inscribe sätze

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Inscribe sätze (in englisch)

  1. By the pen, and by what they inscribe.
  2. The pyramids inscribe star patterns on the ground that.
  3. On a small flat stone, inscribe your enemy's name reversed.
  4. The proclamation by God to Moses to inscribe the law for his peo-.
  5. Who could inscribe such firm words with a weapon must have possessed exceptional inner.

  6. We shall inscribe the date of death on this tombstone—and that date shall be this year: 2212.
  7. All those times I had sat and watched my Grandma Annie carefully inscribe the letters on the.
  8. On the ancient monuments of barbarism and despotism I will inscribe great words of justice and mercy.
  9. And so the old devil announced that all the fools were to inscribe themselves as soldiers, and that Iván would execute those who would not go.
  10. Before I'd arrived, he had given Irene his list of these evil thieves translated into Classical Greek with instructions for her to inscribe it onto an amphora, to cast it in her kiln and to take it with Agni to the Archaeological Museum in Athens.
  11. He sat down at the table, got out a couple of notebooks—a diary and the copy-book in which it was his custom every evening to inscribe the tasks performed by or awaiting him—and, continually frowning and touching his cheek with his hand, continued writing for a while.
  12. But I had not yet reached the limits of what Fate can and will do to a harmless woman who only asks to be left unnoticed; for while Brosy and I were studying this book, which is an ancient visitor's book of 1843 kept by the landlord's father or grandfather, I forget which, and quite the best thing Arkona possesses, so that I advise the traveller, whose welfare I do my best at intervals to promote, not to leave Arkona without having seen it,--while, I say, we were studying this book, admiring many of its sketches, laughing over the inevitable ineptitudes that seem to drop with so surprising a facility from the pens of persons who inscribe their names, examining with awe the signatures of celebrated men who came here before they were celebrated,--Bismarck's as assessor in 1843, Caprivi's as lieutenant, Waldersee's also as lieutenant, and others of the kind,--while, I repeat, we were innocently studying this book, Fate was busy tucking up her sleeves preparing to hit me harder than ever.
  1. The man at the foot of the sarcophagus leaned over it and moved his candle as if he were writing with a pen, inscribing a mystic symbol in the air.
  2. Plato was burning his lamp and bending over a parchment; the best disciple of the philosopher was busy inscribing the deeds, words, and teachings that marked the end of the sage's life.
  1. A name was inscribed on the.
  2. That is inscribed in the Book.
  3. This is inscribed in the Book.
  4. Inscribed inside the cover was:.
  5. The address is inscribed on the key.
  6. Within was inscribed a delicate sword.
  7. It was obviously inscribed by a weapon.
  8. Joshua inscribed it in the Book of Laws 3.
  9. It had A inscribed in it with real silver.
  10. Both had a red M inscribed onto their helmets.
  11. His words are inscribed in my brain till today.
  12. The handle has a triple spiral inscribed with.
  13. Like a book inscribed with a few words of Latin.
  14. Past presidents of Rotary have plaques inscribed.
  15. A statue or a large stone inscribed with Talniar.
  16. Each one has a command word inscribed on its side.
  17. On the envelope we find this line inscribed, The.
  18. Inscribed in it is the Braithewaite family motto:.
  19. On the stone was inscribed a passage from the Bible.
  20. She drew near to a dark stone on which was inscribed:.
  21. This is faintly inscribed on the face of a steep rock.
  22. It had some stuff inscribed into it, designs and words.
  23. On the door was inscribed in chalk, Kapernaumov, Tailor.
  24. Their details had been inscribed beforehand to save time.
  25. Raven was inscribed there in ornate silver lettering.
  26. Cosmic SELF have inscribed in the heart of every human being.
  27. There are, as you see, twelve magnificent stones, inscribed.
  28. Notably, a scarab of black resin, its base inscribed with the.
  29. He wore a large silver ring, inscribed with some sort of flower.
  30. The laws had been sealed in the purest of vellum inscribed with.
  31. The eye of Horus was inscribed on the tiles that lined the hall.
  32. It was of course two polished timber handles, suitably inscribed.
  33. That should be inscribed on the simple marker of my resting place.
  34. All acts of humanity are inscribed on the surfaces of their spirit.
  35. It shall be inscribed in the archives of my kingdom and published.
  36. This photograph is inscribed at the top in Pat’s own handwriting.
  37. He could just about feel the inscribed surface, the cool feel of gold.
  38. Little polished pebbles in sets of six, each with a rune inscribed on it.
  39. She also had a tattoo on her arm of a heart with a name inscribed in cursive.
  40. He led her to a wooden gate inscribed STAFF ONLY in a hedge of pink oleander and.
  41. For the next hour, Nerissa patiently inscribed Homer’s version of the events on.
  42. Its surface lay inscribed with a name, finely embossed and stenciled in gold print.
  43. Napoleon presented a gold medallion to Josephine with these words inscribed on it.
  44. I think I can manage that, I replied and inscribed it as she requested with an.
  45. Situated on top of everything was a leatherbound book inscribed with the initials ADA.
  46. The language was impossible but the clay tablets they inscribed it into were familiar.
  47. Then she handed him a silver bracelet with the name Joseph inscribed in cursive letters.
  48. Inscribed upon it, in the jagged handwriting of Professor Challenger, were the words:—.
  49. On it, she had inscribed, I just want you to know that I owe you much more than my life.
  50. Meanwhile the surrounding metal ring inscribed with dark thought heated up to a cherry red.
  51. John Tucker leant over the table and surveyed the list of names inscribed on a sheet of paper.
  52. On its back was pasted a strip of coarse brown wrapping paper, inscribed in pale homemade ink.
  53. Elvish was inscribed along the edges of the anvil, Tyrosh knew it said And I give you breath.
  54. Alexandre also picked up broken ushebtis, upon which the cartouches of Khuenaten are inscribed.
