transfer sätze

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Transfer sätze (in englisch)

  1. He would transfer to a.
  2. West for a secure transfer.
  3. Transfer the baking dish to.
  4. OK, then transfer me to Mr.
  5. Transfer into a baking dish.

  6. Transfer the McCoy matrix to.
  7. We transfer from body to body.
  8. Were you a transfer too?
  9. For they know that the transfer.
  11. After each transfer, I tried my.
  12. Okay, it just has to transfer.
  13. Transfer to a plate and let cool.
  14. The method by which the transfer.
  15. All existence is the transfer of.

  16. Hold on while I transfer you over.
  17. You can transfer in frozen schemes.
  18. The data transfer took four minutes.
  19. Strain and transfer to the pan again.
  20. The transfer rate of his neural.
  21. Remove, stir, and transfer to a bowl.
  22. Drain, transfer to a bowl, and cool.
  23. The transfer went smoothly that night.
  24. It would be a transfer of funds for.
  25. In fact, we were in the same transfer.

  26. Because of this, anyone can transfer.
  27. Transfer evil energy into good energy.
  28. I will not transfer the land to you.
  29. One transfer from downtown would do it.
  30. Her transfer to Vienna came as a shock.
  31. What?! Transfer?! Where and why?!.
  32. Therefore, let us transfer the nuclear.
  33. Normally, when the freight transfer is.
  34. India use for effecting transfer of money.
  35. Transfer into individual dishes and chill.
  36. We must ready ourselves for the transfer.
  37. Transfer Cylinder’, whatever that means.
  38. I think being a transfer would help me.
  39. Please hold the line while I transfer you.
  40. Transfer the pizza to the pizza stone by.
  41. LS as a transfer student and was accepted.
  42. For being part of the NEFT funds transfer.
  43. Don’t play the zero percent transfer game.
  44. When did Nidan want to transfer the cargo?
  45. Transfer this shape to the top of the bench.
  46. Transfer to a saucepan and bring to a boil.
  47. She had handed him a transfer order to sign.
  48. Our last transfer had been short and abrupt.
  49. I will transfer the complete amount to your.
  50. Because the return statement will transfer.
  51. He thought about the upcoming trunk transfer.
  52. Transfer the dough onto the floured sheet pan.
  53. Although the words transfer and exchange are.
  54. The transfer was accomplished without fanfare.
  55. Too long a gap between and it won’t transfer.
  56. The instruments of transfer were drawn out: St.
  57. The freight transfer proceeded without incident.
  58. I intend to transfer it to the Kelley piece.
  59. Water Point and Use of Flexible Transfer Hoses.
  60. Remove from heat and transfer to a bowl to cool.
  61. Transfer to a serving dish and dust with sugar.
  62. The Family Trap, 5 Pitfalls to Wealth Transfer.
  63. Strangely there was no noticeable transfer of.
  64. At that time, my father’s transfer order came.
  65. Banks also have the facility of quick transfer.
  66. After that, they transfer you to smaller boats.
  67. Adolph’s views did not transfer to his daughter.
  68. Transfer squid broth over mixture and bring to a.
  69. Transfer to a small jar and store in a cool place.
  70. This makes the transfer of heat highly efficient.
  71. The transfer I’d asked for earlier was granted.
  72. It should be an easy transfer into this suitcase.
  73. This energy transfer is accomplished via a chain.
  74. Raven hoped to transfer to a four-year university.
  75. The person to whom a transfer of interest is made.
  76. He persisted, asking if I’d consider a transfer.
  77. This is certain to raise the balance of transfer.
  78. So why did you transfer to Dauntless, Tobias?
  79. Gerald would know the bank transfer instructions.
  80. The latter usually employs some sort of transfer.
  81. We know the group has a transfer house in Memphis.
  82. And as you tell that story, they transfer into it.
  83. You were there for the transfer, you know who I am.
  84. He met every day with dread, awaiting his transfer.
  85. This time, however, the transfer did not work with.
  86. Well transfer the water too, she said calmly.
  87. The door Exit1 is the transfer to the second level.
  88. Scientists believe that energy transfer has to be.
  89. Transfer the crisped tortillas to the baking sheets.
  90. About whether she could transfer as fast as you can.
  91. You transfer a copy of your files to the Amazon site.
  92. Cut off a third and I will transfer it to my estate.
  93. Transfer half of the mixture to processor or blender.
  94. Did he say why he wanted this transfer? I asked.
  95. There would be only one reason to transfer him, Knox.
  96. Yes he is, please wait while I transfer you to him.
  97. Order only one of the Pioneers to transfer to a T-90.
