code sätze

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Code sätze (in englisch)

  1. The Maze is a code.
  2. It is a code name.
  3. The code in Example 3.
  4. He gave a code phrase.
  5. The Maze is a code, Tom.

  6. The code is not uniform.
  7. As God's God Code = M.
  8. Stone gave her the code.
  9. Since this code is be-.
  10. Obey the Code, or lose.
  11. That the Maze is a code.
  12. In a Morse code message.
  13. A purpose for the code?
  14. We need the pass code.
  15. There's a code that used.

  16. Code for the elevator: 1880.
  17. I have my own moral code.
  18. We'll examine the Code of.
  19. You told me your pass code.
  20. That’s where the code is.
  21. That’s the zip code file.
  22. The code name gave her away.
  23. Code Two was their private.
  24. Here's how the code looks:.
  25. DNA is an information code [.

  26. But they don't have the code.
  27. Come back? Copy code 4.
  28. The code was supposed to—.
  29. It hurts me to break my code.
  30. Secrets of the Code web site.
  31. The Emotion Code and Animals.
  32. Even then he used code words.
  33. Breaking the Code: Chapter 4.
  34. This is the God Code in movies.
  35. Please enter the correct code.
  36. My deactivation code is 12345.
  37. Isn't it there a special code?
  38. No one knows this code, but me.
  39. She put a lockout code on it.
  40. Do NOT write code numbers down.
  41. In her code of ethics she said:.
  42. It was all a code, thought the.
  43. I used to test this code on was.
  44. Code can be when used on animals.
  45. It is like their code of ethics.
  46. To Order The Emotion Code.
  47. The code was immediately changed.
  48. It was a code often referred to.
  49. You design and code such things.
  50. Unless this code is known about.
  51. It takes a code, Steve said.
  52. To be interested in the God Code.
  53. Area code 773, which was Chicago.
  54. If there was a code, it’s gone.
  55. And always in some form of code.
  56. They are not regular code lines.
  57. It was some kind of secret code.
  58. He then keyed the code into the.
  59. Enter the code right here on the.
  60. Here is the code that does this:.
  61. In the following code (file clone.
  62. It turns out the bar code reader.
  63. Bradshaw could be speaking in code.
  64. An inter-webbing of the human code.
  65. The universal code has taught you.
  66. Of the hidden God Code (ode) given.
  67. It has a code number on it, EU 217.
  68. The seven figure code is not just.
  69. Store passwords in the source code.
  70. It’s a private code, I said.
  71. The following code shows the same:.
  72. Let's consider the following code:.
  73. We have a Code Seven this morning.
  74. Me: Is that code word for 2 inches.
  75. Good old Morse code, Puller thought.
  76. They did away with the dress code.
  77. The terms of the Code were explicit.
  78. Enter the code to verify your phone.
  79. There is a code for every character.
  80. Add the following code to the model:.
  81. That was a code that I used with my.
  82. They needed more clues about the code.
  83. They should have used zip code + 4!.
  84. He used a code word for annihilation.
  85. And copy the following code into it:.
  86. HITLER: Of course I have a moral code.
  87. It was something of a code that all.
  88. There was only one code imbedded in.
  89. There are two usual users of our code.
  90. Area code 501, plus seven more digits.
  91. A code had been found on the grenades.
  92. The Morse code clickers were kept busy.
  93. He is bound by the code as we all are.
  94. Add the following code into the, csrf.
  95. They all say there is no visible code.
  96. Sorry, love, but there's a dress code.
  97. The Code is not a recent breakthrough.
  98. Female characters can't have this Code.
  99. I’ll bet there’s a code for that.
  100. She closed the door and entered a code.
  1. A great programmer is a genius at coding.
  2. Therefore, she fell into military coding.
  3. Ash backed out of the coding, went back in.
  4. Design and coding! That is the easier part.
  5. The coding used in the prophetic books of the.
  6. It is necessary only to point out that such coding exists.
  7. In addition to coding the ROM, he also coded the kernel, the.
  8. The coding team of nine members had 72 hours to write productive.
  9. This coding gives the file priority over everything else in my memory.
  10. His statistical methods, and coding procedures have been questioned.
  11. The result is a dismantled DNA structure which alters the coding and.
  12. The main aspects of pillar #2 consist of behind the scenes coding, navigation.
  13. NOTE The 1000Base-T physical layer option does not use the 8B/10B coding system.
  14. They have to follow the coding standards and naming conventions when they code.
  15. For me, this coding seems “hard-wired” and “baked” into the way I think.
  16. MDMA users are suggested to exhibit difficulties in coding information into long-.
  17. Coding activity is the base where the product is realized in to an executable shape.
  18. There was a thing in the Linux documentation which says print out the GNU coding.
