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Discriminate in einem Satz (in englisch)

And yet even here we may discriminate.
They discriminate against all the rest of Humanity.
Tool-cruelty does not discriminate between living things.
Suffice it, that you are not here qualified to discriminate.
The slogans did not discriminate as they covered many groups.
Our five faculties have a remarkable capacity to discriminate.
They discriminate between different brands of consumer products.

Flee from the one thing that does not discriminate when it kills.
Mass murder, on the other hand, does not discriminate on the basis of race.
Let us not single out be judgemental, and discriminate against any particular group.
Where all have met my fullest expectations it would be unjust in me to discriminate.
The process I’m about to reveal does not discriminate; it can be applied equally by.
For myself I believe in marriage between man and woman only but I do not discriminate or judge.
Pneumo was on the track when he said, Actually, Gianni, although humans cannot discriminate.
Fear, like all human energy does not discriminate, and it can arrive and leave at anytime in life.
They discriminate against every other human on the planet… who is not immaculately identical to them.
I was an equal opportunity criminal and did not discriminate based on race, gender, or economic status.
Only; humans are not aware enough to discriminate between these two entirely different levels of energy-flow.
These particular attitudes may directly cause discriminate and indiscriminate human-to-human pain and suffering.
Many reformers have tried to improve their lot and now it is illegal to discriminate on the basis of caste in India.
Independent verification can help discriminate among several models that appear to provide equally good fits to the data.
Company managers don’t seem to discriminate as they apply the same policies to the full-time help as to the consultants.
To keep it and maintain self-motivation, we must consciously become aware that the energy of motivation does not discriminate.
Sadly people with intersex can be negatively affected in many psychological ways by others’ harsh and discriminate judgments.
It does not discriminate between ranks and is the highest and most distinguished military decoration awarded to any service man.
No private media may offer better rates to any particular group of advertisers, nor discriminate against an ad with an opposing view.
Its nature is the same, and part of its nature is this capacity to discriminate how true—how complete—a particular perspective is.
The Newton and the Diamond are soon revealed; but it might puzzle any power less than Omniscience to discriminate the two until development has occurred.
Nine hours of discriminate excavation under floodlights had exposed the muddy grave of the bloated South African, Shark with five bullet holes in his back.
The Bhagavad Gita says that those who can discriminate between the “body” and the “knower of the body” can obtain liberation, which is the ultimate goal of yoga.
The question is, what regulation shall we make respecting public ships, and one of three courses is to be pursued? Shall we exclude both, admit both, or discriminate?
Trades in the latter market are much more likely to fail and result in losses, so being able to discriminate between the two environments is an essential trading skill.
Only to outline that the energy of resistance like motivation does not discriminate where it operates from, and it can equally be used to fuel and propel self-motivation.
Among the innumerable categories applicable to the phenomena of human life one may discriminate between those in which substance prevails and those in which form prevails.
I listened long: suddenly I discovered that my ear was wholly intent on analysing the mingled sounds, and trying to discriminate amidst the confusion of accents those of.
He remembered that at such times he had been particularly absentminded, and could not discriminate between objects and persons unless he concentrated special attention upon them.
Some of those had the stare of a wounded tiger, but for most the truth was that mines, shells, and bullets are quite oblivious to a man’s allegiance and unable to discriminate.
How is one to discriminate? How is one to find a production in no way distinguished in externals from hundreds of thousands of others intentionally made to imitate it precisely?
So the definition of process relating to evolution could be said to be structured, discriminate, limited and ordered rather than global, disorganised, arbitrary and indiscriminate.
A variety of cultures operating within the framework of any (pluralistic) society should neither tolerate nor encourage, however, the discriminate non-participation of any of its members.
Fate is certainly not a discriminating mistress.
Most of the paper money was discriminating but what.
Our guests are very discriminating in their tastes and choices of lodging.
It is sensible, earnest, candid, and discriminating, and, withal, thoroughly interesting.
The awareness that's here in this moment is alive, spacious, discriminating, and full of love.
The TV reporter, sniffing a story said, Are you discriminating against former addicts?
This qualitative assessment allows the discriminating investor to single out truly good businesses.
Sir, the Government did right in discriminating between Britain and France, and selecting the former.
Eastern teachings have tried to explain this by discriminating between the thought, and the thinker of the thought.
All causes and effects, from great universes to fine dust come into apparent existence only by means of a discriminating mind.
And yet, if you had a discriminating ear, there were in it the elements of a concord such as these plains never saw nor heard.
And you did laugh, when you looked round as I came in ; I was not very discriminating at that time, and your smile rejoiced my heart.
Bang, if he wants to bid and he gives me a fair and competitive proposal, I don't have any intentions on favoring or discriminating against him.
There is openness to the subtle changes, to different emerging personality styles and moods and preferences along with the discriminating factors.
