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    1. After a short hesitation, I opened the main portal of the Zephyrus, stepped out with slow, cautious steps and looked around carefully

    2. It gives him a cautious look but seems to accept my assurance that all is well, allowing the man to stroke its head

    3. I wasn't sure if they knew someone was there but after a few moments of heads bowed and hands joined, one squeaked a giggle and took a cautious peek at the other

    4. Except he found himself to be extremely cautious of the thorns, which for so long had not been a bother to him

    5. He was very cautious

    6. He calmed himself and focused all his senses; he would have to be very cautious

    7. He was cautious enough to move as silently as possible

    8. Very cautious, she was, and still had one wing

    9. And those remaining, very few, who through bigotry or sheer ignorance had despised the little family's presence in the village, now had to be very cautious indeed to at least never publicly hint at any lingering misgivings regarding the Livingsons they might still privately harbor

    10. ‘It … it means wise and … and cautious

    11. started toward her slow and cautious

    12. cautious of any stranger, and this one struck him as being

    13. ordeal was almost over, but was still cautious

    14. Only now, his hands were in such poor condition he had to be more cautious than ever

    15. cautious of flooded rivers, and wondered if there was an

    16. Another elf entered the room: a cautious, white eye on the hallway behind her and a caring eye on the Magi and elves, assuring they were all safely deposited into the room

    17. They seemed to have a very complicated relationship, each cautious of the other’s anger

    18. If there truly was any kind of lingering danger, she had to be extremely cautious with her speech

    19. He would have to be cautious, extremely so

    20. To see a sea turtle in your dream indicates that you are cautious when it comes to expressing your emotions

    21. To dream that you lose your wallet suggests that you need to be more cautious and careful about your spending and finances

    22. Her sisters and the others were instantly cautious, “What sort of obligations?” Ravena probed

    23. And she made her way over to examine it, after a couple of cautious looks outside of the tent

    24. "Hello!" I called out, going against my cautious nature

    25. Kurt was cautious as he walked around to the front that faced the river

    26. “All right, so I could have been a little more cautious, but I’m here now so who’s coming next?”

    27. Sebastian was always the more cautious of the two of them

    28. Hopefully that makes him more cautious than the average mortal

    29. ’ Torbin wanted to tell Zardino how this more cautious plan was flawed, how his own plan for making personal contact with the device may have worked

    30. What was he saying? Surely he could do as he wished? He didn't have to make any compromises, did he? Shelagh was being too cautious

    31. Do not look at it as eavesdropping either, more as a cautious friend monitoring the content of your discussions

    32. The cautious kitten was a sleek black with a white throat, chest, and belly, and four little white paws, like the rain boots in my closet

    33. His two friends seemed the least offended by it though they seemed more cautious of his mood swings as the days progressed

    34. So many times he had thought to be cautious, going for a colour rather than a number, only for the balance to just slightly be against him with relatively small bets, until the final large stake for a big gamble to recoup the losses

    35. her as a model student, prone to being a little on the cautious side

    36. was simply being overly cautious, he couldn’t bring himself to dismiss her admonitions

    37. We stayed in this cautious mode all the way to the restaurant

    38. I closed up the place, and, as the Lieutenant had suggested, was being extra cautious

    39. As soon as she passed it—and her excuse for wandering—she grew more cautious

    40. Amaranthe slid over the ledge and navigated a cautious descent

    41. Maso's project of inducing restricted immigration from the Canary Islands and northern Spain will solve the latter difficulty, if placed into effect; and to the former, while America financiers may still be cautious, English capitalists are winning contracts, obtaining options and making effective arrangements for aggressive investment

    42. The three conspirators, rightly cautious about their plans, arranged to meet in a secluded glade

    43. Kay’s frustration with her injuries mounted as she trudged in cautious deliberation across the empty courtyard

    44. Perhaps I was being too cautious

    45. For this reason, conventional wisdom is oftentimes likely to avoid controversial subjects considered incompatible with the customary and accepted practices of an increasingly sensitive, overly cautious society; preferring to play it safe, instead, by providing pat answers or formulaic responses to difficult questions rather than expressing a ―truthful‖ opinion

    46. “Editors in the smaller markets tend to be cautious and conservative types,” grumbled Barnes

    47. No longer was she going to be the overly cautious creature she has always been

    48. An overly cautious man, he also tended to give way to opponents and instead concentrated on getting his allies to compromise too

    49. He was also a conservative in the sense of being cautious, and a defender of things as they were

    50. This does not mean full democracy by any means, or anything but the most cautious peace

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    cautious timid conservative observant prudent safe circumspect watchful mindful solicitous