delegate sätze

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Delegate sätze (in englisch)

  1. A highly trusted delegate shall.
  2. I recognise the delegate from.
  3. Chief Delegate Lookin of Tortis.
  4. She really had no way to delegate any.
  5. Delegate chores at home and at the office.

  6. You will need to delegate the responsibilities.
  7. Even when you do delegate the sales aspect of your.
  8. If I don't, wil you delegate it to Ryan? he asked.
  9. That's not something to delegate and then read a report on.
  10. The best men are often obliged to delegate their authority.
  11. You should always try to delegate yourself out of a job.
  12. They had to work in groups and delegate all tasks within their.
  13. Peter’s job to interpret the orders and delegate to the troops.
  14. A delegate to a convention came along behind her and helped her.
  15. At the convention, she gathered a single delegate vote for President.

  16. You need to learn what your limits are, delegate and lighten your load.
  17. He could not delegate them nor could he blame another for their outcome.
  18. You have assistants? Then delegate some of your excess workload to them.
  19. She became friendly with Miss Lily’s father who had come as a delegate.
  20. One option is to delegate some of the work and then consolidate it later.
  21. One delegate even compared it patriotically to The Star-Spangled Banner.
  22. Hoping to delegate the duty, Wickland dialed Graisco’s number on his cell phone.
  23. Gods, even small ones, should never delegate, but if you read the stories in any.
  24. A partner authorized to operate the firm's account cannot delegate his authority to.
  25. It may be appropriate to delegate certain tasks when all of the following items apply:.

  26. Fifteen billion pounds? Exclaimed the Jewish delegate, unable to believe his ears.
  27. There is a lack of something solid and dependable also the lack of ability to delegate work.
  28. These managers typically delegate the day-to-day operations to a Chief Operating Officer (COO).
  29. Twelve churches were represented by pastor or delegate, including the church at Orangeburg, S.
  30. In any hierarchical society, a split is created between those who delegate, and those who serve.
  31. They thought it would be best to create a natural hierarchy to maintain order and delegate power.
  32. I delegate this one little task to my trainee, he screeched at her, covering her face in dwarf.
  33. Hint: Think of how you can delegate the non-adapted parts to the object contained in the Adapter class.
  34. Afterwards, they universally found it convenient to delegate it to some substitute, bailiff, or judge.
  35. Delegate responsibilities in areas that you are weak in to the members of your team that excel in them.
  36. What do you mean, without pity? the local Citizen Delegate of URneighbor Watch asked the ID denizen.
  37. A Roman delegate went to Caesar because Herod had so overtaxed his people that they were in helpless poverty.
  38. Amid this and in future universes he will manifest himself as our sanctioned delegate – the Dharma Heruka.
  39. You are busy with the career and have a lot on your mind; delegate what you can and rest as much as possible.
  40. They have had some time a delegate, and will find delegates in the Senate as well as the House of Representatives.
  41. After his conversion, this missionary and a delegate were sent to visit Chuck Hum, a city about six miles from my home.
  42. Due to the sheer number of robots he had to delegate much of the work to the repair robots or he would have run out of time.
  43. I will delegate Llewellyn and a dozen elves with battle experience to aid you in turning Loki and his hordes from Tinkerburg.
  44. Even when the delegate was chosen, every body thought that something would be found wanting, merely because I was not present.
  45. In addition, his experience helped him improve his ability to delegate responsibilities and develop the second line of command.
  46. While still a delegate to Virginia in colonial times, Jefferson successfully pushed for a ban on importing slaves into the state.
  47. Julian Poydras appeared, produced his credentials, was qualified, and took his seat, as the Delegate for the Territory of Orleans.
  48. Since I had to work nights, I was going to be late for the party so I had to delegate cooking the chicken to Harry, my housemate.
  49. Shadrack Bond, returned to serve as a delegate, in this House, for the Illinois Territory, appeared, was qualified, and took his seat.
  50. If any delegate has anything constructive to add please let them raise their hand and the assembly will give them its fullest attention.
  51. Martin thought Carson was cowardly and would delegate anything remotely dangerous to his subordinates, including freshly trained recruits.
  52. Philippe was a very busy man, he would normally delegate this sort of work to one of his men, but there would be no pleasure in that for him.
  53. The First Estate termed itself the National Assembly and invited the other Estates to join it, on the basis of voting by delegate, not by Estate.
  54. Will you delegate some of your seraphim to help us turn them back, and perhaps forge a new seal in the breach that has been reopened of late?
  55. The first candidate to reach the requisite number of delegate votes generally wins the nomination as the party’s candidate to run for president.
