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    1. He flew across the water faster than he had ever moved before on any conveyance for he had never ridden a bolting keda

    2. Those capitals may be greater, in almost any proportion, than the amount of the money which serves as the instrument of their conveyance; the same pieces of money successively serving for many different loans, as well as for many different purchases

    3. "Extraordinary!" exclaimed Mr Pinscher, although it was not certain whether his interest was roused by this uncommon mode of conveyance, or by the vague suggestion of sausages

    4. In some places it is even dangerous to travel on horseback, and mules are the only conveyance which can safely be trusted

    5. The bullets were housed in a conveyance resembling a modern refrigerator, on a belt twenty-seven feet long

    6. The bookmaster harrumphed, but knew Forgo was right—these Halflings were exhausted and needed a speedy conveyance

    7. The wagon was a four-wheeled conveyance of typical Polish design

    8. And to answer your third question, you could be said to exist inside the buffer matrix of the conveyance sub-system of Support

    9. “The next conveyance? Could it be that you are talking about the fiery ball that overpasses the pyramid?”

    10. and they stepped into the plushly lined conveyance

    11. The occasional train travelling in the other direction passed with a whoosh that made their own conveyance rock

    12. “Thus, I have made you a conveyance, to your measurements, which Yazadril provided

    13. She followed the curve of the tree, and waited while the others alighted on the balcony and moved indoors to leave room for her to land Mark’s conveyance

    14. “The measurements that Yazadril took of you, and passed to Alilia when she made your conveyance, were complete

    15. Each conveyance sported a single torch at the bow with one on each

    16. Ashon sat in the back of the massive vehicle with three of Loco's other soldiers and the rest of the unit was in the second conveyance

    17. conveyance of multiple meanings about the child's behavior, the relationship between

    18. success in the world, but were now only a means of conveyance

    19. It simply takes time to break the masses out of information that has been given to them repeatedly in many forms of conveyance

    20. (Funds) to perform the Hajj, and he also has a conveyance

    21. He will travel at great speeds and his means of conveyance

    22. (conveyance) of the relinquished property (sale property) and the

    23. A deed of conveyance that releases any title, interest, or claim the

    24. use asses as a means of conveyance

    25. ‘And all the conveyance will also be arranged by them?’

    26. Anyhow after drinking coffee she had hired a conveyance and had gone on to Wiek

    27. Ultimately that tempest razed the roof off Indra’s conveyance, who immediately

    28. Clambering out from his toppled conveyance the Devata king took to the air where he created a high-voltage vortex

    29. refer to the Ark of the Covenant ( Ark of her Testament), which symbolizes the vessel (conveyance) of the Creator’s contract of inheritance with humanity

    30. symbolism is the “vessel of the blood of the messiah,” meaning the conveyance of the self-sacrifice

    31. and hid them in a symbolic vessel (conveyance) symbolized as the lost or hidden ark, to protect long

    32. AmenMoses are the vessel (conveyance, a

    33. vessel (conveyance) and sanctuary ( house, temple, tabernacle) for the eternal covenant between

    34. Ark of Her Testament– Vessel (conveyance) and sanctuary of the Creator’s covenant ( testament)

    35. Wisdom is the conveyance and sanctuary of Her covenant with humanity

    36. refer to the Ark of the Covenant ( Ark of her Testament), which symbolizes the vessel (conveyance)

    37. wisdom that serves as the vessel or conveyance of the covenant between humanity and our Creator,

    38. From the inside of his omnipotent conveyance Loofah watched the world slide past with supercilious detachment

    39. It was additionally disconcerting to have madame knitting all the way there, in a public conveyance; it was additionally disconcerting yet, to have madame in the crowd in the afternoon, still with her knitting in her hands as the crowd waited to see the carriage of the King and Queen

    40. Finally, he had proposed, after anxious consideration, that Miss Pross and Jerry, who were at liberty to leave the city, should leave it at three o'clock in the lightest-wheeled conveyance known to that period

    41. Craves the conveyance of a promised march

    42. The fact that I could take a conveyance at the station never occurred to my mind, no, not even when I got out into the street, and stood, taking my anxious bearings, in the midst, so to speak, of twenty thousand hansoms

    43. Indeed, many a maimed and feeble soldier was compelled to drag his exhausted limbs in the rear of the columns, for the want of the necessary means of conveyance in that wilderness

    44. An hour after the vehicle was at the door; it was a hack conveyance which was elevated to the rank of a private carriage in honor of the occasion, but, in spite of its humble exterior, the young men would have thought themselves happy to have secured it for the last three days of the Carnival

    45. Mr Starr was surrounded by a crowd of admirers, and a little later, when he rode away with Mr Belcher and Mr Sweater in the latter's motor car, the ladies looked hungrily after that conveyance, listening to the melancholy `pip, pip' of its hooter and trying to console themselves with the reflection that they would see him again in a few hours' time at the evening service

    46. So far as he could see he was rather pale in the face so that it occurred to him as highly advisable to get a conveyance of some description which would answer in their then condition, both of them being e

    47. With thousand miles of tumbling waves might have stretched between Tara and Jonesboro the old horse dead, their one mode of conveyance was gone, and there was neither

    48. She now found herself, Cinderella-like, promoted châtelaine, while her brother and his wife who had till that moment expected to find themselves, within a matter of days, in absolute command, were without a roof; the deeds of conveyance, engrossed and ready for signing, were rolled up, tied, and put away in one of the black tin boxes in Lincoln's Inn

    49. Her eyes could dwell upon details more clearly now, and Mr and Mrs Crick having directed their own gig to be sent for them, to leave the carriage to the young couple, she observed the build and character of that conveyance for the first time

    50. At a midway point, when Nuttlebury had been passed, and where there were cross-roads, Clare stopped the conveyance and said to Tess that if she meant to return to her mother's house it was here that he would leave her

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    conveyance transfer transferral transport transportation conveyance of title conveyancing conveying impartation imparting carriage car automobile bus wagon movement transmission communication