convulse sätze

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Convulse sätze (in englisch)

  1. He started to convulse again.
  2. His body started to convulse.
  3. Smith's body began to convulse.
  4. Kiera felt her stomach convulse again.
  5. I looked at the man as he watched Arthur convulse.

  6. It is in but a moment that they both begin to convulse.
  7. Rebecca began to convulse, then she began to foam at the.
  8. Her own words made her sob the more and she began to convulse.
  9. We convulse and try to fly Skin touching the grass we begin to live.
  10. He laid Emily down on the floor and she began to convulse and her eyes.
  11. His vision went blood-red, and he felt himself convulse, and then ….
  12. Stenworth held the zapper against Roman’s neck, but he did not convulse.
  13. So is an change for the better, like birth and death which convulse the body.
  14. After several minutes my body begins to convulse, and I am soon drained of energy.
  15. Halfway into the second-hour show, the kitten began to shake violently, then convulse.

  16. When he did he began to convulse with laughter, squirting coke from his distended nostrils.
  17. To her horror, she began giggling, causing her to squirm and her stomach to involuntarily convulse.
  18. Suddenly, he began to convulse violently as his body began to undergo the throes of a physical death.
  19. Paul tried to lighten the hate that shaded his face, but just then he began to almost convulse with a bitter brooding glare.
  20. He then started turning the crank as fast as he could, making Hanna convulse under the pain while she tried desperately to hold her breath.
  21. Eany opened his mouth and began to wretch and convulse until Jai thought he was about to choke to death, then a wooden flute popped out of his throat.
  22. Both men jerked hard and began to convulse their eyes all bugged out as their teeth clamped shut on screams of agony that remained locked within them.
  23. No wonder they laughed, for the expression of his face was droll enough to convulse a Quaker, as he stood and stared wildly from the unconscious innocents to the hilarious spectators with such dismay that Jo sat down on the floor and screamed.
  24. And then, realising the dreadful position in which I was placed, I implored him to remember that not only my honour but that of one who was far greater than I was at stake; and that he threatened to raise a scandal which would convulse the nation.
  25. Still expecting resistance from her prisoner, Petrova took out of a pocket a hand taser and, applying it to Farah’s left nipple, pressed the trigger, sending a 50,000 volt shock through her body and making her convulse uncontrollably for seconds.

  26. The great advantage of our system of government over all others is, that we have a written constitution defining its limits and prescribing its authorities; and that, however for a time faction may convulse the nation, and passion and party prejudice sway its functionaries, the season of reflection will recur, when calmly retracing their deeds, and all aberrations from fundamental principle will be corrected.
