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Crude в предложении (на )

crude table is there.
and was therefore crude.
Though it looks crude.
, crude oil in 1990-91).
He was crude, fat, rude.
Venus de Milo is crude.
Riding a crude early bicycle.

A crude trick, but effective.
crude oil at the end of 1990.
So they devised a crude escape.
A crude hand drawn map of the.
He hands Willie a crude hand-.
"Could you be any more crude!".
Here is a very crude exposition.
The possessions were few and crude.
century of crude left in the ground.
initially at a crude level of course.
where Komroff lay upon the crude bed.
To put it politely, it was a crude,.
It was a crude idea and very risky,.
It seemed a kind of crude game that.
The brand was crude and roughly done.
This invited immediate, crude ridicule.
Good gracious, nothing as crude as that.
Trader Mary is neutral on April crude oil.
What I have here is a crude illustration.
Language is only a crude tool: that is all.
selling crude, iron-bladed weapons and tools.
shirt sleeves was passing out the same crude.

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Синонимы слова crude

crude oil petroleum rough earthy gross vulgar unprocessed unrefined primitive rude blunt stark raw