  98. We will transfer all of Peter’s cargo to this ship.
  99. Okay, I’ll transfer your call to the head of the.
  100. Admiral Sherman took command of the transfer operation.
  1. Other Ways for Transferring Money.
  2. Where are they transferring her?
  3. The currents will just keep transferring.
  4. And when it came to transferring the money I.
  5. Thus, there is some hope that transferring these.
  6. Practice transferring weight laterally in standing.
  7. Army’s transferring protocols gifted him the heart-.
  8. FTP is computer talk for the process of transferring.
  9. Have we had anyone transferring between the outposts?
  10. I've thought about transferring over to the Patrol a few.
  11. When we met last, you said they were transferring you here.
  12. The other one is the same, said Peter transferring his.
  13. Transferring the blame seemed to close a pathway in her brain.
  14. All accelerating movement is the transferring of energy from one.
  15. They began transferring fuel across the wings to even out the load.
  16. By transferring the more advance embryos (cleaved embryos) into the.
  17. Morgan’s mutual fund division before transferring to public relations.
  18. Where are they transferring her? Why? And whose decision was it?
  19. DNA was found to be the only way of transferring life, when it comes to.
  20. Keep in mind that transferring a tree can be quite a shock for the plant.
  21. I told her about my conversation with my mother about transferring back to.
  22. Carlos’ truck was parked inside in anticipation of transferring the cargo.
  23. Further, while transferring it is also not required to give a notice to the.
  24. We’re writing it off and transferring it into what we call operating costs.
  25. She mentioned nothing, but hurried to her office and began transferring data.
  26. Transferring to Branton had put a damper on any prospective Division 1 suitor.
  27. Petersburg College, then transferring to Florida State University in Tallahassee.
  28. Louis and would have been transferring cargo when the attack would have happened.
  29. The trading account can then be covered by transferring stock from the long-term.
  30. She stared into space for a moment, then blinked, transferring her gaze to my face.
  31. There really is no other answer than transferring Medicaid and Medicare to the states.
  32. When the ambulance crew was transferring her to their stretcher, Katie looked at her.
  33. Bicycles are powered by your legs transferring energy from the pedals to the rear wheel.
  34. Transferring weight laterally in standing with the back against a wall Therapist's aim.
  35. I heard you were transferring to the East, it is where you always wanted to be anyway.
  36. Mack wrote out a paper transferring the frogs to Lee in case there should be any question.
  37. Plates are cleared without transferring of leftover from one plate to another (à la carte.
  38. It’s prying my thoughts and memories from my circuits and transferring the data elsewhere.
  39. Ann and I were transferring things all over the place, getting ready for the furniture movers.
  40. I only have one transporter online, so the faster we start transferring your crew the better.
  41. I refuse to answer that on the grounds that you know full well I’m not transferring here.
  42. He nodded as he wiped his hands down his clothes, transferring the spilt gravy into his trousers.
  43. So they’re transferring their authority over to you, in a way, that’s what makes it the most.
  44. In fact, it is hard to find any reason for not transferring these responsibilities to the states.
  45. He was transferring his notes to the case file when Charlie Clapper called him on his cell phone.
  46. They were continually transferring poison into our bodies and there was nothing we could to stop them.
  47. Rudolph approached the casket and stayed Jessica in her actions of transferring the corpse to the table.
  48. In these cases the federal government performs no function other than collecting and transferring money.
  49. In the case of EPA's rules to regulate cement plants, we are at risk transferring 28 million tons of.
  50. When the meeting was over, Brady introduced himself, said he was transferring to our squad from Miami PD.
  51. He thought about taking something from Krissi’s bin and transferring it to Libby’s but decided not to.
  52. Cells can also be cloned by transferring their DNA containing nuclei to egg cells with the nuclei removed.
  53. The goto statement is used to alter unconditional the normal sequence of program execution by transferring.
  54. With this view the bills augmenting the Army, raising the volunteers, and transferring the militia, passed.
