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    1. There wasn’t time enough to get information to deduce what their plan is; but they are coming in force to do terrible harm

    2. ‘So what happened? I deduce from your tone that there is more to it than you just collecting an envelope from the receptionist! Did you bump into David Blake again?’

    3. Now, as far as we can deduce, we are dealing with a raw energy that has traveled around ten million trillion leagues and started its trip countless millions of years before we even existed as a culture, we then take this energy, convert through arcane means and release it

    4. persisted it would not have been too difficult to deduce who that

    5. “These here are, as you can deduce yourselves, the coordinates for a star system

    6. Rather that asking directly for the information we want, ask other, more innocuous, questions that allow us to deduce the information we want

    7. “But we could deduce that from the information you provide?”

    8. We can therefore deduce that the relationship between landmasses and seas in the time before the Food would also have had to be different from what we have today, to prevent it from raining

    9. requires us to deduce and understand what others are thinking

    10. “Thanks for letting me deduce it by myself; and thanks for pointing it out

    11. But by its actions, it was possible to deduce this one fact: all the alien nanoparticles were coordinating their actions and communicating with each other for a greater purpose

    12. Although I cannot see him, I deduce he is behind a barn-sized mausoleum, a hundred metres inland towards the cemetery's centre

    13. I can now deduce that it would have been diagnosed as a flu virus

    14. However, we have determined by careful measurements of temperatures that those Wards block light from one direction only, thus it is a tiny bit warmer in Venak than it should be, and also thus we can deduce that those within can see out, while we who are without cannot see in

    15. We can deduce from this that it is a grave

    16. Therefore we can also deduce that Life is and is becoming; it has within itself both

    17. Can we legitimately deduce that true actions, the ones that are not

    18. every day how much we are conditioned, we deduce that within humanity

    19. I can deduce that you are investigating the murder which was in the newspapers two days ago where it was reported that the victims head was almost severed

    20. “Although I’ve been appointed as the new Wood Mage in Arborea there is magical power that I’ve yet to deduce how to tap

    21. What can you deduce?”

    22. Yet I never heard of anyone who was able to deduce the

    23. escape and as his panicked mind started to deduce their options once

    24. From his footprint patters we can deduce that he is looking for Ainsley, as the trail moves in different directions backwards and forwards but eventually moves straight towards where Ainsley was hiding

    25. I would rather he choose one, so I could deduce his thought process

    26. Deduce for yourself what the outcome would be when such

    27. quite a ways to deduce that someone is one percent Spanish

    28. From the eagerness of those women to enlist, Ingrid was able to deduce that they had not been treated with much respect by their male supervisors in most plants

    29. ‘I think,’ Zeke announced proudly, ‘that we can safely deduce that young Ben incorporated the golden section into his prop guard, an there’s more

    30. you will, but they lacked the intellectual capacity to deduce this

    31. never effectively understand why, they could never deduce the

    32. deduce that the reason the use of tobacco products suddenly lead

    33. determining his own mode of response, but I could never deduce

    34. at my very expense! How ignorant of her not to deduce this truth

    35. who lack the ability to deduce consequences and simply act on

    36. I would effectively deduce some thirty

    37. cannot now deduce as to which label this incident holds

    38. to reason and deduce his wicked curse!

    39. do deduce those facts that the experts relate claiming those figures will never bend!

    40. our wise-men could deduce that the proper solution was to simply relocate

    41. we could easily deduce the reason as to why this was so

    42. for later high tech developments that we could deduce

    43. The innate tendency to observe and deduce,

    44. Once more it was detective work for beginners to deduce that all three would have shed their old identities as snakes shed their skin and be availing themselves of the same high quality documentation as their surgeon colleague

    45. It wasn't difficult to deduce from the information at hand and from Thorne's trips to Galactus V and his confidence in taking over the Galaefship

    46. long to deduce what A Guy Surgery was

    47. From the altitude of those black puffs, she could also deduce that the enemy planes were flying at a noticeably lower altitude than her

    48. every inch of the parking lot and all he could deduce was

    49. – and then we try to deduce meanings by using logical deduction (reasoning)

    50. If God is all-powerful and there are no other Gods in existence, then anyone with half a brain can deduce that God cannot be defeated or overthrown

    1. Somehow, relations were repaired (Sheila didn’t go into details on this either) and Bunty went up to Edinburgh to visit them … which is what I deduced from the documents

