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    1. Stephen’s comment in the car about my job being on the line is coming back to me now … on the floor I can see a letter with the school crest on it lying where I dropped the post

    2. Beauty, fondly remembered, shines on the crest

    3. The bird took its time, chattering and fluffing up its crest and giving me a no-nonsense inspection, cocking its head from side to side until it fell into consultation with the mirror - not forgetting some whistles and curses for good measure

    4. watched the Sun crest the far-off hills

    5. “You will, of course need ties, and a coat, sweaters if you wish, your robe, and let me see, I know I have the revised stitching form for the Malvern crest here

    6. Light was starting to crest over the rain-drenched mountains

    7. Continuing up the hill, I came to a crest where there was

    8. they stopped to rest at the crest of one such rise and Jean

    9. Annabelle and Pierre on the crest of the hill above Logrono

    10. He hauled himself onto its crest, then leapt toward a small beach protected by the tower

    11. “The crest of each wave looks like

    12. They found themselves clambering up the chalk gully quite quickly and they found themselves standing on the crest of the hills sooner than they thought

    13. It commanded the succeeding rows of trenches on the hillside and the strongly fortified and barricaded outskirts of the city, that rose like a wall along the next crest

    14. The eager soldiers then fell back to the ridge they had captured, and entrenched themselves along the crest

    15. Their Hontoria planted three shells at the foot of our outworks, and one, tearing its way through the military crest of the ridge, burst under a bomb proof, killing Captain Rowell and Nelson, and wounding Lieutenant Lutz and several privates

    16. She rode up over the crest of the hill, and suddenly a grateful relief washed over her

    17. As he mounted the crest and looked out over the vista, his breath caught in the back of his throat

    18. He jammed the accelerator to the floor and came over the crest of a hill with enough speed to lift the wheels from the pavement and his heart into his throat

    19. crest, up from the creek

    20. “The white pillar of light that brought us to this world of yours? Somewhere in the opposite direction of the sun? A small crest overlooking the forests?”

    21. So he walked back over to the small sandy crest where they had curled up and laid themselves to sleep

    22. ‘I should have been more thorough when I woke him,’ the Pilgrim thought while walking with a sure, easy pace, slowly climbing to the top of the crest

    23. A smell of iron and sparks permeated the air suddenly, wafting over the crest of the mound

    24. The air thickened with alarming speed and the smell grew stronger; then he saw it appear over the crest, strange thin beams of light sprouting from what might have been a head of sorts: a glistening metal hulk glinted under the starlight, uniformly gray and unassumingly blocky, a rectangle slab larger than a man

    25. He had halted at its crest, chest heaving mightily trying to catch the breath that he had lost on the long run

    26. embossed into the leather was the family crest of the

    27. too had his family crest on them

    28. Any sign of their leader?” Pepols told a tail of an armored knight bearing the crest of a blood red

    29. His opponent"s surcoat boar the crest of a blood red dragon and his armor was finely made

    30. A whinchat, with his tufted crest, makes a pit stop to refuel; snaffling a mosquito who naively considered she was safe tucked in a new stem of bananas

    31. If that’s the result of the falling away, of the latest trilogy, where does that leave us? What of the many elements left, yet to be enumerated in more recent history? What happened to those ring-like echoes through time, from the pebble that this Jesus dropped that started us on our latest Christian trilogy? Have they already cycled past our observation, or are we still riding the crest of these reverberations? Are there more behind us, just now coming within our view? And what about those that might be about to, as well as those whose time is yet to come? These cycles, as referred to earlier, that had begun in the time of Jesus, seem to sweep past ever lower the further from their source in time that they are when observed, and the closer that they are to this observer, the less able they are to be seen at all, with any clarity

    32. still sporting an all black ensemble, but she wore the White Herons’ crest on her

    33. “Her crest was most likely stolen when they

    34. still avoided Orphenn’s intense eyes, preferring to stare at the crest on his

    35. Celina’s coronet, the silver-white circlet with a single modest gem at the crest

    36. They soon returned to report that the crest of the trail was now defended by a fair-sized force of the Chimu

    37. We formed a line protecting the flank of the others and waited for the enemy to clear the crest of the hill

    38. Just as we reached their staging area at the crest of the hill, a volley of spears launched with atlatl surprised us

    39. It was on the crest of a small hill just about exactly in the center of the ragged line of tents

    40. Leviathan, and the Crest of Wutai

    41. crest, listening for an answer

    42. bowed to them and pushed the crest apart, motioning with his

    43. Crest of SOLDIER on your belt? Nobody of that status would

    44. outer reef and the crest broke, millions of tonnes of whitewater crashed down and then

