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    1. At first I was kinda circumspect, yet I found out soon that Denia is a quiet and reasonable woman

    2. circumspect, and began making circles in the dirt with his

    3. more circumspect in his treatment when they were in a

    4. More circumspect as they scanned the ground before them for caltrops and any other nasty surprises that may lie in store

    5. It obliges all of them to be more circumspect in their conduct, and, by not extending their currency beyond its due proportion to their cash, to guard themselves against those malicious runs, which the rivalship of so many competitors is always ready to bring upon them

    6. Parents, as we know, are more circumspect, and Mom and Dad consider the whole picture

    7. The council would as usual be very circumspect

    8. This is about being circumspect

    9. Hilderich had known Amonas to be circumspect at times, taciturn and almost spartan with his words, but he had never showed feelings of dislike or animosity towards him

    10. 13 And in all things that I have said to you be circumspect: and make no mention of the name of other gods, neither let it be heard out of your mouth

    11. 13 And in all things that I have said unto you be circumspect: and make no

    12. 14 Let not the wages of any man which has wrought for you tarry with you but give him it out of hand for if you serve God he will also repay you: be circumspect my son in all things you do and be wise in all your conversation

    13. He did leave out a lot of information about the illicit activities which went on because he wanted Mark locked in and the knowledge was in many ways an excellent way of keeping him circumspect

    14. of England with deliberate circumspect, always giving it time to

    15. maintainers tended to be slower and more circumspect in mak-

    16. In contrast, Winston Churchill was a lot more circumspect, staying behind his desk and looking reserved

    17. carried the inflection of circumspect wisdom garnered from years

    18. circumspect conditions of their immediate culture

    19. “Well,” Wickland said as if he were at a loss for words, “I assume you have someone who can help you with all the final arrangements?” Though he sounded genuinely helpful, his mind was more focused on securing a more circumspect examination of the item that had captured his attention, and he was determined to maintain his position behind the desk until he had satisfied his curiosity that bordered on paranoia

    20. He was, however, circumspect when he made these comments; anyone who objected to Hitler’s meddling was either silenced or ruthlessly eliminated

    21. Be cautious, vigilant and circumspect

    22. I had moved on too, in my own circumspect way

    23. ) Though he did a few interviews during the 2009 and 2012 election campaigns (including the one on a bus with me), he had been circumspect in picking and choosing his moments

    24. For example, business men should be circumspect about shaking hands with the spouses of Muslim businessmen

    25. We must resist living in the unreal world by being circumspect in everything we think and do

    26. To be circumspect means that we consider all of the aspects before us, discerning the real from the unreal

    27. Taran was more circumspect, but he smiled quietly to himself

    28. The human troops followed up, more circumspect in their actions, since they had lives to protect and didn’t wish to join the undead corps

    29. The editor calmed a bit and threw a circumspect gaze towards the sales head

    30. “You wrote to me just about everything that concerned your life but were always very circumspect concerning your relationships with men

    31. The more extrovert of our acquaintances are always more predictable and it is true that still waters run deep and consequently we tend to be more circumspect in reaching conclusions about the quiet ones

    32. circumspect because of our marriages but it was, for both of us, a thrilling period of our life

    33. Plutarch was more circumspect

    34. He appeared to me, reserved and circumspect, a proud man whose great uncle had lost a leg for the Bolshivicks, aged seventeen

    35. the ceremony, but all were politely circumspect about what lay in store

    36. "That is the truth," replied Anselmo, "and relying upon that I will tell thee, friend Lothario, that the desire which harasses me is that of knowing whether my wife Camilla is as good and as perfect as I think her to be; and I cannot satisfy myself of the truth on this point except by testing her in such a way that the trial may prove the purity of her virtue as the fire proves that of gold; because I am persuaded, my friend, that a woman is virtuous only in proportion as she is or is not tempted; and that she alone is strong who does not yield to the promises, gifts, tears, and importunities of earnest lovers; for what thanks does a woman deserve for being good if no one urges her to be bad, and what wonder is it that she is reserved and circumspect to whom no opportunity is given of going wrong and who knows she has a husband that will take her life the first time he detects her in an impropriety? I do not therefore hold her who is virtuous through fear or want of opportunity in the same estimation as her who comes out of temptation and trial with a crown of victory; and so, for these reasons and many others that I could give thee to justify and support the opinion I hold, I am desirous that my wife Camilla should pass this crisis, and be refined and tested by the fire of finding herself wooed and by one worthy to set his affections upon her; and if she comes out, as I know she will, victorious from this struggle, I shall look upon my good fortune as unequalled, I shall be able to say that the cup of my desire is full, and that the virtuous woman of whom the sage says 'Who shall find her?' has fallen to my lot

    37. During the short and frugal repast that followed, the conversation was extremely circumspect, and related entirely to the events of the hunt, in which Magua had so lately been engaged

    38. The newspapers say that the police are being more circumspect, that they cannot afford to make another hasty arrest

    39. ‘Ah, a voice!’ repeated Oblonsky, feeling that he must be as circumspect as he possibly could in this society, where something peculiar was going on, or was to go on, to which he had not the key

    40. The conduct of a widow must be twice as circumspect as that of a matron

    41. " Lydgate smiled, but he was bent on being circumspect

    42. Casaubon, and was the more circumspect

    43. Both companies have since become more circumspect about forecasting the future

    44. In fact, he came at them in a circumspect way, circling as if they were live packets of plastique

    45. I should have been more circumspect, but I supposed I’d wanted to impress him

    46. After that the generals began to disperse with the solemnity and circumspect silence of

    47. He would take off his frock coat with his circumspect gestures and hang it over the back of the chair, he would put on the cuffs so he would not dirty his shirt sleeves, he would unbutton his vest so he could think better, and sometimes until very late at night he would encourage the hopeless with letters of mad adoration

    48. For as the swift monster drags you deeper and deeper into the frantic shoal, you bid adieu to circumspect life and only exist in a delirious throb

    49. He shook hands with me in a friendly, but not over-friendly, fashion, with a sort of circumspect courtesy like that of a General, as though in giving me his hand he were warding off something

    50. A recent instance of this kind has been brought to the attention, so it is said, of the governors of Belmont Park, with the result that box holders have been implored to be more circumspect in their choice of guests

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    circumspect discreet observant prudent safe careful watchful mindful solicitous