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Cushion in einem Satz (in englisch)

And the cushion in the chair.
Didn’t even have a cushion.
So the surplus is the cushion.
Rosemary threw the cushion back.
It helped to cushion the impact.
Matilde remaining on the cushion.
He stays pressed into his cushion.

She was lucky she hit the cushion.
Janelle fidgeted on the seat cushion.
I had to sit on the kneeling cushion.
What? Manda dropped the cushion.
I’d like that extra safety cushion.
Where did you get a cushion from?
It did little to cushion the hard tile.
You should sit on a cushion with your.
Luray sat on the cushion silent for awhile.
Emily buried herself deeper in the cushion.
She propped the soft cushion so she could.
My heart was broken as I lay on the cushion.
Sanchez's trusty seat cushion under his head.
Malcolm was sitting on his meditation cushion.
I grabbed a cushion and buried my face in it.
Who will always be there to cushion the blow?
He kneeled before her, his knees on a cushion.
He turned his face away and hid it in a cushion.
Starret grabbed a cushion and pulled it over his.
That cat, however, sat on a cushion made of sable.
The satin of the cushion was there, but where was.
She lead him to the cushion nearer the kitchen end.
This obviously did not help to cushion the landing.
The car glided through the trees on a cushion of air.
He sat in a lotus position on a cushion on the floor.
Sitting on the sofa cushion next to her was a white.
Dena nodded her head and bent it down into the cushion.
Underneath the cart a brown cushion had also appeared.
She put down the pocket-eye and sank into the cushion.
Brain reserve is the cushion of healthy brain tissue.
She picked up a cushion and threw it playfully at her.
That silk cushion bears the imprint of some one's hips.
You'll be content with the cushion, Master Heathcliff.
He was either cushioning.
Alistair’s voice thickened, cushioning his words.
Perhaps the cushioning effect actually added to ones height as they jumped, he imagined.
Gabrysia by instinct bent her legs at the knees as her feet hit the ground, cushioning her landing so she did not hurt herself.
All that wouldn’t have been so bad if we did the exercise in a nice field, filled with a luscious cover of soft cushioning grass.
They both tumbled to the floor, with Joel’s body cushioning the impact of her fall, while the happy canine perched heavily on top of them.
I managed to find a thick pair of socks with only a few holes in the toes, but I figured the cushioning effect would ease the pain of walking.
Look for boxes that are bigger than the breakable objects you plan on putting inside in order to leave space for firm cushioning with paper on the inside.
The rear ramp started coming down just before the aircraft touched the ground smoothly, its ten large, low-pressure main wheels cushioning their landing on the pavement.
The woman…well it was obviously was Alteria, so Joey didn’t have to guess anymore as to who she was, laid in the red cushioning of the coffin with her arms across her chest.
The fact they chose to materialize over water necessitated a buoyant device, and should the drop to either water or land be appreciable, they required a sturdy vehicle with some cushioning.
He had won the fight calmly and with determination and, after yet another trip to the infirmary to fix his broken nose and fingers, he had returned to his room acknowledging his remorse for Gabriel, but with hope cushioning the guilt.
He completed fastening the gear on Hilderich, binding the ropes and setting the large leaf across Hilderich’s back, as a sort of cushioning to ease the friction without which he believed he’d be unable to move him more than a foot.
But even as every inward cell twitched and fluttered, outwardly he was comatose, curled on his side, with Grandpa’s hat cushioning his head and his pajama bottoms picking up stains from the tile and his size 14 combat boots trying to stay drawn up out of sight between the ugly stucco planters.
He was, in short, in his after-dinner mood; more expanded and genial, and also more self-indulgent than the frigid and rigid temper of the morning; still he looked preciously grim, cushioning his massive head against the swelling back of his chair, and receiving the light of the fire on his granite-hewn features, and in his great, dark eyes; for he had great, dark eyes, and very fine eyes, too—not without a certain change in their depths sometimes, which, if it was not softness, reminded you, at least, of that feeling.
Her knees were cushioned by.
Except now they had cushioned smart soles!.
He heard the cushioned sound of a metallic clank.
He found that the umbrella cushioned his landing.
The president’s in his very soft, cushioned chair.
The butler hesitated then sank into the cushioned chair.
Not when Parker had cushioned our finances so generously.
Eventually even the cushioned chairs became uncomfortable.
