farming sätze

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Farming sätze (in englisch)

  1. Born in the small farming.
  2. What I enjoy most is farming.
  3. Farming is harming the earth.
  4. When farming their items you.
  5. I know what a farming life is.

  6. Then came slash-and burn farming.
  7. Farming creates death and deserts.
  8. Go back to sustainable small farming.
  9. But there is one problem with farming.
  10. Those farming farmers are confusing.
  11. Light Feather Farming in The Barrens-.
  12. His brother would do his farming jobs then.
  13. In addition to his farming, which called for.
  14. W hen I was a boy the thought of farming crocs.
  15. Farming did not interest him as it did the Greeks.

  16. I bought books on farming and learned basic skills.
  17. The city looms desolate but becomes farming fields.
  18. How? By farming vertically instead of horizontally.
  19. Ranching grew throughout the state, as did farming.
  20. Farming enabled the human population to grow rapidly.
  21. Unfortunately, they were not yet farming grain crops.
  22. Turns out hog farmers should stick to farming hogs.
  23. Our food comes from hunting and fishing, not farming.
  24. Yet, still the fencing in, always the farming of women.
  25. Intensive farming of chickens saw a major upswing in.

  26. The rolling, fertile terrain was ideal farming country.
  27. Prosperous farming communities have lived in the region.
  28. About 10,000 years ago, or thereabouts, we began farming.
  29. Did this part of my farming career for about three years.
  30. Exactly, I can't wait to try your style of farming, guys.
  31. Morning came early, as it does to all farming communities.
  32. Over their tea Levin heard all about the old man's farming.
  33. Farming is never easy but it's not as difficult as it once.
  34. I still own all the barns and several acres of farming land.
  35. David Paget got involved in croc farming when he was on the.
  36. Although factory farming of chickens began in the 1930s the.
  37. Let’s try to meet the farming chap tomorrow, said Robin.
  38. Although Japan was a farming culture and the older generation.
  39. But look at him now! He learned farming because he had to learn.
  40. In farming and agriculture, the Court made possible that myriad.
  41. As he went deeper into farming country, it became more secluded.
  42. More fuel was slowly becoming available, as farming had priority.
  43. In time the younger members of the two households started farming.
  44. First up at the four-month mark was a piece about organic farming.
  45. Still had my coin business, and I was doing only very little farming.
  46. It was because of this discovery that I chose to leave farming and.
  47. I seem to remember that her surname was something to do with farming.
  48. What do you know about farms, Billy, about Jock's farming interests?
  49. As Walvis Bay is surrounded by desert, there was no farming of livestock.
  50. Yeah, but I think with this farming it's not going to be a problem anyway.
  51. After that day I began to take my pig farming stewardship to another level.
  52. They are used in farming reproductive episodes, usually on sheep but other.
  53. Bear farming in Korea and other Asian countries grew during the 1980‘s in.
  54. Anyhow, the end result was that in 1989, Alaska banned open-net fish farming.
  55. It would be only woefully welcomed into the Lanviere family of dairy farming.
  56. With saving, he might gradually buy the stock, and he has a turn for farming.
  57. Lyndon also befriended Billy Sol Estes, who was helping Texas develop farming.
  58. Jaffa ten years older evaluates with a satisfied expression that farming rules.
  59. Over the last 25 years, however, investments in farming have declined steadily.
  60. The plow and his other farming implements stood just where he had placed them.
  61. Population centers around farming areas grew denser until cities were developed.
  62. This is rural Greece, secluded mountain farming not much changed for centuries.
  63. Provide incentives to make it economically possible to return to family farming.
  64. Eliak, besides farming, also bred horses and not just any kind of horses at that.
  65. Equally troubling is the Korean government‘s stance on regulating bear farming.
  66. They saw evidence of farming, with lots of smoke from slash-and-burn agriculture.
  67. The production rate was nearly equivalent to that of 2000 acres of normal farming.
  68. The most harmful farming technique is the widely used 'slash and burn agriculture'.
  69. The result of this increase in farming, especially with cattle and sheep, was that.
  70. The most controversial aspect of the EEC was its policy on farming and food production.