  27. They convulse in their dying purity,.
  28. They convulse in their dying purity, As out of the primeval deep,.
  1. It hits the floor, convulsing.
  2. The convulsing man tried to laugh.
  3. The convulsing man nodded and said.
  4. Suddenly the convulsing man laughed.
  5. The boy stopped convulsing, stilled.
  6. That convulsing man began to tremble.
  7. But the convulsing man laughed idiocy.
  8. You were convulsing; why I don’t know.
  9. That convulsing man was jolted and added.
  10. The doctor cried, No! He is convulsing.
  11. Smith's head right off his convulsing body.
  12. The convulsing man was startled and grasped.
  13. The convulsing man said in a trembling voice.
  14. That convulsion man was really very convulsing.
  15. Then, staring, he sank down, mouth convulsing.
  16. She collapsed in pain, consistently convulsing.
  17. He fell across Kamsen, convulsing and jerking.
  18. Where is Nole? he shouted, dread convulsing.
  19. And they didn’t stop when the convulsing ceased.
  20. He could see angry motion now convulsing the top.
  21. The convulsing man asked when he saw them returning.
  22. The convulsing man was jolted but did not turn back.
  23. The convulsing cook tried to speak but it was broken.
  24. The convulsing man rose up and walked to the ship bow.
  25. Mark's body was convulsing and breaking out in a cold.
  26. I was convulsing, tossing, turning, and frothing at the.
  27. The convulsing man was stunned for awhile before replying.
  28. That convulsing man was startled and kneels down to bow too.
  29. Argyl was sprawled over me, holding my convulsing body down.
  30. There was a glow in the convulsing man’s eyes as he asked.
  31. Before she could finish her sentence, she started convulsing.
  32. Gasping in shock, he fell to the ground and began convulsing.
  33. The convulsing man thought for a while before stomping his leg.
  34. There were tears on the face of the convulsing man as well….
  35. The convulsing man did not reply but asked in a trembling voice.
  36. Elizabeth nearly slid under the table, convulsing with laughter.
  37. But when he saw two crewmen holding that convulsing man to the.
  38. The convulsing man who had been sandwiched in between them looked.
  39. Nangong Ping eyes were now watery and looking at the convulsing man.
  40. Convulsing, blood seeped higher out of the ground covering his feet.
  41. That convulsing man began to leave but his glances were looking at.
  42. Convulsing, he reached for his throat and vainly struggled to breathe.
  43. But that convulsing man was looking afraid all the while and when Li.
  44. Nangong Ping was still puzzling over what the convulsing man had said.
  45. The convulsing man fumbled a few steps backward before falling to the.
  46. That convulsing cook was startled and carried a bitter face as he said.
  47. But the convulsing man kept shaking his head and his glances seemed to.
  48. That convulsing man was still at the back when ‘Li Laosao’ suddenly.
  49. That convulsing man opened his mouth and idiocy laughed for a few times.
  50. She brought the stick up high above the convulsing mortal and plunged it.
  51. Nangong Ping had thought it over, and found out that this convulsing man.
  52. That convulsing man pointed at the bow of the ship and Feng Mantian bend.
  53. The convulsing man was once again looking idiocy for a long awhile before.
  54. He was crying hard enough that his entire body was convulsing with spasms.
  55. Panting and convulsing, he awoke in his own dark bedroom with icy shivers.
  56. The convulsing man was back with six dishes and all of them were fragrant.
  57. The convulsing man looked at the open seas and rolled his eyes and slowly.
  58. The convulsing man was looking idiocy in the distant and was silence for a.
  59. He held his head with his hands and threw himself to the ground, convulsing.
  60. The turmoil now convulsing human affairs is unprecedented, and many of its.
  61. Once his accupoints were cleared, he found himself pushing the convulsing.
  62. When Ardara stopped convulsing, she clumsily staggered to her feet, her long.
  63. Hundreds of giants were stopped dead in their tracks, some convulsing as they.
  64. Convulsing into peals of laughter, he started shaking so uncontrollably that he.
  65. But that convulsing man took a great deal of time and he was breathless from trying.
  66. At the sound of Gabriel's voice, disjointed noises quivered from her convulsing throat.
  67. The distress the animal was in was reflected in its pathetic cries, its body convulsing.
  68. The figure was screaming now and their shoulders were moving violently, almost convulsing.
  69. Jayce stepped over to the man who was now convulsing and shedding hair all over the floor.
  70. Beth shuddered at the horror awaiting them all, watching as Mike gaped at the convulsing body.
  71. Darkness descended upon them both as the elder was stricken face first to the floor, convulsing.
  72. Placing pressure on her mouth and nose he held her that way, her body convulsing due to lack of air.
  73. The door opened and a man walked in to the room and then over to the General convulsing on the floor.
  74. Bill exited the house and watched Gordon for a few moments before gently rubbing his convulsing back.
  75. Suddenly all of his sensations were heightened and he found himself convulsing with euphoria and hatred.
  76. He could not continue and left the net, making efforts to stifle the sobbing which was convulsing his breast.
  77. The demon, blood suddenly pouring out of his mouth, collapsed to the stone floor, convulsing as he was dying.
  78. Then Ishan's body jolted as if he were convulsing and Peter's face was revealed as he drank from Ishan's neck.
  79. Convulsing in agony and shivering with the intensity of a bad fit, he tried to clean himself up in the icy water.
  80. His hands clenched, and then the whole contracted mass fell to the ground, convulsing like a thick, animate jelly.
  81. Newt ran to Alby and grabbed him by the shoulders, pushing with his whole body to pin the convulsing boy to the bed.
  82. She walked over to the bed where Brandy lay, still clinging to life, convulsing from the gunshot wound in her shoulder.
  83. Both her hands held him against her cunt fiercely, her body convulsing several times before she could lay still, breathing in.
  84. The assault rifle of the woman flew out of her hands as she was projected to the deck, convulsing from the electrical discharge.
  85. Bjorn took a long hard look at the naked dwarf who was convulsing painfully on the baking-hot sand as he struggled back under the canvas.
  86. My face twists because of the intense pain and though I try to resist my body from convulsing and there is nothing I can do to control it.