    45. whitewater at the crest

    46. She broke over the crest of a wave and caught a

    47. rope bridge extended to the crest of the trail a short way from the

    48. use from your stable, and have a royal crest placed on the horse’s head, and have

    49. The crest of the road was very high, and on the right there was a steep ditch, an embankment

    50. They would have to assume the rest of our ranks are hidden below the crest of where the first one stands

    1. Barely an hour later, they crested a large mountain and Jake started to descend

    2. Just at that moment, they crested the rise of a

    3. Finally, they crested one last low rise which

    4. An hour later they crested a ridge that hid them

    5. The Triodines crested the slope and rushed

    6. As he spoke, the two men crested the slight rise that Tom

    7. Paul Benoit reined in his horse as he crested a small rise

    8. There were no houses, cars, or even trees for us to hide behind, so we dropped down on all fours, hiding in the weeds as we crested the hill

    9. The sun was directly in our faces as we crested the last hill and saw the town sprawled out ahead of us

    10. As the lead soldier crested the hill, Sicarius landed with a roll and came up running

    11. After three weeks, the fever crested and the person seemed to gain some consciousness

    12. crested buckle of his old SOLDIER belt around his waist

    13. She ignored him and looked out the window as the sun crested the mountains

    14. expose his bare chest and crested belt of SOLDIER beneath, its

    15. Aaron seems to know them from somewhere and was impressed with the choice, Moshe thought, as he turned his head for one last look as they crested the hill

    16. choice, Moshe thought, as he turned his head for one last look as they crested the hill

    17. Through his crested helm, the warrior confidently addressed them

    18. Moments later on the ridge line towards the north-west, the first of the possessed crested the horizon

    19. As the rider crested the soft ground to meet the track a sword flew out of the air striking the top of his helm

    20. I crested a large hill and then stopped short

    21. We trudged across the sand and final y crested the hil

    22. The goblins and orcs guided their Lykanthros away from the resistant militia and crested the hill from whence they came

    23. I saw the smoke as soon as I crested the final rise, a thin grey column rising straight up into the still air

    24. Jon promised, repeated the instructions, crossed his heart, pointed to heaven, waved goodbye, and was already heading back to the exotic Rory and Lida before I had crested the rise

    25. They crested a rise, Brandon ahead, Tristan behind, Tristan had to reign in his horse sharply to keep from running into Brandon’s mare

    26. It turned its crested head sidewise and regarded the invaders with glittering eyes of jet

    27. Here stood a guardsman in crested gilt helmet, silvered cuirass and gold-chased greaves, with a long-shafted battle-ax in his hands

    28. It was prince Kutamun, naked but for a loin-cloth, his harness hacked away, his crested helmet dented, his limbs splashed with blood

    29. Finally after they crested the ridge and descended into a small valley between two narrow mountains and deep in a gorge, they stopped and set up a camp close to the river but underneath an overhang of the cliff wall

    30. Delicate with long legs, a crested neck and fine split-tipped ears, I could tell that it was bred for racing and not the sturdier version seen underneath the soldiers

    31. In my eagerness, I pushed the sylphs to the limit of their endurance so it was only midmorning of the next day when I crested the rise that led down into Cayden’s Valley

    32. Guards were running through the garden, all converging toward the palace, where the clamor momentarily grew louder—tall men in burnished cuirasses and crested helmets of polished bronze

    33. Broadly speaking, though, there are compact breeds, crested

    34. The water from his eyes crested over his eyelids and cascaded down his cheeks and jaw and stained Marie’s dusty dress

    35. The wagon crested the slope and soon they could hear the clatter of the town

    36. Nice tools, those cleavers,” Johnny nodded as a disappointed grimace crested his face

    37. At first, a simple and resilient grin crested across his face, but after a few seconds he was only left with an unsettled grief as he quickly started to get dressed

    38. a giant thirty foot wave at breakneck speed, then as they crested its bigger

    39. It was near eleven O’clock at night when they saw a small campfire by the side of the main road, spotting it from 400 meters as they crested a low hill that cut their direct path southward

    40. large, jaunty birds moved in over the roof, grey, crested, long reptilian tails - this was

    41. They crested the small koppie and snaked onto a flat, splintered rock, shaded from

    42. Was that ray of hope, or the blindness of the dark, or did I really think that I had one more new beginning as the sun crested the hill above the city? I wasn’t feeling good, by any means, but much better than I had when the night was dealing her darkness