  56. We’ll administer the oath to the dominant and leading members of those races, then delegate the swearing of the rest who wish to accept our offer.
  57. Jonathan Jennings, returned to serve as a Delegate from the Territory of Indiana, appeared, produced his credentials, was qualified, and took his seat.
  58. Edward Hempstead, returned to serve as the Delegate in this House from the Territory of Missouri, appeared, produced his credentials, was qualified, and took his seat.
  59. He was familiar with the diagnosis, satisfied with the prognosis and happy to delegate the procedure to Switzerland’s leading brain surgeon, with whom he had studied.
  60. Before taking the signatures, the personal delegate of the president of the republic tried to read the act of surrender aloud, but Colonel Aureli-ano Buendía was against it.
  61. George Poindexter having appeared and produced his credentials, as the Delegate from the Mississippi Territory of the United States, the oath was administered to him by the Speaker.
  62. If we open ourselves to this consciousness, where we can understand and accept these mechanism, processes and patterns around us, we shall not need to delegate all happenings to God.
  63. Thomas, the delegate from the Indiana Territory, returned to serve in the room of Benjamin Parke, who hath resigned his seat, appeared, was qualified, and took his seat in the House.
  64. One important implication for long-horizon institutional investors is that when they delegate asset management, external managers may not inherit the ultimate investor’s long horizon.
  65. Management doesn’t need to know every detail of how things are accomplished; effective managers intuitively know when to delegate responsibility and operation details to their subordinates.
  66. The head of the mission, being a delegate of the ministry, has the right to oversee the Tunisian service of antiquities, and has also for both Algeria and Tunisia the permanent inspection of libraries and museums.
  67. By forgoing college and starting your own business, you learn how to develop ideas that will be accepted by others, sell them, build and execute on an idea, delegate and manage, and most important, eat what you kill.
  68. Again I stress the point, you must learn how to delegate responsibility, there will always be some-one who will think it an honour to serve the mighty Lord Loka, there is, of course, a negative side to this arrangement.
  69. The principal difficulty suggested to the committee, occurring in the execution of the law, appears to relate to the election of a delegate to represent the interest of the Territory in the Congress of the United States.
  70. On this occasion the reporter wrote with zeal that the very same man was a delegate at the forthcoming conference and posed the question „Rowlandson shipwrecked on a remote island, a new beginning or the inevitable end’.
  71. A large proportion of the power which is too heavy for you, you should delegate to the people, to its representatives, reserving for yourself only the supreme control, that is, the general direction of the affairs of State.
  72. It appears that doubts have been entertained whether the delegate thus elected can legally hold his seat after the 3d day of March next, and an alteration of the law has been suggested as necessary to obviate the difficulty.
  73. It would be possible to create a domain structure using the IP address bytes in their regular order, but this would complicate the administration process by making it harder to delegate maintenance tasks based on network addresses.
  74. And I do, moreover, make known and declare that on the said second Monday of November next, an election will also be holden, at the several seats of justice aforesaid, for a Territorial delegate to the Congress of the United States.
  75. What other woman exists who is so astute she is able to delegate the plan to kill her husband Ulysses and her son Telemachus to the Suitors , without getting her own hands dirty, like Clytemnestra had done when she had Agamemnon killed?
  76. It would be remarkable if, instead of disciplining him, hospital managers agreed that he should work only with male medical students and doctors and even that the new head of surgery, a woman, should delegate his supervision to a male colleague.
  77. Sally handled all the administrative duties herself, being hesitant to delegate much authority to others due to previous dreadful experiences she had had with the individual store managers who had not shown the commitment and energy that she had hoped for.
  78. It also appears to the committee that the Territorial Legislature are furnished, by the 7th section of the act, with competent power to change the time of holding elections so as to obviate any difficulty that may occur in the subsequent elections of a delegate.
  79. And even as I said this, a cold memory touched me, where I heard Arthur saying…sometimes I will have to delegate command to others…yet he never said who it would be to take command in his absence, did not name a specific leader, but of course it was to be me.
  80. Guided by some gift of insight, on taking up the management of the estates he at once unerringly appointed as bailiff, village elder, and delegate, the very men the serfs would themselves have chosen had they had the right to choose, and these posts never changed hands.
  81. Troup admitted the correctness of the remarks of the delegate from the Territory, but wished the petition to be referred to a committee for the purpose of an inquiry as well into the amount of population in that country as into its quality; whether it was lawful or unlawful.
  82. The village elder, a peasant delegate, and the village clerk, who were waiting in the passage, heard with fear and delight first the young count’s voice roaring and snapping and rising louder and louder, and then words of abuse, dreadful words, ejaculated one after the other.