  87. I put the medicine in my purse, paid the bill, and drove home with Lincoln, now stabilized and no longer convulsing but still a very sick cat.
  88. His face, an inexhaustible repertory of masks, produced grimaces more convulsing and more fantastic than the rents of a cloth torn in a high gale.
  89. My stomach heaved and in a mixture of retching combined with screams from the pain of my torso convulsing I spewed into the basin over and over it seemed.
  90. The noise of booted feet approaching was followed by a man’s voice speaking in accented English to the thirteen year-old girl still convulsing on the deck.
  91. It was a stroke of positive genius on his part to see in the burglary scare which was convulsing the country side an opportunity of plausibly getting rid of the man whom he feared.
  92. At that moment, a series of beeps sounded from behind Psyche, and everyone half-turned from the spectacle, their weapons still raised, to see the mortal they had forgotten convulsing on the bed.
  93. I covered my face with my hands, uncontrollably sobbing, my being convulsing in Adrinius’ arms as he let go of me, releasing my body as I fell onto the floor in a slump, a defeated pile of mess.
  94. Crying, shivering, and convulsing with the revolting though that HIS cum was a living thing within her vagina, she sat under the spray and forced handfuls of cupped hot water up into the recesses of her body.
  95. Going to the door of her cabin and opening it, Nancy was just in time to see young Zahara Jolie-Pitt, wearing only her panties, being hit in her back by something and crumbling to the floor right in front of her door, convulsing and shouting with pain.
  96. He reaches for his sword, but it is gone! He searches all around him, yet it is nowhere to be seen! He panics and some strange spirit enters his mind and probes his every thought, knows his every desire, and leaves him convulsing and drooling on the cave floor.
  97. These considerations induced me to examine this matter, and to prove to every honest American, what we all believe in this place, that the object of one power, is to destroy our neutrality and involve us in the convulsing wars of Europe; and the object of the other, a monopoly of our commerce, and the destruction of our freedom and independence.
