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    1. They jabbed their fingers and teeth into his ribs, pulling him apart, cracking him open like a lobster

    2. She could hear the horns and metal and glass twisting and grating and cracking against itself

    3. ’ She said, her voice cracking; she takes a deep breath, visibly steadying herself, before going on

    4. ’ I told him, my voice cracking

    5. ’ I said, my voice cracking as my emotions catch up now that the pressure is off to a large extent

    6. cracking the spines of sinners,

    7. “Look Catwhiskers, there’s one egg, its cracking; look there’s a

    8. Cracking stiff joints and loosing wasted muscles

    9. As my eyes focused better I could see there was a dragon caring for two rather large eggs that seemed to be cracking

    10. I was so scared, Wiesse, and there was all that dust and stuff …’ I said, my voice cracking as I remember how terrified I had been

    11. ‘Don’t …’ I said my voice cracking with the closeness of tears now that the crisis is over

    12. ’ She said, her voice cracking with emotion

    13. Do not be surprised if you hear a grinding and a cracking noise as your head rotates

    14. As we came out of a band of them I turned to see my love, my Cath…” he stopped, his voice cracking

    15. As his hand touched the egg there was a loud cracking sound and a bright light began to

    16. a few minutes walking the sound of cracking twigs

    17. Ted can feel the hard walls of his arteries flexing in his chest, their brittle inner surfaces flaking and cracking under the pressure, under the wild torrent of liquid being forced through them by the flood of adrenalin in his system

    18. Davie is getting agitated, is starting to feel the flush of tension that always comes when he can sense that his brother and his employer need some heads cracking open

    19. direction, its floor like cracking pottery clay

    20. the Hollow, along with the noise of heads cracking together and primitive weapons

    21. “Yeah, Hartman’s really cracking down on this Christmas thing on account

    22. grandstand on Freddy’s side, but stopped when she heard the cracking of the

    23. Now the handlers charged Roman, cracking their whips

    24. There were several cracking sounds

    25. and lager rushed out of the doorway, along with the cracking noise of pool balls

    26. There was a loud cracking sound to the kick—

    27. There came a sound like that of ice cracking in a cold winter night

    28. His body suddenly swelled with flames and with the stone cracking beneath him, he flew from her, moving to incinerate the nearest demon

    29. With their mouths full of flesh, they no longer moaned, and except for the occasional sound of bones cracking in their jaws, they left Alec to sit in silence

    30. “I think he finished cracking an

    31. I was calmly chewing on a long straw of dry grass while Morty was casually cracking open sunflower seeds, our thoughts having been silenced and whisked away by the awe-inspiring beauty of Mother Nature’s creation that had completely enveloped us

    32. ” Her voice trailed off into a whisper, cracking with sorrow

    33. He discovered his new odour by cracking chip fat in a converted foot spa after a particularly harrowing episode of EastEnders

    34. Loud cracking filled the cavern as Dane’s bones took on their new form

    35. How deep is the sea here?” he asked, his voicing cracking up

    36. be cracking up more than we used to

    37. the far side of the armoury with the sound of cracking stone

    38. The great thing about synthetic waterproof decking material is that is resistant to rot, cracking

    39. Then I heard the rat tat rat tat of the German machine guns and I could hear the hail of bullets whip cracking as they scythed towards us through the grass

    40. A song wracked with misery and emotion, her voice cracking with pent-up torment

    41. He could see her singing passionately, her voice cracking as he heard, rather than saw, the tears trailing down her cheeks

    42. “No, I’m fine,” whined Rufus, his voice cracking

    43. The RSM found his witticism very funny and was cracking up with laughter, as did the rest of the platoon, them being loyal to the RSM for their own survival

    44. They were tired, fed up and hungry by that time and swore revenge on the sergeant and all of us who were cracking up at their misfortune

    45. Golgarth shuddered as it was thrust deeper and a large cracking sound was heard as the blade crumbled deep inside Manna

    46. Pushing through the forest there were few animals to be seen; occasionally a rustling among the bushes announced some lordly snake on the prowl, or a chatter and cracking overhead denoted that a solemn palaver of monkeys had been disturbed

    47. Yet there was no time for jubilation as the ship lurched violently and made a cracking sound

    48. When the car broadsided the thick stone wall Terry was thrown against the door post, cracking his cheek bone

    49. fence with a mew; the squirrel still sat up in the tree cracking her

    50. Grey sulkily plucked a tick from his leg and examined it, cracking the hard insect with his teeth

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    crack cracking fracture snap bang-up bully corking dandy great groovy keen neat nifty not bad old peachy slap-up smashing swell