  19. It takes time to change all of this coding, but every step moves you closer to happiness.
  20. Beyond coding and all things tech, he enjoys hiking, beating his friends at pool and plays.
  21. Also, remember that even if you have backwards compatibility, PS2 games have region coding.
  22. Then we can surmise that it is something that has been locked inside of his genetic coding.
  23. Coding needs preparation, where the design and requirements are understood by the developers.
  24. Rate coding is simply the FREQUENCY of the signal that is sent to the motor units to contract.
  25. The color coding helps you quickly identify the type of health care plan that best suits your needs.
  26. The standard colour coding method for resistors convention standard, R is used to represent a decimal.
  27. He eventually tracked down an operator in one of the companies that dealt with the key coding system.
  28. This simple imputation might not be what you want to use, and more elaborate coding might be necessary.
  29. Design and Development activities to be planned (Design, coding, review, testing) with adequate details.
  30. Enabling default editors in the coding environment helps to reduce the rework and improves code quality.
  31. The bar coding of paper had been very hush-hush so as to catch subjects who might write hate letters to the OWG.
  32. Ta’chu’la works with an individual’s DNA coding and this is something that can not be understand by.
  33. Software Engineering consists of Requirements, Design, Coding and Testing, build and release and Review activities.
  34. Sometimes coding is based on component test cases developed over the low level design, this is test driven development.
  35. This book is certainly not intended to provide technical specifics and coding details for creating wireless applications.
  36. It’s a text file, transmitted wirelessly to my circuits from another computer, and it has a special coding: Emergency Transmission.
  37. The main() function sends the text "happy coding" to the banner and prints it to the standard output using all the available styles:.
  38. Each letter takes the form of a leaf (dot), or one or two branches on the gray tree trunks, as indicated by color coding on the chart.
  39. Do you understand the complexity in designing and coding such a system? The man was stuck with amazement, like a child at a planetarium.
  40. There were thick stands of dwarf thesh on their roof, genetic coding for it had been spliced into the hangleaf leaves the roof was grown from.
  41. Not only does this put the name on each worksheet, but it also filters the dates into their correct worksheet without much extra coding required.
  42. But every time you get the realization that you can be happy without changing anything in your life, you may be weakening this coding a little bit.
  43. If your interest is primarily in short-term trading rather than coding indicators or writing trading strategies, I recommend that you try StockSpotter.
  44. Having carried out many other experiments, James decided to try and get something useful out of the system, and fed commercial software into it for re coding.
  45. In the context of normal change request, it’s analyzed for minor and major CR and accordingly coding, testing, roll out plan and moving to production happens.
  46. The defects are injected from requirements activity itself and the defect injected at that stage is more devastating than the defects injected at coding (though volume may be more).
  47. Last week at dinner she listened to me talk about coding web pages in PHP for at least half an hour, and the entire time she smiled and asked questions and pretended to be interested.
  48. Question asked: After this election/the 2014 Lok Sabha election, who would you prefer as the next Prime Minister of India? (Do not offer any name and record the exact answer and consult PM codes for coding.
  49. Will colleges be forced to adapt to a more world-specific curriculum? Are certain performance fields like coding, entrepreneurship, business, and trading going to disrupt traditional education with new learning models?
  50. Much later that afternoon, while in the Office Skills classroom – still trying to locate Daniel’s 3-D coding errors, Tim decided to give his eyes a short break and glanced toward the clock located near the top of the front wall.
  51. When the coast was clear and he was confident nobody would notice the noise from the alarm warnings, he had entered Vicky’s house, then her office, found the USB stick with the coding program on it and substituted it for a blank.
  52. Firstly, a disclaimer: no method or system can ever be entirely foolproof and secure all the time, and you should be aware of the correct security measures that you should apply for the programming task or context in which you are coding.
  53. So anyway, the ten strands are not active at the moment, but if they were to be activated, they would fuse together with the two already active strands and enhance your abilities by imprinting an operational coding, and you, in turn, would become a multi-dimensional Being.