  55. So, little by little, he started, through fictitious sales, legally transferring his land and fortune to me.
  56. They’re transferring her? he asked the question carefully, a sick feeling circling through his stomach.
  57. We’re not transferring with you? He remembered the cut on his face and pressed his glove to his check.
  58. The building’s janitor hit the zombie over the head with a metal trashcan, transferring its attention to him.
  59. What if I reversed the process? Instead of transferring it I should convert it inwardly, to give myself strength.
  60. Practice transferring weight onto your affected leg, then stepping your unaffected leg towards your affected leg.
  61. Two and a quarter minutes later, Somonik frantically cried out in the Link, transferring his thoughts in a blink.
  62. Bridget brought up the subject of the possibility of transferring him to England as she had done before with Joe.
  63. Jodie had helped the process by transferring the ruro from her chest into the Urnie device within the lower disc.
  64. For what resemblance is there between a destruction of thoughts and transferring them intact to another locality.
  65. Transferring blame to the enabler removes the consequence of being held responsible, so the drug abuse continues.
  66. He moaned, transferring his protecting hand from nose to his crotch, and lowered to the floor in a fetal position.
  67. She hadn't known that lots of them worked with lots of different agents transferring tons of information every day.
  68. A competent consultant helps you change the game by transferring the knowledge required to play the game successfully.
  69. He was exploring the possibility of mapping the human brain and transferring its memories to neuromorphic electronics.
  70. General Hawke put it in my room because he wants me to practice transferring my intelligence from one robot to another.
  71. So far so good but we are going to play it for a good month first before we think of transferring over the main account.
  72. The boys observed all the heaters begin to glow red hot, transferring their heat to the steel tubing of the gravity sail.
  73. It would be significant if whatever is transferring this information has abandoned the bodies destined for destruction.
  74. Another study has revealed that green tea can aid the transferring of dopamine between the different parts of the brain.
  75. I was talking to Alina about transferring command to her since she is the most senior and properly should have command.
  76. We’re not sure why, but the process of transferring the technology into my body caused a bioelectric melding of systems.
  77. Alright, Dick! Call Brereton and tell him to start transferring P-35 and P-26 pilots on P-40s as more P-40s are reassembled.
  78. We suspected that somehow, they were transferring the drugs to and from the pipes, and retrieving them at the sewage company.
  79. The impossibility of transferring in its entirety a festival which has become rooted in the customs of a people, is also seen.
  80. Transferring money around should be easy and free because you’ll be doing a lot of it, and you should have free bill paying.
  81. Temple nodded and then started transferring Asia’s cure for the Code over to a series of devices that he had brought with him.
  82. The projected move to France was another hurdle to overcome but she was examining the possibility of transferring to the Sorbonne.
  83. The assets you see like aircraft or ships are all leased thus transferring the risk from the operating company to the asset owners.
  84. I suppose the next sensible thing to do would be to try transferring some of my limited funds in Marian’s account, said Robin.
  85. As they were transferring the unconscious photographer in the rowboat, the noise of jet engines approaching made the survivors look up.
  86. The Com-link device would be used to monitor Jimmy’s TIAR experience, transferring his subconscious neural impulses into audiovisual.
  87. And at that limit man's power of transferring his interest ceases, and he cannot feel any direct sentiment for that fictitious entity.
  88. Metabolism is a complex chain of chemical reactions in the body, with its main purpose being the transferring of nutrients into energy.
  89. That’s why it was so vital to practice transferring my intelligence and to download the databases that Hawke had ordered me to study.
  90. During the early period of the war, we know Nikolas was very active in transferring funds and gold bullion to various foreign countries.
  91. We’re putting in a feeding tube today, transferring him to a private hospital in Maryland where they can deal with his kind of care.
  92. The biggest engineering feat of its day: transferring water from Northern California into a virtual desert in the Los Angeles basin-area.
