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    1. They would dislodge a boulder, guide it to the Kassikan itself

    2. Jameson pulled his arms to his side, pinning the hands of his 'captors' and dropped into a low crouch with his back straight so as not to dislodge them

    3. She also explained that if there was a month when Selene didn’t visit while I was still unmarried, I must jump up repeatedly, touching heels to buttocks as a way to dislodge the seed

    4. The government prudently did nothing to dislodge them

    5. Several attempts were made to dislodge sharpshooters in the woods, but screened amid the pinnated foliage of royal palms, and using smokeless powder, they were difficult to locate

    6. " He shook his head violently, as though trying to dislodge something

    7. Then she flicked her head sharply, as though trying to dislodge some annoying insect, and this movement caused the Talisman to swing outwards in a shallow arc, landing on her head with a soft thump

    8. Thesa looked up at the urgent shout, just in time to see a large stone dislodge itself from above him

    9. The ostrich squawked indignantly and in an effort to dislodge the two policemen, ran headlong through a nearby hedge

    10. [55] As Aberdeen Presbytery subsequently discovered when they attempted to dislodge the incumbent of Saint Clement’s Footdee

    1. Then, alerted by the muffled sound of a throat dislodging phlegm, he turned to the door

    2. the task of dislodging the monster from his den

    3. The ceiling lights, hanging by thin chains from the high ceiling shook, dislodging a cloud of ice crystals

    4. Glancing away, she absentmindedly flicked her stubby tail, dislodging the foraging ant that had slipped through the coarse guard hairs to nip at her skin

    5. Grunt rubbed his hand over his head, dislodging copious amounts of flaky skin

    6. He glanced up, putting his foot down, dislodging the pile of white flakes that had built up on the carpet underneath his foot

    7. finished his cut but was having trouble dislodging the piece of metal because of the

    8. Zach’s legs kicked out, dislodging one of the turnips that rolled across the floor to rest in front of Bryony

    9. He wildly tips the helicopter in the hope of dislodging the vindictive side gunners; he always had to tell them to use the safety lines, but the cocky pups never did

    10. ground without dislodging its contents

    1. Snow, boulders and even dislodged trees had rumbled and cascaded into a pile in front of their former entrance and exit

    2. Reia offered, “The lackey even said that the brick-a-brack I dislodged were the Captain's valued trophies from his travels thus far on his quest

    3. He could see where slabs from the castellations had dislodged and fallen like dead soldiers in the surrounding field

    4. Belver had dislodged the intruder from the overhanging branch

    5. With a quick spin and a lunge of pure, raw fear, he dislodged

    6. Designated as Historic National Patrimony in 1977 and dislodged six years later, it now serves as a landmark for the visiting ships and a museum for tourists

    7. A late to hibernate squirrel dislodged more snow as it scampered up the trunk of a nearby tree and disappeared into its

    8. Reaching into Myserrah's mouth with his finger, Moshe dislodged a great gob of flies and

    9. The Dark cabal which currently dominates Earth is like an octopus hanging onto a rock for dear life in pounding surf, and eventually it will be dislodged

    10. Several of the solid oak trunks that made up the gate doors had been shattered, dislodged with their rivets sheared off, giving just enough space for some of the smaller creatures to swarm through and face the blades of the exhausted Tanarian garrison

    1. He grins like an idiot as he dislodges Pascal from his face and looks down at Rapunzel

    2. She nods and the movement dislodges his hand

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    carry discharge remove excavate displace replace transport

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    bump dislodge free reposition shift carry discharge remove excavate displace replace transport