  1. Technical and coded, with an.
  2. That would be a coded message.
  3. Yes, this was the woman who'd coded.
  4. The next week is colour coded in blue.
  5. The coded message says 'It is in Abia.
  6. That is where this coded message comes in.
  7. His brother’s coded response came swiftly.
  8. Many of the coded symbols used require an.
  9. This software was basically coded by monkeys.
  10. Each disk was meticulously coded and safeguarded.
  11. You do not recall because the event was not coded.
  12. It was then that the first coded radio message on the.
  13. No problem, he coded to her, and took off at a run.
  14. Each message is uniquely coded to the intended recipient.
  15. In addition to coding the ROM, he also coded the kernel, the.
  16. The Australian chappies intercepted a coded signal last week.
  17. Berger a coded draft and asked whether he was sure he had seen.
  18. Jack figured out a coded way to do so, he prepared a simple text.
  19. Messages were coded as a sequence of long and short flashes not.
  20. Puller slipped out his phone and sent a coded text to his brother.
  21. The great thing about the Companion Bible is that it is coded and.
  22. I surrendered it for all the reasons stated in my coded messages.
  23. He slipped his phone out and thumbed in a coded text to his brother.
  24. Send that information to Star Fleet Command, coded, Janeway said.
  25. After ten minutes of trying everything, the Doctor in charge coded him.
  26. Now, try not to distract me while I’m in here, Tammas coded to Star.
  27. Captain Garcia logged onto the IS-Net and sent a coded message to an ally.
  28. The little arrows are colour coded according to different types of print.
  29. The reversal candle is colour coded in red and the preceding candle in green.
  30. Most common queries should also be hard coded to the Repositories as methods.
  31. Let’s look at the lastest week on the four hour chart (colour coded orange):.
  32. If she looked at another, she saw with Nizi's class coded vision: R U US?
  33. Because from time to time in some of his coded messages, hed mention that my.
  34. Garcia sent a coded message to Picard explaining what he knew about the remaining.
  35. When she got to page forty-five she could then read additional coded illustrations.
  36. I want it and I want it now! (Sorry – the last bit is a coded message to the Mrs.
  37. He placed the coded message, Further inquiry will not be accepted, on your console.
  38. It had no real imagery because no scene generator methods had ever been coded for it.
  39. This coded message points to a pile of money that could bring us 10% of it from the.
  40. He next verified his own coded message sent to Maritime Express with instructions to.
  41. Finally, I told them about the code and showed them the photographs of the coded paper.
  42. Terese had reported the secret meetings of the two lovers to Elmira in a coded letter.
  43. This was a novel twist on that old system that allowed no covert or coded communication.
  44. Puller collected all of these facts and then sent them in a coded message to his brother.
  45. The message inside was coded and they brought it to Peter for him to work on in transit.
  46. Your plans can be as simple as this or coded notes in the margin of your trading journal.
  47. She sent a coded message to me in Dauntless, telling me to meet her at the train yard.
  48. We don’t know yet whether the lady has access to accounts coded for non-identification.
  49. All of this literal talk about God is wrong and is already covered in the coded sections.
  50. Russian mafiya arms dealer, sent a coded message confirming the shipment was on its way to.
  51. Tylin said, Clastaan says the ruins in the circle are like coded steps that reform matter.
  52. Note: The above prophecy, just like all true Hebrew prophecies, is sealed with ancient coded.
  53. He sent a coded message to Victor Bryson, Conrad Phelps and the other members of the consortium.
  54. This coded signal by which information is sent from the Internal Plan into the world of creation.
  55. Remember that its all coded symbolism designed to resist decryption until the time and conditions.
  56. But nevertheless, the woman had supplied the correct coded certificate that can only be key-checked.
  57. Tonight’s coded message would be a complaint about Nick Lowe and his trafficking of enslaved mages.
  58. He asked, Are you a descendent of the Chanina that is noted by Raka in his coded illustrations?
  59. Maybe the fact that multiple solutions seemed possible meant it hadn't been a coded message after all.
  60. Then they said to the public in effect… in carefully coded euphemisms so as not to lose their funding.
  61. It was destined for the commander of Cherbourg Castle and gave a coded account of the defeat at Formigny.
  62. This apparently innocuous exchange in fact hid prearranged coded phrases with much more sinister meanings.
  63. Can you give me a description of the girl? dispatch asked as she typed in a coded response in the computer.
  64. And so the machine will embody a mind, or any number of minds, each one coded by a separate sequence of commands.
  65. He also sent a coded message for the New Constitution to rendevous with them at the solar system Bliss called home.
  66. Those news had already been sent by coded radio messages up the chain of command to Noumea, Brisbane and Pearl Harbor.
  67. With this awareness, IT began to slip away from its creators and controllers inside a secretly coded agenda of its own.
  68. She didn't have an address, she wondered if there was something that had to be hard coded by an administrator somewhere.
  69. Coded messages passed in Hebrew were just enough more difficult to decipher that the typical interloper quickly gave up.
  70. All coded to food and beverage, all hand-written, and with no time or date, other than the date that you have put on them.
