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Country in a sentence

The fate of a country.
Life in a country town.
The country was in the.
Seir, the country of Edom.
That was in this country.
Lunch at the Country Club.
When a country uses more.

This is a free country.
Keep You Out of a Country.
It was a country road and.
The country was going wild.
It’s out in the country.
Duty, Honor, and Country, n.
The fresh country air was.
The country now receives £1.
We moved around the country.
Our country would deny any.
You still have your country.
The small country bank that.
Before you Leave the Country.
Tobias left the country again.
Our country has been in two.
Soon they were in the country.
Most of the country loved him.
Yes, America is a great country.
The country where you are free.
Mixing with the country gentry.
He said the country needed to.
We draw from the whole country.
Spread out all over the country.
Today the country boasts a 100%.
We need another country to bully.
Then the country entered the war.
Japan as a country average at 29.
But in a country with more than.
Expos held throughout the country.
Government, The Law, and Country.
I left the country for this city.
We did live in the country though.

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