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    1. Its ends are stable, each a four-wheel truck pinned to the bottom of the backbone

    2. Hell, and for a while this new approach also seemed to offer some hope for a stable

    3. The stable door to the kitchen was open at the top and he poked his head into

    4. From my own brief life, growing up in the security of a loving family and a stable and prosperous society, I had few further points of reference by which I could really measure the guards

    5. The A star was stable and long lived with sixty billion more years to go on the main sequence

    6. So much had happened since she last sat here … an image of JJ laughing as he rode Black Hofnarr across the stable yard flew across her mind

    7. On top of that, the ggs in the stable are not a patch on Sefir or Belvento, more nags than anything else, but, as Wiesse points out, needs must

    8. When he rides into the yard I’m out in the stable block ostensibly grooming Sefir, though the effectiveness of my so-called grooming would be called into doubt by any half-capable stablehand but Sefir doesn’t seem to mind

    9. As always, Berndt is practical and sensible – it is he who locates our bags and checks that they are as they should be and he who oversees the ggs being settled in the stable

    10. The product to look for is that which contains stable L-ascorbic acid, low pH and

    11. There is a small garden area out front which my mother uses to grow herbs, a small stable at the back and a larger garden behind, going up towards the woods on top of the hill

    12. By the time I rein Sefir to a halt in the stable yard, Wiesse has broken the news to her

    13. ’ Berndt’s amused voice said from the door of the stable

    14. The sound of someone running across the stable yard interrupts him

    15. ’ Berndt explained as he turns Adamant through an archway into the stable yard

    16. By the time he and Orens have settled Sefir and Adamant in stalls, I am feeling a less shaky and able to cross the stable yard without assistance

    17. Berndt heads straight for a wayhouse called ‘The Bright Stars’, ducking his head as he rides Adamant under the archway leading into the stable yard, the gg’s hooves clattering on the cobbles of the yard

    18. Adamant and Sefir appear to be totally refreshed after their night in the stable

    19. Getting onto Sefir’s back is an ordeal and a half, not helped by the fact that Berndt is totally ignoring my difficulties, leaving it to the stable lad to help me

    20. However, being stable is the most important thing

    21. ‘Welcome – if you would stable your mounts, I will show you where our guest rooms are

    22. Berndt, having settled Adamant, comes across to collect Sefir and leads her into the stable, chatting to the Gottesman who is showing him where everything is in there

    23. I spend a good bit of the next day stretched out by the ggs’ stable, dozing in the sunshine, while Berndt sits nearby reading

    24. The air of excitement in the air makes me feel self-conscious but it’s not long before we are laughing about something crazy and, by the time I put the plates on the table, I feel more stable

    25. The Hold Stables housed about thirty of the beautiful Hausa, and while Duncan and Tarak engaged in conversation with the stable master, Rayne went to each offering the tubers from their feedbags

    26. Master Seatac, the stable master, enjoyed answering her questions and explaining the animal’s heritage and traits to her

    27. It was Master Seatac, the head stable master, who happened to be passing by

    28. Master Seatac held the reins as he walked Patton out of the stable pen

    29. Master Seatac looked around the stable and then raised his eyes up towards the main Hold House

    30. On the third evening as she headed back to the Hold and the stable where Master Seatac was waiting for her she decided to ask him about the Hausa

    31. Looking out he saw what interested the old stable master

    32. “There are many other things I have observed these past several days, my Lord” the stable master continued, “she does things our way without realizing it; things that only an Ogatu would know to do

    33. She hoped she hadn’t gotten the old stable master into trouble with Tarak

    34. Had it not been for the old Stable Master being close by, he would have fallen in a dead faint

    35. When she was sure he would be okay, she headed out of the stable and back towards the stairs to the main house

    36. She was familiar with the sea from her own home, but the boats she used were much more stable and the lagoons of the Caribbean much calmer and her med panel was close at hand

    37. individual is well off and stable then those around around him are not

    38. owners, horse trainers and stable hands were curious

    39. love you experience is generated from within, it is stable, safe and secure,

    40. stable and coach-house, as well as other outbuildings of less easily

    41. main house and the stable block

    42. As I said, there's a few things to do but as soon as she's settled and stable I'm sure they'll let you sit with her

    43. We'll just have to keep her stable and make an assessment when she wakes up

    44. The original house had been augmented by a stable block off to

    45. over to the stable block with the intent of cadging a cuppa

    46. behind the stable block in a direction he had never explored

    47. For eleven of those years, White Feathers had spent quite a bit of time up at James Connor's livery stable when other family matters weren't pressing

