confirmation sätze

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Confirmation sätze (in englisch)

The key is in confirmation.
Sleep was confirmation of it.
We are waiting for confirmation.
He looked at me for confirmation.
He handed her a confirmation slip.
It was the confirmation he needed.
Confirmation / All we need is love.

I think that’s your confirmation.
That was the confirmation I needed.
The dream is a confirmation of that.
This will bring up a confirmation:.
Here is another confirmation of 666.
Please provide confirmation of this.
One of the men nodded in confirmation.
Confirmation was found in two forms:.
Moving average, as confirmation tool:.
Soon we had confirmation that things.
When Chamberlain gave the confirmation.
The sequel was just such a confirmation.
Lil’ B nodded his head in confirmation.
Was it the confirmation of what he had.
He just nodded his head in confirmation.
But this confirmation is only temporary.
This all seems confirmation of our idea.
Confirmation and an Unexpected Blessing.
Confirmation would be highly recommended.
Or its confirmation in our huge appetite.
Shake hands in confirmation of the word.
WOA joined the celebration of confirmation.
Never trust any signal without confirmation.
Astronomy is still working on confirmation.
It was the confirmation he was waiting for.
Confirmation would definitely be suggested.
Her confirmation upsets Cass’ hungry heart.
The idea is to wait for mutual confirmation.
All the boys looked at Olin for confirmation.
Harami requires confirmation or capitulation.
Carol stared at him waiting for confirmation.
This is a confirmation of the wonder of faith.
The specific confirmation may be made with:.

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