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    1. However, if you are a patient and therapeutic Yoga is your need, you will benefit in learning it from a medical practitioner who is trained to understand the physiology of the human body and can thus be watchful of the effects of Yoga if performed incorrectly

    2. A watchful eye and hand to protect her from this world

    3. had to maintain a watchful eye on Cosmicblasto and

    4. She was given a mild sedative and she was now sleeping under the watchful eye of her mate, Kai

    5. They had a vast region to keep under their watchful eyes and were very adept at spotting any activity

    6. I didn’t get left alone in his place long enough to go over many of his books, his servant is as watchful as a hungry hyadune

    7. Harry accepted his lot and kept his attention on the tasks at hand, though always watchful for any opportunity which might present itself to reveal his greater abilities

    8. Even the Brother Moons stood sentry over the Gate; first Harbos arose in the eastern sky, the massive crater on its face like a watchful eye, followed shortly by his little brother, Minos, just barely peeking over the Gorian Range to the north

    9. The sounds of wood thrusting upon hide shields, deliberate steps and the measured praises of a watchful officer – the same one who had been at the execution, in fact – all had confirmed that she had moved in the right direction

    10. One should be watchful of the mind’s tendency to pay more attention to negative and painful thoughts than to the positive

    11. They fell asleep in the dark hollow under the watchful glow of the orb

    12. It was always far more than just punishment for trespass - those brought under the Thalmor’s watchful eyes could be rendered most useful given the correct conditions

    13. The best he could do now was simply keep his keen eyes watchful

    14. Watchful eyes of soldiers never left the crowd funneled in from smaller streets to wider ones

    15. Under Alex’s watchful stare, he placed two more there and then closed the lid and carried the cooler away, leaving the blood

    16. Looking at their watchful eyes, she stilled, glaring

    17. We lined up in ranks dressing off under the watchful eyes of the Provost Corpsmen our transport had already set off making for the railway station a Rail Transport Officer rode up on his horse

    18. circumstances, and somehow came under the watchful eye of

    19. Very pretty and very watchful, she was sprawled on the floor in a lazy C, but her eyes were fixed intently on me, her tail flicking as she appraised me

    20. Chapman lifted anchor and slowly sailed away from the wharf, while under the watchful eye

    21. watchful eye on any suspicious sail that may show itself on the

    22. For now they kept a hold of their riders under the watchful eye of the patrol leader, who followed up behind

    23. Passing through Bekwai dominions the same watchful care was necessary, as many of the inhabitants there would gladly have killed him, but in hate rather than fetish fanaticism

    24. The first land sighted was the sandy loam on Cayo Romano, and as the sun set in tropical suddenness, a fire flickered from the summit and was answered by a second flare on the distant heights of Cubitas: a message from the watchful guardia costa to the beleaguered Cuban Government, which has meted isolated justice in spirit rather than in letter, that the day of Cuba's triumph was at hand

    25. Certainly Uther and Alistair had needed to be sent on their way – but the last three? Could she have a perfect keep under their watchful gaze?

    26. Leaving little to the imagination, (or perhaps too much depending on one‘s point of view) the rippling effect produced by her coquettishly wavelike movement provided (Pre-Hays) audiences with a faint glimpse of her cleavage, pacifier and all! In a scene that otherwise requires keen perception and extraordinary brain/eye coordination, the viewer needs to remain watchful for the emergence of the subliminal ―dark‖ spot that quickly appears and disappears just as quickly

    27. I sent all the team home, leaving our little aerodrome under the watchful eye of the twenty-odd soldiers provided for the purpose

    28. The four suspects, standing beside the car under the watchful eye of customs agents, obviously shared his anxiety, lifting themselves onto their toes and stretching their necks for a better vantage

    29. These children were strictly chosen for their ability to follow the letter of the Law blindly and unerringly, to keep a watchful eye for signs of heresy and insubordination as well as any element that was an affront to the Pantheon and the Law, or anything that might defy the Law or its upholders in spirit or in letter

    30. He also seemed to limit this dispensation to Tyrpledge alone since Gomermont, apart from being a relatively useless dolt which was widely regarded as the most common type of Procrastinator, his office also was not immediately pertinent to the Campaign; he and his men would remain in the cities and townships, ever watchful for signs of insurrection and heresy when the Castigator and the complete armed might of the Territories would be in the Widelands

    31. Nor would he be torn by the hands of a fanatical mob or made to disappear by the ever watchful Procrastinators

    32. Truman was again under the watchful eye of Mike when Raul mouthed the word, ‘what?’ There was another moment when Mike turned again to his ghoulish pleasure over the corpse

    33. It was only until he had seen the orders, written and signed from the Patriarch, to have his army stand down and ignore the Castigator before him as a traitor and conspirator set to overthrow the Rule of the Council; to disarm the men and dissolve the Army peacefully, under the watchful eye of the procrastinators

    34. duty and ever watchful

    35. little kitchen girl will find her way into his bed if we are not watchful

    36. Khevasiah, because even she needed a watchful eye on the road while she drove

    37. Neither Faith nor Una had any idea how sick the boy really was; a watchful mother would have had a doctor without delay; but there was no mother, and poor little Carl, with his sore throat and aching head and crimson cheeks, rolled himself up in his twisted bedclothes and suffered alone, somewhat comforted by the companionship of a small green lizard in the pocket of his ragged nighty

    38. He must take up his burden alone--he must try to be a better, a more watchful father--he must tell his children not to be afraid to come to him with all their little problems

    39. This increasingly watchful attitude to circumstances, which he knows to be his own creation helps him to keep his reaction to it always under control

    40. watchful eyes, women were bustling about their household tasks, and men were testing their weapons, bringing in fish from the river or game from their traps or, mostly, standing around talking to each other

    41. Few noticed, since most of the adults were still in the fields, and the children were on the periphery under the watchful eyes of their grandmothers

    42. lifeless soil, forever under the watchful gaze of the scavenging

    43. There was some danger involved because all sorts of things were floating down the river and could knock over a boat if the boatman was not very watchful

    44. I smiled in minor victory, keeping a watchful eye on Adrinius the entire time

    45. An altogether different patient was sitting in his room reading the FT while keeping a watchful eye out for a similarly sized oaf

    46. After two years under his watchful eyes, I was finally able to convince him to return to his young family

    47. According to his logic, I'd be far less likely to goof off and get distracted under the watchful eye of a relative

    48. Be watchful of innocent names and sweet sounding agendas

    49. So he kept a watchful eye over my escapades even into my college years

    50. Was there a hint of a smile there someplace? Probably not, just me wishing, I guess, Moshe mused as he kept a watchful eye on the courier

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    alert watchful insomniac sleepless observant prudent safe circumspect careful mindful solicitous