    43. Some hour later, the sky had turned this beautiful red color, streaked with hints of yellows and greens, just as the sun crested the hills to my east

    44. A strange world thought the detective who appreciated the lesson of the day as he crested the Brynderwyns and released his vehicle on the downward straight that planed into the flatlands of Waipu almost 400 metres below

    45. “Tell me,” said Rudolph as his vehicle crested the harbour bridge with Cook St station a few minutes away

    46. Her white crested top

    47. figure standing on the snow and sleet crested sidewalk out ahead of me

    48. look, I see that the sun has crested the spires

    49. When Evelyn realized she left her coat back at the hall, Fozzie sacrificed his own comfort by covering her in his crested blazer

    50. They crested the ridge near La Perche, where the rail line cut through yet another tunnel under the mountains on its way to Rochers de Naye

    1. Cresting the top of the hill as fast as she was able, she discovered the two had the car stopped

    2. She’d already missed the lavender and pink, softly glowing before the actually cresting

    3. This time I came out into a wave that was cresting and was given a little ride, which I would have enjoyed, had it not been for the prospect of sharp rocks, which I felt certain awaited my arrival on shore

    4. They trudged up a sand dune and cresting the top

    5. Cresting a hill the road dropped between trees and took a sharp right to the water crossing; which no longer existed

    6. If it weren’t for the ridges cresting the alien’s forehead, he might have been just another human

    7. Isabel was in awe as she noticed clouds forming beneath the ships, like waves cresting in the sea

    8. He could not believe his eyes when he saw her walk into the yard—with the priest! The optimistic feeling of just before vanished, and rage erupted, cresting in his ears, making them burn like fire

    9. Cresting a rise I stopped as I took in the army of Poretani arrayed in formation below awaiting the caravan

    10. Cresting a dune I saw the plane ahead

    11. is cresting to its peak

    12. Coming from well out, a mild swell made the skiff roll gently, and a few cresting billows lapped at its bow

    13. Rain sluiced down it all, making Thomas imagine a huge beast cresting out of the ocean

    14. Cresting the little slope by the rope swing, he heard a sound like nails being pounded into wood

    15. The photo was different from the yearbook but not too: Diondra with the mousse-hard curls and the cresting bangs, charcoal eyeliner and pink lipgloss

    16. He played with her as she gently rocked on top of him like a cresting sea wave

    17. Then it surged to its feet like a cresting wave, shrieking adulation

    18. The old Douglas homestead was half a mile from "Wayside" cresting a windy hill

    1. It operates in crests and troughs

    2. They wore proper tropical twill uniforms that were weather beaten and on their heads they had turbans made from the same tropical twill fastened with their own army crests

    3. Dunes were closer and smaller and cat grass adorned the crests and valley’s wherever it could get a hold

    4. They were walking through a rocky desert, sometimes passing through low crests on the same direction

    5. Noticing that the eyes of the Pilgrim were lost in the sea of sand, he sat for a while idly gazing at the dunes, trying to make out anything worth noticing in the amorphous dune crests

    6. The squadrons’ crests acted as tracking devices and showed up as white dots

    7. unchanging experience — pain and pleasure are the crests and

    8. between the troughs and crests like the flimsy hair of seaweed

    9. fields, some of whom were waving flags bearing the crests of

    10. crests tattooed on their arms, and were proudly showing them

    11. “My mom invented it, but Poseidon created horses out of the crests of waves

    12. You look down over your chest, there was a slight cave in the middle, your breasts sit pert, soft slopes falling off the sides of your body, you blow the water droplets from your crests and watch them slide down the surface and join their kin in the sea around you

    13. The pink boat skirted up and down the crests of the waves, a leaf on the wind

    14. Breezing low over the waves on his waveglass steed, the fisherman held his chin high as if he could feel his beloved’s fingertips brushing his face in the cold spray of the clashing sea, then he dipped the depleted ray down into the water, cutting through the crests of the storm-ridden surface

    15. The treasure was there, heaped in staggering profusion—piles of diamonds, sapphires, rubies, turquoises, opals, emeralds; zikkurats of jade, jet and lapis lazuli; pyramids of gold wedges; toecallis of silver ingots; jewel-hilted swords in cloth-of-gold sheaths; golden helmets with colored horsehair crests, or black and scarlet plumes; silver scaled corselets; gem-crusted harness worn by warrior-kings three thousand years in their tombs; goblets carven of single jewels; skulls plated with gold, with moonstones for eyes; necklaces of human teeth set with jewels

