dominate sätze

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Dominate sätze (in englisch)

I can dominate and be admired.
That coming in tends to dominate.
They dominate the teachers colleges.
No way are you going to dominate me.
White man wanted to dominate man.
All manifest, but only five dominate.
Why are they trying to dominate them?

The activities of night should dominate.
We’ll dominate teams with you on the.
He was the first man to dominate Rome….
He seems to dominate the woman, keeping.
Health food, in my opinion, should dominate.
The obstacle caused by the will to dominate.
It was a game of seduction I would dominate.
Think about how you can dominate the industry.
So they could walk on them and dominate them.
However, his stare did not dominate me at all.
Surviving plants that went on to dominate the.
I wouldn’t say we’ll dominate the market.
China will dominate the economies of this century.
His stronger nature seemed to entirely dominate her.
Which force would dominate is an empirical question.
We allow our wants or desires to dominate our needs.
Her natural tendency was to conquer and to dominate.
Breckenridge continued, you will dominate the market.
You will dominate the world and you will live 20 years.
We liked our solitude and had no wish to dominate others.
They dominate you only because you are interested in them.
Maureen would dominate every conversation on their behalf.
The abuser seeks tactics to control and dominate the child.
One or other quality will dominate in a successful work;.
The dark spirits of this place dominate the people within.
This is the grand plan of Mister Shuai – To dominate.
Professionals tend to dominate the markets at closing time.
When unrighteous ways dominate a family, its women lose their.
He only hoped that reason would dominate over greed, and soon.
It is always hungry, never satiated, always looking to dominate.
Alas, alas, this Shuai Tianfan wants to dominate the Pugilistic.
Stomach zone relates with the need to dominate, with power, rec-.
He was a man, who could dominate her both mentally and physically.
Yet the latter is dominating.
Dominating yes! Only in names.
He was the most dominating in.
These were much faster and dominating.
Tholomyes followed, dominating the group.
A company that is dominating a favored.
She is afraid, she is not being dominating.
Dominating Christian, it all becomes clear.
No one could be more dominating than stout Mrs.
William followed with the same dominating pose.
In Practice: identify the dominating interference.
It loomed over the landscape, dominating every view.
Disappointment was now dominating his joyful thoughts.
Europe’s days of dominating the world were numbered.
On Twitter, it’s easy to tell who is dominating it.
But for a soul dominating in the mind, it is very simple.
There was no grand imperial city dominating the mainland.
One dominating lesson it taught me is the value of freedom.
Reversed: Money or thoughts of money are dominating factors.
The voice opposite droned on, engrossing, dominating, hypnotic.
Revenge began dominating her mind; she needed to be made whole.
Google is dominating the search and online-advertising business.
Dominating the wall behind his desk was a framed print of a tall.
The principles of taking into account the factor of dominating ANS.
We did so to sidestep the HFTs who were dominating these strategies.
Creating thus a dominating electric circuit, which consumes all the.
Her dominating force, however, was reserved for strangers and animals.
Dominating the landscape, of course, were the island’s famous statues.
The competitions in Tae Kwon Do is what makes the art so very dominating.
Death was a dominating issue in Roger’s life; consequently, he never.
You may be imagining that, through all, Anita had been dominating my mind.
Before competitors noticed, Wal-Mart was dominating the small-town market.
Adams, Branton High oozed the potential to be a dominating force this year.
The forces of the Kravenas were dominating, in spite of their smaller number.
It didn’t take long for her body to break under the fervent dominating kiss.
Fear is the force behind failure, constantly dominating the choices of the many.
Like Modi, Joshi, too, was an RSS pracharak but with a less dominating presence.
It was the whisper of the soul, deep, continuous, dominating that of their voices.
He caught her hand and looked down at her, something suddenly dominating in his eyes.
Gabriel stood several feet away, his shadow taller and more dominating that I recalled.
The man in the shaft dominated.
He was totally dominated by her.
The pink dominated Fritz’s face.
On its home planet it dominated.
The girl dominated her thoroughly.
One is dominated by the ego-driven.
Enjolras, who was grave, dominated.
His booming voice dominated the room.
Our lives are dominated by the masses.
As usual he dominated the conversation.
The Cerrillos Hills dominated the view.
They had completely dominated Minnesota.