  55. I believe my father inscribed this rune stone with directions on how to find the Aesira scrolls.
  56. It’s found inscribed in the earliest writings and some folk sword dancers still wear fox hats.
  57. Around him are ranged his children and servants, all with their names inscribed upon the drapery.
  58. The story of the Ten Commandments inscribed on stone by God’s "finger" ( hand) can now be seen.
  59. The other star pattern inscribed on the ground is formed by the Nile, which was used to mirror the.
  60. I showed him the buff envelope inscribed "Monsieur le Maire," whereupon he smiled and said, "Parti.
  61. Smoke-hazed plate-glass doors hung underneath an archway inscribed with words I didn’t understand.
  62. The key was gold and had five large teeth and ended with a globe inscribed with a simple curving line.
  63. The inside was inscribed with hieroglyphics and other codes of Baja, which no one knew what they meant.
  64. This inscribed term of our sorts of personalities has to be laced over what we currently own and posses.
  65. I flipped over to the flyleaf and saw inscribed on the yellowed paper there, Ruby Lee McAllister, 1947.
  66. He then called for his horses, drove to the Chamber, and inscribed his name to speak against the budget.
  67. Over the fireplace was a raw beam into which were inscribed and carved the signatures of his visitors.
  68. Pentacle– A five-pointed star (pentagram) inscribed within a circle that is popular within the occult.
  69. Accordingly, a five-pointed star ( pentagram) inscribed within a circle so the points of the star touch.
  70. It’s a motto inscribed on the dollar bill right above that symbol of the pyramid thing with the eye.
  71. He examined me, treating me in a very affable manner, and gave me a paper on which my name was inscribed.
  72. All of the Hip Hop Breakers had their names inscribed in green cursive writing on their black sweatshirts.
  73. A negative aspect has been highlighted out by these four sentences along these inscribed lines over here;-.
  74. A two-year-old drawing of Damon’s tacked up next to the cartoon was inscribed: For the best Daddy ever.
  75. Some were easy to understand and had already been inscribed with insignias such as fire, water, or lightning.
  76. A gerege? I asked as I studied the small gold plate inscribed in the Uighur script: This is my ambassador.
  77. In the palace front were also severer columns inscribed with scenes, and with capitals imitating gigantic jewellery.
  78. A second temple, with sandstone pillars and mud brick walls, is inscribed in many places with the name of Thothmes IV.
  79. This verse should be inscribed on all boardroom walls, for it encapsulates all the answers to all the questions we ask.
  80. On the front of the monument was inscribed: "The families of Saint-Meran and Villefort," for such had been the last wish.
  81. Subsequently a conjunction would normally be inscribed at the dormitory of this scene in order to augur us to remain and stay in.
  82. What interested me most about the garden was not its plantings or its peaceful beauty, but rather what was inscribed all over it.
  83. Each door in the nursing home was painted with a star and inscribed with a famous name, like that of a theatrical dressing room.
  84. It would be inscribed somewhere on the Codex, making him a member of the Library, with all the attendant pay, duties, and privileges.
  85. He reached out and touched the cold dampness of her headstone with unsteady fingers, tracing the letters inscribed in the black granite.
  86. Each drawer had an old-fashioned brass label holder that held a tiny hand-written card with a single pictographic symbol inscribed upon it.
  87. Brass plates inscribed with the names of each year's classes were to be mounted, in succession, after commencement exercises were completed.
  88. He had a pocket-book about him; the same one which had contained the note-book in which he had inscribed so many thoughts of love for Cosette.
  89. Sculpture and monuments and any thing inscribed anywhere are tallied in you, The gist of histories and statistics as far back as the records.
  90. There was a fight here yesterday, and some hours after we missed the five fragments of inscribed stone and one piece belonging to another set.
  91. The author visited the local war memorial and was horrified to find that the letters VC were not inscribed next to the name of Kenneth Campbell.
  92. His tomb under the dome—where now we see an enormous slab, with the words 'Carolo Magno'—was inscribed Magnus atque Orthodoxus Imperator.
  93. Hitler laughed softly and calmly, Give me the Scroll for a few moments; I want to read to everyone here what I have inscribed on the new page.
  94. Private McManus was wounded in early November and this photograph is inscribed as having been taken before the end of 1917, around Christmastime.
  95. Finally I heard a click, the broad green door swung open, and inside I had a glimpse of a number of paper packets, each tied, sealed, and inscribed.
  96. The story of the Ten Commandments inscribed on stone by God’s "finger" ( hand) can now be seen as completely misinterpreted and rewritten symbolism.
  97. Let the reader recall what that name meant to him! That name he had worn on his heart, inscribed in his father's testament! He bore it at the bottom of.
  98. They are indelibly inscribed in the permanent records of the stirring and moving drama of combat and air crew recovery in Southeast Asia (Larzelere, p.
  99. She approaches the victor’s podium and chooses the man as the object of her passion - a noble passion of its own - a golden ball with her name inscribed.
  100. Two large slabs of marble, on which were inscribed their names, were placed on either side of a little enclosure, railed in, and shaded by four cypress-trees.
  1. Praying daily to the same fixed position and direction, as the Earth rotates, inscribes the math of.
  2. But the County Council department of the ministry always assumes—since for it the whole problem consists in inspecting and classifying—that the chief foundation of the school is the structure and that the school is a permanent establishment, and so, as far as I know, now spends about one-half of its money on buildings, and inscribes empty school buildings in the list of the schools of the third order.

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