  1. My body convulsed into spasms.
  2. He convulsed hard five times.
  3. The taste of blood convulsed.
  4. The truck convulsed, then stalled.
  5. Her lungs convulsed and she bent.
  6. Orderran bodies convulsed and bulge.
  7. They bucked, convulsed and grunted.
  8. That heroic achievement convulsed England.
  9. Lucas convulsed, but his eyes remained closed.
  10. He convulsed, and pressed his palms on the dash.
  11. She convulsed, clenching her jaw, gritting her.
  12. Smythe and the others were convulsed with laughter.
  13. The enemy ship convulsed and jettisoned more pods.
  14. He convulsed calmly, as if the ride belted a shimmy.
  15. Her body convulsed once, and she felt herself break.
  16. A moment later she herself was convulsed with ecstasy.
  17. Cinder painfully convulsed, and then abruptly, stopped.
  18. Their bodies shuddered and convulsed in beautiful concert.
  19. Tears rolled down his broad cheeks, and his face convulsed.
  20. His body convulsed against the cold ground and his screams.
  21. Tess was convulsed with weeping, the tension of so many days.
  22. A convulsed shiver ran through her, once, twice, at his touch.
  23. Paul and Annie got behind the rest, convulsed with shamed laughter.
  24. My muscles convulsed into shivers as the wind blew hard against me.
  25. Charles, whose whole frame was convulsed with the agitation of his.
  26. Now his body became convulsed with an itch that he couldn't scratch.
  27. She clutched the phone to her chest as her body convulsed with sobs.
  28. Now his body became convulsed with an itch that he couldn’t scratch.
  29. A cold feeling constricted her throat and she convulsed in a dry heave.
  30. His body convulsed now and then, following the rhythm of his quiet sobs.
  31. Maria gazed wildly at her, her whole frame was convulsed with emotion;.
  32. My body convulsed again, and I acknowledged that I was no longer a raven.
  33. Startled awake, the man convulsed and sat up pulling his feet off the desk.
  34. The pain of electrocution shot through Max’s arching body, as it convulsed.
  35. And as they drive the cross in the hole they dug His body convulsed with pain.
  36. His body shook and convulsed, seemingly knowing the torments that awaited him.
  37. Her face convulsed in pain as she tried to struggle to her feet, desperate to.
  38. He would have continued, but an attack of coughing convulsed him for some minutes.
  39. Loofah convulsed with cold dread and his mind veered away in desperate avoidance.
  40. Blackthorn convulsed at the pain but then stopped as he became unconscious again.
  41. It lasted longer than usual this time, and her stomach convulsed until it cramped.
  42. My shoulders convulsed, releasing all the tension I'd felt over the past seven days.
  43. She writhed as one who is in terrible pain, and her limbs were dreadfully convulsed.
  44. All kinds of advice, social and legal, were asked, and the question convulsed society.
  45. From another room I heard a burble of assorted laughter as some group convulsed in open.
  46. Her body convulsed at his touch and she tried to swing away from it, but she couldn’t.
  47. My body convulsed around his, lost in a sea of ecstasy, but he wasn’t done with me yet.
  48. The sun rimmed the horizon with flame, the air convulsed dangerously with it, and whistled.
  49. His body convulsed with the sheer devastation of families being separated and the horror of.
  50. The man convulsed a bit, then slumped to the ground as his limbs seemed to wither; only his eyes 285.
  51. Holding her hands feebly in his own, he looked on helplessly as she convulsed in unrestrained sobbing.
  52. Almost the whole civilized world has been within a few years convulsed by wars, battles, and conquests.
  53. My heart convulsed in my chest as he released me and I longed to feel his arms wrapped around me again.
  54. As we dashed up to the door, my friend's face convulsed with grief, a gentleman in black emerged from it.
  55. Billy stepped aside as she removed the hood of her cloak and stared at Pedro as he convulsed on the floor.
  56. Speaker, any participation in that system of politics which has convulsed and distracted the European world.
  57. Immediately the people convulsed and hollered in agony, clamping their hands over their ears in their retreat.
  58. A warm glow started between her legs and spread to the rest of her body before she convulsed in pure pleasure.
  59. In one corner a group of men convulsed with laughter at the details of a dirty story related by one of their number.
  60. He hurled the hilt at the figures which thronged the arch, and bounded toward the pool, his face a convulsed mask of hate.
  61. When she shrank in her convulsed, coiled torture from the thought of such a thing, he had winced to the depths of his soul.
  62. His limbs moved like a man trying to swim, and his features were purple and convulsed beyond the contortions of his madness.
  63. She tried not to think about what she was going to do, but her body nearly convulsed as laid the screaming child onto the floor.
  64. Here was a face with flashing eyes and distorted features, a face convulsed with hatred and with the mad joy of gratified revenge.
  65. Bonner got welts and sores all over his body, he convulsed on the ground with foam frothing from his mouth and his eyes reddening.
  66. With every gush of icy water that splashed over Mark’s cuts, he let out a squeal that had the whole crowd convulsed with laughter.
  67. She gagged, convulsed, and then her sight, which had been blessedly black, lit up with a thousand overlapping images, and she screamed.
  68. The terms “brute” or “swine,” when used in this good-natured fashion, only convulsed me, and gave me cause for inward merriment.
  69. Thomas’ face convulsed, and the white-hot colour of his anger pounded Simon’s thoughts, a piercing alternative to the chill white snow.
  70. He was evidently distressed, and breathed painfully, but could not restrain the wild laughter that convulsed his usually impassive features.
  71. With streaming face and an expression of agony, Linton had thrown his nerveless frame along the ground: he seemed convulsed with exquisite terror.
  72. Her severity made the house a redoubt of old customs in a town convulsed by the vulgarity with which the outsiders squandered their easy fortunes.
  73. It had been some time since the island, that had caused this excess, convulsed for one last time and slid down into the sea, never to be seen again.
  74. His dark, handsome, aquiline features were convulsed into a spasm of vindictive hatred, which had set his dead face in a terribly fiendish expression.
  75. I took her hand in mine, and bid her be composed: for a succession of shudders convulsed her frame, and she would keep straining her gaze towards the glass.
  76. I took her hand in mine, and bid her be composed; for a succession of shudders convulsed her frame, and she would keep straining her gaze towards the glass.
  77. Not so tough when you’re on the juice, now are you? Then he leered at me and a shiver convulsed me so hard I almost fell on the bare mattress again.
  78. His wicked features were convulsed with fury, and he grasped the terrified Muriela by the throat, choking her efforts to scream and plead, shaking her brutally.
  79. Then she began the Healing, waves of ice flowed through his form, he shivered, then convulsed, fighting to avoid flailing his arms and legs; his fists and jaw clenched.
  80. To have it convulsed into an earthquake and its usefulness interrupted must be somebody's fault, and his instinct very properly was to go to his wife and tell her it was hers.
