judge sätze

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Judge sätze (in englisch)

  1. Judge in a just way.
  2. So Lot was a judge.
  3. Who was I to judge?
  4. The judge cut him off.
  5. This wall is a judge.

  7. No one will judge you.
  8. Judge Ellis cut him off.
  9. The judge blew his nose.
  10. The judge looked at her.
  11. The judge looked at Tom.
  12. JUDGE: I don't think so.
  13. Then he paused to judge.
  14. Yes, Jesus is our judge.
  15. And he didn't judge her.

  16. Judge: And why is that?
  17. They also had the judge.
  18. The judge bangs his gavel.
  19. The judge puts out a hand.
  20. Where is my Judge Lynch?
  21. Thomas did not judge her.
  22. There is no judge above.
  23. For the Lord is our judge.
  24. He had no right to judge.
  25. The judge peered at Harald.

  26. And calls on men to judge.
  27. Judge with Slade and Elize.
  28. The judge turned to Roland.
  29. The judge outranks me, Ms.
  30. Judge it with its quality.
  31. Do not judge the current.
  32. The judge hesitated a beat.
  33. The judge seemed to have.
  34. I’m not here to judge.
  35. Tell it to the judge, pal.
  36. That is for us to judge.
  37. The judge went easy on you.
  38. He will judge the world in.
  39. However, you are the judge.
  40. The judge banged his gavel.
  41. The judge had given him a.
  42. The judge clapped his hands.
  43. His name was Judge Thomas.
  44. Yes judge, within the hour.
  45. In any case, I judge that.
  46. I promise I won't judge you.
  47. You are the judge of Israel.
  48. A highly capable judge, Dr.
  49. You are the judge and jury.
  50. Thomas tried to judge how.
  51. They can judge me if they.
  52. If you are a good judge of.
  53. I’m not really a Judge.
  54. He wanted to let the judge.
  55. And trial by judge and jury.
  56. It was not for him to judge.
  57. The sage and sad judge, too.
  58. David asked God to judge him.
  59. It is, Judge, but c’mon.
  60. Later I ran into the judge.
  61. I ain’t here to judge you.
  62. I see, the judge said.
  63. I know, the judge said.
  64. The judge will agree with me.
  65. The Judge: But you appear, Mr.
  66. And so I wrote to the judge.
  67. The jury looked at the judge.
  68. The judge changed the subject.
  69. The judge gazed down at Moses.
  70. With that, the Judge was gone.
  71. Judge Carpenter had set bail.
  72. Hey, man, I don’t judge.
  73. I invite you to be the judge.
  74. As far as she could judge, Mr.
  75. Yet let us not judge harshly.
  76. Judge for yourself, now, Mr.
  77. So ruled, said the judge.
  78. But it is unfair to judge you.
  79. If you judge something to be.
  80. The Judge drew forth his sword.
  81. The saga of how Judge Warren E.
  82. Gary said looking at the judge.
  83. Then the Judge addressed them.
  84. From what I could judge, no.
  85. I judge we never touched them.
  86. The judge spoke to the witness.
  87. The judge granted the divorce.
  88. The Judge was a bench veteran.
  89. We have to meet with the judge.
  90. The truth is that I never judge.
  91. Carter, the judge said calmly.
  92. What war? the judge asked.
  93. Of course, said the judge.
  94. I will be the judge of that.
  95. The judge shifted his gaze to H.
  96. He always wanted to be a Judge.
  97. I cocked the hammer of my Judge.
  98. Who can judge such a thing? Ah.
  99. We went in front of the judge.
  100. You may, the judge stated.
  1. No! I'm not judging you.
  2. Judging from the way Sue.
  3. Scout, judging by his badges.
  4. Judging from the sounds and.
  5. Judging from the places the.
  6. Judging from the moon it was.
  7. Colonel, judging by the badge.
  8. Only when I stop judging, and.
  9. He wasn’t judging or acerbic.
  10. Judging from his expression he.
  11. The tricky bit is judging cheap.
  14. Judging the speed was impossible.
  15. Judging he was out of earshot, he.
  16. Judging from his behaviour he also.
  17. The punishment is after the judging.
  18. He was sure others were judging him.
  19. The judging will end, but its result.
  20. Judging the Dalai Lama by his Actions.
  21. Judging the dalai lama by his actions.
  22. And soon, judging by your temperament.
  23. Judging the one who hides with mystery.
  24. Lessons Learnt – The Folly of Judging!.
  25. It was early in the morning, judging by.
  26. Judging from his accent, he wasn't like me.
  27. Judging by the look on his face, he must.
  28. Judging by the time, he might be back now.
  29. Though judging from the thickness of the.
  30. Daniel frowns at it, judging the distance.
  31. Judging from his reaction, he almost seems.
  32. It was mid-afternoon and judging from the.
  33. We went from judging sin, to judging people.
  34. We shouldn’t be so hasty in judging others.
  35. Judging from his files, it seems clear that J.