Sindisi cushioned his head as they thumped down to the sharp rock.
She dropped her head to the cushioned box seat and drew a deep breath.
The front deck was lined with cushioned deck chairs and a hot tub was.
However we should try and stay away from heavily cushioned walking shoes.
Jimmy tried lifting his head, but fell back against the cushioned support.
She sat on a cushioned bench with a few shopping bags surrounding her feet.
But his fall was cushioned by a mass of vines wrapped around his upper body.
His restraints tightened, squeezing him into the cushioned seat of his chair.
Andrew and James put him to rest on the cushioned seat in the stern of the boat.
The man did not lift his head from where he cushioned it on his muscled left arm.
You need a cushioned shoe for comfort and to avoid injury when you’re exercising.
Holmes laughed softly to himself and stretched himself out upon the cushioned seat.
Sophie shrugged, the anger fading quickly as she fell back into her cushioned chair.
This is a mind unchecked, pin cushioned and leading you down the path of destruction.
If he sat in one of the heavily cushioned chairs, he was in danger of falling asleep.
Moving to the cushioned chairs opposite the unlit fireplace, Hanor tried to stay calm.
The seats were high-backed rectangular gilded thrones with colourful cushioned material.
His body was submerged and his head rested against the cushioned lip of a huge iron bathtub.
Fortunately, his fall was cushioned by the grumpy dwarf who was clinging on to his shoulders.
The cathedral jewels were wrapped in blue cloth and cushioned in protective sheets of leather.
In a large wood panelled room, the Queen Mother is sitting in her favourite well cushioned chair.
Cushioned in sedative comforts, relax your mind and the missing fact will find its way back to you.
The ornate design of the cushioned chairs and wooden tables was the prime feature of the living room.
The shove was rougher than he intended, and she fell backwards, landing on her well- cushioned bottom.
He leaned forward against the mattress, his head cushioned in his arms, and faded to nothing but listening.
Wow, Cali said, putting down a half-eaten slice of pizza and leaning back against the cushioned booth.
The room was round with two large cushioned chairs positioned on a small platform in the middle of the room.
The ground was well trodden, and scattered with a fine layer of pine needles that cushioned their footsteps.
I was about to sit on the velvet cushioned chair near the fireplace when a familiar voice caught my attention.
Lydia and Elmira sat on cushioned sofas within the same large tent, both of them whispering about Adem and Jean.
Brightly cushioned couches, low wooden tables and oriental rugs dotted the floor; paintings enlivened the walls.
The muscles in his cheek and jaw knotted, his hands clenched and he slammed a fist into the cushioned seat between us.
He had made cushions for.
I fell against the cushions.
Two huge cushions lined the walls.
All had down cushions at their backs.
Under the cushions, she had a stereo.
Come, Yudah, sit on these cushions.
Surround yourself with soft cushions.
The cushions seem to wrap around him.
She dropped back into the cushions again.
I sink back into the cushions on the couch.
She flinched, shrinking into the cushions.
She beat up the sofa cushions for the youth.
Furs and satin cushions littered the floor.
Drawers were emptied, cushions slashed open.
They sank wearily into the Machine cushions.
He tossed and fretted among his rich cushions.
Two of the gangsters sat on cushions around.
Seat cushions ain’t turning no wheels over.
I quietly sat down on the cushions next to Bob.
I grunted myself up and went to collect cushions.
Ty had dragged a few cushions off of the sofa for.
Gail had fetched some cushions from the couch to.
I grab it and pour what’s left onto the cushions.
He tossed the cushions onto the settee and grunted.
Manda ran over to the couch and grabbed two cushions.
Ustenka was rearranging the cushions along the wall.
She flipped the cushions off the couches and armchairs.
A whoof of cigarette stink burped out of the cushions.
I’m by the window seat, resting on a bed of cushions.
Cushions lay on the concrete next to some side panels.
All about me a thousand thin needles, soft as cushions.
Again his laughter boomed out as he offered us cushions.
Gail was looking at me while she adjusted the cushions.
Misty stretched out on cushions and put the side of her.
Chin cushions and chinstraps will keep your mouth in place.
It was cluttered with shelves, tables, cushions and racks.
The cigarette drops between the cushions and catches fire.
He decides that flipping the cushions over is a good idea.
Especially maids who were being so clumsy with the cushions.
The cushions help, but it’s clearly an unpleasant practice.

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