Was he less discriminating, nowadays? Was it because of his age? How ironical that in his time of infirmity they should all seem to him so gorgeous.
With this discriminating, permanent, municipal law, could we expect Great Britain to treat with us as a neutral? If we did, we should be disappointed.
But we incline to the view that the discriminating and careful investor is again likely to find a reasonable number of attractive opportunities presented in this field.
A discriminating nose she had for scents, prolonged, as if in quest of them; her underlip protruded a narrow red shelf; her eyes were small, with sandy tufts for eyebrows, and her jowl was heavy.
So, what should we do about this problem? It's very simple: just realize that more is not better for golf instruction and to continue to read and listen to golf tips with a very discriminating eye.
The elite did it with bravado— a bullet to the brain following a massacre of innocents, while the less discriminating went down gasping with a busload or trainload of fellow lethal gas-inhalers.
Truth be told, had the wardrobe conventions of that period allowed, Chloe and Kaitlyn would each have now been idyllic models of the female form for even the discriminating sculptors of classical Greece.
But as the bill was finally passed it effectively superposed partnership taxation on top of corporate taxation, thus heavily discriminating against the corporate form and especially against small stockholders.
Besides, the new operational systematics gives total opportunity of democratic participation in thousands of activities for the child, adult, senior or person with physical deficiency, without discriminating anybody.
The intuitive mind (associated with the right brain) of the individual acts as a bridge between the discriminating mind (associated with the left brain) and the Universal Mind (as noted in the Lankavatara Sutra, see Chapter 2).
Bode, of Berlin in various writings has shown a more discriminating knowledge of this subject than other writers, nevertheless the work of Cavallucci and Molinier, Les Della Robbia, was more useful to me as a guide and starter.
So one of the challenges value investors face in an age when information is no longer a scarce resource is to find some value metric that is less easily uncovered than net-net but no less discriminating in its ability to identify underpriced securities.
Furthermore, in this wide array of companies there is plenty of room for penetrating analysis of the past record and for discriminating choice in the area of future prospects, to which can be added the higher assurance of safety conferred by diversification.
In our medical civil rights movement, getting this information and creating real fairness and transparency is the only way to finally rid the nation of its separate but unequal system of discriminating against Americans with mental illnesses and addictions.
This ego or "I" is not a lasting truth, much less our essential part; it is only a formation of nature; a mental form of thought, centralization in the perceiving and discriminating mind, a vital form of the centralization of feeling and sensation in our life.
He was brought in when Denny’s faced many lawsuits for discriminating against black customers, and he successfully transformed Denny’s public image issues into a number-one ranking in Fortune magazine’s Best Companies for Minorities category in 2000 and 2001.
The important thing is that they should have the true intention, but unfortunately they have weak intention depending upon their parents' wealth and seek special discriminating labor, Islam is not like this, because it urges a Muslim to be chaste and dignified by the dignity of Islam.
Of course, Peter and his smooth talking could have precipitated and facilitated the indiscretion by making their affair seem justified and noble in light of other developments, but he would have thought that Peter would have had a much more discriminating taste in his choice of women.
The dog may have a will derived from nature and augmented by training, but such a power of mind is not a spiritual force, neither is it comparable to the human will, inasmuch as it is not reflective -- it is not the result of discriminating higher and moral meanings or choosing spiritual and eternal values.
Tolerance requires an ―intuitive‖ capacity to render sound (moral) judgments as they relate to essential motives and/or principle ideas that form the template of a well-ordered society that do not reflexively support tolerance for its own sake without giving proper pause to discriminating factors that correctly defines appropriate conduct.
But the administrative chiefs who regulate and supervise convict labour in Siberia, and from whom subordinates take their tone as well as their orders, are careful to exercise a discriminating treatment in the case of persons of noble birth, and, in some cases, grant them special indulgences as compared with the lot of convicts of lower condition.
Taking these three passages together it’s evident that the Greek term which is rendered “discerning” means a distinguishing or discriminating between things that are under consideration; hence, the one who possessed the gift of “discernings of spirits” was able to make distinction between a person who spoke by the Spirit of God and one who was moved by a false spirit.
And on the never-ending subject of political correctness manifested as racial sensitivity, how about the movement underway in the last few years to change to non-white, for the statue to be built at Ground Zero, the race of two of the three white guys that raised the flag there? These three white guys just happened to raise that flag, and they werent discriminating against anybody.
When I looked again, the busy handling-machine had already put together several of the pieces of apparatus it had taken out of the cylinder into a shape having an unmistakable likeness to its own; and down on the left a busy little digging mechanism had come into view, emitting jets of green vapour and working its way round the pit, excavating and embanking in a methodical and discriminating manner.