  71. The picture she painted of Tommy and his farming life was made with broad brush strokes.
  72. He was still farming about 160 acres of corn, and Linda was the Fremont clerk of court.
  73. As it happened, many of the Hebrew words pertained to circumstances peculiar to farming.
  74. He was a man of independent means having made his money in farming and real estate; he.
  75. Japanese government was trying to sway the younger generation into farming by offering.
  76. The land of Goshen is still one of the best places in Egypt for farming, although these.
  77. Agriculture, farming and livestock are another big need in the rural regions of Honduras.
  78. Emerson was assigned command of the defense installation on a small farming community at.
  79. One innovative farmer came up with an ingenious way of farming and preventing many problems.
  80. He watched her wobble off and head towards the farming area on the south side of the village.
  81. Pretty soon the guy has quit farming (or whatever) and is has a multi-million business making.
  82. Lack of mechanization, servitude and medieval-style strip farming persisted among the peasants.
  83. This new type of farming is extremely easy to put in practice, highly convenient and profitable.
  84. The peasant seemed to him not merely a tool, but also a judge of farming and an end in himself.
  85. With a blink of the genie's eye, *POOF* the land in Canada was forever made fertile for farming.
  86. But unlike him, Esau was a hunter, which skill came before shepherding and long before farming.
  87. No, no, Bernice, that young man who was hurt in a farming accident went off to live with God.
  88. Since it is so valuable, Bronner is spending time convincing others of the value of hemp farming.
  89. Matthew : a tax collector in specific farming areas given to smaller men then forward in to Herod.
  90. That was the most time-consuming, energy wasteful form of farming until olive growing was invented.
  91. Just now, since his disenchantment with farming, Levin was particularly glad to stay with Sviazhsky.
  92. Until last night, she had been convinced that he was too sophisticated to be interested in farming.
  93. There are a several monied old farming families down in that area, and he was good with the farmers.
  94. The exit hole is a farming tunnel and, as luck would have it, there’s an old rusty Toyota Corolla.
  95. He seeks as normal a life as he can manage – from learning the art of farming, faith, and warfare.
  96. Barbed wire was developed in the 1860s as a cheap way of fencing off large areas of land for farming.
  97. You must understand the Apartheid laws were not based on anything but farming principles and the Bible.
  98. John Rolfe first started tobacco farming and export in the British colonies, and was the first to use.
  99. Wealthy men bought up these small-holdings, and set up large farming operations worked by slave labor.
  100. He was doing night classes in agriculture and needed more experience working in the farming community.
  1. Farmed animals that have spent their lives in.
  2. The Williams had farmed this land for the past.
  3. The family farmed the land and raised livestock.
  4. Wild salmon has less fat content than farmed salmon.
  5. Saito’s family had farmed rice on this land for.
  6. Years ago, oysters weren't farmed like they are today.
  7. The squad wouldn’t be as effective had they been farmed.
  8. He really did not care which peasant farmed Alfred’s ten acres.
  9. Only one acre was being farmed now where once a hundred had been.
  10. The last one I saw here was three months ago and she was farmed out.
  11. On Sunday we drove up on to the Atherton Tableland, high rolling downs farmed.
  12. This holding was never farmed by one man and his wife, Gwenda said grumpily as they ate.
  13. I wondered briefly if he had done the dirty work himself or farmed it out to one of his hired goons.
  14. The overseer farmed the poor of different parishes, and out of the bowels of poverty was wrung the.
  15. His features were best described as craggy, like the rocks at the edge of his land when he farmed alone.
  16. The village had approximately two thousand inhabitants, half of them Jews who had purchased land and farmed it.
  17. Except for Finn, of course, who gets his fields farmed and his forests cut and his mines worked for almost nothing.
  18. Some areas were industrialising, but most of the continent still lived and farmed the same way it had for centuries.
  19. He was her late fathers brother who farmed the land that had also belonged to her grandfather on the Fitzpatrick side.
  20. Corn is now one of the most cared-for, one of the most intensely farmed and the most raised domestic plants on Earth.
