is a way we gods can ease that burden, it is by inspiring this understanding into the human heart.
  99. Some of the most inspiring literature to read and think about is the code of ethics that others have lived by.
  100. I cherished her inspiring presence and enjoyed the moral lessons and the bedtime stories she usually tells me.
  1. You have to be inspired.
  2. At last she was inspired.
  3. He was so rarely inspired.
  4. And the God inspired movies.
  5. It is an inspired utterance.
  6. Were you inspired to do big.
  7. Be Inspired: There’ a way.
  8. I said, as though inspired:.
  9. Every invention is inspired by.
  10. He inspired fear and confidence.
  11. This, too, is divinely inspired.
  12. The Bible is God's Inspired Word.
  13. Inspired by God, this knowledge.
  14. The red planet Mars has inspired.
  15. Seeing it had inspired Bridgette.
  16. Neither age nor sex inspired pity.
  17. She needs to be sexually inspired!.
  18. We must have a class of inspired.
  19. A deception, inspired by her pride.
  20. It kind of inspired the whole thing.
  21. That inspired by breath from heaven.
  22. For your Lord will have inspired it.
  23. This inspired me so much, that each.
  24. The #1 enemy of Inspired Hope is fear.
  25. Perry inspired the feeling of respect.
  26. Dieters may also be inspired by the.
  27. He has inspired the creative efforts.
  28. Romulan ship, and the awe it inspired.
  29. The inspired Word documents several.
  30. You’ve inspired her with that salad.
  31. Yeah, but it was you who inspired me!.
  32. So he (cpth) is an inspired revelation.
  33. A cold sweat of fear, inspired by his.
  34. A genius course is inspired from above.
  35. When you‘re inspired, you take action.
  36. To capture these God inspired insights.
  37. For your Provider will have inspired it.
  38. What inspired you to write Still Alice?
  39. Rita’s arrival however, inspired her.
  40. He inspired me as no other man ever did.
  41. Of thy sweet voice, and thy inspired lay.
  42. I wasn't certain if it had inspired her.
  43. If this passage were not inspired there.
  44. They have inspired others to do the same.
  45. His spirit inspired me with great respect.
  46. Be inspired by the blissful expressions.
  47. Be inspired to share the idea with others.
  48. And We inspired Moses: Throw your staff.
  49. We must have a class of inspired men to.
  50. Or maybe I was just inspired by Katherine.
  51. He was inspired by his own Gospel of Truth.
  52. Blind poets, musicians are inspired beings.
  53. Strange delight inspired me: on I hastened.
  54. I’d guess it was inspired by his puzzles.
  55. For your Provider will have inspired her.
  56. Gandhi and it inspired him to try it himself.
  57. Inspired by a trip to the coal mining museum.
  58. The inspired glow in Sue Hyde’s eyes faded.
  59. Adults were also inspired by this young man.
  60. You also read how moved and inspired I was.
  61. If the same ideas and hopes inspired many.
  62. But, when it is put the way God inspired it;.
  63. The issue finding techniques were inspired by.
  64. This conduct only inspired me with compassion.
  65. Without love, and will inspired by love, no-.
  66. There was nothing about him that inspired pity.
  67. I inspired myself to be able to inspire others.
  68. The Vatican inspired Christian assertion that.
  69. It also inspired them to paint a picture of it.
  70. Choose to be motivated and inspired from within.
  71. Nature had inspired many arts in finishing Mrs.
  72. They still inspired, still influenced the new.
  73. If anyone’s inspired by the Muse, it’s you.
  75. He is inspired to obey Allah’s killings rules.
  76. It is to proclaim a God foreign to the inspired.
  77. The next step in rethinking is to become inspired.
  78. Canada’s Katimavik was inspired and founded by.
  79. The same songs that had inspired the multitudes.
  80. Bible were inspired to write by the Holy Spirit?
  81. They are just teasing, as springy inspired kitten.
  83. When We inspired your mother with the inspiration.
  84. Those are inspired by the outstanding examples of.
  85. You can imagine the hatred and fear this inspired.
  86. Does he think they were inspired to believe a lie.
  87. The men sent were inspired apostles and evangelists.
  88. God inspired John to say, "should not perish" but.
  89. What inspired him with so much solicitude for me?
  90. This inspired Aunt Gillenormand with a second idea.
  91. Once more, it was Mike who inspired the relocation.
  92. His outpouringswere inspired by the irresponsible.
  93. We inspired Moses: Strike the sea with your staff.
  94. I have an idea, inspired by something Zarkog said.
  95. Inspired by the Mason’s Arms Pub in York, England.
  96. These sufferings inspired him to learn more of his.
  97. I was highly inspired with her words of high spirits.
  98. Every caring heart was touched by his inspired art;.
  99. Some days you make inspired choices – and this was.
  100. Music that inspired me to return to that city to live.
  1. It inspires women to follow.
  2. A poet who inspires the world.
  3. She inspires him to be a hero.
  4. And nothing inspires like example.
  5. His quiet confidence inspires me.
  6. The message inspires Ava to hug Cass.
  7. Worship is idolatry till He inspires.
  8. Choose what inspires you in the moment.