  83. Upon the faith of this imputed perfection, it has been declared to be inconsistent with the entire spirit and character of this instrument, to suppose that after it has given a general power it should afterwards delegate a specific power fairly comprehended within the general power.
  84. Not every day does a major world leader slip off his shoe in the United Nations General Assembly and bang it on the desk shouting out ‘No! No! No!’ but that’s just what Khrushchev did in 1960 when the Philippine delegate accused the Soviet Union of imperialism in eastern Europe.
  85. Contemporaneously, a heated argument having arisen between Mr Delegate Madden and Mr Candidate Lynch regarding the juridical and theological dilemma created in the event of one Siamese twin predeceasing the other, the difficulty by mutual consent was referred to Mr Canvasser Bloom for instant submittal to Mr Coadjutor Deacon Dedalus.
  86. Montgomery, Varnum, Helms, and Bacon, on the ground that the late General Hamilton had no claim on the Government under the resolutions of the old Congress; because he was, on the 25th of November, 1782, a delegate in Congress, and, by the 6th article of the Confederation, incapable of holding, at the same time, a military commission.
  87. The Speaker laid before the House a certificate of the election of Adam Seybert, to serve as a member for the State of Pennsylvania, in the room of Benjamin Say, resigned; which was read, and, together with the certificate of the election of Jonathan Jennings, the delegate from the Territory of Indiana, referred to the Committee of Elections.
  88. An outlandish delegate sustained against both these views, with such heat as almost carried conviction, the theory of copulation between women and the males of brutes, his authority being his own avouchment in support of fables such as that of the Minotaur which the genius of the elegant Latin poet has handed down to us in the pages of his Metamorphoses.
  89. It is accepted that managerial skills that need to be developed are the ability to fit within a team (Chapter 12), to be able to present at all levels, be able to manage their time (Chapter 9), produce quality outcomes, writing skills, be able to delegate, to have excellent communication skills, skilled at planning projects and strive to become a great manager who has vision, focus, loyalty, commitment and is proud to lead by example.
  90. It seems to the committee that the first clause of the 6th section, and the 13th section of the act, taken together, leaves no room for doubt, but evidently fixes the period for which the delegate may hold his seat at two years from the second Monday of November last; and it follows, as a necessary consequence, that the delegate elected in pursuance of the law, and for the term of two years, cannot be deprived of his right to a seat by any subsequent law.
  91. Indeed, I verily believe, that although I had been really chosen delegate, as it was at one time intended I should be, I could not have hoped for half the profit that came in from the dubiety which my declaration of neutrality caused; for as often as I assured the one candidate that I did not intend even to be present at the choosing of the delegate, some rich present was sure to be sent to my wife, of which the other no sooner heard than he was upsides with him.
  92. The arrival of the worldrenowned headsman was greeted by a roar of acclamation from the huge concourse, the viceregal ladies waving their handkerchiefs in their excitement while the even more excitable foreign delegates cheered vociferously in a medley of cries, hoch, banzai, eljen, zivio, chinchin, polla kronia, hiphip, vive, Allah , amid which the ringing evviva of the delegate of the land of song (a high double F recalling those piercingly lovely notes with which the.
  93. And the sheriffs or coroners respectively, after having caused the proces-verbal of said polls to be signed by the clerks or their deputies, who may have respectively committed the same to writing, and countersigned by the judges respectively who may have attended the elections, will themselves certify the same, explicitly stating, at large, the names of the persons elected as Representatives, and the name of the person having the greatest number of votes as a delegate to Congress, and make immediate return thereof to the Governor of the Territory.
  1. Of course the issue here is that by not delegating.
  2. My father also claimed he believed in delegating responsibility.
  3. Wickland leaned back in the chair, enjoying himself acutely at delegating a monotonous task.
  4. Just bring me the tale with enough facts that I can make it look good, Fritz was delegating the task.
  5. Delegating certain tasks may be worthwhile when it produces timely results, of the required level of quality.
  6. The OS kernel itself is responsible for delegating specific tasks to the system processor or processors and other hardware.
  7. The Sun in your money house until that date shows that you are more personally involved in finances – you’re not delegating this to others.
  8. It will be direct agent for solution of the social problem, without depending of governmental aid, without delegating power for another to do in its name.
  9. They pointed out that a founder’s business is his baby, almost his mistress, and noted the great difficulty a founder had in delegating authority to a son.
  10. By delegating the responsibility for specific domains to network administrators all over the Internet, the result is a distributed database scattered on systems all over the network.
  11. So I said, ‘Okay, I’m committed to delegating everything off my plate and I’m really going to do these four things,’ and these four things have sustained me and I have also saved the hell out of my money.