  21. Cultural roots they could be called because they have traditionally been farmed in Sweden for hundreds of years.
  22. A tax is sometimes not only farmed for a certain rent, but the farmer has, besides, the monopoly of the commodity taxed.
  23. So many farmed fish were raised in such close quarters they were more prone to disease, mutation, and a host of other ailments.
  24. The thing was, Sterling said, the Alaskan state government got worried about the effect of farmed fish on natural stocks.
  25. Princess Illanor traveled abroad, anonymous, to wait out her pregnancy, and when Andar was born he was secretly farmed out to foster care.
  26. The plains were extensively farmed and provided food not only for the city but also to trade with the dwarves for their gold and gemstones.
  27. Her billions of neurons couldn’t have been farmed out among billions of dark bodies, it would take cubic light years to find enough bodies.
  28. They would have clubbed together to pay the heriot, then either divided up the land or farmed it together, and made some arrangement for their mother.
  29. But, even they had finally accepted that economic growth, farmed through taxation, was no longer a profitable formula and it was time to cut their losses.
  30. Organic foods are farmed in an environmentally sustainable and socially responsible way, focusing on soil regeneration, water conservation and animal welfare.
  31. They farmed on paper; and they forgot the land, the smell, the feel of it, and remembered only that they owned it, remembered only what they gained and lost by it.
  32. What Louie was seeing was a small fragment of a giant cottage industry, war production farmed out to innumerable private homes, schools, and small shadow factories.
  33. With the exception of using a tractor, the old fruit-grower, who’d built a new house on the south end, still farmed the land the same way his father and grandfather had 70 years before.
  34. Some of them are able to be released in the wild after they had recovered from their ailment; others either became permanent residents at the Raptor Center or were farmed out to zoos or animal parks.
  35. The deed assigned the vacant lordship to Kingsbridge Priory, and specified the annual dues – grain, fleeces, calves and chickens - payable to the priory by the serfs and tenants who farmed the land.
  36. What the Canadians were slow in picking up on was that not only did escaped farmed fish pose a significant environmental risk to wild stocks, but farming the fish wasn’t the greatest business move either.
  37. At the cessation of hostilities, he had chosen to stay on in Africa, moving to Maputo and had invested all his accumulated army pay in a small tract of land on which he farmed, earning a somewhat precarious living.
  38. Uncle Todd had come down from the top pastures where he farmed so that with his horses and dray cart he could help take the equipment and staging back to Dorts council maintenance building Everything got stored there, even Mr.
  39. Of the three classes of village, the village cared for by its lord, the village cared for by itself, and the village uncared for either by itself or by its lord (in other words, the village of a resident squires's tenantry, the village of free-or copy-holders, and the absentee-owner's village, farmed with the land) this place, Flintcomb-Ash, was the third.