An extreme close-up dominated the room.
Rather, they are wholly dominated by it.
A deep-set frown dominated his features.
The evil Ottomans dominated it at moment.
That triumph dominated her life for the.
Sex and drinks dominated and consumed me.
Pain ripped into my body and dominated me.
Down the prison hallway, silence dominated.
The Bridge dominated the whole scene.
I have a friend who is completely dominated.
She dominated my thoughts and I could not.
The African continent was dominated by the.
The two dominated much of the conversation.
Gambino’s face is dominated by a hugh beak.
Those invaders eventually dominated England.
However, Vidya's thoughts dominated them all.
Parker’s desk completely dominated the area.
He was not the man to be dominated by a relative.
The merchant class soon dominated all the isthmus.
The stalls are dominated by beautiful, brightly.
Dinosaurs dominated the land, and reached their.
Kurukshetr when it is dominated by devilish forces.
Dominated by desire and fear, they can do nothing.
Church spires dominated the skyline, with the col-.
It pervaded every sense and dominated every thought.
Life changes is dominated by spirit and soul in full.
Africa was dominated by hoofed animals, and primates.
It’s a very competitive field, dominated by men.
But what dominates the room is a bed.
But the mother dominates these photos.
It dominates this whole area with its.
When it becomes vacant, peace of mind dominates.
States to have currency that dominates in the world.
Open, grassy country dominates most of the landscape.
Steng skepticism still dominates, This is fascinating.
So the Empire dominates and controls the trade routes.
Pride dominates the race in arrogance standing victoriously.
Usually you are lost into that identity when it dominates your.
Now that the relationship has been inverted and culture dominates over.
Medtronic’s bone-graft product, for example, dominates the spinal market.
The great Aryan race which, though not yet at its prime, dominates the world.
During the early months of pregnancy, the hormone progesterone dominates the body.
At the euphoria stage, speculation dominates and any value concerns are dismissed.
In an industry of firms that have been around for decades, Advisors Excel dominates.
If none of the elements dominates over ak, the latter is included in the Pareto set.
The mind precedes all things, the mind dominates all things, the mind creates all things.
If none of the elements dominates over the selected one, it is included in the Pareto set.
It is obvious that the strategy selected by the criterion dominates over the rejected one.
Intel currently dominates the high-performance market with its flagship i7 2600k processor.
China dominates steel production, with generous subsidies in place for its steel manufacturers.
None of the solutions belonging to the Pareto set dominates over other solutions included in it.
He dominates whole sectors of Mexico’s economy, including stakes in banking, airlines and mining.
Hypocrisy dominates the Christian faith, and faith is the primary message delivered by Christianity.
Sometimes one or the other dominates through the story but both are essential for a satisfying narrative.
It governs the life of individuals and of nations, and it dominates the activities of the commercial world.
The United States dominates the soybean market, accounting for more than 50 percent of total global production.
With a broad distribution of companies in the index, there is no industry that dominates the index's performance.
Unexpected news dominates returns in the short run but the effects of such news tend to cancel out in the long run.
The lower half of the Horoscope no longer dominates; the upper and lower halves are about equal in power right now.
Even so, to see the human population today it is obvious that the progressive will of God dominates through the ages.
Today, America still dominates the international food aid system, providing more than half of all global food assistance.
A unified field produce by termites dominates and orders them to behave as a single organism, without contact between them.
Fear vibrations dominates at the thought of speaking, but no place to escape to as the freedom is brought into conclusion.
I catch my reflection in the windows just beyond the main corridor—my hair is stringy and limp, and the bandage dominates my forehead.
What else gives our souls a fighting chance against the ego? But money and indulgence, along with self-importance, dominates our lives.
On the other hand, jealousy that dominates the emotions causes us to lose sight of right and wrong, and could produce disastrous results.
We are working individually to purify our souls, and it must be done in the material world where magnetism and negative charge dominates.
There are few sights as gripping and soul wrenching as the heroically time-defying remains of the Parthenon which dominates the Acropolis.

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