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Crude в предложении (на )

He was crude, fat, rude.
Venus de Milo is crude.
A crude trick, but effective.
Riding a crude early bicycle.
He hands Willie a crude hand-.
So they devised a crude escape.
A crude hand drawn map of the.

Here is a very crude exposition.
The possessions were few and crude.
It seemed a kind of crude game that.
The brand was crude and roughly done.
This invited immediate, crude ridicule.
Good gracious, nothing as crude as that.
Trader Mary is neutral on April crude oil.
What I have here is a crude illustration.
Language is only a crude tool: that is all.
The science behind this is still pretty crude.
The first results were naturally rather crude.
In July 2008 crude oil sold at $147 per barrel.
That would be insolent, crude and most messy.
They had attached crude electrodes and shocked.
But neither my crude illustration of the spray.
An old sack with crude human features cut into it.
It’s a Crude, Crude World: Investing in Crude Oil.
The smell of crude oil and gunpowder filled the air.
Price changes in crude oil move in 1-cent increments.
Each end divided again, forming crude hands and feet.
Each container had been fitted out with a crude but.
I hate to be crude, but I have a painful bulge in my.
I lowered my hand and hoped nothing too crude came out.
The crudest of writers could invent nothing more crude.
Table 10-2 lays out the top ten producers of crude oil.
So Gary had started selling some crude copies of this.
Even the crude wheeled robots that carried microchips.
A crude concrete slab stood in the center of the circle.
Mirrors the movements of the WTI crude oil on the NYMEX.
I sent an android down, I had a crude one secretly made.
Q: A crude, unevolved man will not work without a reward.
Detecting the crude movements of Nyshifters, there was.
Two men in white robes stood near a crude wooden platform.

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