  93. It is your improvements in Linking multiple minds and transferring information that has led to most of our breakthroughs since your return.
  94. That’s it! That’s the way out! I can escape from the prison camp by transferring myself out of my Pioneer and into that control unit!.
  95. Brought the boats here and a little cash fell off as they were transferring it from the boats to whatever they used to move the cash on land.
  96. Joel gathered Kathy tighter into his arms, before reaching over and removing the phone from her shaking grasp, and transferring it to his own.
  97. Cups: The cups transferring the waters in the Temperance card are a symbol of finding the right mix, keeping in motion and going with the flow.
  98. In a managed account, you’re essentially transferring the responsibility of making all buying and selling decisions to a trained professional.
  99. There, he ejected the black cassette tape, sat it on the dressing table and carried on with transferring his new CD’s to blank cassette tapes.
  100. The Pioneers will have to learn how to use their new capabilities, and that includes transferring their intelligences from one machine to another.
  1. Later, he transferred to M.
  2. Of the wall being transferred.
  3. I transferred everything to Mr.
  4. I could get my dole transferred.
  5. I transferred the ability to you.
  6. Of a positive charge transferred.
  7. Yes, I transferred because of her.
  8. A call transferred into his office.
  9. Potgieter, had been transferred to.
  10. Dort, I’ve been transferred to Mrs.
  11. Hercules were transferred to the base.
  12. It’s transferred to your station.
  13. He was transferred to another hospital.
  14. He transferred the stolen food to the.
  15. Just transferred here, Darek lied.
  16. Is she asking to be transferred?
  17. You’re being transferred to Caruth.
  18. But the love it transferred was wonderful.
  19. She was transferred, the guard said.
  20. She transferred some of the gold ingots.
  21. He was transferred to the epoxy department.
  22. Then the graft was transferred to his foot.
  23. Ferguson was being transferred out of the.
  24. Him have His perfection transferred to them.
  25. A bearer cheque can be transferred by mere.
  26. My uncle did this for me; I was transferred.
  27. Ananya had told him the bank transferred me.
  28. I transferred Jesus from one hip to the other.
  30. Could I have eighty ducits transferred to Mr.
  31. The Yellow Dwarf was transferred into Mirror.
  32. He transferred his security tag and suddenly.
  33. They transferred all their luggage to an old.
  34. I got him involved when I was transferred here.
  35. The sin of man being transferred to the animal.
  36. My brother and I both transferred from Erudite.
  37. Oxner transferred to Vice, so I’m down a team.
  38. He transferred the looped end of the line from.
  39. Place where the transferred money is to be paid.
  40. But obviously Tobias and I transferred, and.
  41. Later I was transferred to the Pozo de Bánfield.
  42. I seem to recall that he was transferred to the.
  43. He was transferred to Phoenix in similar capacity.
  44. You were transferred out of the unit after that.
  45. It was something that was transferred to them all.
  46. The whole colony was transferred at the same time.
  47. The physician on duty almost had you transferred.
  48. He had not transferred into the Soneji personality.
  49. She grabbed her lovely new purse, transferred her.
  50. He has transferred his allegiance to John, I think.
  51. I would like her to be transferred to the hospital.
  52. Then I was transferred back to the Canadian Army.
  53. Liam transferred to the last bus that would let out.
  54. Anything left after that is transferred to reserves.
  55. She, too, was transferred from one place to another.
  56. Soon after, the Dalai Lama was transferred to a new.
  57. She waited while the receptionist transferred the call.
  58. I thought he may have been transferred someplace else.
  59. I was transferred by the receptionist to another line.
  60. Her Junior year, she transferred to a school in France.
  61. I thought if Riker was transferred, it would be to.
  62. Most of the money had been transferred to a Cyton bank.
  63. I have been transferred to a desk job in Washington.
  64. I started to recover and I was transferred out of ICU.
  65. In December 1977 I was transferred again to Unit 9, La.
  66. Money must never given or transferred whoever it may be.
  67. He had transferred to Wales in the year he turned sixty.
  68. Medicaid should be completely transferred to the states.
  69. Then he asked whether his wife had yet been transferred.
  70. And besides, you’ve never transferred yourself before.
  71. Jesus woke as he was being transferred and wanted to walk.
  72. Otherwise, you’ll be transferred to Investor Relations.
  73. Transferred to his cash accounts, yes, Timmons said.
  74. In the year 1811 I was transferred to Piedmont in France.
  75. Professor Gwilliam closed the connection and transferred.
  76. It transferred the warmth of his strong lean body to hers.