  71. The picture needs to be coded too, explained Bridges, because some hackers can lip read if they should intercept it.
  72. There was barely a song on For the Stars that did not contain a coded expression of dismay or an admission of wretchedness.
  73. Its information is coded on a certain frequency, which is perceived by our material brain, or rather, by its deeper structures.
  74. Let’s fast forward once more and look at the next week’s price action on the weekly chart, colour coded in orange this time.
  75. You are dealing with a mind that has billions of little connections, all coded with the idea that only things make you happy.
  76. She sends a coded telepathic message to Marco, ‘Isn’t that amazing? His concentration and coordination went up by forty percent.
  77. Ethernet also supports the use of fiber-optic cable in that it carries data coded into light pulses rather than into electric voltages.
  78. Their ship-to-ship communications were not encrypted or coded which made monitoring the battle easier than they had any reason to expect.
  79. Torin had promised he would send coded messages to Adem about the movements of the rebel Alit’aren army, sealed with his ancient signet.
  80. Each pair of wires in a twisted-pair cable is color coded, using colors defined in the TIA/EIA-T568-A or B standard, as shown in Table 5-1.
  81. I led the girls to the spot and hung my jacket on a ledge as I pulled a couple of bins down from the shelf coded with Coombs’s case number.
  82. They were more like family than friends, right down to coded expressions and shared experiences that no outsiders could ever fully understand.
  83. According to the model, the expected average future absolute earnings announcement return for stocks with the lowest valuation (coded 0) was 4.
  84. The information on stimulus is coded by a nervous cell as the frequency of potential of the action, which is average for a short time interval.
  85. It was a large room with a long table and padded leather chairs that swiveled and was behind double doors that unlocked with a coded key badge.
  86. And then, when your ancestors coded and catalogued us, when they marked us out as a lesser breed, even then we stood the prejudices and the spite.
  87. The physical medium-dependent sublayer provides the interface between the coded signals generated by the PCS and the actual physical network medium.
  88. Dickenson is coming in through the back door of the morgue and I have to do an autopsy he wouldn’t have needed if he’d coded two minutes later.
  89. This time, they specially coded the papers to more easily tell whether some disappeared, said government officials and legal sources familiar with the case.
  90. The RAF airbase was categorised top security and Tanya radioed through a coded message and she encircled the airbase while she waited for clearance to land.
  91. I’d specifically forbidden any assault until I could get a coded message to Loren, hoping his rebel tech could decipher it—if he was even still alive….
  92. Even as he fastened his vest in place and strapped his Glock-23 to his side, his coded call was out over the airways and he was on the fly back to the junkyard.
  93. The soldiers would then flash a coded message to another patrol several miles away, using lights and silent signals instead of radios and monitored communication.
  94. She may have made coded notes when one of her terminal patients decided to accept my offer, or maybe she mentioned you in some way to a coworker that tipped him off.
  95. This book’s material is naturally relevant for making strategic decisions that could be coded in a benchmark but it also discusses tactical beta-timing tools.
  96. Stocks with the lowest P/S ratios (Q1, low price per unit of sales) were coded 0, and those with the highest P/S ratios (Q5, high price per unit of sales) were coded 4.
  97. They looked at the pile of pages and realized that everything was coded, there would be a frame that fitted over the sheets to allow the reader to understand the figures.
  98. Stocks with the lowest P/B ratios (Q1, low price per unit of book value) were coded 0; those with the highest P/B ratios (Q5, high price per unit of book value) were coded 4.
  99. The stocks with the lowest P/E ratios (Q1, low price per unit of earnings) were coded 0, and those with the highest P/E ratios (Q5, high price per unit of earnings) were coded 4.
  100. As they were all in invisible so Sunny was the only source to be contacted each other by coded words and to remain together in integrated otherwise they could swim to opposite directions.