    2. ‘Perhaps it would help us both if you tell me what exactly you have deduced about Bunty, Miss Grey

    3. Harry appraised his benefactor's companions and deduced their station and purpose for 'a walk in the park' with Allcock

    4. She does live at the castle, everyone there knows her, and I already deduced she's much older than that business

    5. The Orcs stopped and stared at the three old men for a while, deduced that there was neither danger nor wood in their vicinity and carried on

    6. What Sherlock Holmes must have deduced, had he been there,

    7. Extrapolating from these results, he deduced the existence 10 other odours, and arranged these into the table of elemental odours that is still in use today

    8. He deduced that they weren't as serious as imagined

    9. ” She was back to her naturally bubbly self, and I felt a bit better that I had actually deduced something for a change

    10. This judgment can be deduced from the Machiavellian principle that “war is not eluded: it’s only deferred with advantage to the others”

    11. It might be symbolic of the political structures of the Empire, he deduced

    12. Molo deduced that the stone was able to point him somehow to the direction of the Necropolis

    13. Colling rapidly deduced that they were Russians

    14. ” He deduced, nodding

    15. Or, if a mass of evidence is discovered that cannot be understood the scientific method is called upon to see if a theory can be deduced to explain the evidence

    16. I later deduced that Garfield had pressured Nelson into keeping me

    17. it was sealing itself quickly, so Selma deduced that the wound wasn’t

    18. about but he quickly deduced it was best to simply play along

    19. “Ahh! You know, I could almost have deduced this!” Mark grinned

    20. Judging from the strides of the human tracks he deduced

    21. We have deduced that Jacob finds people who are in trouble but who have excellent skills in management or whatever he needs and in the process of assisting them he gives them a dose of 3

    22. Any motive he might have for the murder can only be deduced from circumstantial hearsay or creative imagination

    23. Rushing upstairs to his bedside, he deduced straight away what had happened

    24. By the time they reached the temple, Thomas had deduced that the purpose of this popular demonstration was so to frighten the Sanhedrin that they would not dare immediately to arrest the Master

    25. From the light coming in the windows, I deduced it was early in the morning

    26. What we deduced from this adventure is that your gravity has a stronger pull than ours but only slightly

    27. "If I comprehend you correctly, based on my body and facial features you have deduced that my reason for being amongst your kind has different intent than what I have already told you

    28. I deduced the “EH” to be Extremely Hostile

    29. It deduced on its own that it had been hijacked and sought human assistance

    30. She saw the queen of diamonds with her throat wounded by the steel of the jack of spades, and she deduced that Fernanda was trying to get her husband back home by means of the discredited method of sticking pins into his picture but that she had brought on an internal tumor because of her clumsy knowledge of the black arts

    31. It’s the easy solution to find answers that cannot be deduced

    32. Judging from the intensity of the scent I deduced that it was

    33. His usual practice, I had learned, was to find a wealthy widow, preferably elderly, and approach her with forged documents, (almost certainly, I deduced, supplied by my drinking companion), which showed him to be a ‘by-blow’, or bastard of her late husband

    34. I deduced that it was a Doberman pinscher

    35. Burley had skillfully and cleverly deduced the exact causes, which ultimately led to the guilty parties being apprehended and offers to participate in leading research on those issues at several prestigious universities through the South

    36. Forty-five minutes later I had deduced that Lizzie needed a new alternator

    37. “Oh!” Brad’s reaction suggested he had deduced the out-of-town

    38. that end would need to to deduced, based on a set of real tangible

    39. deduced that the prior assignment had ceased on chapter four and

    40. I deduced following this revelation that the

    41. From the claim presented, the questions can be deduced that are

    42. the proper questions can then be deduced to ask the accused in

    43. easily deduced that I was not at fault, but he never even as much

    44. we have deduced the necessity

    45. we have deduced in our presumptive figures as well

    46. that our researchers had deduced

    47. This had been deduced from information on the internet and a rare orchid shown in part of the picture

    48. Although no upper limit could be deduced because of sensor overload, it was terribly dangerous to be nearby at those times

    49. In retrospect, it could be deduced that war between the United States and Japan was inevitable, Pearl Harbour or no Pearl Harbour