  36. Judging he was in far too amiable a mood to.
  37. Judging by what we've found in her personal.
  38. She was judging herself for judging herself!.
  39. Judging a book by its cover has been the way.
  40. Judging by his size and the way he moved, he.
  41. Teller was a long way off judging his real age.
  42. Oh, my dear, it's judging by myself I say that.
  43. Judging by their faces they were both Frenchmen.
  44. Judging from what I could tell, her problem was.
  45. The judging will end, but its result will never.
  46. Judging from what I saw with my kitty eyes, the.
  47. Eternal is not describing a judging that has no.
  48. But we were happily overwhelmed, judging from Mrs.
  49. She was mistaken if she thought I was judging her.
  50. This was a special carnival and judging from its.
  51. I fear that God is judging our weakness, Ahmed.
  52. Eternal is not describing a judging that has no end.
  53. He stood over me a moment, judging me; contemplating.
  54. Judging from the expression on his face it was very.
  55. You feel that others are judging you and your actions.
  56. Kingdom, and you will sit on the thrones, judging the.
  57. Judging by Ron's plate full, it was more than welcome.
  58. Judging from the expression on her face she was amazed.
  59. Judging from all the lids clamped on this story, it's.
  60. Judging from what I could see from a quarter of a mile.
  61. Judging from the strides of the human tracks he deduced.
  62. Judging by the echo of his voice, Rhone figure that the.
  63. He was always up early and judging by the situation and.
  64. If you are judging what we have and don’t have, stop.
  65. Judging by his height and eyes I'd say this ones an elf.
  66. Vera simply looked at me without judging or condoning me.
  67. Judging by the movement of the sun, however, he decided.
  68. And judging by the look he gives me, he did it on purpose.
  69. Judging from the expression on her face, she was looking.
  70. Judging from the clicking of his keys he was a security.
  71. Judging by all the tinkering Vincent did with electrical.
  72. Judging by the sounds and sensations, the storm was right.
  73. Judging by its width and curvature, it is a metal railing.
  74. Judging from the tone of her voice she was in dire straits.
  75. Judging from the treading of feet and the breathing of the.
  76. Judging from his scent and laboured breathing he was obese.
  77. I am not judging you, but you were married and had a family.
  78. Alistair parroted the same words and, judging by his sudden.
  79. So it seems we're judging each other based on prevaricators.
  80. Judging by her tension, I knew she feared there couldn't be.
  81. Judging from the expression on the officer’s face, he was.
  82. Judging from the vibrations of the treading it was apparent.
  83. Judging There is a difference between judging and discerning.
  84. After she was afflicted by deviation phenomenon, judging.
  85. Judging from the tone of the conversation, that was same now.
  86. They are more worried about your judging them than.
  87. A third kind of wrong thinking is judging without having all.
  88. Judging from where her eyes were gazed I was certain that we.
  89. The Scriptures teach us to be careful about unwisely judging.
  90. The results of His judgment, not the judging, will be eternal.
  91. Judging from the intensity of the scent I deduced that it was.
  92. But judging by the young man’s gaunt look, it was not to be.
  93. You can never discern properly if you have a judging attitude.
  94. Judging by what we had seen, it wasn’t an accident or a miss.
  95. Berg, judging by his wife, thought all women weak and foolish.
  96. An arrow was still lodged in his chest, and judging from the.
  97. Ma’am, we are not in the judging business, we are in the.
  98. If someone is watching somewhere, someone is judging somewhere.
  99. But judging from the position of the sun, it was already late.
  100. To a human that is hot but a human has no mind judging the sun.
  1. The way cannot be judged.
  2. God has never judged you.
  3. All are judged at death.
  4. He never judged, nor he.
  5. He judged distance and lift.
  6. Those that are judged not.
  7. Dunk judged her to be forty.
  8. Six feet at least, he judged.
  9. Willing to be judged by them.
  10. You will be judged by our law.
  11. A man is judged by his fruits.
  12. He had judged for forty years;.
  13. He had judged her to be self-.
  14. You are judged and sent to hell.
  15. She judged that not one of the.
  16. This was heavy stuff, he judged.
  17. Judge not, least ye be judged!.
  18. It can be judged in no other way.
  19. They, too, judged with The One Mind.
  21. Tom judged, than the outbound section.
  22. Myserrah had judged his opponent well.
  23. Friend, a higher power has judged them.
