efflorescence sätze

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Efflorescence sätze (in englisch)

  1. Real knowledge according to the Gita is the efflorescence of the voice.
  2. Once, I had felt the rightness of the slang term buzz: efflorescence, that bursting of the shell of the self.
  3. He is especially associated with the efflorescence of spring, and is responsible for the well-being and protection of domestic plants and animals.
  4. Second, Mars is intimately connected with the vernal equinox and the efflorescence of nature; he gave his name to March, which was the first month of the pre-Julian Roman calendar.
  5. Sesha or Ananta, "the couch of Vishnu," is an allegorical abstraction, symbolizing infinite Time in Space, which contains the germ and throws off periodically the efflorescence of this germ, the manifested Universe; whereas, the gnostic Ophis contained the same triple symbolism in its seven vowels as the One, Three and Seven-syllabled Oeaohoo of the Archaic doctrine; i.

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