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    1. The greater irony was/is the failure of otherwise clear-thinking individuals to recognize that such spending, on a number of levels, was/is oftentimes a break-even proposition with no clear-cut winners however a high number of discernable losers

    2. While he could be intuitive at times; it was never really clear-cut

    3. I guessed that I was witnessing a true clear-cut example of “roid rage” – just one of the adverse effects of steroid use

    4. Once they were past the last few trees and plants, a trench of sorts lay there; it was mossy but clearly man-made with clear-cut lines and angles defining it, not deeper than the height of a man

    5. He then talked to her earnestly in a clear-cut, straight manner, his tone of voice curt and precise:

    6. ” Although this is not as clear-cut a choice as the other first legs, it does appear to have the most in common with them

    7. ” This should not mean, as they say, a compromise in the middle of the more clear-cut alternatives

    8. "It means I haven't been given a clear-cut mission, I don't really know what the President expects of me, but I could be relieved of my position in a heartbeat for violating rules that aren't even thought up yet

    9. One clear-cut form of ROI for students involves salary changes and promotions

    10. Up my garden path, there are no easy, clear-cut steps (though I’ve installed old tyres)

    11. thin, with a sharp profile, very fine and clear-cut, and no hair on the face

    12. Yasmela looked in awe at the sweep of the magnificent shoulders, the clear-cut features—the wide straight eyes, the patriarchal beard, the thick curls of the hair, confined by a simple band about the temples

    13. 1 The new and vital feature of Peter's confession was the clear-cut recognition that Jesus was the Son of God, of his unquestioned divinity

    14. She stood straight and tall before him, and in spite of her ragged garb, her features, clear-cut and aquiline, and her keen black eyes, were not those of a common peasant woman

    15. But the countenance stamped on one side was still clear-cut and distinct

    16. Stallman shied away from clear-cut competitive events that

    17. "Man, you can be sure, that there was more than something going on between those two in the last night," the clear-cut analysis of Dieter

    18. There could be no doubt that this was a clear-cut case of murder, as there was no indication of suicide and the apparent manner in which he had died would refute such an allegation, though this would be the most convenient solution in that Terence had taken his own life out of overwhelming guilt for his own crime

    19. It was a clear-cut case of

    20. Whereas in sunlight objects stand out clear-cut as

    21. From their reactions, it was clear-cut indications that they had confessed their guilty

    22. First, let us set clear-cut standards of conduct and responsibility

    23. And this is the second clear-cut result from Prayer-Path – the high morals

    24. ‘I don’t think her problem lends itself to a clear-cut solution,’ he said, thoughtfully

    25. only hope, perhaps pray, that they see a larger and more clear-cut

    26. clear-cut family expectations prevented him from entering a path

    27. In the morning, awake and looking at life in a more clear-cut

    28. It was a clear-cut precursor to the credit card scam they came up with later—be bad (buy) now and pay later

    29. A comforting fantasy will always be accepted over a clear-cut view of painful reality by the timid and the culpable

    30. But your ideal must be sharp, clear-cut, definite; to have one ideal today, another tomorrow, and a third next week, means to scatter your forces and accomplish nothing; your result will be a meaningless and chaotic combination of wasted material

    31. scores are certainly not this clear-cut or simple

    32. In the end, I was sure there’d be no clear-cut winner

    33. This is, perhaps, an unfair metaphor because it implies something bad on something good, which is never a clear-cut case with human beings

    34. Stratos knew that our life problems and dilemmas rarely had clear-cut and satisfying solutions

    35. Even though things are quite clear-cut

    36. without a clear-cut recognition

    37. This of course included clear-cutting forests

    38. What a clear-cut and simple choice is

    39. There was a clean, clear-cut look about him

    40. I passed old clear-cuts that were slowly coming back to life, great fields of stumps and roots and small green trees that stood no higher than me, where the trail became untenable in places, difficult to track among the litter of blown-down trees and branches

    41. The trees that remained standing on the edge of the clear-cut seemed to mourn, their rough hides newly exposed, their jagged limbs reaching out at absurd angles

    42. I hiked away from my camp in the clear-cut at first light and saw no one all morning

    43. I scaled it for a better view and spotted another road across an old clear-cut swath

    44. In my duct tape booties, I continued across the clear-cut to the road and looked around

    45. The only views I had were those afforded me by the clear-cuts and roads

    46. I crossed into the Rogue River National Forest and walked beneath tremendous ancient trees before emerging into clear-cuts like those I’d seen a few weeks before, vast open spaces of stumps and tree roots that had been exposed by the logging of the dense forest

    47. Given the trove of information found on Atkinson’s computer, his involvement in Maria’s stalking seemed clear-cut, but certain details continued to bother Colin

    48. It was a dark, handsome, clear-cut face which confronted Milverton, a face with a curved nose, strong, dark eyebrows shading hard, glittering eyes, and a straight, thin-lipped mouth set in a dangerous smile

    49. The other, dark, clear-cut, and elegant, hardly yet of middle age, and endowed with every beauty of body and of mind, was the Right Honourable Trelawney Hope, Secretary for European Affairs, and the most rising statesman in the country

    50. First it clear-cuts the trees, total deforestation with no effort at saving the hardwoods

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