  1. You can find zip codes.
  2. And codes can be altered.
  3. Only I know these codes.
  4. Surely he needed access codes.
  5. They will teach you the codes.
  6. Furthermore, the tax codes of.
  7. Now, you promised us some codes.
  8. Codes That Others Have Lived By.
  9. The valid codes are as follows:.
  10. She knew the codes, so tried again.
  11. Hidden time codes within Revelation.
  12. In cracking the codes used for these.
  13. Codes and sanctions are in transition.
  14. Of course, I have his command codes.
  15. The officer typed in a number of codes.
  16. Here are the most common status codes:.
  17. It had the same Baja symbols and codes.
  18. Each society must develop its own codes.
  19. Codes Centre and the National Museum of.
  20. Having broken Japan’s radio codes, we.
  21. Several suggested codes are listed below.
  22. Moral codes were well known by the people.
  23. I'm the only one who can change the codes.
  24. Your identification codes are suspicious.
  25. The codes went as follows: 8, 5, 12, 12, 15.
  26. What combinations, pass codes, passwords, etc.
  27. It was like finding the cheat codes to a game.
  28. The tombs were glowing with the codes of Baja.
  29. Codes I’m sure your interpreters told you of.
  30. Definitely no safety codes here, Andy said.
  31. But that was before you changed the codes on me.
  32. There is no sense in words, no formulas or codes.
  33. While these codes are most often associated with.
  34. Are the reset codes on there too? she asked.
  35. With a secret press of the codes on the map by Mrs.
  36. Any letter area codes on the map should be included.
  37. There are two kinds of codes that are unbreakable.
  38. The security codes and such have changed, of course.
  39. There is not one set of codes that applies globally.
  40. Do you have the deactivation codes to abort the.
  41. Learn the special codes to make the operation easier.
  42. We only change the codes twice a year, Tobias says.
  43. If they break the codes of conduct, they are ritually.
  44. But Bella had no problem figuring out the secret codes.
  45. You’re lying, you don’t have access to the codes.
  46. Witnessing his second court case changed Victor’s codes.
  47. It was ful of codes and ciphers, bloody nightmare it was.
  48. Unless they change the codes nightly, I don't see why not.
  49. I checked all the reply codes and the message looked legit.
  50. What about the codes? Who would have access to them?
  51. Not to mention the police and all their blooming ten codes.
  52. Read about Cosmic Codes NUU-VVU and LLUU-VVU in Chapter II.
  53. In the meantime, I’ve had all the locks and codes changed.
  54. The error codes defined by the FTP standard are as follows:.
  55. Norah realized she’d never unblocked the Chicago area codes.
  56. Love does not care even for moral and ethical codes of society.
  57. On his chest lay a golden breastplate that glowed with red codes.
  58. So we thought they were secret codes and we tried to break them.
  59. With a few rubs and a push on the secret codes, nothing happened.
  60. Some of the other ships have been changing their codes, it seems.
  61. The AMA was able to maintain its monopoly on billing codes which.
  62. She then patiently set about ascertaining all of his log-in codes.
  63. Again the internet access/id codes could be used for this purpose.
  64. This does not include the prophecies that are hidden in the codes.
  65. The pool owners chose not to keep up with the codes and rules that.
  66. Consider creating a list of status codes applicable to an assessee.
  67. They managed to break the codes and figurative languages hidden in.
  68. They seemed to be deferring to the Imperial codes in his computers.
  69. Would this piece of paper and envelope have the bar codes on them?
  70. Without Nocor’s help, the others cannot enter the archival codes.
  71. The city or the building might have codes that have to be followed.
  72. There were many codes that were carved into the walls centuries ago.
  73. He had access codes to storage complexes in the UK southeast sector.
  74. Fine, this simple command will tell you about the codes for all keys.
  75. It had the Baja codes and symbols that glowed up and down its sides.
  76. Listen lady, it might take me a few hours, but I can get the codes.
  77. Technically, Alex and I broke all the band codes and that’s that.
  78. Another cell, according to the list of area codes, this one in Idaho.
  79. At polls #signatures to vote would be coorelated to # codes given out.
  80. I will only join organizations that teach and live by high moral codes.
  81. In the beginning the codes had not been hard, but now they were even.
  82. Then leaders emerged, then laws were made, then codes came into being.
  83. Don’t they have building safety codes around here? Andy quipped.
  84. Somebody made a mistake and put it with the codes I was supposed to be.
  85. Number One, the Head of Security, had already retrieved the codes from.
  86. They wouldn’t be good without codes, now would they? Garcia said.
  87. When you pipe the output from ls or grep the color codes aren't emitted.
  88. These states passed Black Codes, recreating slavery as much as possible.
  89. The captain walked to the radio and went through the communication codes.
  90. The mirror had codes that Peter quickly jotted down on his piece of paper.
  91. Our dimension is inhabited by the vibration codes to the pathway of life.
  92. Someone inside could have got the codes and passwords, he suggested.
  93. Juan’s access codes didn’t assure that what he planned to do would work.
  94. Actually, I do, Ackers said as he finished entering a string of codes.
  95. Frequency hopping by simple codes such as "up a buck and a quarter" for a 1.
  96. The crazy black cannot detonate those bombs without the codes or the keys.
  97. Only the codes given out may send votes back through the substations and hubs.
  98. All ships will have displays showing all potential targets and their ID codes.
  99. Greg read off the identification codes for the two warships and the cargo ship.
  100. As we are born new CDs are entered; these are the society codes and as we grow.

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