    50. He correctly deduced that the Russians may be preparing an assault on his rapidly deteriorating and vulnerable situation and recommended a withdrawal before it was too late

    1. Having a slightly different shape to the light element Grailem deduces that it can only be an inactive camera

    2. Marie-Laure deduces what she can from the sounds of their shoes: those are small, those weigh a ton, those hardly exist at all

    3. And so they set up before us a false semblance of Christ! ‘What measure ye mete so it shall be meted unto you again,’ cried the counsel for the defense, and instantly deduces that Christ teaches us to measure as it is measured to us—and this from the tribune of truth and sound sense! We peep into the Gospel only on the eve of making speeches, in order to dazzle the audience by our acquaintance with what is, anyway, a rather original composition, which may be of use to produce a certain effect—all to serve the purpose! But what Christ commands us is something very different: He bids us beware of doing this, because the wicked world does this, but we ought to forgive and to turn the other cheek, and not to measure to our persecutors as they measure to us

    4. I have not myself attempted to estimate the probable expense of maintaining 12 ships-of-the-line and 20 frigates with any precision, but I cannot doubt the fairness of the rule which deduces it from the expense of such a force to England

    1. ’ She replied, deducing accurately what news I want to hear

    2. Often, by deducing the intention behind a person’s action, we can easily infer a person’s character

    3. into battle, without deducing those most necessary of calculations

    4. ‘’Pirates!’’ Hissed Tera, deducing at once why that yacht had been attacked

    5. Then she winced from deducing what

    6. Laura, a few months later, called to say she was pregnant and would I help her with an abortion, which I did, deducing at the same time that the culprit was Telly

    7. Brandor had said time was of the essence, the Fife deducing five

    8. Deducing the Masters at Tarden had created an invisible wall of

    9. No rule besides this is permitted be a sound interpretation in deducing the doctrine of the New Testament on other topics of the Christian revelation

    10. I had no difficulty in deducing from your unreserved conversation, and the rumour openly going about among your admirers, the nature of your calling

    11. “Puller, that is some damn fine deducing

    12. After some generality of discourse concerning the inventions, whereon Bailie Pirlet, who was naturally a gabby prick-me-dainty body, enlarged at great length, with all his well dockit words, as if they were on chandler’s pins, pointing out here the utility of the legs to persons maimed in the wars of their country, and showing forth there in what manner the punch-bowls were specimens of a new art that might in time supplant both China and Staffordshire ware, and deducing therefrom the benefits that would come out of it to the country at large, and especially to the landed interest, in so much as the increased demand which it would cause for leather, would raise

    13. She who had so feared he would take her condition too lightly was now vexed with him for deducing from it the necessity of taking some step

    14. In a word, instead of taking known events and deducing from them what has occurred, we must build up a fanciful explanation if it will only be consistent with known events

    15. a jovial view of all things that evening: he even observed to Lydgate that Fred had got the family constitution after all, and would soon be as fine a fellow as ever again; and when his approbation of Rosamond's engagement was asked for, he gave it with astonishing facility, passing at once to general remarks on the desirableness of matrimony for young men and maidens, and apparently deducing from the whole the appropriateness of a little more punch

    16. In addition to his farming, which called for special attention in spring, and in addition to reading, Levin had begun that winter a work on agriculture, the plan of which turned on taking into account the character of the laborer on the land as one of the unalterable data of the question, like the climate and the soil, and consequently deducing all the principles of scientific culture, not simply from the data of soil and climate, but from the data of soil, climate, and a certain unalterable character of the laborer

    17. Ever since men have been in existence, they have been in the habit of deducing, from all pursuits, the expressions of various branches of learning concerning the destiny and the welfare of man, and the expression of this knowledge has been art in the strict sense of the word

    18. In deducing the power to create corporations, such as I have described it, from the power to collect taxes, the relation and condition of principal and incident are prostrated and destroyed

    19. He might say, for example, that Greece and Rome had forms of free government, and that they no longer exist; and deducing their fall from their devotion to liberty, the conclusion in favor of despotism would very satisfactorily follow! He demanded what there is in the nature and construction of maritime power to excite the fears that have been indulged? Do gentlemen really apprehend that a body of seamen will abandon their proper element, and, placing themselves under an aspiring chief, will erect a throne to his ambition? Will they deign to listen to the voice of history, and learn how chimerical are their apprehensions?

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