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Convulse in a sentence

He started to convulse again.
His body started to convulse.
Smith's body began to convulse.
Kiera felt her stomach convulse again.
I looked at the man as he watched Arthur convulse.
It is in but a moment that they both begin to convulse.
Rebecca began to convulse, then she began to foam at the.

Her own words made her sob the more and she began to convulse.
We convulse and try to fly Skin touching the grass we begin to live.
His vision went blood-red, and he felt himself convulse, and then ….
He laid Emily down on the floor and she began to convulse and her eyes.
Stenworth held the zapper against Roman’s neck, but he did not convulse.
So is an change for the better, like birth and death which convulse the body.
After several minutes my body begins to convulse, and I am soon drained of energy.
Halfway into the second-hour show, the kitten began to shake violently, then convulse.
When he did he began to convulse with laughter, squirting coke from his distended nostrils.
To her horror, she began giggling, causing her to squirm and her stomach to involuntarily convulse.
Suddenly, he began to convulse violently as his body began to undergo the throes of a physical death.
Paul tried to lighten the hate that shaded his face, but just then he began to almost convulse with a bitter brooding glare.
He then started turning the crank as fast as he could, making Hanna convulse under the pain while she tried desperately to hold her breath.
Eany opened his mouth and began to wretch and convulse until Jai thought he was about to choke to death, then a wooden flute popped out of his throat.
Both men jerked hard and began to convulse their eyes all bugged out as their teeth clamped shut on screams of agony that remained locked within them.
No wonder they laughed, for the expression of his face was droll enough to convulse a Quaker, as he stood and stared wildly from the unconscious innocents to the hilarious spectators with such dismay that Jo sat down on the floor and screamed.
Still expecting resistance from her prisoner, Petrova took out of a pocket a hand taser and, applying it to Farah’s left nipple, pressed the trigger, sending a 50,000 volt shock through her body and making her convulse uncontrollably for seconds.
And then, realising the dreadful position in which I was placed, I implored him to remember that not only my honour but that of one who was far greater than I was at stake; and that he threatened to raise a scandal which would convulse the nation.
The great advantage of our system of government over all others is, that we have a written constitution defining its limits and prescribing its authorities; and that, however for a time faction may convulse the nation, and passion and party prejudice sway its functionaries, the season of reflection will recur, when calmly retracing their deeds, and all aberrations from fundamental principle will be corrected.
They convulse in their dying purity,.
They convulse in their dying purity, As out of the primeval deep,.
It hits the floor, convulsing.
The convulsing man tried to laugh.
The convulsing man nodded and said.
The boy stopped convulsing, stilled.
Suddenly the convulsing man laughed.
That convulsing man began to tremble.
But the convulsing man laughed idiocy.
You were convulsing; why I don’t know.
That convulsing man was jolted and added.
The doctor cried, No! He is convulsing.
The convulsing man was startled and grasped.
Smith's head right off his convulsing body.
The convulsing man said in a trembling voice.
That convulsion man was really very convulsing.
Then, staring, he sank down, mouth convulsing.
She collapsed in pain, consistently convulsing.
He fell across Kamsen, convulsing and jerking.
And they didn’t stop when the convulsing ceased.
He could see angry motion now convulsing the top.
Where is Nole? he shouted, dread convulsing.
The convulsing man asked when he saw them returning.
The convulsing man was jolted but did not turn back.
The convulsing cook tried to speak but it was broken.
The convulsing man rose up and walked to the ship bow.
Mark's body was convulsing and breaking out in a cold.
I was convulsing, tossing, turning, and frothing at the.
The convulsing man was stunned for awhile before replying.
Argyl was sprawled over me, holding my convulsing body down.
There was a glow in the convulsing man’s eyes as he asked.
That convulsing man was startled and kneels down to bow too.
Before she could finish her sentence, she started convulsing.
Gasping in shock, he fell to the ground and began convulsing.
There were tears on the face of the convulsing man as well….
The convulsing man thought for a while before stomping his leg.
The convulsing man did not reply but asked in a trembling voice.
Elizabeth nearly slid under the table, convulsing with laughter.
But when he saw two crewmen holding that convulsing man to the.
The convulsing man who had been sandwiched in between them looked.
Convulsing, blood seeped higher out of the ground covering his feet.
Nangong Ping eyes were now watery and looking at the convulsing man.
He convulsed hard five times.
My body convulsed into spasms.
The taste of blood convulsed.
The truck convulsed, then stalled.
Her lungs convulsed and she bent.
Orderran bodies convulsed and bulge.
They bucked, convulsed and grunted.
That heroic achievement convulsed England.
Lucas convulsed, but his eyes remained closed.
She convulsed, clenching her jaw, gritting her.
He convulsed, and pressed his palms on the dash.
The enemy ship convulsed and jettisoned more pods.
Smythe and the others were convulsed with laughter.
Her body convulsed once, and she felt herself break.
He convulsed calmly, as if the ride belted a shimmy.
A moment later she herself was convulsed with ecstasy.
Cinder painfully convulsed, and then abruptly, stopped.
Their bodies shuddered and convulsed in beautiful concert.
Tears rolled down his broad cheeks, and his face convulsed.
His body convulsed against the cold ground and his screams.
Tess was convulsed with weeping, the tension of so many days.
A convulsed shiver ran through her, once, twice, at his touch.
Paul and Annie got behind the rest, convulsed with shamed laughter.
Now his body became convulsed with an itch that he couldn't scratch.
Charles, whose whole frame was convulsed with the agitation of his.
My muscles convulsed into shivers as the wind blew hard against me.
She clutched the phone to her chest as her body convulsed with sobs.
Now his body became convulsed with an itch that he couldn’t scratch.
A cold feeling constricted her throat and she convulsed in a dry heave.
His body convulsed now and then, following the rhythm of his quiet sobs.
Maria gazed wildly at her, her whole frame was convulsed with emotion;.
My body convulsed again, and I acknowledged that I was no longer a raven.
Startled awake, the man convulsed and sat up pulling his feet off the desk.
The pain of electrocution shot through Max’s arching body, as it convulsed.
And as they drive the cross in the hole they dug His body convulsed with pain.
His body shook and convulsed, seemingly knowing the torments that awaited him.
Her face convulsed in pain as she tried to struggle to her feet, desperate to.
He would have continued, but an attack of coughing convulsed him for some minutes.
Blackthorn convulsed at the pain but then stopped as he became unconscious again.
Loofah convulsed with cold dread and his mind veered away in desperate avoidance.
Her stomach convulses within her torso.
My body convulses at the sweet, stinging bite.
The horror of the man’s intention convulses her.
Aargh! I moan as my body bows and convulses at the touch of his tongue.
The courtroom convulses, and the cops straighten their backs against the walls.
Her stomach convulses, seems to flip, then settles back into place with a growl.
She laughs so hard she convulses around her middle and hits her head on the table.
My body convulses around him, and I come, loudly calling out a garbled version of his name into the mattress.

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