  40. Like other factory farmed animals,.
  1. These farms gave food on credit.
  2. Dog farms are increasing in China.
  3. We saw no farms or fishing boats.
  4. Farms have been destroyed and one.
  5. I watched as the meadows and farms.
  6. Mostly small farms, ranches, vine-.
  7. Yeah, but I mean…past the farms.
  8. They drove past a lot of farms and.
  9. Were homesteads, farms and habitation.
  10. Of farms and houses, cattle grazing?
  11. They built their own farms and towns.
  12. Above the farms and the white horses.
  13. Isolated farms were the first targets.
  14. Segment valleys into farms and fields.
  15. You are all for outlay with your farms.
  16. Use of heavy pesticides in the Farms &.
  17. Factory farms were requested to monitor.
  18. Took lives and robbed farms of their worth.
  19. If government is green, buy into wind farms.
  20. There were few villages and the farms were.
  21. More were still coming in from outlying farms.
  22. Just a couple of piggies from different farms.
  23. She also knew that women on these farms were.
  24. Barnes were helping out on their parents' farms.
  25. I hear there are some decent wine farms here.
  26. Large chicken farms began to spring-up in the.
  27. The farms were all rented out to tenant farmers.
  28. Some farms may be only a quarter hour ride away.
  29. Those who could simply went back to their farms.
  30. Square farms patterned the strips of shore-land.
  31. Usually crammed with dolls, farms, and run-down.
  32. And the Indians could start farms if they wanted.
  33. The farms were divided into three classes of land.
  34. Besides the supply takes water to local farms and.
  35. That is if they are grown by small farms that care.
  36. Farms were enlarged, and the occupiers of land, not.
  37. Only a few still remained in use for the dairy farms.
  38. She knew there were other tobacco farms with Kyrgyz.
  39. He looked at the ground below him, studded with farms.
  40. The villagers sold their farms and other valuables.
  41. No, Marty--Welfare Farms, corrected the President.
  42. The result is hundred s of farms destroyed and 40,000.
  43. All the roads and the farms and the foods, radioactive.
  44. There are lots of small farms built in the traditional.
  45. You see the destruction of your farms and your lifestyle.
  46. The farms are producing more food than the world can eat.
  47. There’s room and land enough for farms there, huh?
  48. The farms will be sold and the money will be in the bank.
  49. The number of bears held captive in farms is a stark and.
  50. Poultry farms housing egg producing chickens have no need.
  51. They try to provide fruits and vegetables from local farms.
  52. Fish farms are walled-in pens in the ocean or other bodies.
  53. In addition, these same factory farms were forgiven of past.
  54. In some of the worst farms, bears are not only deprived of.
  55. Undefended farms were firebombed by air from the helicopters.
  56. And it came about that owners no longer worked on their farms.
  57. The tenant men scuffed home to the farms through the red dust.
  58. Gateways Farm is one of the oldest family farms in New England.
  59. This being said, you should avoid joining "link farms" because.
  60. Farms have been burned and the settlers are nowhere to be found.
  61. We estimate hundreds more farms and villages affected by the.
  62. One of the farms which he held, that of Hatherley, was let to Mr.
  63. To-day the large estates are beingdivided into small farms, the.
  64. We had left the farms behind and were in a very pleasant village.
  65. To think there wil still be farms, profits, crops, yet for you of.
  66. They made sure that they attacked isolated farms and villages only.
  67. Its ‘shade-grown’ coffee farms are home to endangered wildlife.
  68. Here and here, he said, pointing, were the small farms of.
  69. The farms of America have the sexiest bunch of swingers imaginable.
  70. The educated started leaving villages and farms and moved to cities.
  71. They and their farms; turned green, lush ecosystems into wastelands.
  72. Mugabe ordered confiscation of white people’s properties and farms.
  73. Many came up to me and asked me to pray for their farms and families.
  74. Our network of mines and farms is what the Maegar have called Umbria.
  75. Over a period of time most of the farms and tunnels became abandoned.
  76. We invented the retirement farms where hospice patients are harvested.
  77. As soon as the stores close, they pack it up and bring it to pig farms.
  78. The houses in San Roque were scattered in coconut farms and rice fields.
  79. What do you know about farms, Billy, about Jock's farming interests?
  80. To the cities and farms I sing as they spread in the sunshine before me.
  81. Some families that have farms are usually the ones that are looking for.
  82. Can you believe it? This guy has already shown us eight different farms.
  83. Our farms, inventions, crops, we own in thee! cities and States in thee!.
  84. Ancient Roman senators did this with their slave farms called latifundia.
  85. I grew up in an area where dairy was big business – lots of dairy farms.
  86. Link farms are sites with many outbound links, often created with the sole.
  87. They passed another couple of farms where Ollie her brother had also worked.
  88. To learn more about the history and conditions of Korea's bear farms, read.
  89. But you are more likely to be sent to automated link farms that will damage.
  90. Then he wandered southwest and followed the fence that divided the two farms.
  91. The post survived by collecting 'taxes' from the most prosperous farms around.
  92. We mixed potions and medicines and distributed them to the women on the farms.
  93. In the years to come, there will be more wind farms as they keep springing up.
  94. As a little girl she was sent out to work as an unpaid labourer on other farms.
  95. However, these sites are considered as a mere link farms and they don't give you.
  96. Conditions at most bear farms fall far below the standards set by the Ministry of.
  97. Today in Korea, nearly 1600 bears are raised and kept in farms, forced to live in.
  98. Within three to five years the business could even supply to the surrounding farms.
  99. The other four Kingdoms rely on the farms of Trevena for the majority of their food.
  100. In the early days of the republic, the majority of Americans did hard labor on farms.

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1. You can buy a farm.