  12. Upon this view of the subject, there is a constitutional difficulty on which the House should decide, before it entertains a motion for delegating a power to decide this question to any tribunal or commission whatever.
  13. The question of whether hedge funds constitute an asset class has especially been debated but, in practice, end-investors allocate part of a capital budget and/or a risk budget to them, effectively delegating active decision making to them—for a fee [1].
  1. It had to be delegated.
  2. The Egyptians were delegated to the fringes.
  3. It's the word meaning: a delegated authority.
  4. He delegated much command to those at his right hand.
  5. The syndrome of the breached or delegated Vishuddha on the.
  6. Amendment #10: The powers not delegated to the United States.
  7. Well with happened tonight, and the fact that I've delegated.
  8. Bram was delegated to fetch more beer from the cellar, which meant.
  9. This scope consists of the delegated and the read-only administrator.
  10. Louise ran out of excuses, and delegated much of Harry's work to helpful.
  11. When composition is delegated, be it for writing, music, blueprints, etc.
  12. Congress is clothed by the constitution with a variety of delegated rights.
  13. So they were the two delegated to carry out the search of the flat in Brockley.
  14. His role in communicating with the Afghan’s has been appropriately delegated.
  15. The family led the efforts and delegated where possible the necessary responses.
  16. On this and other committees I happily delegated my seat to one of my Div Chiefs.
  17. For example, the Bible teaches that man is God’s delegated authority over woman.
  18. It suggested he knew of his request and that he had been delegated to respond to it.
  19. All in that split second when the signals of speech were being delegated to his tongue.
  20. In most cases the perceived need for revisions to delegated work arises because of poor.
  21. Business functions are delegated to an outside vendor that serves a number of other clients.
  22. His authority is a mere delegated authority—his act is a mere ministerial, mechanical act.
  23. In reality, such delegated fund management is typical for arbitrageurs (such as hedge funds).
  24. I’ve been delegated to assist you in bringing an end to the disturbances that emanate above.
  25. Exodus 17 when he delegated the leadership role to Joshua during the battle with the Amalekites.
  26. I was delegated to work down at the amphitheater where our unit was striving to get back into shape.
  27. If you hadn’t delegated processing of the DSP-85s to Ronnie, we wouldn’t be in this situation now.
  28. Thus he will influence us to rebel against God and all of His delegated authorities that have been set up.
  29. Those delegated to handle individual files and make it concise never questioned Corey’s method of madness.
  30. She long ago delegated the real work to her assistants who are perfectly capable of carrying on without her.
  31. He also delegated some computer time to searching for poetry and or lyrics to come up with a theme song for Niki.
  32. His brass-ringed epaulets indicated his office delegated by the higher goblin and orc officials of the Abyssal Cairn.
  33. That no human being has any more power than any other human being, except such as may willingly be delegated to him.
  34. The best interest of the community, therefore, imperiously required, that this power should be delegated to Congress.
  35. He said it was strange that, not having the power delegated to us to tax exports, we should undertake to prohibit them.
  36. To those that stayed and found themselves in the upper room, Jesus delegated His authority, His name, vision and ability.
  37. It will readily be seen that in this case the alleged right of the Duke to the whale was a delegated one from the Sovereign.
  38. The woman ought to have a person of delegated authority, someone with legal right to stand in that role, ought to be over her.
  39. They say that historical personages have power only because they fulfill the will of the people which has been delegated to them.
  40. As a token of his appreciation Claude delegated Raphael to use the great telescope at the top of the tallest tower in the castle.
  41. Specific conditions had to be met by those to whom the tasks were delegated and then each left to carry on according to his ability.
  42. Firstly, this was not a delegated claim under the Fixed-Price Navy Form Syndicate Builders Risk Policy where I had authority up to $100k.
  43. At one time David had personally escorted important visitors down into the mines, but he had long since delegated that task to subordinates.
  44. In a moment of poor life decisions, the task of writing down the names of the perilous dead-end corridors was specifically delegated to Rip.
  45. Under what condition is the will of the people delegated to one person? On condition that that person expresses the will of the whole people.
  46. The case of liking negative skewness is more plausible for delegated managers whose performance-based compensation may induce them to seek volatility.
  47. The constitution declares, that all powers not delegated to the United States, nor prohibited to the States, are reserved to the States or to the people.
  48. And after seizing power, the politicians turned around and delegated control to state boards and departments of education, which are themselves dominated by.
  49. The powers of the Federal Government are mere delegated chartered authorities; and in the exercise of them we are tied down to the letter of the constitution.
  50. The terms necessary and proper, according to the construction given to every part of the constitution, imposes no limitation upon the powers previously delegated.