    16. As they scattered in flight, the conquerors scattered in pursuit, and all across the valley floor, and up on the slopes near the mouth and over the crests streamed the fugitives and the pursuers

    17. She could move only a short space in any direction, and the fearful hooded crests were menacing her every second

    18. The torrent had not spread out and dissipated; like a giant serpent it flowed over the depressions and the rounded crests

    19. The sail bellied as the wind swept over the waves with renewed force, and the white crests danced along the sweep of the wind

    20. The firelight glinted on their breast-plates and helmet crests

    21. First the crests of cliffs came in sight above the gray clouds, tall and spectral

    22. (In a few cases, it also changes other feather features, such as the development of small crests in some birds

    23. Three white crests were on the top of its head, and its mouth was a jagged line all across

    24. After two days and nights, I knew only that I had been heading for Malta while slashing across the rollers, Tunisia when I was in the valleys, and Sicily when I was riding the elevator to the crests

    25. troughs or crests meet, they coalesce to produce

    26. Easterly winds on the ocean surface generated three-foot waves and the canister rode their crests then slide gently down into their troughs, time after time

    27. A huge American flag along with a smaller flag of the state of South Carolina and one of the resort’s crests were suspended from the atrium and seemed to flutter delicately and majestically in a slight breeze

    28. A few years ago, social Darwinism reached one of its frequent crests

    29. The phrase Recruit Class 4319 shimmers between the crests

    30. the crests, sending streamers into the darkness

    31. Travel further, past the crests to bow shaped bliss,

    32. ” And with those words he spun his forepaws in a deceptively simple pattern, and a half dozen chocolate-brown boxers materialized, their chests emblazoned with crests of pure white and likewise their snowy paws

    33. With their success, they built a full-time business that they now run out of their home, selling jewelry, books, pub memorabilia, fabulous sweaters and family crests, all from Ireland and Scotland

    34. The weight of these heavy thoughts forces his weary head down towards the ship’s wavy reflection dancing between the passing crests of orange ribbons

    35. “Paleontologists have been wondering for a long time why they have those bony crests

    36. Her lace train of white crests spreading behind her to the distant land, her arms opening toward the horizon

    37. “There was no shark Jason,” Whitey said, “hundreds of people have reported seeing sharks but what they actually saw was the crests of the waves; the light plays tricks with the eyes

    38. The hurrying tumbling waves, quick-broken crests, slapping,

    39. But after thinking it over, I realized that these so–called clouds were caused simply by the changing densities of the long ground swells, and I even spotted the foaming "white caps" that their breaking crests were proliferating over the surface of the water

    40. Past the boundaries of the clearing, the darkness deepened again, relieved only by little sparkles given off by the sharp crests of coral

    41. Soon a red streak became visible in the horizon, the waves whitened, a light played over them, and gilded their foaming crests with gold

    42. But a narrow opening between the crests of the hills pointed out the passage by which they found their way still further north, to spread their pure and ample sheets again, before pouring out their tribute into the distant Champlain

    43. They serpented towards his feet, curling, unfurling many crests, every ninth, breaking, plashing, from far, from farther out, waves and waves

    44. Behind the fog there was the flowing of water, the cracking and floating of ice, the swift rush of turbid, foaming torrents; and on the following Monday, in the evening, the fog parted, the storm clouds split up into little curling crests of cloud, the sky cleared, and the real spring had come

    45. Some of the waves had developed foamy white crests, and the green water around the galleon shaded into a sapphire blue so intense it almost hurt the eye as one looked out towards the horizon

    46. There is a drawer in the sideboard that is lined with yellowed newspaper, it contains a small jumble of my Papa’s mementos: embroidered crests unpicked from uniforms, a carved clay pipe, tins that had once contained tobacco or cough sweets but are now used to collect thru’penny bits for children’s treats or shillings for the electric meter

    47. White flames seemed to Frodo to flicker on their crests and he half fancied that he saw amid the water white riders upon white horses with frothing manes

    48. It was an unusual window; mostly it was grisaille glass, but just off-centre, the glazier had set a circle of bright colours mosaicked together from half an angel and some family crests, scavenged, probably, from a cathedral

    49. The water was inky black, but the wave crests sometimes held an eerie glow for a split second

    50. A brisk May breeze was blowing, which swayed the crests of the plaintain-trees

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