  77. What was going on? Immediately, I transferred to his line.
  78. Transferred the two credit cards to ones with 0% interest.
  79. Once recovered, she was transferred to another ’house’.
  80. By 1973, he had transferred to Asia, and never looked back.
  81. It transferred to the Globus-1 communications satellite.
  82. In turn, the secretary had transferred the call to Bingham.
  83. In January of 2007 Yates was transferred to a low-security.
  84. Clients have their patients’ calls transferred to FONEMED.
  85. I held her as we transferred ourselves back to the sub base.
  86. Inhabitants therein had been transferred, often by force or.
  87. Thankfully, Gregoire was rescued, transferred and lived the.
  88. Once offshore, that money automatically transferred through.
  89. She transferred her other foot onto the top step without any.
  90. On 30 or 31 August 1978, she was transferred to Villa Devoto.
  91. Sophia, meanwhile, was transferred to the intensive care unit.
  92. Mom funded her lifestyle via Dad's pension that transferred.
  93. He’s being transferred here now, they brought him with me.
  94. He was then transferred to La Plata Prison, being released on.
  95. When the calling program transferred control here, the field.
  96. The Corps had me data-punching before I transferred to Caruth.
  97. Actually, Vicky, my father has been transferred to Guwahati.
  98. Macaulay should be transferred out of Headquarters as a result.
  99. Is that why you transferred out of the anomaly program?
  100. The deponent knows that the place she was transferred to later.
  1. As wire transfers do not.
  2. These transfers have a paper trail.
  3. She transfers the call to her office.
  4. The boy transfers his gaze to his uncle.
  5. As agreed, you keep the dib transfers.
  6. Lieutenants are in charge of any transfers.
  7. The transfers are usually to the First and.
  8. These are transfers, meaning cash transactions.
  9. Beatings, confiscations and transfers were common too.
  10. Three transfers later and she ended up at the Penrith LAC.
  11. Without another word, DeShawn transfers to the other tank.
  12. Alphabets, letters, punched out of trolley paper transfers.
  13. This prevents zone transfers from being performed needlessly.
  14. Afterwards, the facility transfers Dana to the prison hospital.
  15. She’s too Dauntless for the other transfers, Uriah says.
  16. An agreement used to sell real property that transfers ownership.
  17. My phone rings as he transfers the incoming call and I pick it up.
  18. When they die their soul transfers to the other side and is reborn.
  19. Wire transfers include transactions occurring within the national.
  20. A written instrument that transfers title to or an interest in land.
  21. Decision on request for transfers either from the borrower or from a.
  22. Nevertheless, it transfers itself from the losing, to the winning side.
  23. The city code for Western Union transfers to my account here is: TDCJ TX.
  24. They take gum wrappers and theatre tickets with them, and bus transfers!.
  25. After a few successful pass throughs, resistance transfers itself to motivation.
  26. I stare back and forget that all around me the transfers are getting out of bed.
  27. If the material you're cutting transfers heat poorly relative to aluminum (which.
  28. Interbank transfers and settlements where both the originator and beneficiary are.
  29. We in Canada are wary of talk of bulk water transfers from one watershed basin to.
  30. And you… had better make sure none of the transfers leave this compound again.
  31. However, users should recognize when their cards do not allow such balance transfers.
  32. However, for media transfers and connectivity to video devices, Thunderbolt is useful.
  33. The new men consisted of both transfers from other units and new recruits out of training.
  34. Language is learned, thought manipulates air, air transfers meaning to auditory receptors.
  35. You will even see cash transfers in or out of the account and foreign exchange transactions.
  36. There is not need of transfers because its relatives also receive income in quantity and quality.
  37. This account is a private personal checking account which cannot and will not accept wire transfers.
  38. This process involves wire transfers which usually take between two and five working days to complete.
  39. As a parent, you feel tensed about his preparation, but when you ask it, you transfers tension to him.
  40. In fact, with electronic transfers and online banks, options have gotten considerably better for consumers.
  41. These transfers reduced, to a bare minimum, the effectiveness of his striking force for the huge task ahead.
  42. He transfers to Monterey Hills, just to get away from the Fresno area and all of its reminders of their life.
  43. The fact that you are transfers and the Dauntless-born initiates are not will not be taken into consideration.
  44. She saved tickets, old theater programs, bits of lace, scarves, rail transfers; all the tags and tokens of existence.
