country sätze

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Country sätze (in englisch)

  1. Life in a country town.
  2. The fate of a country.
  3. The country was in the.
  4. Seir, the country of Edom.
  5. That was in this country.

  6. Keep You Out of a Country.
  7. When a country uses more.
  8. Lunch at the Country Club.
  9. This is a free country.
  10. The fresh country air was.
  11. Duty, Honor, and Country, n.
  12. The country was going wild.
  13. It was a country road and.
  14. It’s out in the country.
  15. You still have your country.

  16. Our country would deny any.
  17. We moved around the country.
  18. The country now receives £1.
  19. Before you Leave the Country.
  20. Tobias left the country again.
  21. Our country has been in two.
  22. The small country bank that.
  23. Soon they were in the country.
  25. Most of the country loved him.

  26. We draw from the whole country.
  27. Yes, America is a great country.
  28. He said the country needed to.
  29. The country where you are free.
  30. Mixing with the country gentry.
  31. Spread out all over the country.
  32. Today the country boasts a 100%.
  33. Government, The Law, and Country.
  34. Japan as a country average at 29.
  35. But in a country with more than.
  36. Expos held throughout the country.
  37. I left the country for this city.
  38. We need another country to bully.
  39. Then the country entered the war.
  40. Thus, in a particular country, 5s.
  41. What's wrong with this country?
  42. You've helped save our country.
  43. He went back to his own country.
  44. We did live in the country though.
  45. He was a real country fella and I.
  46. I want this country to remain free.
  47. Well, it was a spectacular country.
  48. Amir was eager to leave the country.
  49. The country was experiencing mass.
  50. The man who will save our country.
  51. In their own country they’d been.
  52. The man trying to ruin her country.
  54. We exited it and went to the country.
  55. I helped build this country, he said.
  56. The ranch is our home in the country.
  57. This country that used to be our home.
  58. Other AGI plants across the country.
  59. American support - the country where.
  60. Truly God’s own country, he thought.
  61. Numerous country elevators dotted the.
  62. This landlocked country is near Russia.
  63. Always for them: Duty, Honor, Country.
  64. He’s one of the best in the country.
  65. The wages of country labour approach.
  66. The country gave a hint of colour to.
  67. More on the Moscow Country Club later.
  68. I only have two weeks in your country.
  69. Don’t leave your country for a dream.
  70. After living all over the country and.
  71. They actually want to harm our country.
  72. In my country I was in the Green Berets.
  73. In the whole country, Kurt finished.
  74. What country is this? I whispered.
  75. I returned from the country of the dead.
  76. The country was much simpler back then.
  77. We have readers in every major country.
  78. South Africa is a very abnormal country.
  79. She would 'find' herself in the country.
  80. Rex agreed to move to a quieter country.
  81. We think hes in this country illegally.
  82. In his opinion the country was all the.
  83. The money does not go out of the country.
  84. We ended up on an abandoned country road.
  85. Rosemary recovered quickly in the country.
  86. Hell, his own country was a good example.
  87. And Reagan erased the mind of the country.
  88. Before long we were in Pansfalaya country.
  89. I was out of the country when she passed.
  90. Jones was waiting on a quiet country lane.
  91. He did it for his country, for the people.
  92. My wife was a citizen of a foreign country.
  93. Are murdering families in another country.
  94. The country wasn’t offended when he did.
  95. Greece was an occupied country and it was.
  96. Rostam killed his own son for his country.
  97. He lived several miles out in the country.
  98. Our country witnessed this after the fi-.
  99. I was still in a foreign country,.
  100. If to regain his country be his fate,.

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