    48. This all happened a year and a bit before the twins were born to George and Belle, and White Feathers at once began helping the new father care for his son while James also kept up his livery stable business

    49. Jann’s was a run-down stable on the very outskirts

    50. he lead his horse out of the stable, ‘It wouldn’t be

    1. He was cleaning the hooves of a recently stabled mare ridden into town by an annual visitor at the opening of the summer season

    2. White Feathers found that the head of one of those families, Melvin Pierce, a nice fellow with a pair of roan geldings stabled at the livery, had a real knack for husbandry and a serviceable business sense

    3. ‘It wasn’t my fault,’ Jean grumbled as he stabled her

    4. brief outskirts and, soon after, stabled their horses in a

    5. Eli’s young face was bright with excitement as she pulled to a stop, and he stabled her horse in record time

    6. But the old woman, a stern old veteran of the frontier, quieted them harshly; she helped Balthus get out the two horses that were stabled in a pen behind the cabin and put the children on them

    7. Usually when dad and I had ridden in, we’d stabled our horses at Hidden Ponds Hostelry but the owners knew both of us well

    8. Still silent, Zelata stabled the horse in a near-by cave, with leaves and grass piled high for provender, and a tiny spring bubbling in the dim recesses

    9. The horses were stabled on the ground floor and figured out how to walk up straight staircases

    10. my own horse stabled at the Wilshire Country Club

    11. young man stabled his horse for the night

    12. kenneled dogs and stabled horses

    13. When the horses were stabled Tannon shouted and ran towards the house

    14. Back in the barn they stabled the horses and dried them off, the scent of hay and animals heavy in the humid barn

    15. nine of the horses were stabled

    16. It wasn’t a real concern to him that the stallion would run, but best not to take chances since it had been stabled for so long

    17. They stabled the horses and dumped their weapons as fast as they could, the promise of good food spurring them on

    18. “I’m guessing the griffins will be stabled somewhere near the Keep

    19. We stabled the horses out in the rear horse yard; three horses in one stable, which was good as they could keep each other warm, and we went bursting through the back door of the house, shivering and dripping rainwater on the floor

    20. And when our horses were stabled and watered, we all walked out again into the city streets, still with an escort, walking back to the Officer’s quarters where we had camped before

    21. After we stabled our horses, we went to our room and changed out of our battle-gear and into shirts and breeches, then we thought about having baths as we went down to the main hall for a drink of ale

    22. Back through the east-gate, stabled our horses, I next went to Rhodri’s house, carrying my gear

    23. He said, “I have something for you,” and he went right back outside again, went to his horse as it still stood waiting to be stabled, came back in carrying a sack

    24. When the horses were stabled, the men drifted across the compound, past the kitchens and barracks and chapel, to a second drawbridge that led to a small inner compound, the top loop of the figure eight

    25. There used to be great curved divots left by the horses that had stabled here, but that was back when Pop was one of the first black men in Georgia with this many acres, and he and C

    26. five ponies that have to be stabled

    27. riding-ponies that there were in Bree were stabled in my yard, and they're

    28. So it was agreed between us that I was to come up to the dancing floor as soon as I had stabled the automobile and put on evening clothes

    1. I don’t feel much better by the time I reach The Stables just after eleven thirty

    2. What I’m calling about is to let you know that I’m moving over to The Stables tomorrow

    3. ‘But I must give you the address and directions of how to find The Stables

    4. ‘We can’t offer you anything remotely like this at The Stables

    5. She’ll be much better off down at The Stables

    6. ‘I hope it works moving her into The Stables

    7. The man drove his van back to The Stables while we took a slight detour via Liz’s landlord in order to hand back the keys

    8. I take my bad temper out on the clutch as I drive away from The Stables

    9. It is a good hour later that we arrive back at The Stables, warm and pleasantly weary after our long walk

    10. way to the stables

    11. An hour later, wearing borrowed hosen and a vullejakt that is wonderfully warm if a size too large for me, I follow Wiesse out of the building and round to the stables