  45. Small businesses can consider buying chickens from local farms if there are issues with interstate livestock transfers.
  46. As you know, checking accounts let you deposit money and withdraw money using debit cards, checks, and online transfers.
  47. Let me say first of all that on Monday of next week electronic transfers will be complete into four new Swiss bank accounts.
  48. The Dauntless-born initiates and the transfers were separated during stage one, but we will be training together from now on.
  49. Stockham's book is particularly important for us: it at once transfers the reader into a new world of a living human movement.
  50. It removes its data from the outer unit and transfers to another computer, then tries to cut the communication lines behind it.
  51. What if Sigma’s already inside one of the T-90s? And what if one of us transfers to the tank that Sigma’s occupying?
  52. Since the transfers had both been made electronically, it was quite possible that there was some fault or other with the Internet system.
  53. That a pretty cumbersome and inefficient process and needless to say that you’ll be incurring some kinds of fees for the two transfers.
  54. Although it was originally created for data transfers, you can also use frame relay to carry other types of traffic, such as voice or video.
  55. Although slave servers receive periodic zone transfers from their primaries, they are also able to load database files from their local drives.
  56. The rats and mice from a few properties with delayed settlements will follow by the weekend and electronic transfers will accommodate those.
  57. Some people have started playing the 0 percent transfer game to profit off of credit cards by making balance transfers or taking cash advances.
  58. A few weeks ago I might have found that question offensive, but now I spend too much time with Candor transfers to be surprised by tactlessness.
  59. For electronic transfers there are some compliance rules to follow – to take the money out of the country needs registration to do so legally.
  60. For now, we’ll set up the right accounts so that when you’re ready, you can simply set up automatic transfers to funnel cash there each month.
  61. It transfers a ‘random’ tossing of six round coins in all its possible permutations into linear translations of connected and unconnected lines.
  62. As the last one is completed Grailem takes out his memory card and transfers the programming back and hurries out of the office and down the stairs.
  63. Before Ralph can respond in any fashion, the heat from the jewels transfers itself to his body and he feels a surge of strength power through his blood.
  64. Although you can set up automatic online transfers, having multiple banks means multiple websites, multiple customer-service numbers, and multiple passwords.
  65. A money trail should be established for his expenditures during the time of his game, and any large transfers traced for clarification of source and purpose.
  66. As resistance is no longer being fueled from the giving in, or avoiding, etc, neatly and inconspicuously, resistance transfers itself to self-motivation.
  67. At this point, the client can send commands to the server requesting file transfers or file system procedures, such as the creation and deletion of directories.
  68. At New Orleans we have met with delays from time to time, arising from the necessity of a change of location, and the customary vexations of real-estate transfers.
  69. He is heading, as always, toward the side door of the county courthouse, reserved for prisoner transfers, but the transport vehicle slows a block from the courthouse.
  70. I cannot accept or receive any foreign bank wire transfers in this personal bank account without gaining undue attention from the DHS, IRS and state taxing authorities.
  71. Bus mastering NICs enable the computer to operate more efficiently because they conserve the processor clock cycles that would otherwise be expended in data transfers.
  72. France in 1762 transfers Louisiana west of the Mississippi to Spain, and at the same time conveys the eastern portion of it, exclusive of New Orleans, to Great Britain.
  73. The typical investor starts in Investor Shares then transfers to Admiral Shares with a few clicks of the mouse once his or her investment crosses the $10,000 threshold.
  74. Most people keep their savings account and checking account at the same bank, although this is increasingly changing as electronic transfers become the industry standard.
