depute sätze

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Depute sätze (in englisch)

1. The Principal employer should depute a representative who will.

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1. I was deputed to carry out the operation at the LoC.
2. A core team of RSS pracharaks was deputed to work with him.
3. When his brothers found him not interested in studies, he deputed him to guard.
4. Oh, that coat is not his own idea; it is the Republic's, which deputed David [*] to devise a.
5. The committee who had been deputed to verify the accounts reported to the meeting that all was in order.
6. When the man, whom the teacher had deputed, returned in the evening, the teacher asked him what had kept him so long.
7. Such is the spectacle which the deputed authorities of a nation, boasting its religion and morality, have not been restrained from presenting to an enlightened age.
8. In short, Madame Danglars, not being able personally to examine in detail the domestic economy and household arrangements of a man who gave away horses worth 30,000 francs and who went to the opera with a Greek slave wearing diamonds to the amount of a million of money, had deputed those eyes, by which she was accustomed to see, to give her a faithful account of the mode of life of this incomprehensible person.
9. It’s no to be deputed, Provost Pawkie, replied my friend, somewhat puzzled by what I had said; it’s no to be deputed, that we live in a gigantic vortex, and that every man is bound to make an energetic dispensation for the good of his country; but I could not have thought that our means had come to sic an alteration and extremity, as that the reverent homage of the Michaelmas dinners could have been enacted, and declared absolute and abolished, by any interpolation less than the omnipotence of parliament.
10. Still Dantes could not view without a shudder the approach of a gendarme who accompanied the officers deputed to demand his bill of health ere the yacht was permitted to hold communication with the shore; but with that perfect self-possession he had acquired during his acquaintance with Faria, Dantes coolly presented an English passport he had obtained from Leghorn, and as this gave him a standing which a French passport would not have afforded, he was informed that there existed no obstacle to his immediate debarkation.
1. Yes; did you not tell him just now that you wanted money? Well, then, he deputes me to.

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