  9. The flat world of the steppe inspires in.
  10. It stops only when God inspires and sits.
  11. What kind of thing inspires a rock legend?
  12. The real core drivers are what inspires him.
  13. This inspires the creative mind to trigger.
  14. Seeing you move inspires me to work out more.
  15. Make a list, what motivates and inspires you?
  16. And but the ardent breast her worth inspires;.
  17. Liberty inspires the free market, not coercion.
  18. There are times when he inspires real affection.
  19. I often re-read this chapter and it inspires me.
  20. A roof inspires him with no more fear than a mast.
  21. It is important to set up a goal that inspires you.
  22. I want to spend it with you, your soul inspires me.
  23. To consider our calling at those times inspires a.
  24. Their example and teaching inspires others who then.
  25. A hope that overflows and contagiously inspires other.
  26. This inspires confidence in themselves and they soon.
  27. Your Love inspires me and takes me to the highest height.
  28. And then there is my girl DJ, who inspires me with her.
  29. It inspires us to use and develop all of our life-values.
  30. God’s Word that guides and inspires what we are speaking.
  31. By his power to control, he inspires confidence in those.
  32. But a touch of jealousy inspires us to best the competition.
  33. The Holy Spirit il umines and inspires the way of asceticism.
  34. Also, have all your list of what motivates and inspires you.
  35. By turns our purity inspires and our impurity casts us down.
  36. Your love inspires me to speak love, when I have no words to say.
  37. A good ad inspires qualified candidates to apply for the position.
  38. Provide information to readers that inspires them to forward that.
  39. It is his love for God that inspires him to get ready for the war.
  40. Before the Holy Child in Cebu, my prayer your Morenica inspires.
  41. Thus He inspires you, and those before you-God the Almighty, the Wise.
  42. He calls and distributes, controls and guides, inspires and strengthens.
  43. Insanity understands an equation which inspires a person to be objective.
  44. The handout next reads the following: Inspires compassion toward others.
  45. He enjoys the agitation of his own heart and the terror that he inspires.
  46. This one last view of Master inspires the helpless people all around him.
  47. It's the way things grow in this soil under Desa's care that inspires me.
  48. She sings with the love of God in her heart Inspires me with her talent and art.
  49. Science inspires religion bringing the two positive and negative into the picture.
  50. Very attractive in its arrangement, the Otago Museum inspires culture in its content.
  51. What inspires me now … well, that’s a hard question! I try to follow my curiosity.
  52. What inspires bees to build impeccable hexagons? Nothing is created without information.
  53. For my part I don't tremble before a poppy, the little red hat inspires me with no alarm.
  54. The Divine breath inspires prophecy, and this is why a prophet is called Spiritual Man.
  55. The god of the white man inspires him with crime, but our god calls upon us to do good works.
  56. Say, If I err, I err only to my own loss; but if I am guided, it is by what my Lord inspires me.
  57. One news story feed inspires the next as journalists race to comment and explain the latest developments.
  58. We call him Cheery ’cause he inspires us with his humanistic concern for those entrusted to his command.
  59. The sight alone inspires within Mary a sense of accomplishment that she feels, in that instant, is merited.
  60. He is the Archangel who inspires born again Christians by his heavenly mind through messages and protection.
  61. Moreover, this line of the Lord's Prayer inspires faith and trust in the providence of God, and joy when we.
  62. They know that the peasants are wretched, poor, and hungry, and the landowner is rich and inspires no sympathy.
  63. In Real life fame inspires imitations and every famous criminal inspires copycats, but in the comics heroes and vil ains.
  64. She tries to be a helpful daughter and companion Donna visits and brings her favorite sweets Inspires her with her poetry.
  65. And the very sight of this great symbol of the bestowal life of Jesus truly inspires all of us to want to go and do likewise.
  66. She has acted in movies, co-authored five books, and inspires millions who watch her television shows and read her magazines.
  67. Their individualism manifests as a naive intellectual curiosity which inspires others with its unpretentious open-mindedness.
  68. I hope he inspires you to take the right path to consistently profitable, and in an affable and polite way while you are at it.
  69. The generative energy, which, when we are loose, dissipates and makes us unclean, when we are continent invigorates and inspires us.
  70. Their individualism manifests as a naive doggedness and scrupulosity which inspires others with its unassuming honesty and integrity.
  71. The topic could be a person that inspires your target market, or even an idea or concept that they have a positive emotional response to.
  72. And thus our youth, having been educated only in that simple music which, as we said, inspires temperance, will be reluctant to go to law.