  81. The atmosphere at Eaton Terrace was convulsed; and Lucy, running as she always did to hide from everything upsetting into Wemyss's arms, was only made more certain than ever that there alone was peace.
  82. I trembled as my whole body convulsed and with one loud scream, my fury was unleashed, my lavender hair whipping wildly around my face, as the sand was thrown up in the air with a great propelling speed.
  83. The beautiful face in the disk was convulsed with the aspect of a fury; so hellish became its expression that Taramis, cowering back, half expected to see snaky locks writhe hissing about the ivory brow.
  84. It was an intricate stew of truths and mirages that convulsed the ghost of José Arcadio Buendía under the chestnut tree with impatience and made him wander all through the house even in broad daylight.
  85. When Rosamond's convulsed throat was subsiding into calm, and she withdrew the handkerchief with which she had been hiding her face, her eyes met Dorothea's as helplessly as if they had been blue flowers.
  86. Moshe, having heard the commander shout but not able to understand the words, and seeing the soldiers all waving blankets at the advancing army of amphibians, was at first convulsed with hysterical laughter.
  87. She had just turned twenty-one and had done little more than leave her house to go to school, but with one look around her she understood that her adversaries were not convulsed with hatred but paralyzed by.
  88. He is a man of humor as well as good sense, and he convulsed those who laugh at the pretensions of the Assemblies by his response to a discussion regarding the admission of another man who was not of the elect.
  89. As Christmas approached, the usual mysteries began to haunt the house, and Jo frequently convulsed the family by proposing utterly impossible or magnificently absurd ceremonies, in honor of this unusually merry Christmas.
  90. She eluded the grasp of the savage, and reckless of her own safety, threw herself on the bosom of Alice, striving with convulsed and ill-directed fingers, to tear asunder the twigs which confined the person of her sister.
  91. He certainly did add `spirit' to the meetings, and à tone' to the paper, for his orations convulsed his hearers and his contributions were excellent, being patriotic, classical, comical, or dramatic, but never sentimental.
  92. She was a magnet that invisibly drew good-luck charms, saints' medals, Roman coins, theater stubs, handkerchiefs, stickpins, while the audience ran riot, convulsed as these rabbit men stood peeled of all prides and protections.
  93. Holmes, you must save him—you must save him! I tell you that you must save him! The Duke had dropped the last attempt at self-command, and was pacing the room with a convulsed face and with his clenched hands raving in the air.
  94. I am so very sorry; sorry for you, who must feel as if your life had been convulsed by an earthquake, and all its familiar features disarranged; sorry for your father's disappointment; sorry for Miss Cheriton, who must have been wretched.
  95. The logs should have shown low blood oxygen level alarms, flow rate sensor anomalies and certainly without doubt major alarm entries from the time that she convulsed and pulled her air supply tubing out, causing coma and death by drowning.
  96. Barrois, his features convulsed, his eyes suffused with blood, and his head thrown back, was lying at full length, beating the floor with his hands, while his legs had become so stiff, that they looked as if they would break rather than bend.
  97. It was the sort of breakfast-table one reads about in story books; and on its fragility Herr Dremmel would presently descend like some great geological catastrophe, and the whole in a few convulsed moments would be just crumbs and coffee stains.
  98. During the day, when the sun beat down mercilessly upon all living things, and even the scorpions hid under the stones, convulsed with a mad desire to sting, he sat motionless in the burning rays, lifting high his blue face and shaggy wild beard.
  99. He stood over her, silently looking at her back bent over the table, and now and then shaking from the sobs she tried to suppress, and his soul was convulsed by a struggle between good and evil, between offended pride and pity for her sufferings.
  100. The convulsed state of the European nations; the immense losses which our commerce has sustained by the operation of the decrees and orders of the tyrants of the land and the ocean, imperiously admonish us to beware of making untried and dangerous experiments.
  1. Her stomach convulses within her torso.
  2. My body convulses at the sweet, stinging bite.
  3. The horror of the man’s intention convulses her.
  4. Aargh! I moan as my body bows and convulses at the touch of his tongue.
  5. The courtroom convulses, and the cops straighten their backs against the walls.
  6. Her stomach convulses, seems to flip, then settles back into place with a growl.
  7. She laughs so hard she convulses around her middle and hits her head on the table.
  8. My body convulses around him, and I come, loudly calling out a garbled version of his name into the mattress.

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