  51. He would have carried his delegated authority to the point of insisting that Edgar Linton should not be buried beside his wife, but in the chapel, with his family.
  52. The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.
  53. The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, not prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.
  54. The state of things now, the precise point of time when we are called upon to act, must determine our choice in the selection of means to execute the delegated powers.
  55. He’d helped found a settlement on the Golan Heights itself, but was delegated to return to the United States, where he was born, and act as a recruiter and fundraiser.
  56. Moreover, Taleb (2004) argues for an opposite skewness preference bias that may have become more relevant as delegated fund managers control a larger share of global wealth.
  57. And why is that? Well, it reserves to the States respectively, or to the people, those rights not enumerated and specifically delegated to the United States by the Constitution.
  58. You’ll seldom find an influential person who has several businesses, unless they’ve completely delegated the running of those businesses or the businesses are closely linked.
  59. The responsible duty of making the toast was delegated to the Aged, and that excellent old gentleman was so intent upon it that he seemed to me in some danger of melting his eyes.
  60. I listen as he quickly describes going to the Necros, pretending to be jealous that his brother had been given the job of Keeper, while he was delegated tasks that he found beneath him.
  61. The "Articles of Confederation" and the present Constitution of the United States do not differ as regards any power delegated by the States to Congress, touching charters of incorporation.
  62. The supporters of this bill do not pretend to usurp any power retained by the States or the people, but contend that the power to pass the bill is expressly delegated, if the facts assumed are true.
  63. Every legislative body, every person invested with power of any kind, is morally bound to use only those means which are necessary and proper for the correct execution of the powers delegated to them.
  64. But it is contended, that a right to incorporate a Bank of the United States is delegated to Congress by the constitution: and five or six different provisions of the constitution are referred to as giving this right.
  65. The Articles of Confederation were conceived as a federation of ―United‖ States with each state retaining its own sovereignty and independence apart from assigned powers (otherwise) delegated to the federal government.
  66. He saw before him an officer delegated to enforce the law, and perfectly well knew that it would be as unavailing to seek pity from a magistrate decked with his official scarf, as to address a petition to some cold marble effigy.
  67. The various cells, the people in the organization delegated with some degree of organizational responsibility would convene somewhere else, in one of the places prepared elsewhere according to a carefully laid out contingency plan.
  68. He was then treated to a very stern interrogation and lecture by no less than Archbishop Manning himself before being allowed to return to his orphanage, with strict orders to stay away from the children and with a bishop delegated to escort him.
  69. Great stress is placed on the twelfth article of the amendments to the constitution, which declares the powers not delegated to the United States by the constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.
  70. Baker–Bradley–Wurgler (2010) combine the stories of lottery preferences and leverage constraints in typical delegated asset management contracts (where the manager tries to beat the benchmark by stock selection and cannot lever up low-volatility opportunities).
  71. The powers delegated by the States are special and defined, and, it is expressly declared by the constitution, that the powers not delegated to the United States by the constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.
  72. To show that these two last positions are correct, I will read the tenth article in the amendment of the constitution: The powers not delegated to the United States by the constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or the people.
  73. It is true, as the constitution declares, and it would be equally true if the constitution did not declare it, that Congress have a right to pass all laws necessary and proper for executing the delegated powers; but this gives no latitude or discretion in the selection of means or powers.
  74. It is a power that, from its nature, never could be delegated; never was delegated; and as it breaks down all the proportions of power guarantied by the constitution to the States, upon which their essential security depends, utterly annihilates the moral force of this political contract.
  75. The enumeration of certain rights in the constitution shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people; and the powers not delegated to the United States by the constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States, respectively, or to the people.
  76. I have always considered the great policy of a navy settled by the constitution; need I spend time to show, that no great specific power was delegated to the General Government unless it was deemed necessary; not necessary for a dormitory, but to be executed for the general protection and welfare.
  77. The only power expressly given in this clause is that of exercising exclusive legislation in such places; the right to accept or purchase must be derived by implication from this clause, or it must be shown to be comprehended in or incidental to some other power expressly delegated by the constitution.
  78. Why should such a power have been delegated? Not certainly as necessary to execute the delegated powers, because they are very limited—a general power to create corporations would have enabled Congress to have created them ad libitum where there was no possible relation between them and any one of the delegated powers.
  79. Already, however, the legal tongues are wagging, and one young law student is loudly asserting that the rights of the owner are already completely sacrificed, his property being held in contravention of the statues of mortmain, since the tiller, as emblemship, if not proof, of delegated possession, is held in a dead hand.
  80. Will it be said that because the power is delegated to Congress to promote useful inventions and to obtain their disclosure to the public, by holding out the inducement resulting from the security of a monopoly for a limited time, therefore the States may be constitutionally deprived of their unquestionable rights? Surely not.