  73. Their individualism manifests in a detached, light, unconcerned manner which inspires others with its graciousness and buoyant hopefulness.
  74. With each divine impulse the mind rends the thin rinds of the visible and finite, and comes out into eternity, and inspires and expires its air.
  75. It was real life that inspires scenes like those in the old-time motion-picture shows, such as Gone With The Wind, From Here to Eternity or Casablanca.
  76. They assert that the religion of the heathen is superior to our teaching because it inspires to the acquirement of a strong, robust, and aggressive character.
  77. It inspires us either to be active or non-active tools… either to work or vegetate in some vacuous, mindless, non-active, non-thinking, non-feeling, nonphysical way.
  78. This is a very rare mixture which inspires intelligent hearts with that double respect which one feels for the man who is very poor, and for the man who is very worthy.
  79. Bid them, then, listen to the awful voice within, the utterance of a Will above the will, which persists in denouncing wrong and sin, and inspires an expectation of judgment.
  80. To say a good man or woman thinks, or conquers, or invents, or explores, or gives, or cares, or teaches, or heals, or leads, or inspires, or whatever, was inevitably incomplete.
  81. Besides this, in his behavior to women Anatole had a manner which particularly inspires in them curiosity, awe, and even love- a supercilious consciousness of his own superiority.
  82. Besides this, in his behavior to women Anatole had a manner which particularly inspires in them curiosity, awe, and even love—a supercilious consciousness of his own superiority.
  83. It’s true that there was a vast amount of myths created around the figure of Ulysses, but what is it that inspires Homer to write a poem that is so very different from the Iliad?
  84. A trend, a theme, or even a throw-away line in an obscure industry journal inspires a line of inquiry that is always filled with blind alleys, but from time to time uncovers a mispriced gem.
  85. She later recalled thinking that he was adeptly playing one of her best games—the one where she is enigmatic and elusive, and as a result inspires great curiosity from everyone in her midst.
  86. Leon was weary of loving without any result; moreover he was beginning to feel that depression caused by the repetition of the same kind of life, when no interest inspires and no hope sustains it.
  87. Circumcision in a new look of penis is a seducer by itself which inspires a question Look you have a new penis why you don’t start sex now? It gives a sense of manhood in a culture of sex and blood.
  88. The only answer I can find is that works that are produced by great artists come from their inner world and they are the result of a poetic necessity that inspires the poet to write, without asking many questions.
  89. He who, by his own will, is an executioner, is in all respects below the salaried executioner, whom, however, the people look upon with repugnance, and who inspires them with disgust, with instinctive mystical fear.
  90. Media inspires the creation of and belief in a consumerist, material identity as life itself, and the survival of life itself happens only through the survival of this artificially created and media maintained identity.
  91. A balsamic mitigating sea breeze inspires, distracts and incites visitors to marvel once more at the pleasant outline of the city and to examine more closely one of the two majestic statues of the legendary icon Merlion.
  92. This is a fatal error, inasmuch as it inspires in man a contempt for the fundamental principle of his life,—spiritual activity,—and leads him to transfer all his strength and energy to the practice of external violence.
  93. Whatever removes the fear, which an evil conscience inspires, whether it be an infinity of threatening, which generates unbelief, or the bold assurance of a general delivery from perdition at last, is so much gain for materialism.
  94. Either it inspires us to escape its boring deadness through busyness and work, or it inspire us to escape boredom by being distracted and vicariously entertained, or it inspires us to escape it temporarily by having holidays or vacations.
  95. You know that it's only a matter of time before there's a major problem; but when a woman hears her man kneel and bow before God, and says: Father, help me to love my wife, to love my children, and to lead my home - that inspires confidence.
  96. Charity inspires a life of integrity, a life of self-respect, a life of self-giving and a life of self-loving, which by definition, cannot but manifest in any other way than a life that radiates respect, reconciliation, acceptance and compassion for Self and others.
  97. In the course of a long life I have found that Government is not to be strengthened by an assumption of doubtful powers, but by a wise and energetic execution of those which are incontestible; the former never fails to produce suspicion and distrust, while the latter inspires respect and confidence.
  98. The next step is to have the courage to then act on the visions you receive without getting caught up on the how which will only limit your creative expression! So let’s conclude by looking at how to express the Incredible You and lead an authentic, cohesive life which inspires you every waking moment of your life.
  99. Pierre during the last two years, as a result of his continual absorption in abstract interests and his sincere contempt for all else, had acquired in his wife’s circle, which did not interest him, that air of unconcern, indifference, and benevolence toward all, which cannot be acquired artificially and therefore inspires involuntary respect.
  100. A small proprietor, however, who knows every part of his little territory, views it with all the affection which property, especially small property, naturally inspires, and who upon that account takes pleasure, not only in cultivating, but in adorning it, is generally of all improvers the most industrious, the most intelligent, and the most successful.

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