  24. I think I’ve judged it about right.
  25. God must not be judged from appearances.
  26. She never judged him for being an eidos.
  27. He that believeth on him is not judged.
  28. You will be judged on accuracy and speed.
  29. You will be judged on speed and accuracy.
  30. I judged no less, said the physician.
  31. All would be judged instantly after death.
  32. Jesus said to him You have judged rightly.
  33. You have judged and he is already another.
  34. You are not to be judged by the same rule.
  35. We have been judged to be interfering too.
  36. I judged now by my impressions of that time.
  37. I judged her to be about eighteen years old.
  38. There might be something in that, she judged.
  39. Do not judge so that you will not be judged.
  40. The magistrate judged us with deep suspicion.
  41. The issue to be judged is how we have behaved.
  42. And I have judged, and I shall bring judgment.
  43. Some, the Morning Star has judged for himself.
  44. In this time wrong will be rightly judged wrong.
  45. He was here to be examined, weighed and judged.
  47. I think it was you who judged the case of Ali.
  48. But Conan had judged his distance with precision.
  49. Each literary production was to be judged upon.
  50. Mort hesitated as he mentally judged the stranger.
  51. They will feel judged without you saying anything.
  52. All will be judged and all will have fallen short.
  53. What was once judged to be great is simply another.
  54. It is like the brain judged by Satan’s approvals.
  55. Scar judged the distance between him and the throne.
  56. I judged the time had come for me to join the battle.
  57. She judged that we were all growing tired and began.
  58. Judgement, because the prince of this world is judged.
  59. They won’t be judged, but they will give an account.
  60. The believer in Christ is judged for purpose of Reward.
  61. God judged mankind by releasing the waters under the.
  62. This must be done in a manner best judged only by the.
  63. On and on I stumbled down the hill for what I judged to.
  64. These questions put and answered, he judged society and.
  65. Scanning the area, I judged the city had a population of.
  66. I was being judged by four-hundred eyes and The One Mind.
  67. The Past should never be judged by contemporary standards.
  68. Messiah (Romans 8:1), we think that we will not be judged.
  69. Peter knew that the ones who judged them did not want to.
  71. Islam, they will be judged fairly on the Day of Judgement.
  72. They are not judged by how they eat and how much they eat.
  74. It contained what I judged to be about a kilo of raw gold.
  75. Its diameter, I judged, must be one hundred and fifty feet.
  76. Monica knew she was being judged for the appearance of her.
  77. Individuals, not nations and cities will be judged at the.
  78. A little chubby, he judged, but overall not a bad looking.
  79. If all are now in Heaven or Hell, then all have been judged.
  80. It was her measure, her ruler by which she judged the world.
  81. Both the saved, and the unsaved would have to be judged at.
  82. God judged them, threw them out of the heaven they where in.
  83. The grandfather was even older than Daniel had first judged.
  84. This has been judged to be in harmony with the Word of God.
  85. Thus, his sins were weighed and the fierce magistrate judged.
  86. The winner was judged on her character rather than her looks.
  87. He looked to his dad and judged his reaction before speaking.
  88. Christ will raise them from the dead, but only to be judged.
  90. Once they judged themselves to be safely out of harms way the.
  91. For that offense, you must be tried, and judged, and punished.
  92. The other man had disappeared, but Tom judged the direction of.
  93. Depending on how we carry these two, we’re judged afterwards.
  94. Appearances are to be judged as the truth in face and clothing.
  95. Satan is the ONLY soul that has already been judged by name to.
  96. Since then, I’ve been judged before I could state my case.
  97. He judged the desert mounds, the hills of bone-silt and silence.
  98. You will and should be judged by your friends, choose them wisely.
  99. I judged myself sentimental and ridiculous, sad and insignificant.
  100. Both the saved, and the unsaved would have to be judged at death.
  1. Lord God who judges her.
  2. In Judges 13:9 it was.
  3. Judges give them the cane.
  4. They are their own judges.
  5. The judges chosen were Mr.
  6. I agree with the judges.
  7. The 4 activist judges than.
  8. In any case the judges wear.
  9. The judges rose and went out.
  10. Heroes who work for the Judges.
  11. But, those that God judges as.
  12. Epilogue to the Book of Judges.
  13. Our judges are not so blind and.
  14. The judges got up and went away.