  81. Given that prior views on this question are so polarized, it is perhaps not surprising that there are two public puzzles that ask virtually opposite questions: (i) Why is most delegated portfolio management still allocated to active managers? and (ii) Why is such a small share of institutional risk budgets allocated to active managers?
  82. Would it have had that power, if this right had not been expressly delegated? I know that, under the old Articles of Confederation, Congress did undertake to legislate as to property; but it was always questionable whether they had a right to do so—and this was not the only point on which Congress did exercise powers which were brought into question.
  83. Herb Fenster and Stan Dees, I was regarded by all of them as having been unfailingly “reasonable” and “fair” whenever the Contractor had merit to his case! This was evidenced repeatedly after Stu Platt, my first ACO, became Deputy Chief of the now defunct Naval Material Command (NAVMAT) and delegated settlement authority of less than $100k on builders’ risk insurance claims to “field counsel.
  84. But the constitution gives to Congress a right to make all laws necessary and proper for carrying into execution the delegated powers; and, therefore, as the execution of a power and the attainment of its object are synonymous terms, the constitution gives to Congress a right to make all laws necessary and proper for attaining the ends or objects for which the various powers in the constitution are given.
  85. He repeats the words that had angered the Nazareth priests to order him to be killed by stoning: The Spirit of the Lord is upon you, and you shall be messengers of triumph to the poor; And He has delegated me to proclaim to the captives release, and to the blind sight—and I will free the broken with release—and I will proclaim the acceptable Year of the Lord! Even over the noise of the panicking masses, his voice is clearly heard.
  86. When the old Congress passed the conditional charter—which I admit they had not a delegated power to grant, but which is fully in point, both as to the signification of the word, and, also, of their opinion of the necessity, and even indispensableness of a bank for the administering the fiscal concerns of the nation—in the conclusion of the preamble they say that the exigencies of the United States render it indispensably necessary to pass the act, &c.
  87. It is impossible for the ingenuity of man to devise any written system of government, which, after a lapse of time, extension of empire, or change of circumstances, shall be able to carry its own provisions into operation—hence, sir, the indispensable necessity of implied or resulting powers, and hence the provision in the constitution that the Government should exercise such additional powers as were necessary to carry those that had been delegated into effect.
  88. When Moses died, he had a trained leader ready to take over from him – someone he had raised and trained into that position, someone to whom he had over time delegated his authority and who had proved his loyalty, someone who knew where to go and what to do, that was Joshua, and after Joshua had accomplished his task, he was succeeded by Caleb, another loyal devotee who had trodden in Moses’ wake, learning and growing in the ways of the Lord, ensuring continuity and progress.
  89. How then has it happened that Congress has taken upon itself the right to erect light-houses, under their general power to regulate commerce? I have heard and seen in the public prints a great deal of unintelligible jargon about the incidentality of a law to the power delegated and intended to be executed by it, and of its relation to the end which is to be accomplished by its exercise, which I acknowledge I do not clearly and distinctly comprehend, and must therefore be excused from answering.
  90. They told us that the older priests had fled in fear upon learning of Lord Quetzalcoatl’s imminent arrival, Coatl told the young priests that he was promoting them and gave them instructions to elect one among them to be the head priest, he further instructed them to seize any of the absentee priests who returned, for this purpose he delegated one hundred warriors as personal guards to both the young priests and to patrol the temple grounds, in effect they were now the official temple guards with all the authority that went with that position.
  91. Either to assume (1) that the will of the people is always unconditionally transferred to the ruler or rulers they have chosen, and that therefore every emergence of a new power, every struggle against the power once appointed, should be absolutely regarded as an infringement of the real power; or (2) that the will of the people is transferred to the rulers conditionally, under definite and known conditions, and to show that all limitations, conflicts, and even destructions of power result from a nonobservance by the rulers of the them; or (3) that the will of the people is delegated to the rulers conditionally, but that the conditions are unknown and indefinite, and that the appearance of several authorities, their struggles and their falls, result solely from the greater or lesser fulfillment by the rulers of these unknown conditions on which the will of the people is transferred from some people to others.
  92. Either to assume (1) that the will of the people is always unconditionally transferred to the ruler or rulers they have chosen, and that therefore every emergence of a new power, every struggle against the power once appointed, should be absolutely regarded as an infringement of the real power; or (2) that the will of the people is transferred to the rulers conditionally, under definite and known conditions, and to show that all limitations, conflicts, and even destructions of power result from a nonobservance by the rulers of the conditions under which their power was entrusted to them; or (3) that the will of the people is delegated to the rulers conditionally, but that the conditions are unknown and indefinite, and that the appearance of several authorities, their struggles and their falls, result solely from the greater or lesser fulfillment by the rulers of these unknown conditions on which the will of the people is transferred from some people to others.
