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Encrypt sätze (in englisch)

  1. It tells CodeIgniter that you wish to encrypt.
  2. Then anyone can use this key to encrypt a message meant only for Crowley.
  3. There are software programs that encrypt and decrypt the file once the appropriate key is entered.
  4. Satoshi can use his private key to encrypt a message, and everyone else can decrypt it using his public key.
  5. It was increasing now, and unbidden, the algorithms she’d used to encrypt the Sariceans’ files appeared in her mind.

  6. Both DES and 3DES are symmetrical encryption algorithms, meaning that they use the same key to encrypt and decrypt the data.
  7. Encrypt the hash, h, using the RSA encryption method, namely calculate: s = hd (mod n), where s is the signature (it is a ciphertext).
  8. DES uses a 56-bit key to encrypt each 64-bit block, while 3DES encrypts each block three times with a different key, for 168-bit encryption.
  9. The key used to encrypt the $text_to_be_hashed string, comes from the value set in the config array item, $config['encryption_key'], in the config.
  10. There should be time no longer also refers directly to the end of days, as a specific allusion to the fact that the requirement to use symbolic codes such as days and years to encrypt wisdom and.
  11. These programs offer options such as the ability to automatically encrypt specific file types, encrypt files created by particular users or applications, or encrypt all files and folders designated by the system administrator.
  12. Generating a hash with the $config['encryption_key'] value: First, we load the encrypt library with $this->load->library('encrypt'), then we call the sha1 function in the encrypt library and pass to it the, $text_to_be_hashed variable.
  13. After loading the encryption support library with $this->load->library('encrypt'), a string of text (in this case, in the, $password variable) is passed to the sha1 function in the encrypt library, storing its product in the, $hash variable.
  14. Generating a hash without the $config['encryption_key'] value (that is adding a second parameter): First, we load the encrypt library with $this->load->library('encrypt'), then we call the sha1 function in the encrypt library and pass to it the, $text_to_be_.
  15. The KDC service on the domain controller then issues a ticket-granting ticket (TGT) to the client that includes the user’s SID, the network address of the client system, a time stamp that helps to prevent unauthorized access, and the session key that is used to encrypt the data.

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