2. Jackson is a farm boy.
3. Life on the farm, not.
4. I dawned on the old farm.
5. Not that kind of farm.
6. They came to Ivor's farm.
7. Todd Lemoss of Top farm.
8. The farm is going under.
9. Our home is at the farm.
10. A girl and a farm animal.
11. The farm had been turned.
12. That’s late on the farm.
13. Then a farm hand approached.
14. We pulled into another farm.
15. It was a huge cubicle farm.
16. His father had a stock farm.
17. Staying on a farm in Devon.
18. But keep a farm and carters.
19. He wanted her off the farm.
20. This is his farm we are on.
21. Yes, we have a dairy farm.
22. She glanced around the farm.
23. Farm girl had killed Serena.
25. At the Henderson hog farm, Dr.
26. He owns the Big Farm up at.
27. The work on the farm was not.
28. The family farm was close to.
29. He pulled up to his farm house.
30. The mind-of- Man an Animal farm.
31. They have a farm in Sector 28.
32. I took him from Agenor’s farm.
33. She wasn’t a farm girl anymore.
34. Nigel and head back to their farm.
35. They’re at the McDowell farm.
36. Just past that point was a farm.
37. With each step, the farm became.
38. If they alarm, off to the farm.
39. So in order to farm, we have to.
40. Paul’s parents had owned a farm.
41. But she couldn’t leave the farm.
42. He had a farm up the road a piece.
43. Unlike Abner's farm they had been.
44. Clothier‘s farm harvester and Mr.
45. We staked out the farm in Maryland.
46. How’s my farm girl? he said.
47. What about Ed and the farm?
48. Back on the farm, Maggie said.
49. He left Dobbs and the cart at a farm.
50. I think Kyle used to work on a farm.
51. Overal , an excel ent mob to farm!.
52. That was Bill Smythe up at the farm.
53. All of them are involved in the farm.
54. The canal ran right next to the farm.
55. This year farm work has truly failed.
56. It was a farm road into the city now.
57. Reacher said, I remember that farm.
58. Banda's farm is a long way from here.
59. The family name that owned the farm.
60. Ainura approached the farm owner and.
61. She is in grave danger on the farm.
62. The two farm dogs at that time often.
63. This was The farm lands of Lancaster.
64. Now the yearly farm profit yield was.
65. It isn’t on a farm, just in the.
66. They learned to farm and to use metal.
67. She was willing to bet the farm on it.
68. Slaves tended to all the farm animals.
69. Kay sighed as they turned into the farm.
70. I assume the farm is where they went.
71. We turn to your own farm Mr De Jesus.
72. At the farm, The Stables is all I know.
73. It was part of a farm and private land.
74. Me and my husband lived on a farm far.
75. No, what worried her was the farm trail.
76. Alex continues walking towards the farm.
77. That’s where the farm, the gate is.
78. My farm would give me food till Sol 900.
79. But, the turkey farm is the other way.
80. That's his farm away there in the trees.
81. This dog was originally used as a farm.
82. I turned it into an organic banana farm.
83. The children set off to explore the farm.
84. I can teach you the trade of the farm.
85. Coolidge and his wife were touring a farm.
86. It's not at the James farm, Bill said.
87. There was one from Abner's farm through.
88. They left the farm in a light, misty rain.
89. To get the life insurance, save the farm.
90. He made the rounds of the farm yesterday.
91. With the farm dead, that plan is history.
92. I’ve been running a farm all my life.
93. He made two journeys to the Bergheim farm.
94. Crystal and Rex lived on a little farm in.
95. Whereas Willey Farm he loved passionately.
96. Paul grew up on a farm in Watkinsville.
97. Lords need good serfs to farm the land.
98. First to go is a stout farm kid from Herne.
99. She had been out at the site in the farm.
100. Outback farm: The correct name is property.