  1. But God also delegates authority.
  2. He delegates much power to Nancy.
  3. There was a stir among the delegates.
  4. All over the floor delegates were on.
  5. Generally, however, he delegates that.
  6. What the delegates had done in Charles-.
  7. None of the delegates seated on the floor.
  8. There was an audible gasp among the delegates.
  9. The delegates returned quickly to their seats.
  10. One by one, the delegates of the cotton states.
  11. The delegates that walked out formed their own.
  12. Alice like the rest of the delegates had arrived.
  13. He stood in the middle of the circle of delegates.
  14. The northern delegates had been surprised when the.
  15. The delegates settled down and no hands were raised.
  16. All the delegates of the Cotton States are meet-.
  17. The delegates were not clear about the procedure the.
  18. A great human noise arose from the delegates as they.
  19. That way those seated in back can see the delegates.
  20. We are Machinma delegates, McClure said timidly.
  21. The delegates responded with polite and brief applause.
  22. The delegates from the northern contingent sat quietly.
  23. AND ALSO WITH YOU! the delegates thundered back.
  24. The mood of the delegates became apprehensive as they.
  25. The delegates had no idea that one of their clergy had.
  26. I once asked a group of delegates from an organisation:.
  27. A voice from within the delegates seconded the motion by.
  28. The delegates to the convention were taking their souvenir.
  29. President Bosley and then tell the delegates just what Max.
  30. Finance does, however, wish to inform the delegates to this.
  31. Three churches were represented by their delegates and pastors.
  32. These conventions are always held at places where the delegates.
  33. After looking around at the delegates, she chose to speak in English.
  34. Those delegates attend party conventions and vote for their candidates.
  35. He looked at the blank expressions on the faces of the non technical delegates.
  36. He delegates power to you to complete His mission of making disciples of all nations.
  37. A number of delegates swallowed hard while eyeing carefully the robots present in the room.
  38. You didn’t expect Shap to be able to tell lies and neither did the rest of the delegates.
  39. The outgoing gnome hurried over to the group as the delegates filed out of the spacious chamber.
  40. I will issue a request to you, Axel, with copies delivered to all of the Gnome Council Delegates.
  41. In an effort to dilute the power of the slave states, the Northern delegates secured a compromise.
  42. He was instantly recognised by many of the delegates who were whispering to each other as he passed.
  43. Trinity School opened its doors wide and offered generous hospitality to the pastors and delegates.
  44. The delegates came up with this list of questions they might ask themselves when deciding if or when.
  45. Brink delegates Hampton’s legit businesses, including packaging and trucking to his COO, Tim Anthony.
  46. It didn’t surprise her to see that the Arabs and Jewish delegates chose to take different elevators.
  47. The delegates from Kinfos, Abiloth, Mistmoor and Ardingstoke would pilot the smaller and faster ships.
  48. Kennedy knows this but is hatching an audacious scheme to steal those delegates and make them his own.
  49. The president is secure in the knowledge that he has more than enough delegates to win the nomination.
  50. The city hall was filled with New York’s elite crowd, famous celebrities and some political delegates.
  51. They applauded Roger’s courage and many delegates made it a point to congratulate him during the day.
  52. Getting up from her chair, Nancy accompanied the delegates out of the conference room and to the elevators.
  53. Calhoun tried to unite southern racists and secessionists in his Address of the Southern Delegates in 1849.
  54. The Jewish delegates looked at each other in utter confusion, with Ben Gurion finally speaking back to Nancy.
  55. Immediately a huge hubbub of noise arose as the delegates jumped to their feet and started arguing with each.
  56. Before other delegates who wish to speak do so, I would like to say a few things on behalf of the Time Patrol.
  57. Other delegates, for a range of personal and professional reasons, wanted only politicians to elect the president.
  58. They have had some time a delegate, and will find delegates in the Senate as well as the House of Representatives.
  59. Where elders are truly placed of God in a Church, they are the Lord’s delegates and wield something of His authority.
  60. The diagram was too small for the delegates to read from where they were seated, and too complex for most to understand.
  61. A bill was before the House of Delegates for that purpose, but I did trust in God that it would be unanimously rejected.
  62. Yazadril hugged Nemia with one arm as he and the rest of the delegates hurriedly communicated the urgent news to their people.
  63. When the Constitution was being written, there were those delegates that believed the president should be elected by the people.
  64. Agents and delegates were dispersed and she had to move about town to different hotels in taxis, not always as easy as it sounds.