  75. We were able to check on the cash transfers, and everything that should have moved across seems to be there, so he hasn’t been creaming any off, reported Clayton.
  76. When his Meru woman took over the estate, as arranged by her clan whose elders threatened Armenis with execution were he to refuse, she stopped making the transfers to Daudi.
  77. Transfers of countable assets for less than fair market value made during the look-back period will usually result in a waiting period before you can start to collect Medicaid.
  78. All these things, streetcar transfers to Chessman Park, to Live Oak Mortuary, to North Chicago, to Zion City, giveaway handbills on hairdos at that new chromium shop on Central.
  79. The pupil, who in life learns to grope through problems with small numbers, is conscious of the process of solving, and transfers this process to the problem with large numbers.
  80. To that statement is added a view of the transfers of appropriations, authorized by the act of the session preceding the last, and of the grounds on which the transfers were made.
  81. The notion of wave in the three-dimensional macroscopic world means a dynamic process in the medium that transfers bunches of internal energy from some areas of Space to other ones.
  82. How else can they survive? I know the profile of the 9/11 attackers showed regular money transfers from which they withdrew all in cash at one go thus minimising the time spend at a bank.
  83. Some of the other guys, Jen, were ironing on transfers and adding bits and pieces to make them look expensive and chic, when they really are the cheapest jeans available, without stealing.
  84. It also appears that you have made a number of wire transfers from your business account to a bank in China totaling over two hundred seventy-five thousand dollars over the last twelve months.
  85. This System does with that the wealth appears and generates its abundance, without waste for market lack, without there are the anonymous possessions and transfers of the money among the people.
  86. These transfers allow parcels of energy to be released which re-couples ADP with inorganic phosphate to form more ATP – the ultimate source of energy to power biological reactions in the body.
  87. Niacin, in the form of NAD, transfers hydrogen molecules from these sources to riboflavin (FMN), which in turn transfers hydrogen in a stepwise fashion to the cytochromes within the mitochondria.
  88. With the larger size of your transmitting stone, and the fact that it’s power delivery is far more consistent and lasts all day and all night, it transfers almost as much power as mine does.
  89. When there isn’t enough RAM resources and more space is needed, the Virtual Memory Manager (VMM) scans the memory for sections that are not in use and transfers them to a swap file on the hard drive.
  90. With credit card payments and bank transfers, you authorize a transaction by providing proof of your personal identity (and these days, the amount of proof you have to show is getting quite burdensome).
  91. When separate warrants are issued for the right to subscribe additional capital, that action takes away part of the value inherent in an ordinary common share and transfers it to a separate certificate.
  92. Although the Third Sector utilizes billion of billion dollars annually in collected resources, there is always inadequacy of resources, because it only transfers and it doesn’t turn the durable wealth.
  93. In the days before credit cards and instant international money transfers, travellers had to organise traveller’s cheques that had to be cashed at a bank or major hotel for local currency, using passport ID.
  94. I think of my checking account like an e-mail inbox: All my money goes in my checking account, and then I regularly filter it out to appropriate accounts, like savings and investing, using automatic transfers.
  95. Most good banks these days offer electronic bill pay, direct deposit, recurring savings account transfers, and some even offer e-mail notifications if an account balance goes above or below a certain threshold.
  96. I pay most of my bills through my credit card, but occasionally there are bills that I can’t pay with my card—like rent or my car payment—that I pay directly from my checking account using automatic transfers.
  97. By triangulating the times and apparent directions of our transfers, and using Menachem’s more detailed knowledge of the country, we decided that we must be somewhere to the west of London, probably the Thames Valley.
  98. I’m a busy person who doesn’t want to think about money matters any more than I need to, so I rely heavily on automated transfers, deposits, and e-mail notifications to keep my dollars and cents where they need to be.
  99. Syncing transfers the music that is not currently on your iPhone from your computer to the iPhone, but the opposite is not true—music that’s on the iPhone but not on the computer will not be transferred to the computer.
  100. Police would be patrolling for traffic offenders, banks would be short-staffed, and loaded up with transfers of funds to vacationers at every point of the compass, and investigators never reacted fast - ever, he suspected.

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