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Cracking in a sentence

It was a cracking day.
Is this man cracking up?
The ice was cracking down.
Josh heard a cracking sound.
Inspect for cracking and if.
Ben could hear ribs cracking.
You think I’m cracking up.

The cracking sound shocked Finn.
In a cracking voice, she replied.
Skeets‘ rock face was cracking.
He’s cracking himself up again.
There were several cracking sounds.
Old legal cronies cracking a magnum.
I think he finished cracking an.
In cracking the codes used for these.
Ok, she said, her voice cracking.
His hooves are splitting and cracking.
Brynne could not help cracking a smile.
My voice was cracking all over the place.
No! Jeremy said, his voice cracking.
The paint was cracking off the terminal.
I heard a cracking sound of metal breaking.
Mitch made a show of cracking his knuckles.
My remark forced them both to be cracking up.
They creaked and made faint cracking noises.
There was an audible noise of bone cracking.
I could feel bones cracking underneath mine.
The woman went on cracking nuts and laughing.
I could hear his ribs cracking like kindling.
She was dangerously close to cracking herself.
Leaves swallowed him up, cracking and bending.
There was a loud cracking sound to the kick—.
Very funny, said Abigail, cracking a smile.
The cracking sound of crushed bone was deafening.
The cop felt better that he had Buddy cracking up.
Not now, Sean answers with a cracking voice.
Cracking stiff joints and loosing wasted muscles.
He jerked with the sound of every cracking gunshot.
This time he heard and felt a small cracking sound.
Glasses, lamp, to prevent the cracking of, xxi, 165.
He cracked a black whip.
It was cracked and dull.
The cracked walls of the.
It cracked open after that.
Derrick cracked an eye open.
Then he cracked me across.
Matt cracked open the door.
The gun cracked once, twice.
The NRA cracked down on a.
This one cracked the glass.
The staff cracked and broke.
A twig cracked now and then.
Her neck bubbled and cracked.
The ship is cracked, so only.
Alicia cracked open two sodas.
The ice cracked with an odd.
He cracked open the curtain.
When the ice cracked you fell.
I cracked a mussel and ate it.
The road cracked beneath them.
His voice cracked with emotion.
A woman cracked the door open.
Is it? His voice cracked.
Sven’s scar cracked his smile.
One of the glass panes cracked.
Houston licked his cracked lips.
My voice cracked and splintered.
It has cracked during the night.
Her voice cracked as she spoke.
The ground was cracked and dry.
Two dead hearts cracked in half.
Amin’s stone cracked the door.
That was the day Marilee cracked.
At this, he genuinely cracked up.
My face was red, my lips cracked.
The glass cracked, and then an.
Her lips looked dry and cracked.
Three of the panes were cracked.
His bones cracked with indecision.
His spine cracked audibly as it.
Can you see any cracks?
My voice cracks with fear.
The cracks in the ground.
There were two loud cracks.
There were cracks in the wall.
Cracks appeared in the ground.
There were cracks in his skin.
Skip the cracks in the street.
And the earth that cracks open.
I hear more cracks from the whip.
Porcelain cracks in this weather.
HEY! a loud voice cracks out.
With two deafening cracks two of.
I hear a bang, and the glass cracks.
Sean cracks his knuckles one by one.
These cracks in the floor of my mind.
They’ll see the cracks in my powder.
Small cracks appeared in the buildings.
Formation of cracks in massive concrete.
They can move through the cracks in walls.
Long straight cracks appeared and widened.
It also highlighted the cracks and flaws.
The cracks are certainly beginning to show.
A few cracks were heard; bones were broken.
Twice he looked out through cracks in the.
Freezing nights had widened cracks of the.
Cold seeped through the cracks of the door.
But then, peering through the cracks of my.
More smoke rose from the cracks in the floor.
A few more cracks were heard and the entire.
Finally, however, the cracks started to appear.
Silvery cracks suddenly appeared beneath his.
The light of dawn came through the cracks in.
They were old, leathery lips with a few cracks.
He cracks Justin’s head against the floor again.
She cracks them over the head with a baseball bat.
Hrun glanced up at the widening cracks and sighed.
Her fingers drifted toward one of the many cracks.
Plaster cracks with the fading echo of low voices.
All of the fields are dried up and full of cracks.

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It was open a crack.
You will see a crack.
But there was a crack.
It was opened a crack.
The two of us crack up.
A crack of the air, a.
She heard a loud crack.
There was a sharp crack.
I saw some crack pipes.
She was going to crack.
The crack in his brain.
The door opened a crack.
Gary his fuzzy butt crack.
There is a crack in the.
From the crack in my soul.
He eyes through the crack.
I stuck them in a crack.
Crack into pieces to serve.
He wanted to crack through.
He opened it a crack wider.
The crack of a pistol was.
His eyes came open a crack.
We may be able to crack him.
She heard a sickening crack.
Wait, I’ll crack ’er up.
Old habits are hard to crack.
Opening the door a crack, I.
I heard the crack of a branch.
It was a crack in the ground.
The one over your butt crack.
There was the crack of gunshot.
Anointed a crack at everything.
The crack of gunfire, intense.
No! You might crack the iron.
He too is helping to crack it.
The old man was tough to crack.
His eyes went back to the crack.
Eiess is a tough nut to crack.
She’s a tough nut to crack.
He starts to crack his knuckles.

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