  65. We were on our own, over-looked by crowds of delegates, our peers, and not forgetting the constant scrutiny of the judges' eyes.
  66. Later on he went to Alice and after giving her a lecture on what to say and what not to say when talking to delegates he went home.
  67. The delegates of The Just Alliance had been listening in avid fascination, but at this they erupted into a cacophony of exclamations.
  68. Normally most of the circular gateways would be buzzing with merchants and delegates to visit and barter with the Aesir and each other.
  69. For a while the security guards tried to keep the delegates apart from the Hilton's other residents, but they weren't very successful.
  70. Haile Selassie appeals to the League of Nations: He makes a very dignified appeal, while the Italian delegates jeer and whistle at him.
  71. I did not write the speech only with the UN delegates in mind; I wrote it for every person around the world who could make a difference.
  72. The Party delegates all clapped (he’d appointed them all, remember), the other Bolshevik leaders were left saying ‘Eh? But you said.
  73. The delegates knew they would need to make it clear to both the states and foreign powers that the Constitution overrode any earlier laws.
  74. At the conclusion of the sermon, the Cardinal welcomed the delegates in his own name, and in the name of the clergy and of the congregation.
  75. Jefferson had originally criticized slavery in the Declaration of Independence, but other slave owning delegates forced that passage's removal.
  76. Unfortunately, though this vagueness helped unite the delegates, it has been abused by our government in a way that would horrify the founders.
  77. Vulcans would be excellent delegates to the affected alien races in the disaster, in view of how their history is shaping up in the new universe.
  78. Twenty-nine countries came to Bandung, mostly from Africa and Asia (delegates also came from Cyprus and from the American Civil Rights movement).
  79. On one occasion he sat in a Ba’ath Party meeting calmly smoking a cigar as his men dragged delegates who had criticised him outside to be shot.
  80. This sounds all very nice, miss, cut in one of the Jewish delegates, but who will pay for all this? These social programs will cost a fortune.
  81. Failing to get redress nearer home, he determined to seek for justice at Warsaw, whither he had been summoned with other Cossack delegates to assist.
  82. First, two thirds of the states can petition Congress to call for a national convention, and the delegates to the convention can propose an amendment.
  83. He resigned from the Congress party when delegates overwhelmingly approved Gāndhi’s non-violent civil disobedience movement to achieve independence.
  84. New Delhi is not Gandhinagar—just the scale and dimension of the challenge makes it imperative that the leader empowers the Cabinet and delegates work.
  85. Many there repeated the slogan amidst a round of chuckles, and then a third of the delegates vanished in a burst of light that left spots in Mark’s eyes.
  86. Alternatively, he continued, we can accommodate your delegates in single rooms, but that would have to be at the price I agreed with your colleague.
  87. The roar of the crowd echoes down the corridors, and delegates from all over America are in a state of near bedlam as they await the candidate and his wife.
  88. Thirdly, in the Salon des Arcades, you will find a large number of individual communications booths to be used by both the Press Corps and by the delegates.
  89. Unfortunately again the Dr Rose went to attend a seminar on religion and social ethics where she impressed quite a number of delegates with her personality.
  90. Despite their vast populations, the hidden races were represented by only eleven delegates, who each appeared as a roughly human-sized transparent violet glow.
  91. Since the delegates were elected as individuals and not as members of a party, they could and often did, change affiliations over their position on a single issue.
  92. When the delegates at the Constitutional Convention framed our Constitution more than two hundred years ago, they were seeking to improve on a union that was too weak.
  93. Positions become solidified among like-minded groups of delegates, and the most forceful or eloquent spokespersons for each position rise to dominance of their groups.
  94. He stopped for a moment, as he’d realised that some of his audience wouldn’t be familiar with the term, then explained, again to grumbles from the technical delegates.
  95. Notice that the main project build file simply delegates to the application and model subproject and ensures that the subprojects' build files are called in the correct order.
  96. The Secretary of the local Trades Council, a body formed of delegates from all the different trades unions in the town, wrote a letter to the Obscurer, setting forth this view.
  97. We were favored, not more by hearing the appointed speakers in the great Convention, than by the personal presence and good words of many of its delegates in our own school-room.
  98. The inside of the impressive high vaulted venue was organised chaos, hundreds of chairs had been laid out in front of the stage where the guest speakers would address the delegates.
  99. All the delegates without exception expressed themselves in the strongest possible heterogeneous terms concerning the nameless barbarity which they had been called upon to witness.
  100. Fusion team recognised one of their opposite number, a member of the CIA, among the crowd of delegates, ‘keeping an eye a guy we hope will soon be working for us,’ the man had said.

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