  15. What neither judges nor bishops.
  16. You walk, sir, with your judges.
  17. We will be the judges of that.
  18. The UFC would start with judges.
  19. Since the Judges came to help.
  20. The judges, the promoter, whoever.
  21. There is One who seeks and judges.
  22. But good judges have said the same.
  23. Judges are supposed to hide their.
  24. The judges would then cry Out.
  25. And you, the judges, bear a wary eye.
  26. These judges overlooked centuries of.
  27. The ruler of the people is the judges.
  28. The weeks passed and the judges ripped.
  29. The hunt for the judges daughter was on.
  30. The same may be said of judges and lawyers.
  31. They served as city councilmen and judges.
  32. These judges are used to shelling out 15.
  33. Were you notified about the Judges?
  34. Candidates for Judges were chosen at birth.
  35. Why, I said, you join physicians and judges.
  36. Judge yourself and you see judges everywhere.
  37. The Judges all have the power of the spirit.
  38. Judges walked with God and they knew Him as.
  39. But the Judges exterminated the Black Raven.
  40. She began crying and the judges consoled her.
  41. Notified about the Judges? Rex repeated.
  42. The book of Judges in the Old Testament (Judg.
  43. The judges asked me to explain what type of.
  44. Sebastian, Reginald and Zoltan were the judges.
  45. Other highly competent judges, as Lyell and E.
  46. When the Lord judges us it is for our own good.
  47. The judges, however, didn’t score it that way.
  48. Oberon was used to talking to judges and juries.
  49. Lonny confirmed what all the judges were seeing.
  50. One of the greatest judges is Deborah, a woman.
  51. By my count there were more prophets than judges.
  52. Nolan and Clannery, aisle-superintendent judges.
  53. I’ll never win if Ransom is one of the judges.
  54. She could tell none of the judges were impressed.
  55. In Judges 6:22 "Lord" is from the Hebrew "Jehovah.
  56. The Judges are supposedly monsters in human form.
  57. It is the same with judges and public prosecutors.
  58. After the time of Moses and Joshua, judges were.
  59. The great judges recoiled in terror and acquiesced.
  60. Two judges who will be positioned outside the area.
  61. He states the truth, and He is the Best of Judges.
  62. But, he says, you are judges within the fellowship.
  63. Obama boldly stated that he wants my judges.
  64. This is the sort of argument that convinces judges.
  65. I understand you, and so will both judges and jury.
  66. Judges lack modern technology to support their work.
  67. I seek not my glory: here is one who seeks and judges.
  68. The competitor is turned so judges can see his profile.
  69. Even the judges were frightened as they looked at him.
  70. When the judges of X factor walk down a crescendo of.
  71. And especially since he had just kidnapped the judges.
  72. The two other judges communicated in agitated whispers.
  73. When Iván heard these words, he returned to the judges.
  74. Righteous judges! He threatens to set fire to my house.
  75. She believed animals were excellent judges of character.
  76. Unfortunately, it's all too common for judges to return.
  77. On the judges lap was a soft red velvet blanket covered.
  78. I’ve been expecting you—the infamous Judges of Verras.
  79. You are injuring yourself in the opinion of your judges.
  80. During this time, the judges are looking for overall body.
  81. The Judges have an alliance with the Heroes, Sorren.
  82. Why wouldn’t the Judges do anything? Isn’t that what.
  83. All I know is that the Judges have always been our allies.
  84. One of the judges hit me with a cheap shot, and I got mad.
  85. Are there any magistrates or judges at the Chateau d'If?
  86. Judges would often remark at the outset of a hearing, I.
  87. She started her lines and the judges keenly listened to her.
  88. LP needed another nine or a ten from the five judges to win.
  89. God judges sin, but God saves and delivers the righteous.
  90. They look as if they were the judges instead of the accused.
  91. The Book of Judges relates a story of Jephthah in chapter 11.
  92. Ever since it had been discovered that the Judges did indeed.
  93. And, of course, those Judges wouldn’t do anything about it.
  94. Judges and Magistrates are highly esteemed members of society.
  95. After much consultation and some legal wrangling, the judges.
  96. It was no revelation to the courts or to the panel of judges.
  97. The judges were prejudiced against me by my evident confusion.
  98. So there are some ways that God judges and deals with sin now.
  99. He committed His cause to His Father, who judges righteously.
  100. Yes, I said, I too would have good judges and good physicians.

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