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    1. The soldier in the back of Ricci’s truck jumps down, cocks his weapon simultaneously, but his hand slips and he discharges the weapon into the pavement

    2. Already there had been a number of deaths through accidental discharges

    3. Reputation in his profession is still of some importance to him, and he still has some dependency upon the affection, gratitude, and favourable report of those who have attended upon his instructions; and these favourable sentiments he is likely to gain in no way so well as by deserving them, that is, by the abilities and diligence with which he discharges every part of his duty

    4. It discharges weapons from the snout at the front

    5. electrical discharges, the magnetic force involved

    6. Electrical discharges from

    7. produced by electrical discharges is ozone which has a

    8. -inflammation: burning, stinging, pus3, yellow-green discharges, swelling and abscess without heat; sweat that does not relieve, restlessness

    9. -inflammation: burning, stinging, pus3, yellow-green discharges, swelling and abscess without heat; sweat that does not relieve, restlessness

    10. The blob grew and quivered as the machine released small electrical discharges into the blob

    1. How much closer does the ship have to be to the Transit when we discharge?"

    2. "We have to strip off the Chief’s artificial limbs, access her neural interface processors and splice her into Tipperary so she can act as the CDCS to control the discharge

    3. Tig checked his version of the integrated capacitor discharge control system one more time

    4. Seconds later, the discharge was over

    5. To top off before discharge

    6. The doctors refused to discharge me to the hotel

    7. You have to discharge the energy that is

    8. There will be a continuous discharge of oxygenic water near power plants

    9. There is no discharge in war; neither

    10. Harry waited in the administrative offices of the Scottish Rite for the named recipient to arrive so that he could discharge his duty and return home for the evening

    1. How long would she have to stay in this hospital? The doctor she’d seen that morning was muttering about her not being fit to be discharged to a hotel … but was she safe here in the hospital? Had any news of her survival hit the local news? If the men who’d attacked her knew she’d been found …

    2. This is given to patients who are a liability and cannot be discharged until they are better

    3. Before they could move, he had discharged the magical weapon

    4. Though in settling them some regard is had commonly, not only to his labour and skill, but to the trust which is reposed in him, yet they never bear any regular proportion to the capital of which he oversees the management ; and the owner of this capital, though he is thus discharged of almost all labour, still expects that his profit should bear a regular proportion to his capital

    5. Soldiers and seamen, indeed, when discharged from the king's service, are at liberty to exercise any trade within any town or place of Great Britain or Ireland

    6. "And I have discharged my duties to the crown

    7. Lightning continuously discharged itself all around

    8. The whole expense of justice, too, might easily be defrayed by the fees of court ; and, without exposing the administration of justice to any real hazard of corruption, the public revenue might thus be entirely discharged from a certain, though perhaps but a small incumbrance

    9. They universally, therefore, discharged themselves of it, by appointing a deputy, bailiff or judge

    10. discharged and returned to Honolulu, and the Milo headed north

    1. My guess was that the atmosphere here was so highly charged from the ring of Crystal Mountains that it was occasionally discharging due to energy overload

    2. The LED in this circuit flashes alternatively because each transistor is switched On and Off in turn due to C1 charging and discharging through R2 and C2 doing same through R1

    3. My police training on the topic of discharging a firearm had kicked in

    4. He selected one discharging a passenger, the cabbie haggling over the price

    5. parties concerned in actually discharging the water into the ocean

    6. he had begun disarming Protestants and discharging them from the

    7. They insisted upon discharging him very prematurely

    8. The blob had no wish for this outcome after discharging me

    9. 34 As for that most ungracious Nicanor who had brought a thousand merchants to buy the Jews 35 He was through the help of the Lord brought down by them of whom he made least account; and putting off his glorious apparel and discharging his company he came like a fugitive servant through the midland to Antioch having very great dishonour for that his host was destroyed

    10. Regulations were formulated which prohibited ships from discharging oil within 50 miles of shore

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    discharge in English

    flow ejection remission evacuation expulsion removal detonation firing satisfaction execution observance performance empty disburden issue relieve unburden unload teem eject send void emit detonate blast fire set off absolve let go acquit clear exonerate free liberate exercise execute accomplish meet take observe perform break cashier replace dismiss expel

    Synonyme für "discharge"

    discharge firing firing off release waiver dismissal dismission liberation sack sacking venting outpouring run arc electric arc electric discharge spark emission expelling eject exhaust expel empty acquit assoil clear exculpate exonerate muster out fire go off drop drop off put down set down unload free complete dispatch flow ejection remission evacuation expulsion removal detonation satisfaction execution observance performance disburden issue relieve unburden teem send void emit detonate blast set off absolve let go liberate exercise execute accomplish meet take observe perform break cashier replace dismiss