He was in favor of discriminating duties, because he was opposed to the non-intercourse, which he considered the best means of depressing our navigating interest and advancing that of Britain; because the produce of the United States would be carried to some place of depot in the vicinity, and thence be carried to Europe in British bottoms, while a large proportion of American shipping would be inactive.
If God be thought of as an unintelligible Power of darkness, who is capable of tormenting 'non-elect’ creatures throughout eternity, who can wonder if thinking men endeavor to nullify the evidence of His Being and agency? But let it be seen beforehand that the God in whom Christians believe, while acting in the moral sphere with that severe eternal love of law which nature itself reveals, is yet appreciably good and discriminating even in His righteous judgments, and men will more willingly trace His presence and handiwork in the physical universe.
If I feel discriminated.
We stand with those who are discriminated.
They discriminated against him so he couldn’t get a provider.
The wealthy are not discriminated against; it is their money which discriminates.
He then discriminated, based on the source, its objectivity and the play of common sense.
The only place these discriminated against people could go would have been north, as the caps receded.
I told her how even to the present day the Moslems discriminated them at all levels of government employment and the army.
While Shiites were the majority, during Saddam’s time they were discriminated against and not allowed to hold important offices.
While Shiites were the majority, during Saddam’s time they were discriminated against and not allowed to hold important offices.
But in his mind he absolutely discriminated in favour of the intelligent, religious woman whom seldom he happened to meet in life and who always attracted his attention.
It began as a public housing area for the poor, and by the time of the war, it had become a refuge for Shiites, who were discriminated against by Saddam’s Sunni-dominated government.
It began as a public housing area for the poor, and by the time of the war, it had become a refuge for Shiites, who were discriminated against by Saddam’s Sunni-dominated government.
The blonds probably were the first to be discriminated against if a genetically mixed tribe suddenly produced a blond blue eyed child the natural tendency would have been to boycott the child and mother.
But if it is true that a fairly large segment of the stock market is often discriminated against or entirely neglected in the standard analytical selections, then the intelligent investor may be in a position to profit from the resultant undervaluations.
Since men are reasonable creatures they have discriminated good from evil, making use of what has been done in this direction before them by others, have struggled with evil, seeking a true and better way, and slowly but unceasingly have advanced in this way.
The more intensely Germany was ostracized from the rest of the world, the more intensely it was discriminated against, the more unfair the discrimination: the more intense the backlash, the more intensely proud they were to be Germans the more patriotic they became.
Bobby sat under the tree, brooding for a long while, not because he suddenly found himself a member of what was then still a much discriminated against minority, but because as he absorbed the news he realized for the first time the terrible pain his father must have carried silently within him for so many years.
It should also be constantly borne in mind that any linking variety between two forms, which might be found, would be ranked, unless the whole chain could be perfectly restored, as a new and distinct species; for it is not pretended that we have any sure criterion by which species and varieties can be discriminated.
Four principles lie at the core of the Convention, namely (a) the right to equal treatment (children must not be discriminated against); (b) the priority of the well-being and best interest of the child (in family and in society); (c) the right to life and development (meaning access to medical treatment, education, protection from exploitation, etc.
Because of this emphasis on the growth factor, quite a number of enterprises that are long established, well financed, important in their industries and presumably destined to stay in business and make profits indefinitely in the future, but that have no speculative or growth appeal, tend to be discriminated against by the stock market—especially in years of subnormal profits—and to sell for considerably less than the business would be worth to a private owner.
Suddenly all currently corrupt business practices will be exposed, and reported on, and criminally prosecuted… and the whistleblowers will be rewarded as public heroes instead of the public ignoring them as they do now: as indifferent, passive, uncaring bystanders, and letting them be hounded and discriminated against and threatened and attacked for the rest of their lives without protecting the few exceptions who are the only sentinels that tell us of robber baron corruption left in our society.
Do you see one gentleman, one solitary gentleman of one party, discriminated generally as a Federal, who does not vote for this measure throughout? Do you see one public body in Philadelphia or New York which has a majority of Federal directors or agents, which has not come before you with memorials drawn up with the ingenuity of lawyers, to impose on your judgments? Have not the same party prepared memorials and got the subscription of every one of their caste, bringing forward nearly the same number of petitioners as they have of Federal voters? Have they not done so in Baltimore? Of that city I would say as little as may be, for being a manufacturing as well as a commercial city, it has stirred up an animosity in some gentlemen against it not easily accounted for.
The store discriminates against its help and has few if any full-time staff.
The wealthy are not discriminated against; it is their money which discriminates.
Sobriety diminishes, discriminates, and says no; drunkenness expands, unites, and says yes.
The next step is to choose a test statistic that discriminates between the hypothesis and the alternative.
It discriminates on the basis of class, as in Ukraine, where, theoretically, it was only the kulak, or independent peasant, that was exterminated.

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