crude sätze

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Crude sätze (in englisch)

  1. Venus de Milo is crude.
  2. He was crude, fat, rude.
  3. Riding a crude early bicycle.
  4. A crude trick, but effective.
  5. He hands Willie a crude hand-.

  6. So they devised a crude escape.
  7. A crude hand drawn map of the.
  8. Here is a very crude exposition.
  9. The possessions were few and crude.
  10. The brand was crude and roughly done.
  11. It seemed a kind of crude game that.
  12. This invited immediate, crude ridicule.
  13. Good gracious, nothing as crude as that.
  14. Trader Mary is neutral on April crude oil.
  15. What I have here is a crude illustration.

  16. Language is only a crude tool: that is all.
  17. The first results were naturally rather crude.
  18. The science behind this is still pretty crude.
  19. In July 2008 crude oil sold at $147 per barrel.
  20. That would be insolent, crude and most messy.
  21. They had attached crude electrodes and shocked.
  22. But neither my crude illustration of the spray.
  23. An old sack with crude human features cut into it.
  24. It’s a Crude, Crude World: Investing in Crude Oil.
  25. The smell of crude oil and gunpowder filled the air.

  26. Price changes in crude oil move in 1-cent increments.
  27. Each end divided again, forming crude hands and feet.
  28. Each container had been fitted out with a crude but.
  29. I hate to be crude, but I have a painful bulge in my.
  30. I lowered my hand and hoped nothing too crude came out.
  31. Table 10-2 lays out the top ten producers of crude oil.
  32. A crude concrete slab stood in the center of the circle.
  33. The crudest of writers could invent nothing more crude.
  34. Even the crude wheeled robots that carried microchips.
  35. So Gary had started selling some crude copies of this.
  36. Mirrors the movements of the WTI crude oil on the NYMEX.
  37. Q: A crude, unevolved man will not work without a reward.
  38. I sent an android down, I had a crude one secretly made.
  39. Detecting the crude movements of Nyshifters, there was.
  40. Two men in white robes stood near a crude wooden platform.
  41. If a trader bought one contract for May crude oil at $98.
  42. They move millions of barrels of crude oil from formations.
  43. But he is still crude and ill-mannered, though, she thought.
  44. The licenses were crude and ill-fitting, but by 1983 they.
  45. This was such a crude and palpable insinuation that even Mrs.
  46. Some consider it crude, ineffectual, a poor choice of style.
  47. It was a crude walking stick of sorts and he handed it to me.
  48. And recent escalation of crude oil prices is a telling point.
  49. The girl was sitting sideways to him at a crude, uneven desk.
  50. By 1986 as crude oil prices fell,4 business slowed for Swann.
  51. Just give full attention to what in you is crude and primi-.
  52. Crude oil and natural gas offer substantially more liquidity.
  53. Here is a crude representation of how the mistake was made:.
  54. Eight year old Ella enters a treehouse that has a crude sign.
  55. His crude manner was not a shock, but his blunt sarcasm stung.
  56. Though he systematically performed the same pattern of crude.
  57. Sulfur content is another key determinant of crude oil quality.
  58. Sound however, was still only the crude bleeps of PC speakers.
  59. This is likely to maintain increased pressure on crude prices.
  60. For example, the size of a crude oil contract is 1,000 barrels.
  61. A barrel holds 42 gallons of crude oil or crude oil equivalents.
  62. This is crude because in more precise calculations it becomes.
  63. Thirty million gallons of crude oil dumped into pristine waters.
  64. A crude airstrip was leveled out of a field outside of the city.
  65. Fritz was going to take it, regardless of how crude it might be.
  66. On September 9, 2004, a reversal signal is painted on crude oil.
  67. He was using words that were so sexual, so crude and suggestive.
  68. It was strangely moving, but neither crude nor sexually inviting.
  69. It was crude and so simple, but there was genuine care put into it.
  70. We all find your descriptions of technology fascinatingly crude.
  71. The implication is that crude oil prices have nowhere to go but up.
  72. First, a crude base platform of discovery was organized and erected.
  73. That view of ethics could be characterized as "crude social control".
  74. But what happened in 1859? Crude oil was discovered in Pennsylvania.
  75. The price in the crude oil contract is quoted at a price per barrel.
  76. I list the top ten consumers of crude oil in the world in Table 10-3.
  77. He tried a crude mouth to mouth exercise but it did not seem to help.
  78. WTI is a high-grade, low-sulfur, premium crude produced in West Texas.
  79. The only instrument Chance had to cut her hair with was a crude knife.
  80. This installation is mostly controlled by crude computer technology.
  81. They do not threaten directly of course - that would be far too crude.
  82. Another way, less crude and tedious but more dangerous to the physical.
  83. His detonator, made out of a crude prepaid cell phone, was ready to go.
  84. He was nailed to a crude wooden cross, his limbs contorted grotesquely.
  85. He was charming and funny, even if he could be a little crude at times.
  86. The trend identification write-up shows gold and crude oil biased higher.
  87. He painted the outside boards with crude oil to keep them from decaying.
  88. Crude oil continued to increase in price and soon exceeded $40 a barrel.
  89. Sulfur is a corrosive material that decreases the purity of a crude oil.
  90. Prien shook his head as the sailors around him laughed at the crude joke.
  91. Your crude methods can only serve as instruments of death, nothing more.
  92. What I have here is a crude illustration of what might or might not be a.
  93. It had a crude face embroidered on and four rough limbs flung out akimbo.
  94. The ability to process multiple types of crude oil generally lowers costs.
  95. The obvious conclusion was that crude oil prices had nowhere to go but up.
  96. This may be a crude example, but it's the best I can think of at the moment.
  97. The Pinto shot rocks from under its tires as I floored it out of the crude.
  98. Crude oil alone was responsible for almost 40 percent of global energy use.
  99. Prohartchin could not find suitable terms for such a crude and coarse idea.
  100. However, the world still has plenty of crude that’s of a heavier quality.

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