transportation sätze

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Transportation sätze (in englisch)

We use them for transportation.
And transportation over the Earth.
I am merely the transportation.
I can't use public transportation.
The transportation was new and shiny.
La Paz is a major transportation center.
Rethink Alternate Means of Transportation.

Investing in transportation and shipping.
Frugal Clothing and Transportation Hints.
He waited for transportation to the city.
Cars aren’t the only transportation.
Transportation is or is not paid as stated.
For example, its transportation ratio was 47.
They had river transportation and dug canals.
Save $$$ by eliminating transportation costs!.
Discovery is not the result of transportation.
As chairman of the Institute of Transportation.
These, as well as the transportation vehicles.
She knew of this transportation system of Earth.
With modern methods of transportation and com-.
They would have to take different transportation.
We traded goods for transportation on this ship.
The time lapses; the instant transportation from.
Bev said, This is a fun mode of transportation.
She rarely had to set foot on public transportation.
The transportation of a single heavy gun was often.
It helps to increase the blood in transportation of.
Citizens are encouraged to use public transportation.
The bankruptcy of the Penn Central Transportation Co.
Transportation to Van Diemen’s Land ceased in 1853.
Department that regulates the transportation industry.
You may even get creative with transportation at times.
I had a motorcycle as my primary means of transportation.
Locomotion and transportation will not give you salvation.
Arranging transportation through the city was impossible.
Ray got on the phone and called transportation to have a.
Stone went downstairs and inquired about transportation.
Come, come, I have transportation to a restaurant waiting.
Then there’s the issue of transportation for all of that.

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