    12. A little later, hearing the sound of gg hooves coming towards the stables, I make my presence known by talking to Sefir

    13. The stables are empty,

    14. He draws me out of the stables with a final command to his son to ensure that Adamant is fed

    15. Adamant is fresh after his day in the stables and raring to go

    16. The Hold Stables housed about thirty of the beautiful Hausa, and while Duncan and Tarak engaged in conversation with the stable master, Rayne went to each offering the tubers from their feedbags

    17. He walked her to the side entrance near the stables, and slapped Patton on his rump

    18. She led the Paint to the stables and put him in a stall she had been readying for him

    19. Smiling she left the balcony and headed down to the stables humming to herself

    20. She continued to the stables and found Master Seatac feeding the Hausa

    21. The next day, she was lead to a stables and lead to believe they had one more day to travel into the interior of this island or continent, whichever it was

    22. This alley sloped steeply down and turned, so that soon they were in a basement stables

    23. come to the stables and see what you can do

    24. stables, but I’d never been to the stables to see them

    25. horse had been brought into the stables in the past

    26. My arrival at the stables caused a bit of a stir

    27. Karla led him out of the stables

    28. “The stables are over there, aren’t they?” Alistair responded,

    29. Tom, although there was one which appeared to be a stables and

    30. trees also prevented the stables from being visible and spoiling the

    31. It seemed that most of the stables were now used as garages; at

    32. The rooms over the old stables

    33. eye ran along the well-trimmed beech hedge separating the stables

    34. appreciated that they could be reached so easily from the stables

    35. matter of minutes, he was back past the stables and had picked up his

    36. And he was of course delighted whenever Titania followed White Feathers up to the stables to visit or care for the horses

    37. “Well so long as he keeps up with his chores in the stables, I can't see what harm it'd do 'im,” answered the tall man

    38. Miss Mandy Hill ran across the lad on the boardwalk shortly after leaving the stables, and so she explained to him about the kitchen position she had just discussed with his father, Jameson was thrilled

    39. seemingly intent on making its own way back to the stables

    40. buildings at the back of the stables

    41. the stables having, Tom presumed, begged a lift from the causeway in

    42. His body wasn't found until that afternoon and it was his own son who made the discovery, in the company of White Feathers and Titania who had accompanied him there for routine reasons having nothing to do with the stables at all

    43. The graveside service was held at the village cemetery soon after, and young Jameson walked away from the grave down the village streets to the stables and his home---an orphan

    44. ' He took it upon himself to maintain, for as long as he was able, the running of the stables

    45. Titania was returning from the livery stables after putting out fodder and watering the resident beasts; Hipolyta was sitting in front of the Mercantile enjoying the evening breeze while finishing the weekly logs, and Jameson was soon to leave the kitchens for the day

    46. “I know dad loved the stables, it was all he'd ever done, kinda the way he wanted to raise me

    47. courtyard by the stables, from where Jean could see

    48. She had to know that everything had turned out okay, so instead of walking directly into the house she headed for the stables, only a few hundred feet up the road

    49. It had been built as the stables of Oliar’s castle, the ruins of which loomed behind the house and fields on the other side of the street

    50. "Meet Jim at the Stables about Four

    1. they were later to discover, housed a diary or provided stabling for

    2. The stabling and tack room was well-organised, there

    3. For that matter, there are more than a few elves who would love to own it, despite its larger dimensions! It boasts thirty-six rooms, with twelve bedrooms including the master suite, stabling for thirty horses, and garage space for six carriages

    4. Mohammad Amin had no need of this horse at all, for he was an officer and the government provided him with excellent horses and whatever stabling and fodder the animal needed

    5. Ill bring to him for stabling

    6. His men were cold and needed housing, horses stabling

    7. The cavalry, on entering a there stabling more than sufficient for their horses, went on, all the same, to the next house which seemed to them better

    8. There are streets and houses, and there are books, I imagine, and big canals and docks and places for stabling, if not horses, well, then some domestic animal, perhaps with twelve legs, who knows? Everywhere I look I see things that were used

    9. The cavalry, on entering a merchant’s house that had been abandoned and finding there stabling more than sufficient for their horses, went on, all the same, to the next house which seemed to them better

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